Nazanin miguel

My Battle With Body Dysmorphia

My Battle With Body Dysmorphia27 Jun. 2019
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Sitting down with the

Sitting down with the incredible Nazanin Mandi as she shares, for the first time, her journey with body dysmorphia...


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Comments (100)
Jenn Jenn


Gia Gia

This hits home ? thanks for this upload ♥️

Clarence Dixon



they’re both so pretty

Wendy Wairimu

Wow! I've followed Nazanin from the 1st time I saw her on Platinum Life coz she's gorgeous! And I had no idea someone who looks like that could be dealing with Body Dismorphia.... I definitely learnt sth new today. Grateful ?

Lauraly Wade

I HATE my body I am so under weight and super skinny!! Y’all both looking freaking amazing!

Gladys Fernandez

A Virgo & Capricorn I love it! ?

Danielle Lunas

Yasssssss!!! Women Power ✨??

Crazyaxx Dreamsz

I remember my little brother being told he needed to slow down on eating at the age of 15. He sat his plate down looked at me and walked away. I didn't know what to do for him. We were going through a family crisis and (for him) starting puberty. I showed him where the bank dot was so he could go next door to a friend's. Later he was completely different!!! Like my best friend was gone and nowhere to be found. See this scared my soul. So while my little brother was out the house I told my uncle that he was out of pocket (in a respectable way of course ?). That he could of told everyone to eat a certain amount. Because in our home we were able to eat until it's empty. My step mom was smart enough to make herself and my dad's lunch ahead of time. Anywsys...my bro never went back to his original self. All because of one sentence from a family member that we'd didn't even want till be around!!
He ended up taking diet pills. He never had to fo this. Because like I said he was coming up on puberty people. He lost weight naturally.
Watch what you say to people, you never know what will be the outcome.


I think it's also important that if you do have flab, or extra fat, that's ok! That's still beautiful! part of our societal body dysmorphia also tries to make us think that certain body shapes are not okay, and that's not true.

Eka Kost

hey , hunnay ... you are doing the “ bulgarian split sqat “ ? Greetings from Bulgaria ??


you're both stunning & so inspirational. xx

Jennifer Robert

This helps me so much cuz I'm going through this right now . Thanks for making this .


Ahhh she's SO freakin' pretty!

Derrick Kathurima

Thank you for spreading the knowledge, love and empowerment.... Love from Kenya!!!!! Nazanin is amazing!

Sherina Lee


karen rivas

Jeannie you are so beautiful like wow girl

sugar magic candy

Ha ha your famous person, i just happen to pop on your channel youtube thought you where funny and your family, you where dressed up for holiday festival and then i watched you birthday party, your boyfriend rap singer, hahaha i cant stop laughing ,cause i didnt know i just thought your show was good and you all where real down to earth people on youtube, you are, thats sooo cool, your mom funny, yeah hell be good to you. You full all that was missing for him for long time, hes whole now, your good gor him vice versa, remember those that pray together stay together

Annie C

Own your beauty, do not depend on others to approve of what your beauty is. I’m far from perfect but, I love me with every imperfections and they’re maasany. People dislike me for my self confidence and not to be cocky I have other flaws they dislike as well. Just be you is what I say.

Jauntea Maxey

workout video of you ladies would be awesome

Elizabeth Calderon

Such wholesome content ?

balanced women

Omg I love her! This is so great! Love you too lady!


Her body is sick!! ♥ Beautiful lady.
Jeannie I remember you in season 1 and 2 and I thought your weight was due to an obsession of healthy food. I thought you were being very cruel to your body overall Bcuz of alot of things you would say.
It was torture.
This weight gain makes you look fuller, rounder as opposed to pointy and sexy grown ass woman-ish! ? You are poppin sis. Glad you made the commitment to work out. It looks spectacular on you.

Now, if I could just get motivated enough to start exercising again!
Tfs and always being transparent, even when it's difficult. ♥ ??

Millie P

This is soooo painful to listen to. I feel like someone walking around in a stranger's body.


My body dysmorphia started when I was in 4th grade and realized no boys liked me because I was chubby. I realized that my older sisters had boyfriends too and they were all thin so I started to hate myself. When I started puberty and had 34c’s by the time I was in 7th grade, I thought that now that I had boobs I can make boys like me. And since then I’ve been combatting my body dysmorphia by sexualizing my body and it’s the most unhealthy thing ever. To this day I am still trying to build self worth and self esteem.

