Javorek dumbbell complex

Javorek,s Dumbbell Complex One

Javorek,s Dumbbell Complex One5 Feb. 2020
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There is no age limit to

There is no age limit to prove the “wonder” of Javorek’s Dumbbell or Barbell Complex One . What is very important to teach the proper technique of exercises and respect the intensity and adjusting to each age group consequently ???️‍♂️

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Javorek dumbbell Complex One in Group

Javorek dumbbell Complex One in Group10 Feb. 2020
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Saturday morning extra set

Saturday morning extra set of Complex One

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Javorek's Dumbbell Chest Complex #1

Javorek's Dumbbell Chest Complex #124 Feb. 2011
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Dumbbell Up Right Row x

Dumbbell Up Right Row x 6

Parallel Bar Push Ups x 6

Dumbbell Seated Overhead Press x 6

Plyo Pushups x 6

Dumbbell Bent Over Row x 6

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press x 6

Dumbbell Straight Knees Raise To Armpit x 6

On High Bar Chin Ups x 6

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press x 6

On Parallel Bar Dips x 6

Dumbbell Lying On Back On Bench Fly x 6

Dumbbell Bench Press x 6

On 18 inches High Boxes Plyo Pushups x 6 + 6

Two different set of Dumbbells:

1 set for all dumbbell exercises except bench fly which will be probably lighter weight

Test the 6 reps maximum of the weakest link of exercises and take the intensity from that weight

Do a set of 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75%

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Samurai Frank

Top of the line instruction, Mr. Javorek. I have a question. What is the difference between complex and circuit training? Thank you very much.


What is the point of a chest complex with so many non-chest exercises? For athletes that are using complexes as a weight resistance for of intense cardio workout, this sort of complex isn't so useful. I suppose you intend it for track athletes, and other athletes that do not require a large amount of weight training, right?

Domo Davis

My instructor at jccc

Istvan Javorek

@SamuraiFrank67 Complex is an exercise. You perform a certain number of exercises nonstop in a continuous order. Circuit training is when you perform one set of each exercises from a daily routine (between them could be some complex exercise also) and then start the second circuit and so on. Detailed info in my book: Javorek Complex Conditioning