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Parallettes for Beginners | Exercise Collection

Parallettes for Beginners | Exercise Collection21 Jul. 2018
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In this Training Tutorial

In this Training Tutorial I share some of the Best Beginner Exercises on the Parallettes, an excellent tool to train Core and Upper Body and all sorts of other Calisthenics.

Don't forget to drop some thumbs up and feedback if you've got something from the video, I'd greatly appreciate it, and until then have a good training, I'll see you soon!

Parallettes for Beginners | Exercise Collection by Mani the Monkey

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Comments (100)
Harshad Riswadkar

Great job. Appreciate your efforts in making this video and sharing your knowledge


Awesome! Feels to me that it's gonna become a really popular one :)


Hy buddy thanks

Sensei Jacky MMA

Dear Sir Mani the Monkey,

I watched your (Parallettes for Beginners | Exercise Collection) video and I like it. My utmost respect & interest. Good job! I hope I can inspire you to watch my own short video with my own version of a challenging paralletes exercise.


I hope it may provide you with new insights and inspiration. Check out lots more of my outdoor exercises, variations & challenges my YT channel (if you like).

Thnx for your time. Best wishes & hope till soon, Jacky from Holland

Brandon Farley

Calisthenics seems to focus on the upper body. are their any exercises that focus on the lower? like building out ypur legs?

Eljas Hyyrynen

I have waited for this kind of video! Thanks!

Dustin Rudzavice

Subscribed....nice work

Mahmoud Meso


Ming Jae

Hi, what kind of movements we can take benefit from a low parallette but can't perform it well on the higher one?


what are the best parallettes?


Very nice show how to use parallettes. Today I made parallettes so I want to try some excersises. You are very strong!!! Thanks for this tutorial!

james pinto

Did these on a big set of pvc pipe paralletes I made on my own. I did all the exercises (what ever I was able to do) one after the other like you did and I'm covered in sweat... One great workout and nice progressions, I can feel the strength building


This tutorial is just what I needed to work on my core and upper body, thanks Mani

Rory Evans

Awesome calisthenics progress, Mani. Can you do a full planche?

Neil Adams

Cool video and love the music ?

dutt way

So the taller parallettes are easier compared to the shorter parallettes?

Alchimie vitale

Nice thank's for the inspiration. As I kung fu practicionner and teacher this kind of practice will help me build a better body.

Lourenço Gomes

You re saying to me that a close grip push up is way more harder than a tuck planche LLOOLL.


This helped me a lot! Thankyou so much !!


Hey, Mani. I just subscribed. Great video. Thank you for going through and showing is the various exercises. I just got a pair of paralettes and want to take full advantage.

Leon Ramirez

Yeah! Mani goes Calisthenics!


Hey this is really a great tutorial for a beginner like me! What is this distance between the parallels?



Timoti Dartiguelongue

Great instructions, I needed some tips how to use my new paralettes. Now have new exercises to try.


Excellent video

Rens Metselaar

he said one legged l sit is more difficult then tucked planche what?

Olga Gentil

love this video! but is too difficult for me

Reino Steel Frame

Gracias amigo!! Mereces miles de visitas porque aqui falta buena informacion, como esta, y sobran TV stars

Anna Lenkow

Thank you for inspiration for next training :) I really like your videos! Great job!

1256 8488

I made my own out of pvc pipes there’s no way I’m paying $70 for the ones in the store.

Fraz man

Finally, a video that shows you all the exercises without the fuss ??


Mani, what type of sets, reps, and times (for isometrics) do you recommend using? Do you normally do all these exercises in a single session or focus more on a few?

Artur Rurka

Your socks are little to small bro

OnPoint Mortgages

Well done man. Looks creaking hard!


Recently made my own pair of parallettes, this video is just what I needed. Thanks!

Wafiq Essop

Quality, thanks mate!!

Dragoljub Panovic

Can you please tell me size parallettes from video?

Kristof Bräuning

Hey Mani, deine Videos sind echt klasse! Ich habe auch vor 3 Monaten angefangen zu bouldern und wollte dich fragen, wie ich mein Training abseits von der Boulderhalle gestalten könnte. Vorher war ich eher der typische ‚Pumper‘ im Fitnessstudio. Zusätzlich bin ich ca. 1.90m groß und wiege aktuell 92 Kilo bei einem KFA von ca 15%.

Daher habe ich die Ernährung schon angepasst und gehe aktuell 2 mal die Woche 2-3h in die Boulderhalle. Jedoch frage ich mich wie ich 4 mal die Woche Sport machen kann, auch Körpertaining abseits vom Stumpen Hantelstemmen?

Würdest du mir Calisthenics/Stability Übungen für Zuhause empfehlen? Bzw wie würdest du das Training ansonsten gestalten?

Wünsche dir noch einen schönen Abend!

Emjay Mendez

Tucked hold is actually difficult for me but all the L sit exercises came to me within a week

Calistube net

Simply amazing

hans temmerman

Great workout tips. But why did the shirt need to come off?

David Bertossi

Great video! How high are your parallettes? Thanks!

