Lost 300 pounds

Surprises for Father That Lost 300 Pounds!

Surprises for Father That Lost 300 Pounds!19 Apr. 2016
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After a major health

After a major health scare, Zach was able to drop 300 pounds in order to save his life. To see more surprises in store for Zach, click here.

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Comments (100)
ur mum

They pay for surgery being that big you will always have excess skin

Anthony Calamab

i knew casey neistat can do it!!!


What a god damn fat ass


his son is still fat.

fed pw

He has a Darth maul lightsaber wow it's expensive

Myrte Khadr

Unbelievable! That is awesome

Panda King

But his kid is getting fat sadly

TJ in Toronto

Just out of curiosity, does anybody know the long term affects of such rapid weight loss on all of your internal organs? I look at the before picture of this man, and just gaspe in disbelief at how much weight he has lost, and I’m really curious to find out from a medical standpoint, how all that weight loss affects the internal organs, and is there any long-term benefits or damage? If anybody knows, I’d appreciate all the information I can get, thanks so much!


How did he smash without crushing het

Trump Won

I love his green eyes.


Fat people would be comfortable for cuddling

GForce Gaming

Thumbs up if Reddit brought you here

Weka Taure

Oh fuck he is sexy

Miķelis Baltruks

How can you even go that far?

Jason Genova

Not to be mean but now he's a bit too skinny

Bunny Cosplay

Does anyone notice how green his eyes are?


Everybody needs to get on the show so we can get free healthcare


his wife looks like shes 13 ??


Thats not 300 pounds!!!! LOL thats like 500 pounds at least!!!!!



Harrison Pringle

No way

Alyssa W's singing

???????????? amazing I want to lose my weight too I’m 270 pounds it sucks being obese I cut out fast food too and swimming and exercise when I can becasue of my gastroparieses it’s difficult to get up everyday but I make myself

bung holeo

Now he looks like he's on drugs

Erika Madson

1:40 he's a little confused

Douglas Owen

With all that loose skin you should gain muscle


This guy looks anorexic

Kyle Nau

I don’t mean to be mean or rude, but how was it even possible for him to have kids? Congrats to him though!
EDIT: Sooo why do they have to stand? I think it makes it less awkward sitting.

Deepa Pradhan

OMG that’s insane

Gigi & Riji

very naci inspirational video! I was trying to lose some weight but couldn't find a good product to use.
but after finding this Red tea detox https://bit.ly/2GHWbhc I started losing weight like crazy. Just sharing this with you guys because sharing is caring.


Man his family should lose fucking weight its not just dad loseing weight the kid and mom should be too his son going to be 500 pounds at age 25 damn

Say and Tha’s Life

Amazing weight loss ????????????????

Jhon Evaga

Wow just ? wow

Steven Cramer




infinity 2

He looks kind of sick

Jacqueline Smith-Jackson

??? GREAT WORK ZACH!!!!??????? My name is Jacqueline and I am 23 years old and I wish I could do what you did. I also know it’s important to lose weight because of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and possibly a stroke. I have a history of disabilities like JRA and Cerebral Palsy and I think people like you would be a positive message for me.????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????? Since everyone has to think about cardiovascular disease and diabetes killing them I think everyone would benefit from what you did and I have to think about respiratory failure as well. It’s not a good thing when you have the thought in the back of your head saying, how much sugar can I eat before it’s going to kill me.

ShadowStorm 2.0


Goddess Oshun


Sean Beyer

The only reason the wife is happy is she can find his d again

Prince Duties

Its an operation

Reeve Topchiev

God Bless Him!


Congrats to him. The 1st half of the battle is achieving the weight loss goal. 2nd half is keeping it off.


Respect. Him and violent j from icp

kriss b

Why does his face look hallow or sunk in I think he loss too much, he needs to gain muscles.

John Gulisano

were is great job dam some people just can't say something nice. GREAT JOB BUDDY


Looking like Dwights twin ?

PhillieBoysProductions Skit

That’s insane!!

