Is cycling good for hip pain

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain31 Dec. 2014
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Pain in the lower back is

Pain in the lower back is a common complaint for cyclists. Here's our advice on how to avoid it.

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The muscles in your back will start to hurt if they are stretched out for long periods of time, so it's no surprise we feel discomfort there after a long ride.

You can ease the pressure on your back by adjusting your bike position - a lower saddle and shorter reach to the handlebars can solve it.

Off the bike, you can alleviate the stress on your back by stretching after your ride and doing regular work on your core muscles, which help to stabilise your upper body while you ride.

DISCLAIMER: this video is intended as advice only. If you are experiencing persistent, severe or constant pain, please seek medical advice.

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Comments (82)
Shelley Buchholtz

My back has been much better since I used this back pain guide. That`s good with me because I have been working with many, many guidelines and also my back still painful after each a different one. I did not expect my back would be so much better. I`m hoping this would by final solution!. Research this guide on Google, the guide name is Mason Κonozback
all the best


The light in Nice can be incredible, indeed.

Fabian Ansteg

Can a too short top tube be a reason too? The reach is only partially affected by it since you can get a longer stem and a setback seatpost.

Oswaldo J Fernandez

You lads speak very proper.

Haha, hello from New Jersey, USA. I love how formal and articulate speech can be.

Alfie Brown


Joao Pedro

Talk about tight hamstrings... I went for a run the other day and, as a roadie, I gotta tell ya the backside of my legs had never gone so sore.

Sam Boofle

This sucks my handlebars are too far forward but I can't afford a new stem D:

Constantine Dragases

Are they on PCH?

Chris A

Happy new year GCN! Keep up the good work! I would love to see GCN grow even bigger this year. Great job.

Beast O

I lift to prevent lower back pain (heavy deadlifts and squats for lower back)

I used to get pain in my lower back if I were on a bike for too long, but I haven't had any problems since I started weightlifting years ago. 

Another added bonus is that my legs never seem to get tired anymore either when riding my bike

Remember to stretch after you're done riding and or lifting.

Halamore Pendragon

Well mines more mid back pain but i was on a bike for 2 hours riding yesterday after not being on one for 20 years lol

Henric Oscarsson

I would recommend doing the woodchopper and the plank a couple of times a week. 


Or your lower back pain is coming from somewhere completely different, e.g. spending hours on end slouching at a computer or lifting too much weight incorrectly.

Alpha Lobster

My comfort was transformed by extending my 6 deg stem by 10mm, dropping it 10mm and purchasing a set of narrower short reach Pro LT handlebars giving me a very comfortable less stretched and low position on the drops, a more upright position on the hoods and a slightly more extended position on the tops.


It would be cool if you could do a giveaway at gcn like the gcn kit giveaway you did earlyer.


I'm so glad this video has been released. I am currently nursing a bulged disk and have been off the bike now for 10 days, I will definitely be using these tips to get back to full health and back on the saddle.


I would suggest that those recomendations should be done on the ground and not in driving conditions. Sometimes the sound is lousy and perhaps indications could be more ilustrative.

Bazorkazork Sanchez

would one of those back supports work ? like for working or the ones you see clerks at markets wearing ?


God damn u mechanic my saddle is 35• on the back

Kevin George

don't blame cycling needlessly 84% of people suffer chronic low back pain.  The #1 cause is atherosclerosis.  http://nutritionfacts.org/video/back-in-circulation-sciatica-and-cholesterol

Joe Pina

sorry for the late comment. Where is this gorgeous bike route?


In my region, people see cyclists in general as warriors, because they just won't ride on the cyce paths! You guys are not quite setting the right example here, do you?

Nature Murali

In YouTube watch NLA Nature Murali
Save Nature stop pollution stop global warming save earth avoid plastic disposal things please

Piotr Ordon

Genialne porady. Walczę z bólem pleców od lat. Na pewno spróbuję. Cheers from Poland ^^

ConteudoAnimal com br

I never get any pain riding bikes .... just usual tireness based on effort
When I did my bikefit ... I felt better and get not so tired as before on same track
I get stretch lessons 3 times an week and feel make the difference to my body !

