Gavin newsom shirtless

Trevor Noah Is a ‘Cuomosexual’

Trevor Noah Is a ‘Cuomosexual’20 Apr. 2020
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Trevor Noah explained to

Trevor Noah explained to Ellen why he calls himself a “Cuomosexual,” sharing his admiration of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his inspiring leadership during the pandemic. He also shared what he thinks about Senator Bernie Sanders endorsing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.




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Derek Theler on Living with Type 1 Diabetes & How to Help

Derek Theler on Living with Type 1 Diabetes & How to Help2 Nov. 2018
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The JDRF One Walk to Cure

The JDRF One Walk to Cure Diabetes is on Sunday morning at the Rose Bowl Stadium. For more information go to www.jdrf.org. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Friday, November 2, 2018.

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Stessie Egouy

I miss Baby Daddy!

Maya Rudolph Has a Quarantine Wardrobe Malfunction

Maya Rudolph Has a Quarantine Wardrobe Malfunction28 Apr. 2020
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Maya Rudolph shares how

Maya Rudolph shares how she’s coping with quarantining during COVID-19 and talks about her animated film The Willoughbys.

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Maya Rudolph Has a Quarantine Wardrobe Malfunction- Late Night with Seth Meyers


Late Night with Seth Meyers


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1 BlackAnt

She's wearing 2 pairs of glasses lol

Lance Jones

Even with no make up she's beautiful..

Benjamin Dona

Audios off

D.J. Nichols Comedy

Damn mya Rudolph's funny then a b****!?

Moon Nugget

? My #wifegoals everyone! hahahahaha P.S. I’m an essential worker and we’re rotating weeks off. I didn’t shower my entire week off. lmao


Maya is the best!

Well Connected

It’s a shame her mother is Black and she’s Denys her blackness

Marie Palmer

So so so funny. I too am at home with 4 kids ?.


The timing of the word "baking" was So. Damn. Perfect....


i was lowkey hoping to see PTA lurking in the back or accidentally opening the door

Jeffery C

The judge on the good place and Idiocracy... all our other work is garbage...lol sarcasm huh.


She is amazing, she totally had me going!!!!!

Chamar Jackson

Maya so sexy??❤️


love her

Kung Flu

TV host fake laugh...

Jean, but in french

i love that woman so much

Mauna Pearlstein

I love Maya Rudolph... with all my heart. ❤️?

Ashada Carter

Now i know damn well my my py py is not topless????????????????
Somebody come take away her phone ?????

Diane Blumenthal

When Seth said that Maya has four kids, I fully expected her to say, oh, it's three now.

Daniel Rasmussen

God she's so brilliant.

chandra p

'I think that's what it is' either definitely real or too good an acting

Mark Verschell

She is f’ing hilarious

Randy A MacDonald

Two of them, it would be boxcars.


Maya Rudolph (and Fred Armistan) are joy incarnate. You, too, Seth.

chandra p

Fucking brilliant.. That's simple masterclass.. I love that they ended it that way instead of just giggling it out.. I sincerely hope it's a bit otherwise it's too real


The editor was probably torn between "hey, free boobs" and "dammit, now I have to actually do something".

Matty M

Maya is always hilarious

ra to

good for her, she made someone's day

The Like Button

Maya better stop playing or imma give her a 5th kid ?

Taslima Rashid

Loved her with Kristen Wiig in the SNL sketch with the golf cart! She's really awesome!
But Seth, once again, please can we have Bill Hader on the show? Is he hidden in that closet of yours?

D Laird


Dingo dyno

She got that rack going on damm no wonder she got 4 kids

Daniel Sanchez

If a guy would have done that bit. Pervert exposing himself...

Bill Kamp

So Trump finally did it. He made America great.
Maya said it... it's GREAT!!!...just GREAT!!!?????????

Shirl E

Hahaha, I've totally done the glasses thing..... A lot! Glad I'm not alone.

Randy A MacDonald

The missing mole is bothering my OCD self.

Randy A MacDonald

Speaking of old chest(nut)...


That girl who’s boobs got blurred out on late night? That girl.... was me

Ivan May

Does anybody else think Maya Rudolph looks like Ronnie Spector?

Kira Breer

God I LOVE her

rebeca prat

All Snl people are great

Gee Lahrie

MAYA IS MAGNIFICENT!!! I would be ecstatic if she made a spin off with her Hormone Monstress character from Big Mouth. I'm also enjoying her role on 'Bless the Harts'. She has such incredible vocal range. I just adore her!!