Arlene Galarza

I love this !!! Currently struggling with body dysmorphia and its draining . I spend most of my days looking in the mirror when I can and I pick on things that I could change about my physical appearance. I had to delete my instagram because it was becoming some sort of obsession looking at instagram models and plastic surgery accounts and comparing myself and evaluating what kind of body I wanted to turn in. I reached out for help and started seeing a therapist. Didn’t help much what I did notice was helping was not having an instagram account. As it was becoming a part of my regular daily life to check it. Im trying so hard to stay positive and think positive and tell my self that Im beautiful everyday.???

Nicole 24kGold

I use to be thick af. I lost about 50lbs. After I had my kids. I also lost weight due to stress. All of my family was use to me being thick. They had not seen me for a couple of years. When they did they all body shamed me. Made me feel horrible like. I was no longer beautiful. All because I was super skinny now. They are all thick still or have weight on them. Compared to them I’m a stick. I’m on a journey to gain weight. I still know I’m beautiful and feel beautiful. I do admit that I felt more comfortable when I was thicker I’m doing it for me not for them. I don’t care how thick or thin I am I love me? I’m not going to lie I can’t wait too see their faces when I gain my weight back lmao. To all my ladies out there trying to gain. Don’t give up. You can do it??????


Jeannie ! Can you please tell me where you got your blouse ❤️

Dena simino

I really appreciate this video. I’m 33 and a mother of 2. I had my first child at 22 and was severely anorexic for all of my 20’s and only weighed 140 when giving birth (I’m five foot six). It’s a nasty terrible mental disease and I feel like it’s not talked about enough. I have now overcome my issues and am proud to be setting a good example for my daughter and son


This show ain't the same without mama mai!!


This was great, but I think it should also have emphasized that having a little belly or arm flab is okay... at the end they were emphasizing how they don’t have that, or they should have sucked in their belly more. I don’t think that should be encouraged. Let the belly out, let the arm fat out, so what if it’s a bad angle?? It’s OK. The only reason we don’t think it’s ok is bc of social construct. Other wise I think this was a great video topic:)

Maria E. Labbe

I guess I’ve had body dysmorphia most of my life. ?


After 8 years of body dysmorphia, I can finally look at my body in the mirror! Baby steps toward recovery.

Jennifer Furman

Hi Jeannie how do I become a member I love you shows you and your mom are the best


I'm almost crying right now. Thank you for being sooooo real Jeanie, for being so honest and no mask at all. You made me feel not so bad about the way I see myself. You enfisizing on 'it's all in your head' was what I needed to hear. I came here to feel better, I just knew in my heart whatever video of yours I played you would come through. I have lost 20 pounds since January 7th and my weight loss journey is new but in trying. At 158 pounds today. Trying to have that Jeanie Mai body!

Rossy Faith

Jeannie I love your content. I was 109 or so and i was unhappy i was losing my breast. I hated my body when skinny. Then i told myself i'd gain. I did to 120 something i was still unhappy with my body. After that i stop taking care of my body lost hope that it would ever be nice. Spiraled down hill became very obese one day i thought. I wish i was skinny again. Then i had the realization that i never loved/appreciated my myself my body my health and energy. All the time i lost hating myself only brought damage. I am learning to teach myself self worth love, care and resposibility.

Angel Von

I had the same situation a girl I was friends with at a children shelter asking why my torso was so long. I dissect myself still to this day but subconsciously I'm beating myself into loving who I am.

Queen Anjie

I stop taking pictures cause I feel lik I’m so fat ...I would get ready to go out look at myself in the mirror feel good and the moment I take pics I fell horrible about my body to the point I don’t even want to go out anymore that’s y I don’t take pics before going out

Chastity Dillard

I'm curious why you both arent talking about therapy...? Have you not been officially diagnosed? If you did go to therapy, it would be powerful to help push past the stigma.

Lauraly Wade

I have an eating disorder and would LOVE to gain weight! I try it just don’t stick!


Jeannie do a video where you do a workout routine with her and her diet for the day PUT US ON!!

Lisa Lisa

I know this video may have helped a lot of peoole. But, I thought their insecurities outweighed their intelligence (not cute). My beautiful mother told me that I was beautiful and smart daily, and even if I wasn't a beautiful person (inside, too) I wouldn't know it, by the grace of God. (And I am a size 16, Christian (first), African American, educated and loved).

Their beautiy is wasted (and I do love Jeanie).


Recovery is NOT about exercise and eating healthy. It is about THERAPY.

Monica Flores

Naz is so beautiful! ??

Tiffani Linde

Your gorgeous


Wut you both look SOOO good in the pictures you shared!!!

Uk 1000

I love u Jeannie..u can just tell shes a real og goodhearted person

Joyce Bofenda

Wow!!! Just Inspiring. #LoveIt

Happiness and Money

So sweet. Great episode. I tap into my self love when any old thoughts come up and it shifts me right away.