Bicycle Sunday

I'm Big lad and i have louwer back pain many years ago but i don't have them anymore. I use multivitamins and Ca-Mg-D tadlets that have make my back string and nowedays it can do anything i tell it to do. ;) cost 10€/m

George Gilles

Thus video helps. Thanks .

triangle stomache

Hunch back position used by road cyclists where the bicycle handle bar is so crazy low that its a few inches below seat and where the buttocks is so high up in sky , is causing horrible pain on the back and straining back muscles,and whats more is that this hunch back position when done for many hours a few times a week ,will cause u to become a permanent hunch back when u get old, and also u CANNOT see the scenery around u clearly while in this hunch back position . I much prefer the fully upright cycling position where handle bars are much much higher than the seat and where u feel so comfortable and relaxed and can see scenery clearly

Olly Cook

2:42 the cap in the background that Dan stole from the lotto belisol bus

Mr B

Great advice! ?

Ben Ortiz

yall are extremely smart and all this info is spot on. Great video.

Dominic Kennedy

Videos like this are priceless, I'll be doing stretches on my next tour rather than going for the 40mm stem.

Gary O'Malley

if you have lower back pain - cycling in the wrong position will inflame the problem- also look into a biomechanical assessment with a podiatrist as in my case I had a tilted pelvis- a good idea for any distance runner too


wow!....not very much retainer wall at 1:55 to "retain" you on this road.....yikes!


I get upper back pain/neck pain? Do you have any idea why this might be?

Dr. McAwesome

Was that location some sort of cruel joke? My ride was 0 degrees C today.

Mark Jones

Happy new year GCN. Only been cycling a year and you have helped me throughout my travels. To another year with you. Cheers.

Asahd ck

m suffering from herniated disc can it help me to heal..

Mike Lee

Might also take a look at your bike shoes. If you can't see them you are too fat and no wonder your back aches silly boy!!!


1:39 did I hear Dan mispronounced cadence?

Sergio Schivazappa

you are in elba guys....did you try the monte perone from s.ilario? a little mortirolo!

Hassan Z


Shannon Huffman

Right after Two days of using this particular back discomfort guideline called “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it), I found which it made my situation better. It is a great treatment method as well as prevention for back pain. It`s successfully met my expectations. I have only used it a couple of times however appears to do what it`s likely to...

Dominique Chang

This specific back problems guide book certainly amazes me, search for Google "Kemzαnο Loni". The plan was the reason why my knees, hips and also back are realigned. I no more encounter distressing sensations each time I wake up. Furthermore, I noticed advancements in my knees due to this plan..

Chad Mumu

Can that lower back pain also be caused by weak lower back muscles?

Abhi Chouhan

Sir can I cycling in slip disk L5S1.. plz suggest me sir ?

Tamara Weiss

After using this program, my sciatica pain has been relieved. Learn more about this particular back ache guidebook through search for “fonon fetching site” on Google. Utilizing this, one could rest in numerous postures. Will help my hip pain and it`s comfy..

Markus Lucas

My auntie usually get up each morning having a low back pain. I sent this low back pain guide, to her and she noticed the main difference the next morning. She`s really happy with the guideline.. Research this guide on Google, the guidebook name is Mason Κonozback

Jason Harkins



what bike is dan riding in this video?

Jonathan Reinfeld

Don't forget about tight hip flexors.  Sitting on a bike for endless hours also shortens the hip flexors which attach to the pelvis as well.  If they're too tight they can alter your pelvic mechanics on and off the bike.  The lunge stretch in a previous video is a great way to stretch those out.  Those who go from riding their bike to sitting at a desk all day are also at a higher risk for hamstring and hip flexor tightness just by being in the seated position for prolonged periods of time.  Great work on the video again!

Murat Ezbiderli

Fantastic suggestions!

triangle stomache

Bicycles made for riding in upright positions are the best solutions to avoid back pains. The road bikes with such low handle bars and such high seats that cause cyclists to ride with hunch back , is the cause of most cases of back pains

Alex Fleming

Could you do a video  on how to prevent tight hamstrings?

Ben Snodgrass

THANK YOU GCN nobody seems to have an answer to this that i've talked to and I have quite a lot of back pain :) thanks so much. And i'm 5th

Chaya Sporer

Pills will never help you put a permanent stop to the pain nor disease. Holistic treatment solution does. It probably takes time, patience, but a 100 % natural treatment solution will not result in any side-effects. Many individuals who are against conventional treatment solutions at last uncover the proper method to eliminate back pain. The pain alleviating effect appears in less than 20 minutes.


I had a little back pain in my first couple months of riding. Then upon close inspection, found that my saddle was for some reason tilted to the left.  Haven't had a moment of pain since I fixed it.

James Vu

Hey GCN, why are you wearing Scott Helmets now? I was just curious, since you used to always wear KASK? Did your sponsor or provider changes per-chance?