Mohammad Zaman

I want to know his opinion on fat acceptance


his wife cute

Kazuto ツ

He looks like olofmeister

Nicole Foreman

It think it was a good thing you are doing for this man. I think you should be looking at him and not the camera. It's insensitive


I don't like the way people who got gastric bypass look after losing weight, it's not just the loose skin but the out of proportion limbs, awkward size of the head and hands, etc...

Sergio Pulbere

Dam he has some of den nice titeys

Nyle Kash

Imagine how boogie 2988 would look this skinny


Me: Wow i really need t9 get in a diet

James Kcgh

When he was walking out he looked like Ryan Reynolds

Linda Powell

Congratulations keep up the great work. You deserve to be happy.

Luck Neh

He looks good but anorexic.


Why did the lady have to say he took the easy way out gastric bypass? He lost weight shut up no need to highlight how.....damn!

Jamie Meechan

He looks like Casey Neistat

Creative Bean

I wish my weight could lose 20 kilo

Adam Gomaa

I think this is the best transformation EVER that I’ve seen


But you can sit on the couch and eat ho hos and lose weight.

Bjarke Táunâjik


Golden Seagull

I just say: respect!

John Chea

and im tryna lose 15 lbs smh

bung holeo

That's one handsome dude

Owen McGill

Holy fucking shit how is that even possible

Budiyono Budi

amazing.. I'm a fat person myself at 280lbs.. I can't believe someone able to loose more weight than my whole weight!! such inspiration for me!


The new Jared

Tee Yah

Amazing ???

Cringe Miser

1:24 the new Jared

Senior Spicy

Holy shit
He looks amazing

YG Faith

0:57 Zamm who is that ma gahdd

Alyssa W's singing

Omg yay ❤️


So negan never burn his face

Ahmmad K.

Walk to the gym now (:

justlikeheaven 98

Very amazing transformation good luck


lift the fucking weights if you want your body to look good.

Timbacto Bros.

Sons turn


To much bigmacs

Nubiana Sparks

Well I hope he doesn't cheat on His wife now that some women may eye him in a different way. She stuck with him, so he should stick with her.
Btw what had happened to him? Was he depressed or something?

Dominic Dantin

Yo peep his son

ruby love


Sergio Garcia

And fat shaming was bad, hell no. People need to drop the weight to survive and LIVE


how is that eve,n possible??


God bless this man!! Good for you sir.

John Lang

That's amazing

Ali Raza

The Doctors team Respected Sir, I am from pakistan and I,am morbidly obese weighing 168kgs . I need good professionals that can help me and guide me about surgery because in my homeland there is a lack of professionals whom practices gastric sleeve bypass surgery . I also tried many many methods like dieting jogging workouts but failed . Sir, please please please help me out and suggest me a good professionals medical practitioner .


His skin doesn't look nearly as bad as most people who lose that much weight. Awesome job

Jackie Smith


Rozah Nzuki

Do you guys realize that,there will always be human beings hating every video however important and inspiring it is???? seriously pple are sick


????RESPECT ON DIS GUY???? p.s im not being sarcastic


Yo how the fuck does he pee there was a fold over it

Baby Doll

Omg he's so hot now


I saw a before and after on instagram who else?

Haykaw moo

It must of took alot or strength,I'm over here skinny but eating my hot pockets and drinking coke

barnett lee

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Parker Kunz

I’ve lost 85 lbs myself, 300 when I turned 17 now I’m 18 and 215. I’m 6’4 though so I’m at a pretty okay weight


New life new wife

How I Lost 300lbs | Beefy Boys Final Weigh ins

How I Lost 300lbs | Beefy Boys Final Weigh ins28 Jan. 2021
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Jeff’s Barbershop merch

Jeff’s Barbershop merch is available now at ?


Follow my Instagram




People in this vid:



@Shy and Awkward Guy


Outro song by

Simon Rex


Camera/ Editor

Oscar Alva


Assistant Editor

Nathan Speiser


Assitant to the assistant Editor

Joe Vulpis


Comments (100)

Hell yeahhh!

Ragha R

I fucking cried at the end. This was so wholesome. congrats guys.


