How long should i jump rope to lose weight

How Many Times Per Week Should You Jump Rope To Lose Body Fat?

How Many Times Per Week Should You Jump Rope To Lose Body Fat?4 Nov. 2019
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Comments (85)
H man

?????nice one dudes?

Kannan Manoj

Thank u JRD
jumping rope is my new addiction .
15 days 23k jumps 2 rest days.
Saving money to buy your lean set ropes.
Can you pls tell me how much those handles weigh?
Handles I m using Now weighs around 150 gm each and am comfortable doing 2k in 40 min


is it a problem if i jump rope for 7 day a week for 30 minutes?


Hey guys. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Because of you, I bring jump ropes to my office. Now everyone in the office doing jump rope. They all going to the gym. But they found out jump rope burns more calories. Also, It is fun to do it. It is my dream to buy crossrope and I will give challenge to do jump rope.

Amie Jobe

I’m doing it and can’t wait to be pro at it lol fun and challenging ?

Ikrame Soul

Man, if only i can hit that like button many times. I love your channel


Great vid! you guys got me into jump roping!

Tilak Baro

I do jumping rope 1000 times in one hour every single day it's better.

Robert Langdon

Jrd, please make a video on how to DIY a jump rope platform. like the ones boxers use. That could save a lot if cartilage on the long run. I've seen top athletes getting total knee replacement from long term high impact activities. Boxers seem to be smart about it though. They mostly do the bulk of their rope work in the ring or the platform.

Daniel Montero

Nice term bro, the infinite game.


1st one to watch

Dominik Held

That‘s the spirit!
Just found out about you guys now, but have been ropeskipping for about half a year now (easy to do it again after years of boxing) and what can I say. I started to cook for myself with good ingredients, had one „cheat day“ in a week (if you can call it like that when you‘re still eating good all week haha) and combined it with a freeletics programm.
15 weeks later I lost about 20kgs.
If you‘re struggeling: In my case losing the first kgs took very long but you could see the bodytransformation. That‘s what kept me going!
Currently im working on the last bits of belly fat, so I changed my routine to a 4 day functional training programm (comparable to crossfit but I’m not in a box sooo yeah..) with 30min ropeskipping afterwards and an extra 1h (12x5min) ropeskipping-day. But the last 2-3kgs are way harder to lose than the first 20 ?

Thanks for motivating people, thanks for the tutorials and your workout-routines, you guys rock!

Claire Boesman

Jumping rope has been the best workout and best lifestyle I have and that anyone can easily adapt to! I can't thank you guys enough for making it so much fun and for providing awesome workouts easily available either by YouTube or membership. Love being a member! I am completely supportive of your movement and everything mentioned in your video(s). As always, <3

Kirthik Rangaraj

I am a student , it is better to work out in morning or evening to have maximum energy throughout day especially 2 pm t0 11 pm please help me guys.


I skip every day for a cut.

Jimmy Edmonds, Jr

Great information i work out 5 days a week. How do you get the muscle?

Jehycoth Romero

Is it possible to make 2 30m workouts per day? Or it's too much?

Ajong Lomou

I do 3000 skippings around 30 mins + 10 mins other workouts (5 days in in a week)
I loss almost 10kg's

ஞமலி வளவன்

Hey did Jump rope increase our bone density???

The Humble Pundit

Thank you for mentioning that this is a lifestyle and not just "I'll lose 10 pounds" and then people go back to what they were doing and gain the weight back and more. The only word of caution is that for us older folks, it is very important to start off slowly. Avoiding injury is the number one way to stay consistent. If you have a lot of weight to lose, exercising for 30 minutes at a time, 5 days a week is unreasonable. Take it slowly and the weight loss will come. And watch that nutrition!!


I've subscribed

Ryan Deffley

I jump rope for 30 min 3x per week and I run sprints for 30 min 2x per week. I've found sprints and jumping rope to be the two BEST forms of cardio for fat loss. It's great to do both very early in the morning and then lift in the afternoon so you can get the best of both. **I do sprints on days I lift legs and jump rope on days I lift upper body.