I feel like their extremely close or is it just me?

Lucky Life

So pretty both

Ijeme Bare

Being African, I’m being ridiculed for being too thin because I’m Africa, curvy girls are the norm

Prerna Singh

Skinny or curvy , as long as you are happy and have a healthy mind, your body is perfect! It's no one's business to comment on anyone's body!

Kait Lorenz

This just goes to show that we need to be careful with our words. We need to raise our girls and boys to be confident in they're skin and not use words like :you should watch what you eat" and "you're so skinny" or "you should lose weight." It is so so damaging. At 11 years old you definitely shouldnt be hearing things like that.

Tattooed Body

Maybe girls feel they need to look at type of way because#1social fucking media. #2 people judge.
It's so weird back in the day I would go the gym and feel ok you know all us fat people there chilling. Now even the skinnyest person is out there like WTF. Everyone trying to look the same. By 2025 girls will look all like clones?


My experience was horrible, I come from a family who’s genetics are to be skinny, so when I would “gain” weight I was always told I was fat. And at school I was always bullied for being too skinny. It was a hard time for me and I never knew what to do. Now, it doesn’t matter to me, because I’ve built so much resilience but it’s to the point where I don’t care about how my body looks, I never appreciate my body and I don’t hate on it either, I just pretend it’s not there, if that makes any sense. And I am trying to love myself more but I don’t know how or where to start. My mindset for my body image is so distorted I try not to think about it.

Ana Browning

Single mom here and I am already doing your work out. I understand the self confidence in the body image. ... I try to make myself happy ... :) but deep inside i have learned I can have any body type and love it. Beautiful video.

lisa m

You ladies are stunning?

latara dell

Jennie I understand you so much better.You have been through hell and back and still standing.Stay ?.God bless you.

Lavinia Redmond

The background soft ? music ... stop ?

Elastic Heart

I have the same problem. ? being slim and being told i should look a "certain" way. I've always been compared to thicker women and always felt not satisfied with my body especially during and after my pregnancies ?

Liketso Malephane

I am such a fan of the two of you and you ladies look amazing. You guys are just #goals in general ❤, people I can aspire to be like.

Jenn Jenn


20 20

Thank you Jeannie for this one! I’m trying to gain some weight I’m very insecure about my body!


Thanks, as a eating disorder & body dysmorphia sufferer myself thanks for sharing!!!! Recovery is a life long journey, congrats for encouraging people in such a positive way!! ?

Stefany Estrada

Jeannie eating a penguino?❤ at the beginning of the video is everything! I used to eat those as a kid!

The Fufu Cafe

They're both so beautiful!

Jenn Jenn


Vanessa R

I can't believe you two have had self image issues. You two are absolutely beautiful.

Lay G

Beautiful Persian woman

Dakota C

I feel like we focus on our bodies tooooooo much. It's crazy. They are both hot, like what the hell.

Janet Bermudez

9:10 you look amazing Jeannie! ??

Abigail Gutierrez

I’m a simple gal I see Miguel’s beautiful wife I click

MoMoneyMoMakeup Barfield


Xoily Lynn

She is so beautiful I really hope Miguel is faithful to her. And she to him

Coco Peterson

I have always had a problem with how I saw my body. My mom definitely did not help due to her unfiltered comments about stretch marks and picking at my self esteem. It only got worse when I had migraine episodes around 25yr old. I couldn't left my head from my bed and to get to food meant going downstairs. I would fall to the floor trying to eat and get yell at for leaving my room. I lost 30 pounds during those 3 months of migraines non-stop. When I got back to work everyone was complementing me for my weight loss. Only one person out of the 20 people actually asked me if it was healthy weight loss or not. Now I'm exercising everyday and trying to eat right. I am on the path to healing. I'm happy to hear other people tell their story praised for the courage to change.

brian cole

Ok Jeannie (I'm a girl btw... my ex made my email in his name) Anyhow, I think you're so hot and amazing. You made me realize just how damn gay I am. Nursing a major crush. Love your youtube presence!!!

shivali rane

You look very beautiful and young sexy lady ... hunnaayyy.... shaping my thoughts watching this video

kay Jack

Love this honest discussion. You can be beautiful to the outside world and deal with these things.