2:53 He looks like something from Mass Effect! ?


i think jeff loves and cares about jonah so much he just want him to live healthier and happier.

nqobile zondi

Not me crying cos this is so so sweet ?❤




Jeff we need more people like you bro love you ? be happy and keep doing the good work

Steven Muang

Wasn't only like a week...imagine a month

chaz munoz anaya 2

You aren't very good at posting

Michelle C.

Blanca is gonna leave you with some pearly whites! You go girl and you had no idea who he was lol ??‍♀️


“Yeah? You got some babes numbers?”
“Hell ya...
... nah.”

Elijah DeLaRosa

“It’s clean money don’t worry”

jeet singh

He sounds like badger from breaking bad


Can you do skinny body change too??



Ahmed Hakeem

17:44 no one talking about Rihanna and David beckham wearing Jeff merch???


all jokes aside jonah actually does look a lot better.

Jimmy Rodriguez

jesus this was beautiful

Sunny Collins

Hype check

Nathan Sherman

Nice jeff

Jash Kumar

I cant take you guys seriously when youre saying inspiring stuff


Nick showing his maturity in this vid, I hope the change is real bro. So nice to see

smrigby 328

Jeff should do a barbershop vid with Tyler the creator


I'm gon cry

Sammy's _Soulmate

Guys... Jeff reminds me so much of Crispy Concords and I'm just realizing this no

Taylor Cummings

Please don't let this end

Who is This 04 Gaming

Who want to see adam wabeeb in Jeff's barbershop????


How is airsoftfatty built like that? most of his weight is in his back and the rest is all in his upper body

Parker Haines

Airsoft gonna come back cut af just wait


Sweet vid dude

Reko Sanchez

Who else thought he got some “numbas” at @5:47?


I want the Dolan twins BACK


the weigh ins were so dramatic with the ps4 home screen music ?

Spine Grinder

omg Jonah you melted me ♥


This is incredibly wholesome.

No name game

This was actually so cute!!! I could feel the love in the end there was so much growth ah I love to see it

Mr wocky

this was beautiful

Eliseo Gutierrez

Jake Paul vlogs lmao ?


Ngl the clickbait scared me

juanito edwards

so wholesome

Gaby Maldonado

the ending where jeff and jonah were talking was so cute


Great video that ending couldn’t have ended better mad respect to giving away half of the money


This video is so heartwarming


I love Jeff so much and seeing this I think he should do were personal trainers are doing now gaining about 50 pounds to see what it’s like and how hard it really is and then losing it with someone like Jonah:)

My comment is invalid but

I thought nick was goofin but fuck yeah

ERIK Gonzalez

Why am I just seeing this on my recommended

Ivet G.

Lincoln is my fave!

Chris Kirkendale

I was hoping airsoft would get money ?? he deserves it anyone that tries to lose weight it must be so hard

Johnn F

Vlog squad firstly making short jokes to Nik now fat jokes to jonah? Wow people wonder why kids have issues now a days! Use your influence for good things! Not to bully and discriminate! Truly a pack of c.unts #vlogsquadneedstogo #byedavid #bullies


99k likes woot

Bonnie Mitchell

He sounds like Naruto

Cailyn Van aswegen

Wow this is amazing . It’s so amazing what Jonah/Nick did. I wasn’t expecting him to ever do anything like that I’m still very young I’m a teenager and watching Jonah in all your videos for weight loss has inspired myself to never give up and to just keep trying. It’s amazing and I’m so happy for Jonah that he said that he will keep loosing and keep pushing himself and I’m very happy for him that he lost the most weight.

Angela Chapa

“That’s not true, that’s not true, cut that out of the video” idk why that part had me ?

Not So Critical

i never thought a video would ever end with a "huh?" lol

Adam Gray

Jonah actually looks really healthy

Joshua Keddy

Great going Fellas ?✌


Dude, airsoft didn't do shit. He didn't lose any weight, he didn't lose any fat. That body fat% change was margin of error for that machine they used.

Nadean Truelove

“Every one of you guys is now a 5000-aire” ??


Super proud of Nick and to see him bettering not only himself but those around him!

Gavyn Kim

nobody lincoln:
hell yeah

Samuel Flores

When Jeff shaves his beard ?

Bryana Luna

...not gonna lie I got so excited hearing bruce buffer in the intro.