Is it necessary to do jump rope 7 days a week to loose body fat

Mr chauhan

I am a student and not getting enough sleep i am able to workout only 4-5 times a week the other days i dont have enough energy to workout with full intensity .


STARTING MY JUMP ROPE TRANSFORMATION TOMMOROW! I hope I be consistent this time. I am currently 85kgs and my goal is 65 kgs. I've 20kgs to lose. Will update this comment after every month so that I keep in a note of the weight I've lost. :):):)

siva mariyappan

It increase height??? Pls Rply mee . I want to increase height .. pls upload the video about height increasing skipping exercise

Jaya Kumar


I'm very lean. But I'm interested n doing jump. Can I do it for muscle build-up?

Dhiraj Rana

thumps up bro ..

Lure Art


jewei ali

We are proud of you from Bangladesh ????????❤️❤️❤️


Morning: 3mile jogging (30 min) + 2,000 skipping (14 mins) | Evening: 4,000 jumps (30 mins) / 7 days a week.

Nipun Tewari

Can't thank you guys enough! The change jump rope has brought to my life is insane. Jump rope for life ❤️

David Chang

5 times a week, 30 minutes a workout!


Lost 15 kg in the summer jumping rope. However, I wasn't able to jump rope for 8 weeks after that due to a surgery I had. I started going at it again last week trying to get back in the rhythm, I am enjoying every minute of it.

Shounak Chatterjee

Can you make a video on straight 20 minutes different variations jump rope workout challenge?

Spandan Tripathi

I am doing your 30 minutes HIIT along with the November challenge. Hopefully, I would shred all the holiday fat soon

Francisco Carvalho

I hurted my knee while running, so I'm not going to run for the next few weeks, will jumping rope hurt my knee? Thanks


True! True! True!... Avoid 3-in-1 drink! It happen to me, I skip every-day, 30 minutes but still taking 3-in-1 drinks, 1-2 times daily... it won't reduce my weight...

Jaganath Reddy

I am doing it 6 days a week.

Morning and Evening.

4500 in the mornings. 180 per minute. 10-12 secs rest between each minute. 5 minutes is one round. 5 rounds in total. Takes about 40 minutes.

22 Minutes in the evening with 45 seconds of skipping rope (140 skips) for 22 rounds. 15 seconds rest.

Push Ups in the mornings at 20 each for 5 sets with 3 minutes interval between each set. For 2 days in a week. Sprints for 10 minutes, 2 days a week. Sucks the life out of you, trust me.

Biceps, Forearms work out 2 days a week.

Pull Ups. Started just now, can't even do 1. Learning the technique. Hope to reach 10 in 2 months, if possible.

Liquid breakfast, Protein Shake (1 scoop per day), Chapathi for lunch and fruits and veggies for dinner.

Have done this for 2 weeks now. Hoping to continue till at least the end of Jan 2021. Hoping to have a flat stomach. Get to fat percentage of below 12%.

I'll update and the end of it. Hoping I find the patience to keep at it and not drop off in between.

MN Adam Ishak

NANI???!!! How do u know I need this video so much???!!! 85-86kg now btw ?

Swashbuckling Adventures

Has anyone tried jumping while on a paddleboard?

Ashu Ansari

i don't know to much english..but i love this guy bcz he speaks.true


I use the crossrope app a lot now with my ropes. Majority of the workouts on there are under 30 minutes long. It isn't the time spent working out, it's the intensity. Do the thing and eat in a deficit and that body fat is good to go.

Lure Art

Got this in my recommendation right after i finished my jumprope workout....☀☀☀

Eisha Fatima

Can I lost 8 to 10 kg by doing jump rope for an hour everyday for a month?
Please reply I really want to know

Vik Conde

Can i still do jump rope if i play basketball everyday?

suliamanuz AJ

Nice, dude.