Lavinia Redmond

My auntie use to always blast me in front of the whole family at my grandmas house when we all would get together. She would say (or touch whatever area she spoke about) ‘...girlllll your but in so high’, or ‘you sticking out in the front and the back’, or she would say something that insinuated that I was thick or chunky. And the funny thing is: I NEVER WAS ANY OF THAT! True, I was very shapely with booty and legs and arms so NO, nothing was ever very bony about me but her comments and my mothers comments stuck with me and now I’m 47. Those comments I believed. And it caused me to always be unsure, embarrassed, self conscious, and at times I would get severely depressed and over eat. In my younger years including teenage years I knew how to control/get a handle on my weight (plus my metabolism was still working in my favor) but after my 1st child, it all went downhill from there...that was by the age of 20. Since that age, I think I’ve only lost a huge amount of weight maybe 3 times but I always seemed to gain it back plus so much more bc while I was a healthy weight, I had the belief that I was still fat, when I actually wasn’t. So I would get to the point where I would tell myself it didn’t matter what or how I ate bc I’m fat already. Just a vicious cycle that I still haven’t stopped

Samantha Ramakers

Thank you for sharing. Thank you


How can you grow backwards?

Kim Lee

Well, being too skinny sure ain't my issue lol. #OppositeProblems

Nanyoni Katola

Get you a friend who looks at you the way Nazanin looks at Jeannie @0.40

Jenn Jenn


Christina B

I never realized how much of a problem I had until I started hearing others talk about their own body dysmorphia. I just didn't know anything else because I was so used feeling that way and having that image of myself, and I still do. It all stemmed from my mom always telling me I wasn't skinny enough. She would actually compare me to girls that were friends or other girls I knew, and say "you need to have a flat stomach like them". It's still so hard for me to even talk about the fact that my own mother told me frequently I wasn't thin enough, smart enough or pretty enough. I can STILL hear it in my head. And to this day is why I don't have a relationship with my mom (I'm almost 30).

Roz Smith

At 66, if I tried that exercise, I would fall on my face!

Ale Irineo

Me !!! As a trainer !!! I always get complements on my body but I’m never believe it ! ?

Tamara Hopson

I loooovvvvvveeeeeee your channel Jeannie It definitely has shown me a different side of you & how transparent you are. Keep spreading your truth and great aura! Thank you!

Bernadette Rivas

Thank you!!????

Victory Jessey

Jeanie that picture is the definition of perfection and I mean it

Adriana Gil

Perfect timing for this video. I’m currently at a low because of my body dysmorphia and am going to seek help for guidance. I love you! Thanks girls

Katie Robinson

Thanks for the beautifully unscripted raw and unfiltered honest truth about your personal battles with your own weight and image. As a fan looking at stars you see practically no flaws and assume that they have no struggles with there body. So thanks for keeping it real. Thanks for the Jack n the box shout out us the shout out to your cat. xoxox
P.s you both look sexier, filled out all those curves and look better than ever.???


Nazanin is so beautiful.

rainy ocean

So after marrying my partner he discloses that he was diagnosed with this" body dismorphia" by a mental health therapist and every single day a question arises about his dysmorphia and every single day there is an interrogation session about it I don't know what to do anymore.

Kiki Raya-Rae

This is the healthy weight you need to get back Jeanie.. Super healthy! The Holidays are coming up so eat eat eat!!!! We love thick Jeannie? and so inspiring. Nazamin’s story wow! She looks so good now

hot kebab

I need a part two!!!!

Dee 247

Love you Janine!! You are inspiring. Never knew this was a thing.... You are Hot af ?

Sinetemba Nyoka

Love you Jeanine. All the way from South Africa...

Pia Iese

I've now watched all jeannie mai the real daytime exclusively clips on YouTube

The Truth About Miguel and Nazanin Mandi's Love Story

The Truth About Miguel and Nazanin Mandi's Love Story21 Jan. 2020
104 771

It was a long journey

It was a long journey down the aisle for R&B singer Miguel and Nazanin Mandi. They met when they were both teenagers, and Miguel’s inability to remain faithful — plus Nazanin’s battle with a mental health disorder — forced them to take a break from each other. Thankfully, their love story has a happy ending. Here’s the truth about their relationship.

#Miguel #NazaninMandi

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Voiceover: Stacy Thomas

Thank you to our sources:










HOT 97: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz-MZR_mQPQ&feature=emb_title

The Breakfast Club: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoiKmqQ-XFM

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Comments (100)

No mentions of him being on an episode of Fatty Koo?

*ƤƛMЄԼƛ ӇƛƳ*

Lovely Couple I wish them all the best!??


I lost it when she said she took care of all the bills.... He also cheated on her. Looks like she's the one in love with him and he just has lust for her... Smh

Shenyae T

Miguel soo fine


I love them both together best wishes

Bailey Eliise

Do not judge my favorite artist ?