Thanks for all of the work you do! Happy New Year! :)

Finbar Billings

What do you film out the back of

Glenna Silva

I was enduring back pain while attempting to rest during the night. I really feel that my hips will get out of placement when I rest on my side. I never encountered this kind of scenario again when I found out about this back discomfort guide known as “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it). I could now have enough sleep once again now that my back pain is gone..

Taj Tajj

I drove my thunderbolt for 15 hours nonstop.my ass started shouting lol


On a side note, what do you think of the Canyon Daniel? Cheers

Meditation Relaxing Music

Thanks for sharing! Personally, I have suffered from chronic back pain for decades now, and have tried all sorts of solutions (including supplements, spending tens of thousands of dollars to the chiro, massage therapists, orthopedic doctors), but nothing seemed to work! It wasn't until earlier this year when my best friend introduced me this natural healing solution: the acupressure massage mat - which derived from its origin as an ancient Indian relaxation tool for over 5,000 years , and I can't say this enough, but my life has truly changed ever since. Just by lying on this massage mat for 20 minutes a day, my pain score has reduced from a 7/10 to a 3/10, and my quality of life has improved tremendously. I'm not endorsed by them in any way, but here's the link to the massage mat to anyone who's interestedd to know more about it: https://the-orthorelief.com/products/orthorelief%E2%84%A2-acupressure-massage-mat


Very good tip from GCN about back pain!

John P

forgot to mention stretching hip flexors .. that helped me the most!


After a MTB accident on boxing day 2013 I didn't ride again for 3 months and then, when I did, suffered from constant lower back pain, especially after rides. After a few months of physio it seems that lack of flexibility in the lower back was the underlying cause. One of the things the physiotherapist (also a cyclist) advised was to stretch the vertebrae in the lower back by tilting the pelvis forward, both as an every day off-bike exercise and when riding, particularly uphill. If you suffer from lower back pain try it - it works for me (the difference when climbing is immediately noticeable) and the exercise can be done anytime, even when watching GCN!

Zuzana Houdková

I`ve got constant lower back pain and tightness. In my try to acquire a solution for my concern, I have tried personally several suggestions however it doesn`t help, no one have been competent to aid. However, using this particular back ache guide book, "fonon fetching site" ( 7wow.cc/85rg ), was able to deal with my back tightness significantly. I personally achieved much ease and comfort because of it. You should try this particular guidebook also!.

Ben Snodgrass

where are you riding by the way?

Max White



Where is this awesome road? Thanks for the advice and happy new year guys!


i usually ride every weekends on road bike since last year. most of the time i always felt my lower back hurts especially on longer rides. these video help alot. one of the best year end video of 2014 to be. Happy New year everyone. #RideLife #RideGIANT 


Where are you guys in video? Looks like some of the Greece islands :D

Charles Snyder

Ride a recumbent. It's faster and comfortable.

Sharron Wynn

My back really feels stiff and painful. I was seeking many solutions and also tried them all but did not find any positive results. Nevertheless, this back discomfort guidebook called “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) has been an exception. I attained much comfort and ease because of it. You should attempt this guidebook also!. .

Dutch Bicycle Cam

don't we have too subscribe this time?

kwacker45 Currie Diaries

Sorry but using a towel that doesn't match your outfit is a huge no no ? have a lovely new year boys you deserve it

Maglia Nera

謹賀新年 Happy New Year!  whoops you are still in 2014.


Outstanding advice guys!  GCN's legacy continues.  Many Thanks!


A few years ago I had surgery on both my hands.Since then I have regain full use of them but I have experience pain in both of my hands whenever I am on the bike for longer than an hour. I have tried padded gloves also resting less on my hands; in order to prevent some of the discomfort. Any suggestions?

David O Brien

@gcn Lower back pain (and pain elsewhere) is a very common symptom of carrying emotional "baggage". The best way to free yourself from this is through therapy / counseling. Found this approach by reading John E. Sarno's book, 'Healing Back Pain' and it worked for me. The tips on the video are all good for maintaining a healthy back.

Daniel Mošmondor

Before I even view your video, let me just say that this problem is the only one that I have while riding.  And to fix it, I usually just get out of saddle for few seconds, and then get back.  It really helps.  Now, let's see what you recommend :)

Andrea Baker

If you're a female I'd recommend getting a women's bike.
Bikes are often assumed to be unisex but are designed to fit average male dimensions which generally means that the handle bars are too far forward and the pedals to short which causes back pain.