Keep it up

Stinky Pinky

Pardon my ignorance. You said at least 30 minutes a day. Does that need to be with no breaks or can i split it into 2 sets (15 minutes per set)

Alboogie39 Gamer

I was jumping this morning at 5 and it only 120 and I have this Desires to get back out there and just jump after soo many years without jumping it just brings me back to my Childhood thanks to cross ropes I renew my Relationship back to jump ropes

Ondela Mabope

Sup Jump Rope Dudes!!

Blank Name

I've been practicing double unders everyday for 30 minutes. At first i was finally able to do them consistently(the bottom of the handles up to my armpits). After 2 weeks I started to fail more often. And then I started to feel pain in my ankles. So I guess 5x per week is enough hahaha

Maria Hernandez

I jump rope (weighted 1lbs ) 30 min 5 days a week I haven’t lost any weight but I look slimmer and little bit more tone but I’m still in the same weight 150 lbs haven’t lost any pound until now

ryan g

I have flat feet..wondering if i can jump rope effectively

Gregg Home

Can you guys do a video on posture again? I've noticed how much I have to focus just to keep correct posture while jumping rope b/c of my daily "sit in front of the computer for 8 hours" job (and I know I'm not the only one). Would be nice to review stuff like head, shoulder, arm, hip, and core positions while jumping rope to combat that. Tips and tricks, things to avoid? Thanks, as always!

Ondela Mabope

Sup Jump Rope Dudes!!

T Cold

What and I jump daily for month 5 days


I only have 1 jump ropes and it's light..so can I still lose fat?

Robin Muhlestein

Training 3 times a so intensivly that it is enough for me.
In addition, I like to add abs, push up, pull up program before, so you can't imagine how dead I'm at the end.
Continue doing the thing it's motivating.
My heart is in pretty good state with regular jump rope practice

Ashish Singh

adding skipping rope in my routine really changed my life. I mean, it really helped me to increase my stamina and yeah I practice many tricks and set them as my goals. Whenever I manage to do the tricks I feel very good inside. I feel so great after my workout session.
Yeah 30 mins is enough, i do 3mins × 10 times, rest in between 30 to 40 secs. And I practice for 10 mins extra for some tricks.
I do love you guys ❤ cuz you guys are very genuine and upload the right contents we need.

Marx Engels

Muy buenos


Bravo bro good job , nutrition end jump rope ???

nikolina josipovic

Great video guys,thanks!!?

Christopher Duffy

Ok! I'm not doing bad then. On average I jump at least 6 days week 30 minutes each workout not to include my boxing/martial arts workout.

mrunmayee badve

Hey Guys i just saw another jump rope challenge video and the guy had jump ropes that counted how many jumps you actually did... I thought it was kinda cool though.. Love your channel Thanks

Brian Micael Ong

It's a hop, skip and a jump. Spoink!


Do u guys just jump rope??


Would you advice that fat guys use speed ropes since it force us to move faster?

Xhenis Lulja

I do this 30 minutes every day , 7/7 is it bad for me ?


Why don't you guys ever talk about burpees? 2 Minutes of burpees follow by 2 minutes of jump robe do that for 30 minutes to a 1 hour a day and your set.

plus burpees are harder to do then jump robe


Hey ! I got a horrible knee pain last time. It lasted a long time :( Probably I did way too much to start with. Was that cause of technique or just way too much for a beginner?


Thank you Jump Rope Dudes!

kris Wonders

Doing 5k each day 7days a week 1500cal diet. Seeing results loving it.

Skipper Sam

i need to start jumping again. i've been doing bad

nom prenom

I'm skinny and I work out 3 times per week (30 min) to gain stamina, what should I eat to not lose more weight ?