Darrein Robinson

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐??dig it....good stuff


Didn’t know they were together for so long

Terri Lam

This is a great story, but what's funny is as I was watching this video...I was like...Miguel must be a Libra.....ready, not ready, ready, not ready.....for Love/Relationship that is.
So I went to look him up on Wikipedia, and sure enough, HE'S A LIBRA...lol. Typical Libra traits, and he's on the Cusp of Scorpio, so he's doubly complicated as myself.
However, he was dead on it when he said, when he does commit, IT WILL BE FOR REAL, and most of the time FOREVER.
Great story though.

Kiki Eaddy

Miguel grew into his looks he used to look like a full Hispanic.

Bailey Eliise

Do not judge my favorite artist ?

Carmelita Leal

They were both growing up together so I guess it makes sense why it took so long she’s definitely loyal

the moonbleu

men like a challenge so
you gotta be a bish and keep them chasing for years despite marriage no drama just be hard to please in a sweet and sour way

Lolly Vena

I expected, a cute story..


I just have to say that I really enjoy this channel. I like the fact that the content is entertaining, and informative. You get straight to the point engaging the viewer. I often find myself laughing, but also saying “oh wow I did not know that!”. Looking forward to other great stories.

Shaee Jones

She is so beautiful omg ??


Oooh, I'm hella mo'ded. I thought Miguel was... or at least b... never mind. Anyhow, the only record I like and care about by Miguel is Quickie. He cain't really sing and overall, mediocre.

Mother Earth

cant wait till she feels fullfilled enough in her career to finally have children they will be Beautiful?????

Lady Land

I love to hear of wonderful couples just like these loving,caring, sharing so focused and driven on life as well each other's energy!!!... Wow Amazing Grand!!!

Baynard Marcus

she settled and got everything she wanted, tattooed, married to one of the greatest artists of this generations, his REAL COMMITMENT, and their kids are going to be crazy adorable, sounds like a good ten year investment, im happy for miguel and nazi

Carneil Hall

They say u gay Miguel, and u tell'em ur just skywalking on them hatas and celebrate everyday like a birthday.?

Nique Nique

This ninja

Shayla Barfield

10 years though...?

Lisa Lisa

I'm sitting here waiting for the damn love story cuz all I got was a tale of endurance ?


I get a man telling his girl that he wants to marry her one day but what is it with you guys wanting to marry so damn fast? There is no general rule that you have to marry before you're 30. That's why there is such a high divorce rate. Use those years in your 20s to work hard and go on adventures / vacations and build upon new experiences together and just have fun!


Can we get the story on why Chris brown beat up Rihanna..?

Keisha Michelle

I didn’t expect this to be a struggle story ??

Lakeisha Myers

Beautiful couple and love story God Bless them both

Che Egbuna

Shes a beaut!!

Bri P

Amen and god bless them.

Gabriella Beau

Oh my god guys look she man a really man like look ??

L Moreno

He is so fine omg


I’m a HUGE Miguel fan. HUGE. And I’m glad they’re both in therapy, if that’s true. But what I see in them is a codependent(Mandi) who hung on and lowered her value, while a very broken guy with lust & fear of intimacy issues, got to do him while giving her just enough to keep her on the line the entire time. I often wonder if he’s just another covert narcissist. Either way, this is the typical toxic love story of our time. I really do hope it’s working out and that they’re truly reaching a healthy state of love, but that’s rarely achieved. I see them on IG and want so badly to believe it, but I cringe with every post that I see her as his object of lust.

Just Peachy

You feel what he wants you to feel when you listen to his music. It makes sense that hes a sexual/sensual person.


How many drinks, song is❤HIT!

Kaleah Collins

Is she black


This woman is hot as fuck... iranian/mexican huh? Interesting mix..


Soooo...she is a “pick me” & miguel is a fuck boy

Stephanie Masi

This is so sad. Why did this beautiful girl settle for struggle love. I understand she’s happy but man...


See and I still think he’s gay.... hope she doesn’t get blindsided:......?‍♀️

Shenyae T

I guess those so called exoticals do get cheated on ?


Miguel is so sexy like he has such a sexy vibe him and his wife!


More like a struggle love that's worth fighting for...??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Kee Kee

Beautiful love story

Kiki Eaddy

She can sing ? that’s news to me and made a song too goh

Duduzile Zwane

Miguel seems like suuuch a sweetheart. It's hard to believe that he's such a major freak lol. You get hints of his freakishness on songs he's written like Beyoncé's Rocket

Anda Carina

He comes from divorced antagonic parents so I rest my case with his ups and downs, here and there. I don't see them right for each other and I am a therapist, but probably their therapist decided can make more money from their mismatch. Great singer, Miguel.


Exotic Woman with Exotic Problems.


For a dude to say he isn't in love with you .. ummm that's a done deal

Xoily Lynn

This girl is gorgeous. But marriage doesn’t stop the cheating..

