Jordan 6 laces


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This is my way of lacing

This is my way of lacing the Jordan 6’s, try it out on your Jordans and watch my previous video to see how they look on feet. *REMEMBER WHEN YOU PUT YOUR FEET IN THE SHOE YOU WILL HAVE TO ADJUST THE LACES A BIT*

Jordan 6 vid with on feet: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pKzUqIBM7zY

Equipment I use ⬇️

Tripod: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KNC642N/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=quadio-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B07KNC642N&linkId=82dcc4a0870f82d94ee94c4971d3ff72

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Just curious as to why you said so you dont be looking all "Brazy"..is it just because everyone else talking like that? Or are you purposely showing a certian respect/disrespect toward a specific group?

Beat Me

“Aka tell yo momma was good”

Mr. Elegante



Tutorial is fucking ass ??????


Jus laced my dmps g looks

carlos cuevas

its cool thats how i lace my kicks lol & after each of your video i feel so damn smart thanks ?


Best 1 yet

Wolf Ransom

Dope Video bro Subbed n errrrrthang



Only Loyalty Matters




Oum Jsix

The video more popular ???

4,000 ninjas with no vids


Anthony Thomas

Bromo thug ?

Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2021

Air Jordan 6 Carmine 20216 Feb. 2021
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Hey Guys! Today we have a

Hey Guys! Today we have a detailed look and review on the upcoming Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2021 Retro.

Release Date: February 13, 2021

Retail Price: $200

Available at: https://go.weartesters.com/snkrs

If you're trying to buy the AJ 6 Carmine without bots, we recommend you join SoleSavy. They're a no reseller community that provides effective strategies to help you cop and tell you which retailers have the most stock and best bot protection on release days: https://go.weartesters.com/solesavy

Support WearTesters by joining our Discord community: https://weartesters.com/join/

0:00 Intro

0:36 SoleSavy

1:55 2008 vs 2021 Comparison

3:58 Tech Specs

5:04 Materials

6:25 Fit & Price

6:45 Giveaway

7:54 AJ 6 Aging

9:31 Fred vs Ben Savage

10:34 Conclusion

Current Sneaker Deals: https://weartesters.com/deals/

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Sega Genesis

fml i forgot these dropped today...i may never forgive myself

Bobby Emerson

I would wear them only if i can get the double up!!! Sorry. To iconic to screw them up any other way!!! Lol

Irish masshole

I think these are ? hit a finish line raffle so I’m pumped. But ppl are trashing these already I don’t get it.


I want these so bad dawg but I don’t think it’s my shoe. Like I don’t think I could rock them. But they look fire asf


Fred Savage is the correct answer. Even if you're stupid and you somehow prefer Boy Meets World over Wonder Years, Fred directs a lot of series.

Jackie Wright

Do you know anybody that does a custom job real good cuz one of my shoe is Pink the other one's perfect and they're not going to bring the shoe back out again I just need to get it fixed can you help me ??



Nick- Nyce30

that icy bottom is fye , anything darker and they would’ve had a gatorade 6 looking bottom

eriz santiago

Y’all think it’s worth it to buy the CDP pair from 2008 like will it still be wearable and not break ?

Vic Malto

Just got a confirmed reservation from finishline. Feeling lucky!


Well, took another release day "L" for these. Haven't been able to purchase an Air Jordan retro on release day since the Air Jordan XI 11 retro "concord". Next to impossible to purchase on release day and retail price now. Okay, vent over.

Joe Torres

Just recently got back into wearing g and collecting Jordans again. This release is great timing for me. I've always wanted a pair of carmine 6s.

Science & the gospel according to fake news

I heard these are going to have red bleeding defects into the midsole leaving it pink.

DirtyD23 1

The late 80’s and early 90’s were dope for shoes. I think when you were talking about Fred Savage was when he wore the Fire red 3’s in that movie Little Monsters.

rene santillana

Felt iffy about solesavy you guys just cemented what it's all about in my head I'm gonna be on that now .


Thats a great shirt Jodi ? !

Steven C

?? I smell mine also.