Sarah Miriam

I lost my jump rope and I haven't been able to jump rope :(

Esialb Yrrum

I do 5 times a week for an hour in the morning

Joseph E. Glaser

Do you guys have any advice for flat footed people and jumping rope. I started jumping rope regularly and my left knee was complaining. I stopped a few weeks ago and now also have a now-resolving left lower back/hip issue. I think it's due to flat feet and other imbalances which I am correcting. Any advice for that?

Agam Bhasin

Much Love!!

Rubina Asad

I jump rope (1000 times) 6 days per week before 45 minutes full body hiit workout. It has been 1 month and i have lost my belly fat

holy bless

Guys of all first guys you are amazing im healthier thanks to you. your ropes are awsome i bought some and i totally recomend it . And now guys i have a question Why while i jumping rope i feel around the arch like a pulling in there or tense muscle i cant last more than 1:30 mins because of the pain i dont know if is something that im doing wrong. love jumping rope i wanna last longer #Dothething.

Dovie R

I've been working out every day for the past a month or so and watching what I've been eating and all of that then I hurt my foot and I had to stop and it sucks so bad to not be able to do the thing and just sit around.

Jitender Thakur


Mukesh R 25

Am i doing it right? -10 sets x 100 skips, 30 sec break inbetween each set, completing the whole in 15 mins..

Matien Azemy

I use jump rope in my lower body routines or when I don't have a lot of time to workout #jumpropeforlife

sarath Kumar

Nice bro

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight Jumping Rope?

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight Jumping Rope?12 Oct. 2020
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Comments (100)
Hank Mancil

You can’t out train a bad diet.

sarah sassoura

every one talking about losing weight but i struggle to gain weight and i wish to upgrade my level in jump rope
I'm afraid to lose more weight

Karmanya Dutt

Has anybody else got shin splints doing jump rope?
If yes,how did you deal with them? Everytime I try to do any kind of workout that puts pressure on my lower legs,I start to feel the pain.

Ayush Namdev

What is ur height?Please tell?

Emanuel Spiteri

You are amaizng guys, since jumping rope I have never felt stronger! I am so glad I found your content!

Shakeel Nizami

It's insan that I have lost 7 kg in two months

My life style

Do I need to wear a supporter while jumping rope?

Dragan Danicic

Could you possible make a video about training outdoors during wintertime? Best regards to jumb rope dudes :)

Isaias Sanchez

A resistance workout?

shakaed riechman

Hey guys!
I'm doing your 4 week workout via fitplan and I absalutly love it! I wanted to know if you will have new programs each month or not.
Thank you so much for everything, I am following you guys for a very long time and your workouts are just the best!!!!

Ali Husnain

I was 198 pounds(90 kg) in march 2020.
Now I am 155 pounds(70kg).
These last 5 kgs taking a lot of time.

AnnyT _9

Nutrition is always the hardest part I guess...but it's basically the key in my opinion..and ofc Doing The Thing ?

Sss Ooo

well losing from stomach and love handles are the hardest part :(

abdulla koya

Jump rope dudes, i was doing many ab workout in lock down period but never loses fat or get leaned but two weeks before started following your jump rope workouts and hiit now I became much energytic and my abs are visible now by you two guys thanks ❤️

Bhargab Neog

I don't want to lose weight, but gain muscles, loose fat and increase height..so that BMI could be kept under control

Muhammed Noufal.N

Your hair color is awesome

Abdul Mustafa

I gained 10 kgs in lock down......

Helkin Manyoma

When the Cross Rope mat will be available?

Charlotte De Laet

My 2020 journey so far:

I am a 23year old woman who is 160cm tall (5’3”).