Even Jeff‘s eye gettin better and Bettler ?


Thank you Jeff

Sierra Gonzalez Salinas

I need Jeff to be my trainer :/

Mark Mark

Super funny

Colum Mullan

You need to get skinny kids ripped

Deez Finish the sentence

Jonah finna make me cry fo ?

Noc Lob

I was crying! So proud of jonah!

cheemabro lil muxtjab_yxgn

It looks like Nick got a little thin tbn


it makes sense airsoft didnt lose sny pounds i couldnt imagine a skinny airsoft

Luciano Cerutti

me and jonah have the same underwear that's cool

Chris P. Bacon


carolina cabrera

I love Jeff for this <3

Garrett Hagen

These guys should start a new channel together dedicated to their weight loss journey moving forward. I feel every exercise resource that exists is taught by people in perfect shape and it has to be really intimidating for people that struggle with their weight to this extent. Would probably be really beneficial/inspiring to a lot of people to embark on a weight loss journey with people in a similar situation.


Fuck yeah Jeff, Fuck David.

Jake Krummenacher

This is the most wholesome video I have ever seen in my whole life


Is that Bruce Buffer for reals?


well boys, we did it

Amanda Atkins

Wtf does anyone else keep getting unsubscribed from this channel? Just realized I was unsubed for the third time ?

Pochi 7



Hell yeah

Andre San hez

the lady in the beginning is my mom im not even lying to yall


Damn I cried

Amber Clark

Hold up...McGregor and Kanye....damn Jeff...you really are the man ahah

DSC Mamba

what is the name of Jeffs sunglasses

Gavyn Kim

remember when jonah was annoying now he is so respectful

Tito Leon

Staged end but still touching


beefy boys should all be gym buddies

Jacob Pouland

And...queue the tears!!!!


Bruce Buffer in full UFC mode:

Airsoft: swinging lightsaber while yodeling


That one was a rollercoaster of emotions Jeff

Tom Cameron

The fucking beefy boys, I did not think I would start working out after this. Fuck


soak the clout out of nick antonyan and throw him in the ditch

d 1

take a second to appreciate all the amazing content on this website

me ry

Jonah looks great


shed a tear when jonah said he loves jeff at the end. you can tell it came from the heart. jeff is such a good friend doing all of this to help jonah.

Patricia Skotnicki

Remember when you used to post good videos?

bluez soicy

hell yeah

Becca Dreams

All I know is even if this is scripted, it was so good!

Heather lost 300 pounds on The Ultimate Weight Loss Program!!!

Heather lost 300 pounds on The Ultimate Weight Loss Program!!!20 Feb. 2018
49 547
CHEF AJSubscribe 438 721

To join please go to

To join please go to http://chefajwebsite.com/ultimate-weight-loss-program.html

To follow Heather upon YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgTuVYt2UoejqZt5u2Bqz1A

Comments (73)
Lily Simpson

Delightful, articulate, and inspiring woman! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Elishevah Godfrey

So inspirational, I wish I could have been there to ask my own questions. So much of what she's been through really resonates with me... I'm really not the only one. A question I would liked to have ask her is what about extra skin from losing all of the weight. Did eating healthy like that help the skin go back or did she have to have it surgically removed?

Peggy Walton

I've just started the Plant-Based lifestyle. I haven't had any junk food for ten days now. My ankles are no longer swollen and my knees are feeling better. Apparently, the sugar and meat products were poison to my system. I have a hundred pounds to lose. I have been watching the plant=based videos on a daily basis to keep me on track. Thanks for all the valuable information


Who the hell gives an 11 year old girl a freaking diet book as a gift?

Sarah Padilla

If hunger is not the problem then food is not the answer.

Janine Préfontaine

Inspirational. funny and intelligent. Thank You Heather !


Watch Heather LIVE today at 4:00pm Pacific time on Weight Loss Wednesday

Jeannie Harris

Thank you Heather!! I've made too many excuses for too long. The life expectancy by BMI really woke me up!! If I stay at my current weight, I will be cutting my life by 7.3 YEARS!!! I am on board with reclaiming my health!! I say this as I stand here stuffing my steamed kale for breakfast in my mouth, crying. I don't know why it took so long . I've heard so much good advice but, this really woke me up.