Haywood Jablohmi

I just won these in a raffle and the store sold my pair. And were all sold out of every size. Which is basically impossible for how busy they are in my town. Shoe store employees are backdooring and reselling hardcore


I’m really mad the last pair of Jordan’s I got were all screwed up, my fire red fours came from finish line and the paint was chipped and they were all wonky, still don’t know what to do with them

Philip Ross

Meep meep

Wei Wang

I still remember I wore my 08 carmine to the mall for the concord 11’s release back in 11 and everybody including finish line guys all staring at my shoes lol

Masaki Mark Tokyo

Hi (^_^)I I got this Air Jordan 6 Carmine US10 on 13th this month ?‼️Thank you for your information ?‼️FromTokyo Japan??

HipHop 1993

Neeeed !

Omar Scruggs

I remember Seinfeld having Jordans on in the show


Chris, if you promote sites you need to make sure privacy is sacred and not sold... many of these sites profit from user data. There is always a profit motive. Thx.

Kendrick Ingram

Where can I find that hoodie you got on ?

Space Magic

The Porsche 911 in the carmine red was popular and I think that may have been the original inspiration for the shoe colorway.

T Jac

Do you know if the red part still bleeding through to the sole and making it pink? Also good video bro

rene santillana

Yoo omg u brought out the cdp yellowing maayn .
Wana skip out on the nike air and go for air jordan instead they look all around a better silhouette

Amara Williams

I just need the maroons again?

Luke Brosoto

Dope shoe.. got mine this morning... ??


Are these red or more of a maroon?! I see so many different pictures that lost vastly different!


Carmine on slavic languages means lip stick thats red.

Klára Sedláčková

I can't believe I've been finally lucky and fast enough to buy pair for my bf and also got the kids size for myself from SNKRS! They should arrive on the 19th, hopefully no pink midsoule. These will be his first 6's and my first Jordan ever. I'm so excited after I missed the Jordan 4 fire red, which I wanted as his Christmas present, this might be even better!!!

Kevin Blassingame

I thought inferred was a new color way which was introduced back in 2014?


Wow...I REMEMBER still... walking in the mall and begging my parents to buy me these shoes?...and they did..$110.00.....THAT WAS A LOT OF MANY FOR MY PARENTS BACK THEN AND STILL IS?.....I WAS THE 2ND KID IN SCHOOL TO HAVE THEM.....200 DOLLARS IS A LOT OF MONEY...IM GONNA BUY THEM THO....LET THEM SIT FOR YEARS AND STARE AT THESE BAD ASS MOTHER???S...TILL MY 9 YEAR OLD CAN WEAR THEM....MJ SHOES???????

Hehehe Aye

Yo should I get these been thinking? These will be my first pair of 6’s

The Real Duz-T

Loved the 90s nostalgia in this vid.

PrettyBoii Waveyy

Won the raffle today can’t wait to get them in hand Saturday

Thomas Howard

90s were great growing up in. My snrks app crashed in the uk I thought noway. I couldnt get them on some sites thought must be more then this. But luckily I got 2 pairs off footlocker re-drop after morning drop was few hours later. Great video again. This is 2021 made now. Jordan 6 fan here.

Corey Richmond

Point me in the direction of that hoodie please! Nice review!

Jaiden Arias

Don’t fall into greed please, fall into God’s grace and love!


Sole Savy is meh. They had GREAT reviews, so I signed up w/them for 3 months, they got my money for sure, I didn't mind as long as I would get some shoes. Nope, not w/o those 3 mo I had a better time getting them myself. They didn't "help" as much as they claim they do. But other people seem to like it just didn't work out for me.

Sidney Cosby

I just got a W on these on SNKRS!! Can't stop watching this now.


Just got my first Sneakrs dub on these, so fire ? can’t wait!

Rod Steele


Himanshu Pawar

I've size UK10 for sale in India, if anyone's interested comment below?


does anyone know how many pairs will be out


12+11=23 I couldn’t afford the combo packs

Marvin Morris

No resellers, no bots, made trades, got steals, etc. Shoe game is wack these days, and I've been doing this since early '95.


Anybody know if sole savy is actually beneficial?


Good video bro check mine out too


Where is that hoodie from ?


My cdp carmine 6 straight up crumbled on me and started talking back. Rip Carmine

Andelino jr Marzan

What's the link to sole savy?