Midpoint Goal: around 30% bodyfat = healthy fat%

Ultimate Goal: around 60kg & 25% bodyfat

April: 77kg (40,7% fat - 56,3% muscle) = highest weight & bodyfat ever = in april I did 30min-45min of bodyweight training at home everyday (Chloe Ting workouts)

May: 74,5kg (37,9% F - 58,9% M) = start jumping rope 2min a day (couldn’t handle more!) and working up to 10min in intervals

June: 71,5kg (37,8% F - 59,0% M) = lots of skipping rope and walking outside

July: 70,3kg (36,8% F - 59,9% M) = stopped working out for a month & enjoyed life while it could

August: 70,6kg (36,5% F - 60,3% M) = got a spinning bike, sat on it 5days/week for 30-45min but ate like crap for 2 weeks

September: 69,6 kg (37,3% F - 59,5% M) = lost my motivation and ate normally/healthy in the week but went all out in the weekend

October (now): 70,4kg (36,8% F - 59,9% M) = enjoyed life and went drinking and out on restaurant a lot, also not so healthy in the week (ate a brownie everyday for 2 weeks), started jump roping again today (13th) & even though I haven’t JR for a while I could jump for almost 10min straight on the first day?! Got my shit together yesterday (12th) food wise & I plan to JR everyday for 10min and walk 30min-1h a day the remaining days of October.

November =

Total weight loss: 6,6 kg = 14,55 lbs
Bodyfat: - 3,9%
Muscle: +3,6%

Omg Dr.Realness

Is a Thai jump rope good for weight loss

Anonymous Anonymou

tracking calories sometimes are not sure.. esp if your new and you don't know those measurements and ingredients in it etc.. and I've been not honest in inputting what I ate in the app. I just now use base on visual/physical food I see with my eyes in my plate.. if there more or less food in my plate

Suriyaban Devvarma

You need heavyweight resistance training + jump rope cardio training to achieve that perfect body and keep it in a long run

Antony Joseph Savery

Very useful information. After starting jump rope workout during the lock down period I have lost 5 kg. Still expecting more. Thanks Jump Rope Dudes.

rajalakshmi karthik

I am a beginner with jump rope workout. Is it ok to take a break after every 100skips ?

Cloud Chaser

I just lost 14lbs in last 2.5 mths. I used the "get fit" set & I love jumping?? #dothething

Sy Ky

Just a bit of a motivation: been tracking calories, bought a Crossrope and started my weekly routine workouts and guess what? I lost weight. From ~199lbs I am now sitting at 177lbs. I don’t track calories anymore, just eyeballing all the food, having a 4-5 training sessions a week and that’s it.
Good luck everyone. If I (a lazy guy) was able to do it, why wouldn’t you?

Brian G

I fall into that first category you described. I train nearly 5-6 times a week and I have an equal amount of intensity and recovery. Those last 5 lbs won’t leave and to be honest, I don’t care. I feel great about my abilities and my body and my journey. That should be the end goal. Self-love and have fun and #dothething

Also, my 1/2 lb cross rope came in...damn am I excited to finally try it.

Peace and blessings!

Vaibhav Banajwade

My weight graph.
31 may 2020 -- 65kg
Started jump rope, green tea, controlled diet.
2 sept 2020 -- 58.5kg
Thanks man!
You made it easy.

Brent Rowe

Is it best to go for one minute at a time jumping rope.? I find pushing 3-4 minutes is like really long. Fatigue obviously sets in a bit. I am 42years old. Love following your work outs. Great job boys


Good day, jump rope dudes! I have a question that I hope you can answer! I really need the answer.

Can I still lose weight regardless of the time I workout? I don't exercise at mornings, but instead at afternoons. Can I still lose weight?

The Carlos Method Fitness TV

Great, informative video guys. We always love all of your content. Keep smashing it on here! Carlos & Bex x

Fateme Pourghaemi

I can't believe how well you're demonstrating everything without saying bs

SunFlwrPwr 10

This is so timely! 5'4 & 130lbs during quarantine. Gained 15lbs (March-Oct) & I need to lose it all before end of the yr.
Goal weight 110-115lbs!
First time ever Working out & Counting Cals. This is going to be a tough but necessary journey while pushing 40!


