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"Bring Ass to get Ass" - "Let's Do It Again"

"Bring Ass to get Ass" - "Let's Do It Again"6 Jan. 2011
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(Biggie Smalls) Lockhart

(Biggie Smalls) Lockhart and Amos (Kansas City Mac) have it out Old School 70s style!

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3000 Degreez

Imma hit you so hard you ain’t gonna see nothing...EVER ?


so this what james was doing when he was away from home

Dietrich Williams

Damn, all these legends in one movie!, I was 6 or 7 when I saw this, with my mom, on the first day!, I was blown away!!!

Phillip Mckinnon


Donna H

Calvin Lockhart was so cool ?

Eamon Brennan

For a comedy that was scary...


Calvin Lockhart (RIP) and John Amos are legendary actors but realistically in fight my money is on Kansas City Mack sucka!

Micro Bully

LOL ya mama still workin in them 10 dolla houses hahahahahha

Antonio Harden

Isn’t that Gator from Truck Turner on the far left

T. Heflin

Biggie Smalls is the illest!

Leon Robinson

Biggie smalls?

Curtis Barlow

I'm going to hit you so hard, you ain't going to see nothing...Ever again!! ??

Alfredo Hernandez

There's a time in Goodtimes that James actually dressed like that,by seeing this movie you would think after he's doing his dirt in the streets,he would go home to his family and attend his father hood taking full control what happening and jj just came home from training and James telling him I got people betting on you and we need this bread to move out this ghetto.

Trevy Strickland

True classic

T. Wes

Everyone talkin Biggie Smalls, but they betta know about Kansas City Mack

Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

Man that was some serious tough guy talk right there.

Global Go Getter

I dont car what roll John Amos took he made that shit look REAL and believable. And Calvin Lockhart was silk smoove all day.

ᴄᴏʏ ᴇɢᴏ

Mac acting too hard, he’s nervous


They just roasting each other for 2 mins straight ?


1 of my favorite movies!! This 1 and it’s predecessor!

RustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop Production



No matter what movie he acts in I only see JJ's dad


Is this where the rapper got his name from? Biggie Smalls AKA Notorious BIG? ?

Nade Cha

Lol I love the sound of the cup falling on the ground at the end when Mac threw it.



Laben Brittenum

it's going on 50 years and this movie along with UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT are still classics


Lisa’s dad has a dark past, will better be careful

Troy Mott

John Amos every role he played he was hard as Steel


The most unconvincing tough talk I’ve ever heard...

allan bujanda

Samson! I be from Jamaica mon...over by da beach...booi...

Darren Bradley

A legend that's the only words I can use he's a legend

Watch TV

When homeboy started smiling with his gold teeth... I lost it!!

bean kidd

Classic they don't make movies like this anymore

Under Review - S Henry

“Does my momma still work where”.... followed by a two piece and a biscuit. Would’ve been my response to that “yo momma” diss


Started off like Playa Hatas Ball

busara 45 theVillain


William Handy

That laugh is Iconic

Andre Lindsay

When i grow up i want to be the original Biggie SMALLS. R.i.P to Calvin Lockett. A true Yard Mon Dem.West Indian for life.

Karen Perkins

The Lady With Biggie Smalls: Is The Lady Satin Struthers Smacked Up In The Movie Sparkle

m mohammed

I’m in Chicago and they run this town like a sissy

Charles Reid

What movie is this

47Campaign Fitness


Jamiami Jamiami

I actually like the guy in white better maybe because he looks just like my uncle.

My Legacy Transformed

I STILL watch this on DVD, literally once almost every 2 weeks!!! One of my MOST fave movies!!!

Next Level

Bro that’s king willie in predator 2

steven padilla

Watch your blood pressure james evans!!

Delvin Townsend

My movie

Willie Holmes

The ORIGINAL Biggie Smalls!

33Lady RAM

Classsic...? this movie thanks mom?

Kenneth Wright

Good tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimes?

Orlando Green

They both brought it, in this scene.


