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Renpho Compression Leg Massager Review

Renpho Compression Leg Massager Review2 Jun. 2020
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The Renpho Compression

The Renpho Compression Leg Massager is a good way to keep the legs massaged and relaxed. In this review, I share my honest and unbiased opinion of the product that I found on amazon.

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Comments (17)
Nelson R.

I got mine three months after your video, it's a little different. Time is twenty minutes. I'm glad I saw your video. I haven't used it in the seated position and I'm surprised you used it with jeans on. A whole lot better when used in the seated position. And easier to put on. Thanks brother.


It’s quiet. Is it on full power?

Hebe Gebes

i want it to go for more than fifteen minutes


I am ready to walk around a little bit and see how I feel!

Ebtisam Ali Albahri

Does this work on 240 V?

Cody Chapman

Excellent review. This was the last bit of information I needed to feel good about purchasing this product. Thanks! Loved your interaction with your wife!

Nelson R.

You used it seated, she was laying down.... big difference. Do a three month update.

Ebady Yehya

Is it an eastern tradition thing not show ur wife's face?

Tao Tzu133

Ok, I can now use this as a torture device. Your wife was a champ. She could have beat you over the head with the machine after her demonstration. LOL

Tempusfugit 28

Thank you for the great review. Thumbs up Sub

Bryan Rabanal

Hey bro, sup? This machine really helps to alleviate leg pain? Thanks man

Skidrow Black

Does it work on the thigh. I have large thigh.

Troy Nall

Anyone else have their unit just stop after one use? I used it once and now it will not turn on. Help?


Why does the book on the air compression leg massager say you can only do one leg at a time? Every video on the internet has ppl doing both legs. What’s the deal?

Subin Lee

영어로 다리마사지기 찾다가 보게 되었는데 한국말이 들리니까 반갑네요~ 현재까지도 잘쓰고 계신가요? 궁금해요!


Are the thigh bits worth it? I’m looking at some that are just calves, the thigh area seems like it’d work less than calves. Is that right?


So is it good for aching legs?

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Comments (1)
Alexandre Calixto

Video for the TENKER Air Massager Compression Leg is WRONG !!!

trying leg air compression massagers for BLOOD POOLING

trying leg air compression massagers for BLOOD POOLING8 Oct. 2020
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Do you also get blood

Do you also get blood pooling? Let's see if leg compression massagers can get rid of it! I have blood pooling due to POTS, dysautonomia, and EDS.

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The types of pain EDS causes me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkixrpRbTn0

Differences between EDS, HSD, Hypermobility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTAffLj-2cI

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EDS is a genetic connective tissue disorder caused by a mutation in a gene that codes for collagen, an enzyme involved in collagen synthesis, or another extracellular matrix protein. EDS results in connective tissue that is abnormally weak, fragile, and stretchy. Connective tissue is found in all parts of the body, including your organs, ligaments, and joints. As a result, people with EDS can be affected in all of these areas, as well as more. The most common symptoms and co-morbidities include pain, dysautonomia, dislocations, GI tract dysmotility, severe joint instability, and many more. The disorder is somewhat rare, estimated to affect around 1 in every 5,000 people. However, it's speculated by many to not be as rare as we once believed.











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Comments (45)
Shay Phillips

Update: I bought a pair of these and so far they are really good!

I’ve been thinking about buying one of these for a while ever since I used them in the hospital and found they helped with my restless legs a lot. But I hope it helps with my dysutonomia. I will def try after a shower. Thanks you for this vid!


notice me senpai

mandar Kumthekar

How to makes your blood flow more to brain when standing? By increasing blood pressure? Or compression stockings?
I really feel faint when I stand for long time.