June 15: 217lbs... October 12: 185!

White Trash and Hellbound

Took me one week. 40mins a day, 4 mini sessions. I lost 6 pounds first week. 7 pounds the week after. Then it just stayed between 5-8 pounds for a few more weeks. The it almost stopped shredding weight after two months. Starting seeing gains again when I started Walking, Boddy Weight Exercises and Lifting. The weight started dropping again for a few weeks. Then again, weight almost stopped melting off. At this point in my Journey I was starting to realise I was losing Muscle Mass. So I started changing my diet and adding more active time in my day. If you make it this far, you are good. This is your life now and you will live it to your advantage or go back to sitting on the couch. What you need to know is, this process will never stop... you will always have to be active. Or else you will just end up in the same boat you started in. It's harder to get in shape then it is to slip back into a unhealthy lifestyle. Good luck on your journey. I am 75lbs lighter in a year since I found JRD Boys.


Hi guys! I jumped rope daily 40mins to 1hour (including rests not continuous) is it okay? Or im doing much? Btw im enjoying jumped rope its been 2months since I started. Subscriber here from Philippines!

William Larsson

My 2020 so far:
January: 79 kg
March: 80 kg
July: 85 kg (started working out)
August: 82 kg
September: 79.5kg
Today, mid-October: 78 kg

Do. The. Thing.

Screen Heist

Fact : by jump rope fat people can loss weight much faster than thin people

Kerby Abayon

June 1, 2020 - 58kg
October 13, 2020 - 49kg

Peem Bball

Right now i am fat. If I do jump rope every day will it get me six pack I am 13 years old

Blue ringed Octopus

It’s about what your nutrition is. That play a HUGH role In Weight loss. You will lose weight faster easing of or better yet, elimination the junk food and sodas. I’d also avoid the lite salad dressings, they are loaded with salt. High protein snacks between meals will keep you full and not craving candy or other sweets.

finius magoo

will a regular jump rope do as well as the cross rope. i can’t afford it and i want to do these programs

saurabh gupta

How many reps should be done in an hour of jumping.
Really want a number


The thumbnail tho ???

exercise Gaw

2020 March I was 70 kg. Now mid October 62 kg.. jump rope is best work out for me now. Thanks for you motivational videos

subhojit roy

It's all about the intensity. Higher intensity will burn more calories. Do not rest more than 10 secs while jumping rope. Jump rope with speed.

Paradesi Sachin Christopher

August 85
October 82 due to jump rope 1000 per day but i didnt maintained diet

Philipp Reiss

Dude, your hair makes me craving chocolate/vanilla soft ice so badly.

owen lim

Okay I’m going to do this to keep myself accountable. Currently 18, as of 19/10/2020, I’m 100kg which is the heaviest I have ever been. (Height : 176cm)

At my lightest and fittest at 15 I was 75kg but due to exams, less exercise from transition of schools & mental health & covid, I put on a lot of weight since 2017. So currently, I have man boobs, really flabby arms, big thighs(used to be a badminton player) & butts, obvious love handles & belly starting to be slightly bigger. Good thing is my muscles have always been there as I was pretty athletic, so I just got to cut down on the fat.

I’m going to start off with just 20 min of skipping for the first week for 5 days a week & slowly build up and start including HIIT exercises. Eating wise, I will try to stick to 12pm-8pm eating & avoid sweet drinks & fried food and eat moderately. (I try to avoid calorie counting or meal preps because I tend to bounce back after and condemn myself when I don’t keep to it) Will keep this updated monthly I hope! Please bump this to help me T.T

19 October 2020 : 100.35kg

19 November 2020 :

19 December 2020 :

FAHIMA tabassum

The most important things he said was don't compare yourself and don't look at instagram!#

kamat 23

Please, what kind of shoe do you use for the skipping jump rope ?