Ronald Graham

Will get these beautiful sneaker Ron from New York City

Lyric X

They don't have my size!!! ???

George Merriken

Won the Finish Line raffle for these but also have the 2014 pair still DS. Want to wear them first but scared the paint will crack immediately. What do you think fam?

Retro Active 23

I think it's a crime to "sneaker YouTube" that bro still has to pay for sneakers. Some of the wack channels get shoes sent to them from Champs, Jimmy Jazz, Finish line, and who knows who else, for FREE! That just ain't right considering how much information and dope shots we get here.

When I wanna know about a sneaker and see them rocked on feet, I come HERE!

Shout out to you homie!

Lewis South

These are the worst GR ever! Nike fkd up bad! The workers were minimal! Jordan brand should have checked Nike for this bullshit drop! The soles are going to bleed! Then look at the close ups here? Man so many mistakes!!!


You are very smart bro

No way Jose A

Just picked up my pair was born in 91 so this pair is a little person meaning to me


Hersey Hawkins... If you know you know.

Joe Lopez

Don't be like punk ass Marvin wear your kicks

Lamont Whitehead

Bro love you guys videos keep them coming


I’ve watched this vid so many times now that I’ve copped I’ll keep watching til my pair arrive

BG The One

I always wanted those growing up, I'm definitely going to have to save up for these.


They turn pink yet ??

Justin Epperly

SNKRS just gave me an error message repeatedly Saturday morning when these went live. I kind of don’t understand why they wouldn’t just make more? Nike could profit more instead of resellers.


ATTENTION ATTENTION I would love to be a part of the family. Can I please be a part of the family. I need some jubilees I have $227.98 or carmine 6 size 12 02/13/2021 I will pick up. Let me know!

Jayanile Jackson

Great vid and great personality hadnt heard the wonder years theme in years ??

Wilson Philips

I've got copped! Best year i ever had!

Kent Chen

Chris makes every shoe look great on feet for some reason! His on-feet montages make me want to buy every pair of shoes he introduces.

Matt Oliver




Don P

What’s the price of these

Josyah Savv

Took a L on footlocker took a L on snkrs got over to my local mall and got the last size 12?

Amadeus Lucian

Then shits is pink everywhere you got lucky


Retailing not reselling.... 2021 mission statement to sneaker heads


I won on 3(JD,Champs,Finishline) keeping one and letting my 2 boys buy them for retail plus lunch on them . Can’t wait till tomorrow


Yo, speaking of shoes being worn by movie stars in movie scenes is Nicholas Cage in 'Kiss of Death'....to this day I've tried to discern whether or not Nick Cage was wearing a pair of Nike Air Darwin Teal's. The upper was mostly white with the black midsole/outsole with hits of teal for the lace loops. There is a scene where Nick Cage literally picks up a drunk from out of an 18 wheeler cab and throws him into another trucks wheel. Hey Nightwing, is there any chance given your sneaker expertise could you confirm whether or not Nick Cage was wearing Nike Air Darwin Teal's from like '94?? Or right around '93 to '94 in terms of when the shoes originally released.

Curtis Clarke

Tomorrow I'm on them

Elektro Morales

My first Jordan's in the all black. Paid $72 for the kids size then needed a size 7 and paid $$92. Back then it was all about the love of the sneakers. For all those buying up all the releases using bots and reselling I hope someone kicks your ass wearing these when they release.

Dayton Collins

Bro I just got my pair and I was afraid because I was only able to get a size 9.5 other then a 9 I usually go a half size down in Jordan’s 6’s cause they fit better and I have the 2014 Version and they’re a size 9 and they fit me well but anyways I got the size 9.5 and they fit perfect like the 9 on the 2014 version so I don’t know what happen bet I’m happy I got the 9.5 now lol

The Prophet

Nope the selling defective sneakers they turning pink Not I I'm good

Lucifer Morningstar

Will these sit? As in a general release and u can walk in and get them not in the first day? I took an L on the raffle. And plus it's been so long since I gotten Jordans why I'm asking please reply asap.

Сергей Балабин

AIR Jordan 6 super sneakers.