Monique Walker

FINALLY 10 years is a long damn time ?

Sinickas Davis

She's so pretty and he's good looking love them as a couple


It’s Pronounced to San PeD-Ro. Roll that at girl ?❤️

sweetninasky 9

I love their relationship ?

Brenda H

Typical Scorpio , typical Virgo ?

Joanne Wood

Beautiful couple


He's a odd looking guy

shauni p

I love the song "Adorn ". It is the epitome of a love song.

Enlightened Hearts

These are the most fucked up love stories. Now I made a comment on the LL Cool J video. Women please!!! Please!!! PLEASE!! Stop settling for men after years of waiting for a ring. Stop settling for men that want to continue to cheat. If you have a man that feels the best way to keep the excitement in a relationship is to bring another woman in the bed, LEAVEEE!!! This makes no sense to me. Men will continue to treat you how you allow them to. Like I made on the other video “ You will be 6 feet under and his ass will still be out here messing around” Stop It!!!!

Sabrina Pack

She’s so gorgeous


Eh...I don't think this is a love story. More of An Odyssey Before Marriage


I remember Nazinin from the TLC show RUthegirl.. AMAZING singer.. I wish she kept singing. She didn’t make it on the show because she wasn’t a dancer

mee mee the cat



I partied with Miguel & Nazanin a few years ago at a Prince protege show and they were all over each other.

Ramona Samuels TV

Why don't he put her on musically? Dang!!

the moonbleu

he’s ok too girly looking n weak looking


I don't feel pressure cause when I commit I really commit .... 10 years later... I'm still not ready lol hahahaha

The Brooke Ashley

I’d rather eat a jean jacket before I become a placeholder and staying with a (cheating) man for 10 years lmao. God bless. Nothing romantic about their “love story” at all.

trey. is. my. man seays

? can. Yall. Do. 1. On. My. Boo. Tremine. Aka. Trey. Songz. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Susanna P

Nazanin is sooo beautiful ?


She was always pretty but Miguel grew into his looks ?

Honey Crown

I hate to say or but I never felt the connection between these two, it felt forced like one sided, someone was fighting whilst the other wasn't even engaged to begin with, I think he's confused and she's afraid. Anyway it's not my place to even scrutinise their situation

Janice Julius

He got some fucked up complicated ways about him but I love him ?

Miss. Benton

Miguel birthday is a day after mines. He is my spirit animal lover and friend.


Beautiful couple, and his voice is dreamy. Love this video ?

Jake Miles

Can you please do an episode on Angela Simmons?

Mommy D

So..........what her ring 10carats?!

Eddie Rain

Man they did wtf i wish the world would do now, they did and worked on what was rite for them, instead of worrying about what and who around them was doin, and they hit the keys, the worked on self before anything so that way when they reconnected that connection was pure

Sarah Siméon

He gives me gay vibes sorry


Miguel is one of my absolute favorite artists. It's almost criminal how underrated he is. Personally, I wouldn't have waited all those years for him to propose, but it worked for Nazanin and I wish them the best.

CutTheCheck Biden

She throws up and Miguel’s like “I’m not going anywhere...” ? I love a good love story .

LaToya Rose

I didn't know he was biracial. I thought he was Hispanic ?

K. Reynolds

That was the sweetest love story I've heard in a while. I was hoping the video ended with marriage

Jj Jj


carla furguglietto

I hope I don't make relationship decisions like this woman

Glynn Parry

Wait, 0:39 says "JUST HE AND HIS YOUNGER BROTHER" but its just 2 photos of him lol


Idc ,he can curse me out too.. because i STILL think he was trying to figure out his sexuality all those years. He wanted to make SUPER SURE before he bungeed.

Tori YT

That’s why he fell off that stage

Ataa Maria

She is pretty i shall give her that, and i respect her more because she respected herself enough not to trap him with a baby, and force him to marry her but instead allowed him to mature and then propose

Andrea Brantley

?; They are a Beautiful Couple!...?? / but It sounds like she was very understanding for love... ?????‍♀️
*Miguel has a lot of good songs that i like!... ??????

Danielle George

i think this was a shut up marriage she had threesomes and all that to stay with him low self esteem

Nae ThaGoddesz

God.. these are some extremely attractive people .. not in a sexual way but they are just so attractive!

This love story has its ups n downs but what love doesn't... Beautiful people and beautiful love. Wish the best for them ❣️

Lizzy B

It took my soulmate 30 days to tell me I was the one. We spent 30yrs married until his death. This man believes in threesomes but not soulmates lol...oh ok yea uh huh.Some women just accept anything, really sad.

