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Rep. Aaron Schock Responds to Obama's Address to Congress

Rep. Aaron Schock Responds to Obama's Address to Congress26 Feb. 2009
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Ex.-Rep. Aaron Schock says he shouldn't have resigned, won't rule out return to politics

Ex.-Rep. Aaron Schock says he shouldn't have resigned, won't rule out return to politics8 Mar. 2019
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Former Illinois Republican

Former Illinois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock reached a deal with prosecutors to drop the 24 charges he was facing from the corruption case brought after he resigned from Congress. CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe joined "Red & Blue" to talk about his interview with Schock.

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Tatsumaki Mojo

This guy is shameless!!!

Jonathan LuisJuan

Any other person would be doing Federal Prison time. Republicans are letting other Republicans get away with Crimes. What a shock huh? Lol


This guy needs to go away! He deserved jail. I think we can chalk this up to white privilege ???

Abelard Munar

He is a bad person, best example of a Hypocrite. Being raised by his parents with full of hate.

Mark Nelson

Your not making a good example for America’s kids.You sir have a sickness, get right, it’s coming to the end.

Roy Rogers

So all this time he was really a Democrat huh?

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Robert F. Koscinski

He’s so hot, though!


If Katie Hill resigned (over leaked photos), disgraced Aaron Schock should have resigned. Since this segment aired, things became even more scandalous; a collection of private text messages and revealing nude photos of Schock-er have leaked.

Jeff Kenny

Queen, how’s your beard, I mean girlfriend doing?

Emmanuel's Life and Flora

He’s a gay man that has self hatred with himself, and isn’t owning up to his own recent scandals with the leaked gay naked pics/video online, and videos of him kissing other gay men at Coachella. Plus those recent pics of him picking up a gay man at a poolside event, he won’t return to politics he’s to busy enjoying his life as a true gay man, which there’s nothing wrong with that. He should make a public apology for the cruel evil intentions he had against the gay community, he should be honest with his own sexuality and apologize for all the evil he has done to his own people end of story. If he apologizes to the gay community for the damage he has done, I believe people can forgive him and he can turn his life over and live free with himself.


He is a crook.

Fat Cole

$110k in restitution in lieu of 24 felony counts? Huh?

Brandon Christopher

He got zero jail time Wtf

Della Perkins

Aaron...you are a sweetheart. God bless your heart.

Eric Lopez

I know one of his hobbies is taking selfies....he's very GOOD at taking them, and is often very EXCITED to send these pics to specific folks! Yep I've seen em and have saved several!!! ???


How’d. Those. Nudes. Leak. Sis.


Hot or not, this guy advances the legacy of corrupt GOP politicians lining their own pockets at taxpayers expense while in office. The now resigned congressman lives a legally exonerated life in Beverly Hills and is frequently sited in West Hollywood social venues.

Darrell Dawson

He'll fit right in with the other crooks.

Dardenelle Green

He’s such a bad dude. He’s also spent his entire career fighting against gay rights but this year he was at Coachella kissing twenty dudes.

Everything about this guy is a lie and corrupt.


The GOP has totally degenerated from the Party of God to the Party of Satan. Anything goes now.

Rodney Milner

Is it true that he is gay?


He’s corrupt and a hypocrite. Sounds like nobody should vote for him

Ann Frank

Thank you, CBS, for giving the platform for the man to finally speak for himself-- Breath of fresh air among all the hype!

David Richardson

This guy is a cool assed liar. How disgusting is he? The GOP is an extensive crime family now.

Sriram Ravichandran

I feel sorry for him. Internal homophobia is a big battle to win and I am glad he overcame that. I hope he lives a decent life atleast now.

Tim Ward

Corrupt or not, the short beard looks good!

The American

Only because he’s white


This QUEEN has scary, vacant shark eyes!

Rodney Palmer

He knows what "Downton Abbey" is, believe that


who’s here after he came out

Sharty Spice

"Elaborate" office design? Honey it was FLAMBOOOOOYANT! Werk it, gurl! Oh, and LOCK HER UP!


LOLLLL we now know he's a CLOSETED gay guy. I should have seen that before just by his VOICE.......what a pathetic DORK he is.


man this guy got old...clearly didnt use sunscreen when he spent all that time barebacking on fire island

Limbos Vi

It all makes sense now that he's out as a gay man.

David Wilds

When your party affiliation say no but your heart says YAS!

888,888_ fiery_mercaba

One word: RINO.

Jason Jones

White WEALTHY respected people are always getting a pass


God he is hot! I would pardon him if we would spend time at night together ?

David Olien



boy is a Bottom

charles rod

He’s a big old power fist bottom

Trumpanzee Hunter

Forget this closeted traitor.


at least he's spending the money on some boytoys


Don't be fooled this guy did everything they said he did. They had him cold.

Chaz Bachman

He need lip filler

Andrew Lockerbie

This guy has no right to call him self gay, he should be condemned to a life of heterosexuality, we don't want him on our side. It is people like him that gives us a bad name.

Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock faces scrutiny for lavish spending

Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock faces scrutiny for lavish spending26 Feb. 2015
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Republican Congressman

Republican Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinios is under fire for his spending habits. An ethics watchdog group plans to file a new federal complaint against him, saying he improperly spent campaign funds to fly on private planes, among other luxurious items. Nancy Cordes reports.

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it's not over yet, this POS is trying to avoid an investigation leading to jail time by preemptively resigning. 




Hey, redbrian3655, maybe he was a "tea-bagger" of another type...  certainly seems so.


Oh REPUBECUNTS & DUMBOCRAPS.... With all these idiots governing the country, it  most assuredly has a BLIGHT, I mean "bright future" ahead of it... You and I  DO NOT COUNT. We never have nor ever will.. IF you can NOT GIVE $$$$$$$$$$ TO THEM, THEY DO NOT GIVE A FLYING CRAP ABOUT YOU.. YOU DON'T COUNT.. PERIOD... Oh sure ON RARE OCCASIONS they will throw you a morsel, so you think that THEY ONLY WORRY ABOUT YOU.. BUT THEY DO NOT REALLY CARE.. The USA is NOT A DEMOCRACY at all.. THE RICH & THEIR CORPORATIONS WILL ALWAYS BE IN CHARGE....
I HOPE THAT THIS IDIOT CLOWN  ENDS UP IN THE JOINT FOR A LITTLE WHILE...  WATCH THIS GEORGE CARLIN RIP  HERE ON YOUSTUBEStrademark it is called:  George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America" Jack Benton.. Watch it and EDUMAcate yourselves.. Yes, EDUMAcate YOURSELVES.. Stop being SHEEPS


TAYLOR SWIFT? He uses that highly intelligent, world renowned, advisor to the congress, TAYLOR SWIFTS words "haters are gonna hate" to counter his critics, baahaha, and mr Schocks gonna be a tax payer robbing, gay ppl opposing, hypocritical pansy closet case =\

Linda Murray

Good-ridence!!  Another GOP piece of shit we don't have to live with.  Glad to see you are leaving congress.