Savannah Rogers

I get blood pooling in feet my feet from neuropathy. I usually wear compression socks to prevent it from happening, I do notice a big difference since I started wearing them daily. I notice that it does get bad after a shower however because of my neuropathy I can’t feel my feet so I’m not sure if it hurts or not. I know when I was younger my feet would ache after a shower or after standing for a long time

Super terrific

Even though a lot of POTsies get reynaud it is not the pooling that causes POTS. Hence why there are millions with reynauds that have no POTS at all. Those are what they can superficial veins. Yes the boot works on deeper vein compression but my point is you wouldn't see it. Also many people think they have pooling in their legs but there is no definitive testing for that or Hypovolemia it's just theories. Some may have it and others may have splandic pooling and some may have none at all. No way to know. Wearing compression gear may help because of issues unrelated to pooling

Chronic Butterfly

If you're up to trying compressing sleeves, MoJo compression has some great calf sleeves and ankle sleeves. I have both. One of the things I like about this company is that they offer a wide variety of sizes, from , I think XS-XXL. They of course have regular compression socks and such.

Rina Thomson

I'm looking to get one that goes up to the thigh and it also does heat. I hadnt really considered blood pooling. But my legs hurt a lot and I often wrap hot packs around my knees to help. So I'm hoping this will help. Thanks for the review.

Mandee Dunston

I bought the ones you suggested last year... I love them! My dysautonomia is worsening though.

Erin Debo

Don’t forget you can just be more sensitive to pain perception in your legs/feet because of POTS. I still don’t quite understand the why but we were discussing this in my physical therapy because my legs feel achy when they’re resting on the foam pads (I’m short and my feet don’t normally touch the ground) so I’m literally not used to perceiving my feet on the ground - so weird ?

Luna Lovegood

My doctors finally stopped dancing around the EDS diagnosis and I finally got diagnosed with heds


You can see the swelling in your right foot afterwards, very noticable. Also, had no idea that the sharp pains I have always felt after standing or walking for too long could be due to blood pooling. I have some research to do!


At first I thought it was just my body hyper reacting to a high temperature, but yeah I have this symptom/trait? but cold water helps, if it somehow matters

jinxed black cat

I loved the review thank you

Stephanie Lynn

I just got out of the hospital for having a pulmonary embolism that was found when I was in the ER for something else. They aren’t sure how I got it. I will get one of these


Hi ? can't wait to watch and see how this goes! First like and comment :) hehe


Yassss! I started wearing slippers or thick socks in the house because it’s so painful to walk on my feet. And longer showers are where it really starts to hurt and tingle like needle pricks (stronger than the “feeling asleep tingle”). I never knew why my feet hurt or why they were so purple and puffy.

Adam Guymon

If I could subscribe 20,000 times I would do that. I'm sure that this can do more to help not only on blood pooling but to help get blood flow to muscles and to help with the legs falling asleep?


I get blood pooling, but it doesn’t hurt like what you’re saying. It’s mostly my shoulders and stomach that hurt and I find a shower helps a lot. I also use the bed buddy hot/cold pads to relieve some of that pain. I’m heat intolerant so I tried ice slippers, but it basically made my body freak out on me. So for the blood pooling I put my feet up on the walls above my body. Which has been one of my favorite positions to be in since I was a kid.

renee d

this was super helpful!! my blood pooling is super painful, it kind of feels like needles in my skin, and i’m super insecure when wearing open toed shoes bc my feet are always red when i’m standing :/ it’s worse after the shower but even just standing brushing my teeth or doing the dishes is super painful. i’m definitely going to look into this!


I used to think the pain from the blood pooling was justy leg falling asleep. When I feel it, it's more of a painful vibration? Like an unbearable buzzing and I'd only get it when I stand up or if I'm standing too long or if I try to crouch. I used to think it was "pins and needles" from when your leg falls asleep because that's what everyone would say it was when I'd ask others if they felt it too. But it never made sense for it to be my leg falling asleep because I've had that happen and it's a completely different feeling. It took me a long time to even realize that no one else seemed to understand what I was talking about and only after my doctor spoke to me about pots and when I learned about it did everything start to make sense

Emaline Miller

My scars do the same thing! They always turn purple first. I’m actually very self conscious about it because I had eczema so I have scars ALL over. I look like a Cheetah lol.


