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Recover Tactical 1911 Holster - Review

Recover Tactical 1911 Holster - Review18 Mar. 2016
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Review over the Recover

Review over the Recover Tactical active retention holster for GI model 1911's equipped with the RT grip + rail system. Song: On My Own by Ashes Remain. All rights reserved.

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Um...why did you do this review with no attachment to the rail?

Jeremy Reinhold

What other holsters have you found that works with the rail and grips for 1911‘s? Having a super hard time finding one other than the holster the company makes.

Jeff Ghost

77, Thanks for the review I'm interested in this Recover system...You should update this.. I read in the comments about the missing screw and it would be great if you included that..Can you to do some active shooting with /without a light and let's see the grip in action... also I'd like to second the request for a painting tutorial on how you got your grip that way..I like it.


Please don't recommend something you don't even know how it works. Your missing a screw, depending on model 1911 it fits perfectly in a Springfield Model 1911 A1. the reason you can see that gap is for front and rear sight upgrades.

Topp dawg

Just ordered this for my kimber hope it works well

luke 1911

I just ordered one and im going to try to add a little material to the inside to solve the play issue


This holster is garbage.  Very flimsy.  Notice the holster does not cover the full length of the barrel which leave the barrel and finish unprotected.  Secondly your light is not protected and finally the retention model easily breaks as you get in and out of a vehicle due to the unprotected barrel being forced up when you sit which results in the retention button snapping off.  I have gone through three of these holsters they are garbage.  They do not make anything other than a paddle model which is very flimsy.  The aftermarket holsters that I found that address these issues do not support the weapon with the light attached.  The rail itself is ok but my gig on that is the plastic does not provide a good grip under sweaty hand or wet conditions.


I just got mine today and installed. I am having a few issues. My recover grips don't exactly fit. The front end where my fingers wrap around the grip, the two pieces don't meet. Its close but unless I do some engineering and modifying the two parts aren't going to meet. Nevertheless, once I got them on, I put it onto the holster and drew it. It was extremely tight and a bit difficult to get out. I reholstered and redrew (Still very tough), reholstered again and redrew but this time a nut fell off from the front bottom of the holster from the same spot on your holster. It appears that the tension squeezes the 1911 in the holster and upon drawing it stripped the screw or nut. Im assuming that happened with yours except that maybe you didn't notice that it was there when you got it and from a first time use it just ripped the screw from bolt. My holster now is exactly like yours with the screw missing. I had notified Recover Tactical immediately!


Would this holster fit on my RIA 1911 TCM Tac Ultra FS HC Combo 22TCM/mm?


Once you put the screw in that was missing, how much of a difference did it make with the "sloppiness" of the gun moving around in the holster?

Definitely picking up a set of their grips for my Taurus PT1911 and am considering the holster as well.


I just got my grips and holster yesterday and I found that the opposite was true for the draw. My 1911 is an STI Taurus with aggressive slide grips. The slide catches on the holster almost pulling the holster from my belt. The fit is tight and accommodates my TLR-4 so I can't complain too much.

PKpapa 2010

the front hole is supposed to have a screw in it as well and that will make it tighter feeling

Mike Ustan

slick gear!

Morgan Willett

You're cute

Capt. Dank


John Lee Sullivan Jr

they left the screw out so if you need to adjust it you can file a little off each side and then add back the missing screw


Do a video on your grip paint job! Please

Freddy Velasquez

Do you know if this holster will work with a pt1911 ar taurus model that has the rail built from the factory or do the grips have an indention that makes them specifically to work with that holster?


The designer of the Recover grips and holster designed the Tavor, Tamir Porat.


the space allows you to have sights in your pistol while still fit in the holster

Eddie Camacho

Can you fit a Beretta 92A1 ?

WakeUp America

Really cool custom grip love the paint job

romeo borromeo

your holster has one screw missing. Its not supposed to come that way. just buy a screw with nut similar to what they sent with the holster and not super glue.

1911 recover tactical rail grips and how to dye polymer parts!

1911 recover tactical rail grips and how to dye polymer parts!20 Jul. 2018
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1911 recover tactical rail

1911 recover tactical rail grips and how to dye polymer parts!

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Jon James

very cool, great tip with the dye. would have never thought of that. thanks

deranged dogs

Mine turn purple what i do wrong


I added Talon grips and it fit perfect!!

ReCover Tactical

I like what you did there!!! You are a sneaky guy!!

Michael Battista

What kind of holster are you using for that set up?


4:36 that's not how you use calipers.

ReCover Tactical HPC Grip and Rail System for the Hi Power

ReCover Tactical HPC Grip and Rail System for the Hi Power30 Aug. 2019
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This has proven to be the

This has proven to be the most stable rail solution on the market as well as the most popular, and is easily installed on your gun in under 3 minutes. The high-grade, lightweight, glass reinforced polymer ReCover can be installed without the need for a gunsmith, and requires no permanent modifications to be made to your firearm. The HPC is the most stable rail mount on the market and the added benefit of a Hi Power grip enhances the look of your firearm.

Available at http://www.recovertactical.com

Comments (11)

Looks great! Any plans for releasing a CZ 75 version?

S Aurelius

Will this work with the Tisas Regent BR9-S Hi-Power Clone?


Fit for the Hungarian FEG clones?

Nicolas Farah

Do you ship to Beirut?


I have the recover tactical on my Beretta 92FS and is great ?


Anyone know what light is used on this or can recommend a decent light for this setup? Thx

Heisei Godzilla

Will this fit a Arcus 94?


Hi, could someone tell me what holster or strap works for this hi power pistol since the original does not fit


How solid is. anyone.

Aj Monkey Man Nerdy

What exactly is goin on with that Hi power? Who made that one? What year and caliber?