Edson Oliveira

PVC paralletes are not good, they are unstable, fragile. You end up exchanging it for a wooden one. Don't waste your time, make wood, even work, or easier.

harsh Hari

What about full Planche and Planche pushups

Leandro Neves

I love your videos.

Scott G

Beginners my arse

Jonathan Prestrud

Great video!!

Julien Purcell

Good content, mate. What kind of socks do you use?


I somehow got the feeling you were levitating..! :O


Bro thank you so much for just showing us the different exercises without all the annoying editing and shit talking ??


Are you planning a video on nutrition? Would be so happy :)

Winston Smith

what is your opinion on the ab wheel as a core exercise? Is it as useful as L-sit progressions?

Dean Martin

A tucked l-sit is easy? Gtfoh

Abril Combetto

Mani, I would like to know why, if so, you find these training intresting for climbing... (sorry for the spelling, im from argentina)

No gga

What grade do you think is your geneticall limit?

Gregor Milligan

I think I prefer the commentary style with more detailed tips

B9 Y

Thank you. Just started. Great demo

Mike Kofford

I should build a pair

Piotr Michalski

How many series, reps etc you think beginner should do ? Till failure ?

Calistube net

Thank you for this video

JagRaj Fitness





the music got very repetitive and annoying. voice over mode please

Brenda Torres

I just ordered a set of paralletes. thanks for the tutorial. I hope I can master them.

Caio Tosato

Mani, you should do the close grip push up in a more hollowed positiong. It helps do much to stabilize the movement.

maxtax e

Does this work for pushup handles aswell

Carlos Zamorano

Gracias ?


I wouldn't say the crow, tucked L sit, tucked hold are easy for a beginner.


Which one to buy the lower or the higher or both????????

Fritz Box

2:26 difficulty: easy
Your face says otherwise ?

Umm Khaalid

Thank you for showing us what to do. I have been trying find a video like this for so long

Lucas Vazquez

Also made my own parallettes recently, thanks Mani!

carlos leon

Very good video


Hi, could you please inform of the distance between the bars (centre to centre) on the high parallettes please, and whether you think this is the best dimension for you, many thanks



Meter Marker

Im still in progress 20 secs hold for L-Tucks and Tuck Holds... :((

Dr Deadbeat

Awesome! More like this!!!


What are the dimensions of the larger metal parallettes? I’m building my own and looking to copy the ones you used in this video.

Oh Kai Boon

There's no reason for giving dislike

Wayne Starkey

Where did you get the high parallettes? I cant find any on amazon? Send me affiliate link. Thanks!

Wil Dasovich

Awesome, simple and straight to the point

Frederick Corpuz

Push ups: standard, deep (hands by obliques) , close grip
Shoulder press (tucked butt, lift feet off at lowest point)
The crow
L-sit: tucked, one-legged, straddle, basic, elevated
Shoulder holds: Tucked planche, shoulder press hold, hand stand leg hold
Transitions: Knees to chest, tucked hold to L-sit, tucked hold to tucked planche, , L-sit to tucked planche

Trauma 2000

Fantastic vid. Thank you for sharing. (Crow is also called Frog by some youtubers...)

Martin Andreas Vik

Mani, I was inspired and actually got a work-out done. And I climbed a tree.

Va Lö

Push Ups easy Variations bitte niemals auf den Knien machen bzw. vorschlagen -> Wenn der Trizeps/Brustmuskel der limitierende Faktor ist, dann bitte die Push Ups aufrechter machen. Kniend verliert man sehr viel Länge, mit der man den Core trainieren sollte!


Thanks for the video! I’ll have to watch this several times

David Lancaster

Excellent video. Thanks for the great tips!


Thank you! Does the Shoulder Press build shoulder mass? How many to do?

Maximo Vargas

yo!!wow!!! Great!!!

Jack Anderson

For the straddle L-sit, it's my thigh's that limit me i think it's because i'm not flexible enough, if not I think I could hold it for at least 15 seconds. any tips?

Jimmy Lanik

Awesome video. I just need to make some Parallettes and get training on this.

average people

U can see how hard the exercise by saw his face

Enlighted Watchman

Great strength great vid

Shamanbear Two

At first I scoffed thinking, "Yeah, sure, beginner for some kid still trying to grow his first beard. Come back when you start collecting SSI". But, I saw a number of things that I could start working on. This is the first video that makes me want some planchettes in the apartment to go with the weights and bench.

Question for all you gymnasts/bodyweight trainers - could I do these everyday or does one do the same "train a day, take a day off for recovery" like with weights?

Pseudo Symmetry

Nice to see how many exercises there are. However for beginners who already might be having a difficult time getting started, this video might confuse even further. I would have liked a little bit more explanation on how to choose which exercises to do, how to progress and which parallets to use as a beginner. But maybe you've already done a video on that, explaining how you progressed and so on. Anyway, thank you for these ideas, I guess I'll try them out.

Titch Punk

I really needed to start doing those exercizes, thx for this video !

Ade B

This is dope bro!!

Aslan Bach

How long should you hold each pose and how many sets, how many times per week? Also how much time before you see progress?


great vid man

Ramoul Vinit

Great Stuff Bro ?