This was so helpful!! I am looking forward to investing in one of these!


I had them in the hospital after I gave birth to my second child. Because I had a DVT after having my first. Didn't want that to happen again lol. But it was a very soft compression. I believe they did it also after my knee surgery because of the same precaution

Marty Avard

Ohh cool! I wonder if this would help with the fatigue and dizziness...?

The Truth Never Told

Yeah it definitely looks smaller. The left looked bigger when you started as well..

Jose Contreras

This for neuropathy?

Theanne Schreuder

I have HSD but yes I get blood pooling my legs feel heavy and I get a kind of sharp pain but It also feels a bid numb I dont know how to explain it but yea


These look cool! Thanks for posting this! I've had a lot of success during the past five years, wearing calf compression sleeves like marathon runners wear. I have them on pretty much 24/7, and they work so well at reducing my POTS! :)

Jaydane Jolicoeur

I get blood pooling when I shower too, even with using a shower chair and I get the same thing! I find my feet feel really achy after especially when I walk around after.

jinxed black cat


Its_Me _Katie-Jay

Blood pooling is sooo tiring ? sometimes i dread taking showers just because of how tired and achy I feel afterwards. :( one thing that happens when I'm having a lot of blood pooling is I'll get pins and needles and it feels kinda ichy. One time, before I was diagnosed with POTS, my mom took me to the hospital because we thought I was having some kind of allergic reaction. My feet were red and swollen and achy and itchy. I had to sit in a hospital bed for a while so by the time we finally got to see the doctor the blood pooling was gone and my feet were normal so they had to send us home bc there was literally nothing wrong. We went there at like 9:30 at night and were there for over three hours for a less than five minute talk with a doctor, for him to say there was literally nothing wrong... :(

Eric Rosario

ILY. Be my POTsie gf

Chris Malit

Why are you so attractive

Jennifer Tustin

For some reason all of my blood pooling goes to my feet and cuts off at my ankles. Idk why but that’s my experience.

Penelope Polins née Meyer

Fascinating stuff Izzy! Thank you! I get very mild pooling, but after a bath can be scary!


I think I actually have blood pooling, at times (often) I will get horrible pain in my calves and feet like a pulsating pain that I used to describe as if "my blood did not circulate well" in my legs, which was dismissed by people, but it may in fact be just that

Rebekah Worgan

I get blood pooling after long periods of time of standing and or walking. There is a bright redness that covers the whole sole of my foot and round the sides. They are stiff, painful, achy and the muscles feel like I'd run a marathon. Very uncomfortable. I dont have a diagnosis of pots. Not sure what's going on but I use compression socks and massage my feet to release the muscles and get the blood moving. My feet and legs can go a red and blueish colour when I stand in one place for a few minutes. Happens as long as I can remember. Thank you for sharing your experience

Jayy The barber

You’re so beautiful ?

Neelkanth Malaviya

Go and meet nephrologist. Your kedney is not working properly.

Jessica Jenks

Wow, thanks for the demo! I def get blood pooling which triggers my black outs and POTS ! I appreciate all of your videos!!

Lizzie Turbeville

I do have swelling of my feet every so often and yes when it's bad, it hurts to walk. I had those legs things already when I was in the hospital and I loved them. I have considered getting them before. Great video!

Dee Bee

So is pooling and Chronic Venous Insufficiency a known trait in EDS?

Matthew Carrubba

So happy to see that you are staying safe and healthy and hope everything is going well for you and love your videos and God bless you and stay safe and healthy. Love ?,


I totally know the feet pain! I've always described it as walking on broken glass. It reminds me of the original little mermaid story where she got legs but every step was painful, like walking on broken glass


5:05 That’s how my feet feel. I thought it was because of Erythromelalgia. It started acting up last year. I’m convinced that small Fiber neuropathy & sibo are at play for the symptoms