How to Stop Knee Pain with Bicycling. Stretches, Exercises, & Adjustments,

How to Stop Knee Pain with Bicycling. Stretches, Exercises, & Adjustments,16 Jul. 2017
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Comments (83)

Excellent vid!


Thanks for the great videos! Sometimes when I ride my bike my right knee starts to click slightly. Is there an exercise I can do or should I wear a brace?

Melody Barlow

The title of your video is misleading. I thought this would be a video explaining how to help a knee that ALREADY is painful with bicycling. Not pain caused FROM bicycling. I have really bad osteoarthritis in both knees. Am not able to cycle as it is too painful to fully flex my knees to complete a pedal circle. Do you have videos addressing this? Thanks so much.


two great videos back to back. cycling and a plant based diet turned my life around! I've lost 60+lbs and got rid of a handful of diseases. ?

Fatima Bushnaq

Thank you so much, and appreciate your work to help people.

My mother has calcification in her neck which is very painful when she moves her neck . They told her that only surgery will remove calcification!

Would appreciate to know if you have any exercise for that part

Jonah Sparrow

It’s is so public access tv. I love it

rekha dhingra

Can we do cycling in osteoarthritis


that's still too high for him IMO

manuel siaotong

My left feet point outward too! and last week i tried riding my bike while conciously trying to straighten my left foot. NOW MY KNEE HURTS LIKE HELL! especially while going up stairs.! NOW I KNOW TO JUST LET MY BODY BE!

Kirsty Macfarlane

Excellent video! Could you please do a video for exercises for menstrual cramps? I did a search and there's none on here, plenty of yoga ones but no physio. So you'd be the first!!


Excellent info for biking form! I can definitely confirm all of mentioned techniques


I cycled recently , my left patella felt like it was "popping" with each revolution, when i would exert pressure to straighten the leg that was when my patella would "pop" and slide in a bad way. It became painful and I had to stop, and the pain carried on days afterwards. It sucks because I was looking for an alternative mode of transportation!

Kris Maly

You guys look happy and healthy
May I know some more health tips which you practically experienced but theory

Being you are health may I know your age?

Thanks to team

Kris Maly

Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteer-ship

Please please keep more and more such health education videos and I am sure you can do

Thanks to team

Both you are awesome in teaching the technics

Lord Jesus


Brad looks like a natural biker!!

Coy Gutierrez

Thank you Bob and Brad! You guys are the best! Exactly what I needed. New in road bike and pushed it a little too hard. I will ease up and take the recommended exercises. ??????


I injured myself while riding not even sure what I did, I ride a recumbent trike (Catrike-Expedition) I was looking for help with sciatic, knee and foot pain and found you guys (your the most famous on the net).....I was wondering about the distance from seat to the pedal, I know about the slight bend at the knee and have adjusted for that....I've always try to keep my feet below the knee and my knees in line with my hips (not always successfully) I haven't been on my trike in 5 weeks this is the longest I've been without riding....and tour season is getting closer....gotta get this fixed

Erne Sider

The saddle is too far forward ...!!!


Is it suitable For acl partial tear doing bicycle exercise?

Mike Maben

If ur knee dosnt bend all the way u kinda have too leave seat a little high

Bar Wars TN

Thank you ❤️ ? good video

Beautiful Dreamer

I tried biking but it's too painful.. I had cartwheels removed in 1981. I can't bend it very much and sometimes it's like a tight rubber band around it (including a dang bakers cyst)I've been using apple cider vinegar (with the mother) 1 T.3X a day in motts apple juice no sugar b4 meals for a week.I can bend it more the band feeling is gone, Inflammation is way down.. but still not ready for the bike.

Le Typ

Great vid - but make sure to also elevate your front wheel when using a trainer like that to level the bike.


Hi guys. My problem is that when I stand up and pedal on my bike my knees feel like they are going to collapse and I feel like I lose confidence when doing this. I also struggle with leg lunges as my knees feel, again, like they are going to give way. Obviously a trip to a physio is what I need but do you have any suggestions as to the cause and possible exercises to help with this.

Michelle P.

These videos are way too long for me to watch. Just looking how fast to ride my stationary bike w/my torn meniscus. You two talk and talk and.you get it.