Sippin Tea Wid Sharlele

She is beautiful

Eagle Eye

Miguel likes to get pegged and Nazanin likes making her man happy

Kiki Eaddy

That’s why Miguel is a freak.


My favorite part is where the men have you paying for everything while cheating on you. Forcing you to sacrifice your career to keep them comfortable & so they can focus on their career that's NOT paying the bills. Then to top it off, not be sure if you want to marry for decades. Exactly what is wrong with men in society. Meanwhile we have to pay the price for their indecisions. No longer my favorite R&B artist after watching what a douche he is. Marry her or let someone else. Over here sacrificing career and years to get nothing, but a ring I can buy myself and an unloyal jerk who ruins your life.

Sanchia Smith



Name a celebrity who never had a cheating side... I only know of Denzel Washington... anyone?

A Renee



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Comments (100)
Posh Garcia

I've been following this beauty from day 1 and her hustle is so motivating. I'm so proud of her.... this song is a total vibe xoxoxo

Starnisha Perkins

She actually has a nice voice and I love the vibe of the whole song, but i wish miguel didn't put so much effect on her voice, esp on the chorus.


Would love to hear this on a club remix?

Anoushka -

?❤in love

Matthew Ramsey

Best song ever


Tu es belle, intérieurement, extérieurement. La musique, ça va, la voix, ça va... mais je suis déçue du clip... les scènes, le montage, les effets... quand il y a des moyens... l’argent est là, et pourquoi faire un clip est bas de gamme. Il désert complètement la chanson. Dommage.

Veronica Johnson

Pretty song and pretty voice ??


When I first heard this, I didn't like it. Something off about it. But then part of it got stuck in my head and I revisited it...again and again. Now I like it. It definitely grew on me. I can't wait to play it in my car during these hot summer days.


Yassssss Kween ???

anahita chaichi

SO GOOD LOVE YA keep going

Bee Real

Good job Nazanin?❤Im sure your next project will be even hotter! Good luck to completing goals you have set for yourself!?

sherry sher

I am so happy I finally get to listen to your song ??? Gooo Nazanin??????????

shoomzii S

Is there anything she can’t do!? ?


The video is okay..Love the song though!! She has a refreshing tone of voice

Robyn C

Im surprised, af. She sounds amazing. This needs to be on Spotify.

Fifi K

I like this song?. She should have started making music much earlier. It's so catchy ?

Capricorn Jonel

I have this on REPLAY!!! I love it!! More!!!?????? The female version of her husband!! Amazing!

Sister in Christ

Super happy for her!! Wish I could hear her natural voice more though

sabrina zalik

Songs actually really lit

Heaven Blu

Real MUSIC!!!!! LOVE IT ❤️



Mafer Badilla

Love the vocals and the beat of the song!! Tienes una nueva súper fan desde Costa Rica!! :)


super gorgeous and not bad vocalist..

Tatiana House

????? my new favorite song!! Love it!!

Rubia Cielo

SANG IT! Dance it! Smoke it?! Drank it! Yassssss!!!!!!! Finally ?? so excited for you


90's vibe

The Boogey Man


Acia Menafee

She's not gonna be as good as Miguel, God gave him that gift and look at him. she needs to figure out what her purpose in life is because singing isn't it nice try mama.

Bianka Šírová

Naz I am here before this song is a hit!! True fan ??❤️

Joseph Böhme

Does Nazanin know she cannot run across an ocean or crawl very far through a fire for anyone. By the time she got to you, she would be way too crispy to be of any value. These lyrics of today are so sacrificial for this supposed all important love. Well it seems that very few people >50-% get divorced and especially celebs have a hard time keepiung it together because they get way too absorbed on baring their looks and body, that they attract way too many agressive compulsive and loony suitors tring to get 'em. Many do succeed to seduce these stars because they are bombarded with all kinds of offers and they slip up here and there. Hard to keep your 1350 calories per day when you are at 50 catered meals and paries per month. Yep it would be hard to live that life...t e m p t a t i o n everywhere you turn. If you can keep it together and raise a family without failing- you are a true superstar. Best Hopes. don't forget to dress down once in a while and cover up, when not necessary.

Jay Santiago

I wish she wouldn’t went out without the leather jacket scenes. They’re awkward lol she’s doing too much movement but song is catchy after a few listens

Andralise Jooste

Queen!!! this is so amazing and im so inspired by you just as a person and i love this song especially the lyrics !! (PS: here before 800 subscribers :D)

Cinaily Talavera

“You give me all that I wanted “ ❤️❤️ a different kind of love!

Frank 5.7

This song has a great vibe to it ???