At 36, this is the only L that actually did disappoint me a lot. 2 days before my birthday, I got incredibly lucky and won a BSTN raffle. This sneaker, the only one that I really wanted and boom my first raffle victory ever. I could not believe it! So I follow the email link from the shop and their setup is rather nice. Everything is pre filled with size, name and address and ready to go. I put in my credit card details and than it’s shipping. To my biggest surprise it’s blank and impossible to send to pre registered address. Apparently this Jordan model was EU only in that store raffle and my home country Norway which is in Europe but not in the European Union could not get any shipment options. So I’m stucked in the place order screen ???. I was in disbelief. First raffle win, the only Jordan I wanted this year, but no bueno ?? I think that is the end of my sneaker journey (Rip 24 years of sneaker life) This was my definitive “I to old for that shit”. To many raffles, to much hazel, to much reselling but not enough love. When I was 11, having 1 cool sneakers pair per year was like feeling like a millionaire...nowadays having cool sneakers is making you a millionaire ? 80’ baby out ?Peace our to all those souls out there still with the passion ✌?


It smells like 1991!!!!
That line had me go back to my childhood, getting J’s for the first time and couldn’t wait to smell them!!
The 90’s were the best decade for sneakers and it was so easy to buy them back then. I remember leaving high school going to Foot locker and buying these. I put them on right then and there to rock them back to school. Those were the good ole days.

Jonathan Schroeder

don’t like how the colorway is situated, too much white over the red I don’t think you’ll get your money’s worth in wear like the infrared 6; they lowkey look like bozo shoes, and it don’t matter if Jordan actually wore them

Mark Mitchell

They mines tomorrow

Cloud Life Gaming

They drop in one min and I’ll pass

Andrew Francois

I knew I was gonna take an L on these since they were announced ... not even mad

Jason Smith

What’s funny is I distinctly remember most of the color ways of the VI sitting on store shelves in 91-92. These, the maroon and the sport blue never really caught anyone’s eye. Today I logged on to try and snag a pair......was not happening. Nostalgia and hype I guess. I liked the OG black and white infrared. These never really did it for me for some reason

Jared Lewis

My girl got my pair this morning??
Lets get it????
Dope review as always. Blessings ??????

Gee Tyler

How do I become a member your advice has elevated my shoe game a lot and I want to show love

Franco Cerella

They look good, keep up the good work.

Bay fam?

Jayson Barrera

Nice hoodie


The forced vintage on clear outsoles is pretty cheesy in my opinion....I'm an old school Jordan head and it was cooler if you got your J's to a point where the clear outsoles oxidized over time on there own. However, in terms of tongues being too short on retro Jordan's are concerned the recent Air Jordan 7's releases have sucked IMO

How I Lace My Air Jordan 6

How I Lace My Air Jordan 61 Apr. 2019
197 402
BryanOnTheBeatSubscribe 438 721

Detailed video on how I

Detailed video on how I lace my Air Jordan 6. Featuring the 2019 Black Infrared 6's. This style is definitely more for fashion than performance. Watch the video as I show step by step how I laced it. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE AND ENJOY THIS JOURNEY WITH ME! https://bit.ly/1Z7svNm

IG: https://www.instagram.com/bryanonthebeat/


Canon G7X - https://amzn.to/2Hj0cIk

Rycote Micro Windjammer - https://amzn.to/2GYajDa

Video Editing Software - https://amzn.to/2GWND2a

Comments (77)

Can you feel the lace pressed against your foot

Jonathan Castillo

One of my favorite Jordan's of all time is the infrared 6s

Mike Picone

Two years later I decided to look up how to lace my Beijing 6s, good looks

martin jjhdhnds

Thx for the help


Looks clean and nice. I will try with my aj6 washed denim and see if also looks this good

Juan Montalvo

Jordan shoes and champion shirt??

Roberto Vallecillo

Idk about y'all but mine don't do that??

Yogirl Cheeks

I did this on my millennial pink 6s they look way better on it

Leah London

Omg YES! Thank you so much ?❤️ so simple too ?

Tyus Marin

I like the laces outside the shoe. It gives the shoe a cleaner look and cut in my opinion. (My opinion)


Just ordered some retro 6 and laced them like dat and the look fire ?




Does the GS have a snap tongue button ?