Char Covelesky

I would LOVE the hear awesome Heather's story, but I'm hearing impaired, PLEASE caption!


Sound is horrible, too bad people don't set this up and test before making videos. I see another Heather Goodwin video, moving on

Jody Gonzalez

You are a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey to where you are today. Keep up the wonderful work and hug your kiddos ,too.


Heather is such a great speaker. I am used to watching her on video. Have not seen her do a public talk. I am thinking she should begin lecturing with her story. People can relate to her journey. Good Job!

Gleda Myers

Cool lady ????

David Plymel

Diet Plan called Custokebon Secrets kept appearing here on a lot of youtube and I thought they were scams. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost plenty of weight by using it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. Don't take my own word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on google.

Lloyd Christmas

Awesome. Good for Heather.

Suzanne Talbert

What an inspirational woman. Thank you for sharing your story ??

Lori N

What a journey you have experienced and what a testament to strength and perseverance. Beautiful story. Beautiful you. That smile at the end - wow!


Heather, you are a shining star!!! What an incredible story of overcoming such seemingly insurmountable odds. This is just amazing

Kelly Pearson

So inspiring! It is so great to hear her story It gives me hope. I have about 80 lb to lose and sometimes I feel like it's impossible since I've been struggling for so many years and I've even been vegan for 4 years but not whole food plant-based and no oil. I started eating that way recently but it hasn't been long enough to see much results. I look forward to sticking to it and seeing where it can take me.

Dana Caro-herman

Beautiful Heather!! Love you dear heart thank you!!❤️?

Anne M

Thank you that was such an uplifting talk , I have been following you for sometime ? and you look amazing thanks again ?


It’s a great lesson, not only for Heather, but for the rest of us also, that she put the weight back on even though she was feeling so good and she was so confident, but it’s great that even though she did put it back on she’s back on track ?

Paw Lette

If hunger isn't the problem,then food is not the answer. .. Well said Heather.


Wow! What an amazing talk. Heather is a beautiful and inspirational woman. She is smart, funny and heart-achingly honest and generous. Thank you, Chef AJ, for making this available,

Liliana Griselda Szachury

Amazing ?

Barby Lee

Harry potter is witchcraft....you mean you don't love jesus

Kate Carr

Oh my goodness! What an inspiring video. Thank you for sharing


I have followed Heather way back when she was doing the rawfood diet because I was too. Funny how we both transitioned into whole plant foods and found the perfect path to health. Good job!!

Silvia Lopez Fonseca

I love you!

Joan B

Loved your talk...always inspiring. Non negotiable was a very good point.

Soo Lambert

I read a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular weight loss diet plan?

Emerald Rose

This is the greatest presentation! Thank you Heather for giving me hope!

Barbara Rote

So inspirational! How to maintain this inspiration?

Autumn Meadows

This was very insightful
Thank you

Cynthia Thrasher

Inspirational and encouraging but too many ads.

Seamus Warren

Damn, that stuff about the ill parents as a crutch resonates.

Hmmm... peanut butter.

Michael Crosby

Heather not only loses 300 pounds, she has the courage to stand up and tell her story before a group of people. She's one special lady. Heather, if you read this, I want to tell you how proud I am of you.

I'll bet the downvotes are the Adkins/Keto folks.

Peggy Kelly

I am 66 yrs old. I watch all your videos and also AJ’s videos. I need to jump on the bandwagon. Thank you for sharing your story.

Marge Engleman

She is wonderful. It is like she is just speaking personally to me like a friend.

Fleur MP

Amazing x

Kaz Milo

Awesome job Heather, I’m so glad you found what works and I am so glad I have found it too.

Deborah Hopper

Heather is such an Inspiration and a great motivational speaker.

Beverly Chandler

Interesting about where you learned to binge eat.I learned from my sister.We would go to corner drugstore and buy candy bars and burn wrappers in fireplace before parents came home. Then I Would eat dinner.I gained a lot of from this.I was like 10 or 11.


