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Top 10 Laceless Shoes of 2017

Top 10 Laceless Shoes of 201710 Nov. 2017
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This is a list of my top

This is a list of my top 10 laceless shoes of 2017. These shoes are all released in 2017. It could be Nike, Under Armour, Adidas or Jordan. But these have no laces. Lifestyle shoes, basketball shoes, and running shoes are all here. Lebron James shoes is here!

Hello and welcome back to another one of my video! In this video, I will be showing you guys the top 10 best looking shoes that doesn't have laces. These shoes could use electronic laces like the Nike Air Mag from Back To The Future or they could have straps or something else. But these shoes doesn't have the normal lacing system other shoes have. some people may think shoes without laces look weird so I am here to show you the best looking ones. Do you think that shoes in the future will look like these shoes? I mean this list consists of Nike basketball shoes, Nike lifestyle shoes, Nike training shoes, Nike running shoes and Jordan lifestyle shoes. Are these better looking than the Adidas Yeezy Boost? Are these better looking than the Under Armour Curry 4? The Nike Lebron 15? The Nike Kyrie 4? Alright if you have any request for a top 10 video, then please write it down in the comments below. But please make sure to put in the keywords, "top 10", in it. Enjoy!

Top 10 Laceless Shoes of 2017:

10. Nike free RN Motion Flyknit

9. Jordan Trunner LX

8. Nike Flight Bonafide

7. Jordan Generation

6. Nike Lebron Soldier 11

5. Adidas Matchcourt CF

4. Nike Komyuter SE

3. Adidas NMD CS2

2. Nike Hyperadapt

1. Nike Kobe AD NXT

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Top 10 shoes of 2018

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Try curry plssss



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Top 10 best NMD color ways


Top 10 best futuristic shoes please :-)

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Top 10 on and off the court you can use casually

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Danica Castro

Top 10 Unique Basketball Shoes

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Real nice list. Top 10 ball shoes you can run in? I know it may not happen for a long time but...

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Put mi inside your video.
You took my sugestion but you didn't put mi in vidio

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top 10 knockoff shoes


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Today, we're going on a six mile run. Let's do it. I'm breaking in the new running shoes. Still got to re-lace them. We'll do that when I get home. These trees are looking good. If you guys enjoy this new style of editing, a little bit more edited video, let me know in the comments below. It takes a little bit more time, but I think the result is a lot cooler. So, yeah, just let me know in comments below what you think. We've hit three, time to turn around and head back. We're almost back, but I think there's something on the lens, so let me just clean it off.

Should be a little bit cleaner. All right. So task one of the day. Done. We've gone on a run. Now I need to re-lace my shoes. I'm going to show you guys how I do that. Right here, right now. So I already did my old shoes. But you probably can't see it because they are completely blacked out. But basically, there's a loop right here that you create with your shoe laces and you send the opposite lace through. Then when you lace it back together, it pulls the back forward. So there's no slippage whatsoever on your heel. It should be a bit easier to see with this shoe since it's bright green. Pretty much. This is how it comes laced already, just like this. And you want to take the lace...

It's gonna be through the first hole and you want to take it and send it through the second hole here.

Once you do that on both sides, you're gonna have two loops right here. Either side kind of looks like bunny ears. You're gonna take the opposite shoelace. The one that's on this side and you're going to send it through the opposite hole going through the front end towards the toe of the shoe. And it's gonna come out the back end towards the heel of the shoe. You're gonna do that with both laces.

Now you're gonna have something that looks like this and you should just be able to pull them tight now and then lace them like normal laces right here. So this is what you have right here. You have two loops, laces sent through the front and out the back end.

And then when you have a foot in there, you just pull it all together like that, and then you can just do a normal knot on top of that.

Just like that. And then you're good. It's nice and tight on the heel and it feels good all around. Now done it, too. Both shoes. So we're good to go. So if you're just here for the shoes part of the vlog, then click off. Now, don't forget to hit the subscribe on on the way out. But if you wanna stick around for some more fun, we have a timed mile and then later on we're going to go fishing. So stick around for that. You guys might have though it was me doing the timed mile. It's actually my brother. I don't know if he's ever ran before, we'll see what happens, he's trying to get under 6:00. I'm probably going to be the rabbit last couple laps, try to get him to finish strong.

Timed mile complete. I ran a 5:03 today. Pretty decent for just kind of running out of nowhere. I didn't think I would be running today, but I ended up doing pretty well running a 5:03. So now the plan is to bike to Grouse Ridge. The last step of the day, the last task of the day, I just had Chipotle, so my stomach is full. So I need to let that digest a little bit before I bike twelve miles to there and I need to get my fishing pole somehow like attached to my bike. And then we should be good to go do a little bit of fishing to end the day. It'll be pretty fun, see you guys there.

12 miles later, we are here. This lake is very clear. We're going to go fishing a little bit. We're going to head to the dam and I'll catch you guys up if we find anything, but we also have an hour bike ride left, so that should be fun, duces. All right, here's the plan. There's this drain thing in the middle of lake over here on top of dam and down here, a tunnel that goes into the middle of it. So we're gonna check that out, see if we get into, under the lake. And see what it looks like, should be pretty cool...

In the rest of the video, we explore the tunnel, head back home, and then I end the video.

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Will Kruse

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Library Force 10 without laces shoes Review

Library Force 10 without laces shoes Review14 Jul. 2018
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