Mondo Shredder

2 pairs of glasses and nothing else - Sexyyy Maya!

Benny Ricko

Man, she is so funny, charming to listen to and very gorgeous! Love her movies! Especially Grown Ups.

Danilo F. Silva

I love the way this video ends !! LOL

jay h


markus sjöström

Maya is criminally good looking.
I've had a crush on her ever since idiocracy


I like how there was a 4 minute setup for a glasses joke


That was hilarious hahahaah

Alex !M

See, that's Americans for you: breasts = taboo. Look at what the French do on national radio:

Jewell Quander

Awesome... Funny!?


Maya ♥ She is awesome.


This was awkward guys

Rose S

I like Seth Myers but why do his interview segments by and large consist of friends from his sketch comedy stuff? It's boring and self indulgent. Get some better writers.

Levi Coffman

I stop bathing a week before it's time for me to go out and try to find some more toilet paper hoping it will make people keep their distance from me.

Steven Kaest

She's hilarious

Angry Santa

How does Maya have a better mic than seth ?

Sue G.

Laugh out loud funny


I'm crying over here :))))

New Message

"You've got 4 kids..."

Annnnnd, it all comes together now.

Mᴥāz Kalīm

My, my...

Loved her bravado! Woohooo! ??????
You go, girl! ????????

I guess there must be enough of comfort-level between her and Mr Meyers to not qualify as "sexual-harassment" — as in, he might've already got to glimpsed her without clothes whether pre- or post-#MeToo era.
Also, just like their "third wheel" Mr Fred — he has those chops to express stereotypical things like raising multiple kids, life before and after maternity — in a genuinely humorous way.

P.S. I loved how Mr Seth went red early in the interview and avoided making eye-contact. But over time.. He came victorious! ?
I wonder if it's genuinely a "laziness wardrobe-inexistence" or Ms Maya genuinely riffing on the facts laid-out by studies people complaining about "noticing something UNPROFESSIONAL " in contemporary […] work video-conferences.
P.P.S. ?.. So many glasses...!!! Felt disappointed when she abandoned them°.

Mary Marsella

Two pairs of glasses! ?????. Wait no, three.

Eusi Uqeroseifel

Ahushsuahzu Maya so funny

Moto Cattie

No clothes but two pairs of glasses is what we're all wearin'. Just admit it! :P

Tamera Herrod

She is always wonderful!

S Ogletree

The Willoughbys is a great movie

Dean Allen

Oh my god I love her!


She's the absolute best


She's adorable! She brought me joy.

Boaty McBoatface

She doesn't use deodorant and she only takes BUBBLE BAFFS

Ray Lars

At least she has the glasses ...


She's looking more and more like the Oracle from the Matrix.


Proper self care without social motivation can be tough even when you aren't busy with kids.

Dean Allen

She so funny! And super hot - the perfect woman!

Tim Bishop

LOL'S were had today :D


I see Maya Rudolph, I click!!


Says "I'm doing great" 3X with no top and double glasses.
Doing better than me.


She’s insane lol?

Dorothy Young

That dress! Great gramma called and wants her dress back! Maya, you are a precious woman!

Lee GaryB

I love a relatable celebrity interview

Ela Mongrella

How hilarious would it have been, if she had pranked Seth, by actually being completely naked, when she got up? lol

John Erkman

Even pixelated they’re real and they’re SPECTACULAR Maya ???

Tule Lazule

Super FUN!


She has a nice rack

Deba Dev

Love love love her she is every mum everywhere


She has both pairs of glasses on, what more do you need?


I just really laughed my ass off! I needed this.

Megan Osborn

The goddess herself!

Jason Gastrich

lol adorbs


Four kids. Oh my god.
She is such a treasure!

Jim Hood

That was a genius twist to the now well worn "no pants" joke. Obviously the pixelation was added in post but just how naked was she? Seth's genuine (and a little embarrassed) laughter makes me wonder. Well played Maya.

Toney Tucci

Maya is like a plump female version of Fred Armisen.

Jeffrey Ehondor

If a dude whipped his dick out in an interview i know he would be cancelled that very moment but yet...

chas ames

Maya reminds me of every girlfriend I've ever had.
And I still value all of them.

Rock Brian

How is she so unattractive? Is she a woman really?

Scott Louis

I love Maya so much! She was AMAZING on The Good Place. And she looks sexy af. ????

Chris Rogers

I was... baking.


Can't wait to see the unedited version in a blooper reel.


I was "baking"...k

Joyce Mansfield

I love her im a goofball with glasses too.i have always had a funny sense of humor, thats the secret to happy!!