Eddie Rain

This aint a bad song im sure her husband had something to do with the production of the record from the lyrics to mixing and mastering video aint terrible neither

Findlay Beats

A voice that’s definitely needed in the music industry! ♥️♥️ can you please shoot me your email I have some material you might be interested in ?

Shisline Joseph

I don't know if I'm vibing with her or if I'm just captivated by her beauty.


YES NAZ !!!!!! ??????

M Mu

She a real boss yaaasssss

Planteeedepree T

This song brings me so much joy!! Thank you for showing the world your beautiful talents.

Angelina-Marcella Johnson

I really like this song!!!

Jameca Townsend

Jovan Chavira

Song reminds me of the 90s vibes of a voice and bringing something that needed to be brought back into our present day culture. Nice voice! Dope song!

Михаил Кокляев

Perfect ?


Loveeeeeeee this it's feel organic not too much effects love it



Evie Heart


Astrid Contreras

Woo!!! Go Nazanin!! ♡

Jaida Isabell

Im loving this song hope it's more coming


I love the beginning , something about that beat?


Queen ?

Frantashia93 baby

Madonna vibes !!!

Valor Nimo

??? ?

Halal Eritrean

I’m loving it babe! So proud


I get Paula Abdul vibes. It's great, keep working hard girl!

F Chr

Nice voice?

Erika Sharae

cute song, I wish the director would have showed more of the couch scene and added an outdoor shot of her walking in the sunlight and cut out some of that long ass scene in the leather jacket. But otherwise, you go girl <3

Khanyisile Mahlangu

I think she should make a collab with cardi b..

Cinaily Talavera

Get it Queen!!!!!!!

Honey Child

just added this to my playlist ????

Jill Bond

U go girl !


new song added to my playlist❤️❤️❤️ first i heard this song of Jessica Caban's IG story, i love the beat so i badly find this! Thanks Jes, hooligan here!

Deepsea Gypsy

Your voice is so Angelic ?????so proud of you baby girl?❤️???

Isabel ortiz

I love it!!???

tatenda changamire

Definitely adding this to my car playlist!

Priscilla Brink

Nice track... smooth vibes... well done ???

Lou Lou


Keyon Morrison

I its a travesty that this song only has 40k views in a year

Halal Eritrean

I love

LaDarian Thomas

I love the whole video. Its so original :) and the sound really compliments your voice! Fucking awesome ? Can you record a video of your smoking? I'd love to see how your experience on marijuana is! I know we don't post everything but I'd love to see that!

Lateshia Childs

I never heard any of her music before, I'm a huge Miguel fan. She doesn't sound too bad but she need a better song to sing to.

Nabila Yannis

It's a bop ngl

Kimberly Mitchell

Keep up the good work naz ?????

Fifi K

I like this song. It's stuck in my head. The fact that she says "forever mood " only once kills my vibe

Madeleine Uaine

Black & White scenes are ? Beautiful craft Naz and congratulations ?

RoseGoldRecs UK

Really good song

Asahn wyatt

feel a little 80 ish, sound is wrong for her

amnah ri


Matthew Alexander

In love with this amazing song. I love you, Queen Nazanin!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

tatenda changamire

Discovered you on Jeannie Mai's insta page❤

sweetninasky 9

Ur voice is so pretty naz !!

Savannah Cushard

This really is beautiful ❤️?

Vanessa Tavares



I think it’s such a vibe! ?? Madonna/ Brittany feels but even better in my opinion ??



Eva Shammas

Started my day with this song and ended my day with this song literally! Thank you for so much Real Feels in this song we needed this! Love you from Detroit ♥️

Lisa Simone

My love you did a beautiful job dripping talent and Virgo sexapeal. I have this on repeat I love it so much ?

Sherri Hunter

Amazing song!! Keep them coming.

Robert Ramos

She has such a beautiful voice we need to hear more from her! Please do a track with Miguel you two are a match made in heaven and I’m almost certain if you did a track together it would be amazing! Anything that Miguel touches is a masterpiece he’s the most underrated artist out there and with this kind of raw talent it will be a matter of time before her music career takes off ??

Ava Lazzari

this video just gives me bad bitch vibes and I love it!

Regular Vegan

This is dope

Ms Makubutu Nonkululeko Kgothalo Lekota

You are beautification personified.

Delicious mukosi

Yassss Queen!!! Cheering on you my Virgo sis!! Forever mood!!!?❤️

Erica Cox

?????? love it!!!

Clara Correa

So good!


Goooo naz!

Valerie Ortiz

OMG I LOVE IT!!! <3 On repeat!!!!!

Gabriel Medina

she sounds like jennifer lopez...


A. Entire. Vibe! This is One of those late night driving down the 101 fwy type Vibe. ?? You go girl! I’m Excited to see what you put out next! - Nova?