Anton Toivoniemi

1:21 and the next thing what i did, i lose it

Giovanni Lewis

Dem Jays is on point! Takes me back to 1991! ???

JRod ThaRealest

Yooo, I Lace All Of My 5s & 6s Like This

Reiny Heredia

How this jordan 6s fit? True size or get half size down?

Black Mamba

Amo esos 6 de ese color

Morizmohamad Gaming

Was amazing!!

Xavier Alanis

I'ma having trouble the lace lock is pinching the laces. Can anyone help?

Kartik Kohli



Great tip, thank you.

Rony Raphel

Dream shoe



thug angel

One of the best Jordan shoes


Yo bro can you do a video on the reverse 12’s lacing tutorial?

Rajat Jangra

Omg the bestest video I have ever seen


do these get creased?

eric anthony

Mine just arrived here today and its my first pair of AJ 6s. I just laced them pretty close to your style but just crossed them in the back of the jump man. I will try both though. They are sweet!! I like that red the pops out behind the perforations on the side of the shoe. The camera does not show this but it is fire.

Mario M

You bottom icey af!!


time to lace my travis scott 6 like this !


My favorite shoes of all time let’s get it ????


jus did this to my 2020 dmp 6s its so clean no need to keep tying, jus put on n go

Alexandru Vjvj

The song name? 8:52

Jalenn Reese

This really helped me. Thank you so much.

J Money

6s are hard to find or if you do it’s always in fucking kid sizes

Turbo Kid

Great video. Just one suggestion, with all respect for what you do. Try this. When inserting your lace, try inserting the lace from the outside of the lace strap, instead of inserting the lace on the inside of the lace strap. This will give you a more full lace section, and enhance the premium look of any shoe from the Air Force 1 to a Jordán 6.


That’s clean, seen many styles of lacing for 6’s and this by far is way better and easy to put on and take off, mainly looks amazing. Keep it up brother


Look dope

Mario M

They clean but that glue line on the toe box throwing me off


My reflectives bout to look clean

Richard Marrero

Exactly how I lace my 6s on point????????????

To Awesome Bro

April 1st?


Awesome vid’ champ ?? clean DMP’s for me, stay safe from down under ??


I have that first copy but it's useful

bryan mac

I got me a pair finally and thru run big I should have listened and went down a half size.but alot of people said true to size


Looks dope B


Do these crease?


I just hide the lace lock (and the lace ends) nicely under the jumpman for a clean finish.

Anthony LoCurcio

Yeoooo glooks

Reggie Long

Fire method!! ?


The tongue comes out too much

Greg Rodriguez



Thanks bro.



sᴀʀᴄᴀsᴛɪᴄ _sᴀʟᴛ

I just got these but how do I losen them up?

Saint trell

Nice and clean , Im boutta rock my alternates like this?

Jose Salazar

Thats good anyone can be there /do there oh so call it style its so so good..

Deadjorge YT

I just dont know where the hell to put the lace lock

Agosto Cobain

Nice way to lace em.

sinaly diabagate

Thanks bro

Captian Larry

just laced my jimmy butler's like this ?

Ryota O



I watched 5 different videos on how to lace these and yours was the only one that looked clean enough. Thanks bro!


I love how you always incorporate the lace locks on the 5s and 6s and really pay attention to how it sits and compliments the silhouette. I first found your channel when I needed to lace my Fire Red 5s. Loved that setup so much I had to find your 6 tutorial for my Hare 6s! Thank you!!

Junaid Utara78

Orinigal sir

Ryan Freeman

I just got the dmp 6s. Using you video now. Appreciate it


Today I did this... I watched seversl tutorials but this one was the cleanest
Thanks bro my shoe looks fire?

lil draco


Legacy Vibrations

4:05 I had no idea the 6s did that

Ash Breezy

I loved the lacing on the sixs I didnt know how to lace my shoe I'm lace my alternative 6s like that today

Daniel Mackenzie

Thanks alot
From Africa - Kenya


Got em for 100$ what you think?


I'm doing this to my Pony 6s

Andrew Brooker

Perfect ?????

Ja Doe

Loved the style watched so many videos and ended up with this one super clean!!! Haven't changed it up since i laced em up like this


This is such a good way to tie my jr6