Phoenix Wright

Bought my first jump rope last July, your 10min workout video motivated me, gotta admit it was a tough beginning, couldn't even complete the 10min for the first weeks, now i'm up to 30min with way more effort and gotta admit, it feels good to do some exercise, before jump rope I wasn't up to do a single thing. Besides the leg pains ( shin splints are coming a bit less than before, guess my legs are starting to get used to it ), I'm truly thankful for your workout videos guys, love your content.

Dede Simpson

This was a great video man! I recently created a vid about my free ebook I made. It goes over practical 7 actions you can do to lose weight today. I posted a video about it on my channel so check it out!


Hi ive a question to ask u my sister had 2 kids and walks 1 hour everyday but eata junk everyday cereal in thr morning and choccolate and dounuts and her main meals so y is it that she doesnt gain any weight shes slim. All she does is walk 1 hour everyday and thats it

Pinkal Naik

I m doing the jump rope workout and losing weight continuously so I m very happy. My old clothes are become lose ??? #DOTHETHING

Erwin Chen

Can u teach us how to triple under?


Skunk hair is a bad look.

Rochard Robinson

Guys I am completely different because I don't jump rope for time but I does count I does do three thousand I hope that make up to 30 minutes.


You guys helped me a lot, at the end of the Lockdown I was weighing 90 kgs, I felt so embarrassed. Started jumping rope EVERYDAY with the GRD from the end of June and I'm now weighing 75 kgs.
Actually I'm stuck at 75 kgs even though I'm training everyday with of course some weigh lifting + 200 crunches. I'll just keep going, if my weight wont go down it doesn't necessarily mean that my body won't get more lean and in good shape am I correct? ?
Thanks from Italy guys!

Anna Bella

March 2020 200 lbs
June 2020 178 lbs
October 2020 184lbs??

Julie Amante

Lost 10kg since March 21, 2020


Dear Zen Masters i have a question about long duration jump rope exercise. How to build up endurance for jump rope so that one can do it for straight five minutes without break, can u make a vid abt it ? May be some bodyweight exercise will be helpful too. Thank u Zen Masters?.

suma k

Video after long time and
#roadto1million ❤️


Could you make a video on techniques for jumping rope when you are heavier? Are there specific ways to jump rope that might be less impacting on your knees, for instance?

Fenisha Jyrwa

When lockdown started my weight was around 67kgs now after jumping rope and IF my weight is 56.

Wei Jun Tan

June 2020: 66kg
October 2020: 58kg

Getting comments from everyone I know how skinny I have become after starting a jump rope routine.



Great video again! Hi everyone i also have jump rope videos in my channel go check them out :)


This was a great video bro! I recently created a vid about my free E-book I made. It goes over practical 7 actions you can take to lose weight today. I posted a video about it on my channel so check it out!


I’ve lost 40 pounds since June jumping rope in my garage lol This shit is the best cardio ever

vansh gajra

August 130 lbs and in November 114

man utd ultras

I am feeling pain in my left leg while doing jump rope. What should I do

Next Level Results

I #dothething every morning. There are so many jump rope vids to choose from that I never get bored! Thanks for sharing!

Allan from Paris

I am no longer losing weight jumping ropes. I think my body has gotten used to it. What should I do ?

Malak Alsatari

Can you do anoter video of jump rope tricks with new amazing tricks and easy to learn that you like
Thank you so much

Navers Kay

My one is strange, I've been jumping rope for 5 years and tried to maintain a consistent weight. This lockdown made me lose 10lb, and most of it was muscle and some fat by cutting down eating portions. Being able to work out consistently has kept me in great shape, and now weight gained is definitely muscle mass. Everyone is different, but consistency is key. No doubt losing those last few lbs on your stomach is very tough! Hail the jump rope!

Akash Ananth

You people are really really good just jumping rope I lost about 15 kgs in the past 6 months

Joe De Luca

Amen ?


Is it good to jump rope in sandals? Like Fitness sandals?