Jazzie Red

I started riding again 3 weeks ago, up to 12 miles! But yeah, there are things that hurt.

max frumson

One of the best explanations I have ever seen, very professional.
Thank you alot

Joe Prokop

Go Pack Go

Aaron Gerlach

Your videos are very helpful!. Question, My leg muscles will contract while relaxing. Painful but if I move them them, it releases and fine for a few minutes. Do you have a video on this?? I stretch and on my feet all day and play soccer. Is this something that I should expect at 40?? Thanks Aaron

Marilyn Araya

I fucking love this channel, you have everything I need

nitin sharma

idk.....last week i did little intense uphill cycling last week and then in the evening i went for my walk I started to feel quiet a pain in my inner side of knees (both) and its very uneasy since then...p.s. i had got my arthritis test done some 6 months ago which was all ok please tell me what is wrong

Benoit Denomme

Easy question : get a recumbent bike !

Barrel Rider

Anyone here cycling with a torn meniscus? Is that recommended or not for recovery?

Martha Wilson

Thank you, guys! One question: I bicycle on a ladies’ commuter bike (retro Raleigh) in downtown D.C. every day. That means I have to stop and start a lot, sort of twisting every time I lean over - to stop and then start up again. I have arthritis in my knees and lower back. Any exercises to help with pain from that? I do the clam shell one already - and other knee and back exercises. Any thoughts? Thanks. Mattie

Barton Brown

Like a lot of people asking questions here, I used to ride (a lot) and run in my ‘30s, then I slacked off because of pain from severe pronation, and even with custom molded orthotics (from chief of orthopedics at Yale-New Haven Hospital), and New Balance anti-pronation training shoes, running is out of the question, but I’ve been trying to get back on the bike. However, I’m now 70, and within the last 3 weeks have had extremely painful pops, first in my right knee, then a few days later, as the right knee started to feel a little better, my LEFT knee popped. I’m now confined to one floor of my house, and I have to walk with a cane. Last week I went to Middlesex Hospital Orthopedics, and they X-rayed both my knees. There is still a little cushioning where the knee joints come together, and I can move both my patellas side to side and up and down a very little bit, but I definitely have osteoarthritis. I’ve gone through the usual NSAIDS and warm support pads, but a contemporary (75 yr old) relative had to get BOTH his knee joints replaced; he was laid up in bed for months, and finally died, a trip I don’t want to take quite yet, and I’m scared. Thanks so much for your videos, and I’ve started doing the exercises you’ve demonstrated that I can with minimal pain, but could you please tell me what you think about “prolozone therapy”? Is it a bunch of baloney, or does it really offer a shorter way to relief? The more relief I can get, the more mostly pain-free exercise I can do, but I’m not sure “prolozone therapy” isn’t some scam. Please let me know your opinions, and thanks again for the great videos.

Bart Brown

Kemal Dural

What if you have a pain on top of your knee cap right above it?


This is a great video! Thanks for posting.


i have a small cartilage tear in my knee including arthritis because of the injury. i find it hard to do any exercise. Doctor is suggesting to hold off on surgery for a bit. i need to exercise. Is it a bad idea to weight lift? Can my bad knee be strengthened? I obviously can't run.

Tatiana S.E.

Hi there, I was wondering what is the name of that structure where the back tire is placed, thank you!

Sanjoli Bassi

Its for brad sir. My grade 1 listhesis hurts so much even after 2 years, i have googled alot n people crying about this condition, i have seen you only having success with this condition, how u have done it? I have tried all the exercises by seeing your vedios


Great video! I'm getting back into biking more recently myself after many years and I want to have correct form. I may have ridden too much to start back recently. I noticed after a longer ride that I was hearing popping noise coming from my right patella area while pedaling, no pain but the popping and right knee in general felt odd (this was with correct bike seat height). I took a break from biking and I have since noticed that my patella pops more when bending my right leg than my left leg. Sometimes it feels like the knee needs to pop to "feel right". After watching your other videos it seems like my right patella may be having some tracking issues due to weak muscles and tendons. I'm working on doing daily quad, hamstring, and calf stretches followed by quad strengthening exercises. Does it sound like I'm on the right path? Should I hold off on biking for awhile and continue strengthening exercises before starting back slowly? It seems biking would also be a great exercise for strengthening the muscles and knees, but I didn't want to do any damage by repeatedly causing my patella to pop. Thank you for your help, you guys are great!

eugenio paez


Theodore Kim

This video has a little chaotic energy but I love it

Michael Enderfitnessvlog

@bob and brad which is better for knee pain elliptical or exercise bike?

Frankie Bop

i have a exercise bike it has helped my knee pain so much from the damage i have done to my knees from running 5 miles a day!!

Milad Ne

very nice................

