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Pound Fitness Workout // Trifecta

Pound Fitness Workout // Trifecta11 Apr. 2017
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Zumba con Roberto Southwest Detroit

I did my Pound class today, I didn't see this video,great routine! Hey noticed the tip of the Ripsticks, what is it? Is to protect the floor? I've dots all over our floor. Tell me! ??

Kimberly Dowse

What is this song actually called and by whom?

L. Michele Jolly

Some are gonna hurt their back leaning over to reach. Need to squat more and use legs

Veronica Rodriguez

Where can I get the sticks

Tamera Andrews

Omg yasssss I love this song we do it at my gym and I go innnnnn


ADVANCED POWER PILATES with Mini Ball14 Feb. 2021

This is an 80 Minute full

This is an 80 Minute full body advanced POWER PILATES workout with the mini ball. You will find challenging exercises like single arm push ups with the support of the ball and single leg standing foot work to fire up those legs!

Let me know your favorite move in the comments and what workout you want to see next on the channel!


Lindsay Bushman

#miniball #powerpilates #pilates

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Linda Emmer

Amazing!! I’m still shaking! Thank you, Lindsay!!!!!!

Fitness Marketing Hub

Just came across this workout. LOVE the channel Pilates on Demand. LOTS of potential!! :-)

patrick sam

like you already said: "I thought I was strong until I did this workout " OMG !!!

samsamm yu

Wow looks insane ❤❤❤

başak çıtak


R Lawson

I love your workouts....Thank You so much!!!! Do you think I could do this without a ball, I don't have one right now. Do you know of any subs I could use?

TAKE YOUR WORKOUT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! EdgeCross-X Advanced Workout With Sheri From Fire Up Fitness!

TAKE YOUR WORKOUT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! EdgeCross-X Advanced Workout With Sheri From Fire Up Fitness!30 Sep. 2020
EdgeCross XSubscribe 438 721

Here is a high energy,

Here is a high energy, Advanced follow-along workout video with top fitness trainer Sheri Saperstein from Fire Up Fitness. This 20-minute workout will take you through a warmup, full-body workout, stretch, and cool-down and focuses on Strength, Balance, Stability Flexibility, and Core! This is the third in a series of workouts by Fire Up Fitness Sheri, so keep an eye out for many more great workouts to come!

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