Chef Curry

Hey jump rope dudes, I live in Chicago and it is beginning to get cold, and I do my jump rope workouts outside. Do you guys have any tips for other workouts to do inside?

Frans van Terwisga

April 2020: 125kg
October 2020: 101kg and going down! Let’s do the thing everyone!


Love this channel Thanks for the tips?


Can you please tell how to get bigger and not lose weight by jumping ropes because I am skinny as

Leeahy Lelu

My problem is I cant jump. I jump 3-4 times in a row, and then i trip over the rope. I cant jump at all if I dont jump high, which isnt right.. But when I jump lower as you guys, there is no way to jump over the rope. I am trying for a week now and I think I will quit... :(


The tracking your calories thing is so true. I don’t measure everything but I do pay attention to things like calorie density — which is a good hack/heuristic. Maybe you can do a video on calorie density. So for example instead of rice, I’ll eat potatoes as it’s less calorie dense. Rice comes in at almost 600 calories a pound while sweet potatoes are 400 calories per pound and your regular russet potatoes are 350 calories per pound. Instead of kale I eat spinach or watercress (for 2 lbs of watercress you’re looking at 100 calories). Also if I cook with calories, something I do with tofu, I pair that with less calorie dense items again potatoes and low calorie dense non calorie dense vegetables. While fats are healthy I do try to measure them as they shouldn’t be a huge staple in the diet and are more calorie dense. I was 10lbs overweight and with these principles I’ve lost 7 lbs with three to go. Jump roping 3 times a week helped some too. But the diet is the main thing and it’s much easier to lose weight on a mostly plant based diet with lots of fiber (as it’s difficult to overeat something like watercress or brussel sprouts).

weak boy

Its nothing related with weight but its just to hard for me to jump rope with the elbows closer to my body i do it with my arms almost fully extended. what are the advantages of doing it with the elbows closer? I think i do it because im short but i hope someone answer me

Maria Laura Madero

Starting jumping on March, love the workouts, I do it for 30 minutes...but... haven’t lost any wait ?

Neeraja Surve

Just love the jump rope dudes.. I started following them in July, also did the 1week challenge and had to stop as my gym had started online classes for existing members (literally 4 months of money wasted), so I joined them for a month or so but they just did some bodyweight exercises and I wasn't motivated to continue it. So here I come again to my favorites from Oct 1.. In 13 days I have been able to move from 10 mins to 25 today. Current weight -66kgs, goal -58kgs. Not started counting calories yet as Indian food is too complex for calorie tracking, but definitely keeping an eye for cutting down on junk and processed food. Also, great hairstyle Dan, you have such a cool and fun vibe!


Hey, how's it going jrd?
I don't have anything particular to say, but why aren't you guys getting barely any views nowadays? It's kinda disappointing to see that

Ruchika Lakra

Please ? jump rope dudes bring videos quickly meaning upload on 2 or 3 days please don't upload videos once every Monday . Please ? ? . I know you won't able to understand how bad I need your videos quickly ?. Please guys don't do your fan like that .

Nishan chowdhury

Counting Indian food calories is impossible. Done that and failed.


I went from 95kg to 89kg doing j rope. Thanks to you guys

Harsh Ramdas

You guys changed my life thankx

Sahil Mathur

Jumping rope is the most fun way to do workout and I never get bored following along your workouts broo keep it up????????


February I was at 92kg, started jump roping 5/6 days a week for 30 min and in August I reached 83kg

100k with one video

this is gonna help me i have lost half kg

Kevin Samuel

Hey will you lose muscle mass when you jump rope? Thanks

Big Boy Satire

March: 70kg
October: 65kg

doesn't seem like much but I lost a LOT of fat but also put on a lot of muscle!

Do the thing.

Mara S

I just bought my first crossrope today and I can’t wait to have it.


For a moderately skinny person, does jump rope killing gains that I try to put on with weight lifting?


say I'm doin 1000 skips, how much calories would that burn?