Modified side plank yoga

How to do Side Plank in Yoga (Vasisthasana) | YOGA TUTORIAL ?

How to do Side Plank in Yoga (Vasisthasana) | YOGA TUTORIAL ?15 Oct. 2019

How to do Side Plank in

How to do Side Plank in Yoga (Vasisthasana) | YOGA TUTORIAL ?

YYOGA teacher trainer, Mari Dickey, walks you through her favorite pose, Vasisthasana (side plank). Build strength, use it as a transition to get into different shapes, and move your spine as you transition from one side of the body to the other.

In this short tutorial learn the basic variation as well as how to modify this shape and use it as a transition pose.

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About Mari Dickey:

A beautiful and poetic writer, here's Mari in her own words:

We move, we breathe, we sit, we listen. We cultivate our attention and start to trust in the intimate wisdom of our own physical intelligence. We open ourselves up to the teachings all around and within us and to the wisdom of our own hearts.

I believe that transformation is possible when we challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone; when we are open to the unknown and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I want to be brave enough to always try even if I fail and fall and still have the courage to rise again.

My yoga practice provides a safe space where I can play in the unknown, be open to possibility and where I can connect with what is real- here and now. Yoga challenges me to delve into that deeper part of myself that is true and ever steady.

I offer an alignment based practice that is dynamic and challenging but accessible. I aim to hold space where students can go deep and tune into the intimate wisdom of their physical bodies and develop a deep connection to breath." - Mari

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am humbled and inspired everyday I get to teach, everyday I get to share space and watch courageous yogis go deep into themselves and realize their own amazing limitless potential.

How do you wish your students to feel after your class?

Alive, grounded, connected and uplifted.

How has yoga impacted your life?

Yoga has helped me discover myself and grow in so many ways. My own personal practice and teaching others has been such a gift- challenging and humbling me in ways I never thought possible and truly opening me up to remembering my un-ending capacity for love and desire for continued growth.

I have learned that I can be strong and also vulnerable.

I have learned that showing up as authentically and as humbly true to myself as possible is the most potent way to remain open and grounded and Real.

I have also learned that watching people support each other and connect as a collective through movement, stillness and breath is a truly powerful thing to witness and to be a part of. I am truly grateful to do what I do. https://www.maridickeyyoga.com/retreats

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Comments (9)
Miranda Hartman

I love all the modified versions of this pose! Thanks Mari!
Would love to see more tutorials for core & spine strengthening and stability!!!

Reegen Price

Oooo I love Vasisthasana, too! I didn't realize I should be putting the sole of my foot on the ground when I extend my leg! Thank you thank you, Mari <3

Grace Clarke

So informative - thank you for posting. I cannot wait to try this during my next home practice ?

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Kelly Colleen

Love this - Mari is amazing! So glad to understand this pose.



Nicole Proctor

I learn something new with these videos every time! From now on I'm going to try and call the side plank Vasisthasana.

Kavitha E

Of all the videos I looked into to learn this pose better, this one was the best. Very descriptive and clear. Thanks a ton!

Claudia Yoga Chandra - Yoga en español


Yoga Tips on Side Plank Pose by Faith Hunter

Yoga Tips on Side Plank Pose by Faith Hunter8 Dec. 2014
22 651
EkhartYogaSubscribe 438 721


http://www.EkhartYoga.com Faith shares a little tip on how to find freedom in side plank while removing pressure and discomfort in the wrist and shoulder. Find full yoga classes with Faith here: http://www.ekhartyoga.com/teachers/faith-hunter

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Comments (31)
Rahul Kushwaha

Loved the tip. Thank you!

Francine Richards

Great cues! So much safer. Thanks Faith

Samantha Tang

Very helpful and pleasant to watch ym your video! You speak very clearly with the right pace and ease :)

Botcha Anuradha

Thank you for the tip???


Very clear and helpful, thanks Faith!

Treize 13

Thank you so much Faith, now I have more faith that I'm, once, going to be able to do this posture without feeling completely discouraged...


amazing girl! 


oh-- thank you I'm going to try this


Great tip, thank you so much, Faith! I was always wondering is it normal to feel all that pressure in your arm in side plank. And I never felt it while doing a wild thing pose which is one of my personal favourites. Now I know why. Very helpfull. Small things realy do make a big difference. :)

Taylor Marrs

LOVE! Your trick helped me get my top leg up! <3 Thank you!!!

Shlomo Taitz

Thanks so much Faith. ..a great tip and am excited to try it


very helpful, thanks Faith!


Thank you beautiful Faith Hunter!


Thanks, this was super helpful, I always feel a lot of tension in side plank, so I'm going to keep this in mind next time I try this pose :)

Julie Brooks

Brilliant side plank demo.? Loved the detailed description on using sole of foot to shift weight of your wrist & shoulders.

Maheen Shaiq

Excellent tip! I have yet to see a teacher point this out. Thank you! Love your calm and positive way of explaining. Looking forward to more of your videos


Love your video, Ms. Hunter. Thank you for sharing ;)


love that you talk about the foot

Christi Jean

Thank you Faith. This helps VERY MUCH!


Faith Hunter is the best name I've ever heard.

Davontae Wells

Child's pose

Fing Book

Good video and good voice. Maybe speak a wee bit slower, but dynamite charisma.
Is that her REAL name? "Faith Hunter"
If so, that is a fantastic name. Faith Hunter. Hunting Faith. Like Jedi Faith Hunter or something. Just a rad name.

Noleen's Nook

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Who knew that just a slight change in the positioning of my foot would make such a difference. I tried it and I was able to not just hold side plank for a longer time, but also lift my top leg up for the first time!

orange moon glows

that was delightful. and faith is beautiful.


Subscribed! I finally did it (and easily) when you pointed out that common mistake!


very helpful! love the teaching style, cheers Faith! 

dsdsafdf dsdsfdfffg



Thank you! :)

B. Mikhael

That was great thanks faith!

Sandra CF

great tip and explanations! your teaching is so natural and clear, big thx!

ange m

Thank you..

Modified Side Plank Yoga Tip

Modified Side Plank Yoga Tip7 Feb. 2019
Missy WilliamsonSubscribe 438 721

Modified Side Plank is an

Modified Side Plank is an amazing strengthening pose for many areas of the body, including the shoulder. Here we talk about centering the shoulder joint in this amazing yoga pose.

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