Gordon Mosher

Want to say thanks. My knees were killing me after first 3 days (350 km) into a 2,000 km bike tour. Problem was the maximum I had done prior to the tour was 20 km - so I was overdoing it. As suggested, the solution was two days rest with vigorous (yes, painful) massage of the quadriceps every hour with a rolling stick followed by continuing the tour with a higher pedal rate on a lower gear. Two weeks later, I completed the remaining 1,650 km. Thanks guys!

Joal Harding

Thank you so much! this is so great for my pedaling kayak by Hobie that I have as well. I will do everything suggested in this video. So helpful all of your videos. Being a chronic back sufferer of pain as well I appreciate your wisdom knowledge experience and therapeutic exercises.

Ruby Garcia

Awesome and straight forward advise. I love you guys!! Will try your tips. Thank you so much!

vande mataram

Doc I can't sit on cycle can I do cycling siting on bed?n riding bycicle

paul walther

I'm going to try that hip exercise and see what happens. I don't know if I feel comfortable taping my patella and then riding around on my bike. But I do have an appointment to see a PT next week so I'll see what he says. If he says to do the same thing I'll give it a try I guess. Thanks for the video.


I have never heard "height" pronounced with a "th" at the end. Is that a thing?

Katie Kate

I started cycling last year and I love it. Thank you! Helps me a lot!

Dhanesh Gaikwad

Hi sir .
I have pain my left legs ; patela on lower edge..
Which supplements should I take to make my patela and ligaments stronger? ?


Ben Ge How about dirt jump riders? Im suffering from knee pain because of low saddle for 1 year. Im 15

Jerry Parker

Can you use crazy glue or staples instead of tape


Any way to stretch specifically Vastus lat in order to fix the patellar tracking issue?

Julianne S Del Mar

Thank you Bob and Brad.

mmmcheeze303 amador

Bad idea to roll it band

AxE KeYz

Just rode 13 miles today my knees hurt pretty bad wish I saw this video before I went on the bike ride

Mohd Ridzuan

Thank you Docs


Just discovered you guys last week. Since then, I've relieved severe neck pain and am now working on my left knee. Thank you soooooooo much!!! ?


? Bob and Brad ? the two most famous ? physical therapists ? on the internet? LOVE IT


Does a bit of over pronation cause pain under knee?

naina dewani

I want in hindi.

Zachery Manegold

I havent ridden before but the first pedal I feel intense pain in my right knee and around my knee then afterwards and it is really hard to bike what would that be?

Kayla Maxfield

I freaking love you guys. You save me a lot of anxiety with the clear-cut answers and solutions you give me.


i am 5,1 a short person if i put the seat to high i cant touch the floor when coming to a fall stop and i sometimes end up falling. how do i fix this?

A Mustard Seed

I need to get the foam roller.


the inside of my knee hurts after a couple of miles, could you address that? I had an MRI showed some arthritis


Thank you!

wasabi baby

Could you do a video for scoliosis

Anca r

Could you do a video for the rehab after patella fracture pls pls?

Adrian Fulneczek.

Read that foam rolling the it(?)band is actually considered a mistake now?


I've read it's a myth ..the IT band can NOT be stretched ? Can you confirm please. I suffer with pain on inside and outside of the knee.
Being 55 don't help matter's and used to race in my younger day's.


I get a pinch sensation on my right inner pelvic area. I had a cortisone shot which helped but wondering if there is something else I can do? I have to stop and kinda swing from my hip and it relieves it for a maybe another mile or so. Any way to stop it?

cheryl Kampe

You had a gentlemen on your show that showed stretches for running and biking in regards to the knee

amp amp

2:29 dont you mean: in line with the seat tube??

Peace At Last

Is this post op TKR?


What about prepatella bursitis. I would love to have an idea of long I will be down. It's killing me to not do ANYTHING from the hip below to work out. Not even cardio. It's one week in of R.I.C.E and an oral antinflamtory for 30 days and an antibiotic. What are your ideas for keeping myself from getting a lock joint, muscle weakness, and certainly when can I start and what should I start with for movement.

John Hathaway

Very useful advice from two guys who have a lot of credibilty!

Tomas Hernandez

you guys are so cool! Started biking again and ran into some knee discomfort. Not sure if its a meniscus tear, going to see a physical therapist tomorrow. Thanks for the tips!

shraddha shinde

Amazing you both are

Cycling Against Hip Pain - A Patient Story

Cycling Against Hip Pain - A Patient Story14 Aug. 2018

Jackie tells her story of

Jackie tells her story of hip pain and how the CHAIN programme has helped to change her life.

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