Amazing :)!! Great story, great message and great talk!

michelle gosselin

Wow! Great presentation Heather! Love your story and you are a very natural and inspirational speaker. Thanks also to Chef AJ for posting this.

Michelle Barry

Really needed to hear this message today ?


Congratulations, Heather! You look great!!

Gayle Williams

Thank Chef AJ for sharing Heather's story. Congratulations Heather - well done with your perseverance. So so glad that your mum recognised what she felt she needed to say to you.

Mary Furman

She looks so amazing!

petra tuccino

I'm happy you lost weight. Please, please, please stop calling yourself a Vegan. You are clearly plant based. Vegans are animal rights activists. Thank you!

Adelina Chernykh

Amazing story, amazing speech! Very motivating!:)

Mary Lee Hardage

I have lost 27 lbs in 6 months eating Plant Based...fixing to cut some fruits down.

Jack Jack

Incredible story and what a beautiful person ❤️

Ekaterina Cunningham

So inspiring ❤

Pauly Pooper

19:30, I would call it my “ tour of delights “ because it was the last day and tomorrow would be day one of abstinence ..


Brava Heather, you done us all proud! Brava!


We love Heather! Hope she can be successful with her weight in the future as well.

Deborah Kafka

She was fabulous!

Alex Armendariz

Heather is so inspirational. Recently found Chef AJ and started incorporating more vegetables with rice/potatoes in my diet. Down a couple of pounds. ? Thank you


Marvelous! Heather’s testimony is beautiful. I’m so glad she’s part of our vegan tribe. Well done, young lady! I see the opportunity for writing a book, Heather. You have figured out how to address and conquer the health killers of the Western world. You have fought—triumphantly—to overcome a food addiction, and you have sought healing that takes into consideration physical/mental/spiritual health, the care and integrity of animals, and the needs of the planet. Your message has the capacity to be very far reaching. You have an entire vegan family supporting you.


THANK YOU!!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful Heather!!!!!

Quantum Truths JC Kay

Kwashiorkor is the protein deficiency disease ?

Karen Doncoes

Hi Heather. I see from one of the comments that you were raw vegan. I have been raw vegan for twenty five years and I would love to know why you changed to a starch based diet. I have been watching your latest videos and I see how much and what kind of food you pack for your day at work. I wish you all the success in the world. KC Cole

Tracy Current

She is such a beautiful lady. Thank you for your story.

Qypsy Q Traveler aka Pamela Prizant-Brooks

Oh honey praise G-d for your healing!! This story made my eyes sweat for sure. G-d bless you!! My hubbs Harry and I have our own stories of why we went vegan - he for weight loss (148 lbs GONE!), me for health (reversed congestive heart failure)!


Wonderful Video. Thank you so much. Kindly view website: https://healthiswealth201.wordpress.com for various proven weight loss programs

Gabriele Kennedy

Well done Heather !

Qypsy Q Traveler aka Pamela Prizant-Brooks

Dr. Pam Popper, Jane, and Anne Esselstyn say healthcare is selfcare! Amen!!!
Yes, yes, yes, the toxic people, stress, and not eating poison so important!! I am called picky - that's OK I love it. I am saying the same thing - my ex way of eating almost killed me!

Gone with the Kale

I'm so proud of her, she's so beautiful and such a great example that you CAN become healthy and vibrant and see your dreams come true at any weight WITHOUT the doctor's knife or their pushed pills. Thank you AJ for helping to change lives! ?????

Paw Lette

Heather. Love ya! You deserve this spotlight.

Christelle H

Such an amazing talk. I found Heather’s FB channel a year or so ago but didn’t realise she was doing your program. So cool!


So wonderful jorney. Thank you to share it. So much
Very Inspiring!!!! Heather ?❤️❤️

"?????Instead of wait for somebody to bring me flowers I want to plant myself the most beautiful garden?????"

Video muito inspirador

?????" Em vez de esperar por alguem me trazer Flores eu resolvivplantar o mais Belo jardim"????

yenta vegan

I’m watching this and thinking about my “ successes “ and my failures. I have been thin and following all the calorie density info and I have also gotten fat again by eating vegan junk and eating my anger.