I love this movie. Biggie Smalls lol, who knew that a rapper would make that name very famous lol.

Ernest Butler

Man I Remember sitting in The Movie Theatre Thinking If I could talk like that(CALVIN LOCKHART) I'll get All the Girls.I tried it for A while and all I got was eJ what's wrong why are talking like that? I said to her YOU'RE COLORFUL MAC YOU'RE COLORFUL..?? luv ya byo eJ ?

Demetrius Ladson

Iconic scene

Kevin Lewis

This movie is a CLASSIC!!!!

Trevor Cheeks

One of my favorite movies of all time.

Daz Allison

Classic.. I always thought "how decently they walked past each other" after such a heated exchange ?

John Amos shamefully underrated, he deserves his props & respect now!!!

3000 Degreez

Classic. One of my best movies. You gotta bring ass to get ass ?


Jive turkey

Sebastian Shaw

What's the name of this movie. I have got to find it.

Delvin Townsend

Ass whooping if he talk about mama

Brenda Thompson

Biggie Smalls! ???

susan hurst

why can't we view this whole movie on here? i love this movie


Represent baby bayyybayyy!

Sardar Acampa

Back then when we first started seeing Paul Mooney we thought he and Calvin Lockhart we're the same person


I love this movie. Biggie Smalls lol, who knew that a rapper would make that name very famous lol.

days rays

run this town like a sissy lol :)

Jungle Brother

My favorite movie of all time.... Kansas City Mac one of the greatest characters of all-time.... John Amos is a legend!

Lucinda Gray

Don’t he know he’s talkn to his brother-n-law, lol ?!!?? If y’all watch the TV ? show, “ Good Times” , you’ll know what I’m talkn about!

Eric Carrington

You run this town like a sissy


this clip makes me interested in watching this movie. What's the title of the movie?

luxury carkey720


Mac Gotti

I saw a G.

Dope describes my rhymes, making all you MCS cold drop like dimes. You know MCSC is back again, and battling me on the microphone is like committing a sin.

I've seen it all.


Nails Jackson

Biggie Smalls huh? Just leads me to believe that no rapper is original when it comes to their names.

Stacy Harris

John Amos was and is a "real Black Man"...he ain't gotta run around cheerleadin for nobody's NFL team...he aint wearnin no team jersey with another's man's name on his back!!!...He ain't fallin for that nonsense!!!...What you saw on the 70's sitcom "Good Times" is what you get today!!!!!

Delvin Townsend

My movie let do it again


In real life, K.C Mack is actually 5 years younger than Biggie Smalls.

Merchantsmith Images

Gangster scene. The quotes are classic!

Tyrone Thomas

This is my shit leagendary

joe voidable

Movie title!


This was truly one of the great blaxploitation films

Tin 1978


Irv Mr. 313 P. 78

Rest In Peace to the greatest comedian of all time, Mr. Richard Pryor......

Why didn't you tell us?


Austin Bailey

"Your mama still work in the ten dollar houses " CLASSIC !!!!


And about 13 years later the prince of Africa turns down biggie smalls daughter and went to America and found love and made Kansas city Mack's daughter queen of Africa on top of that mack went legit with his McDowell's franchises ???

Mr Irrepressible

Is that 'Face' from the A-team?

sacha bois

10 dollar houses. Lolol

Curts Sallee

The real players....simply

Ismael Duarte

Esta série passou no Brasil ?

Corey Harvey

College clowns lol


“You got to bring ass , to get ass”.... lol

John Hinson

Mr John Is So awesome you can feel emotional

Horny as a Saxophone

Looks like a Pimp's High School Reunion and everybody's got gout, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, and a touch of ringworm

King Motley

That laughing part very popular emoji ?

Alfredo Hernandez

Got to love James,
Biggie:Now Mack! I wouldn't like to see no violence.
MACK:You ain"t
gonna have to,I'm gonna hit you soo hard you won't see nothing,EVER!???☠
James Evens Character never changes.

Samuel Griffin

Who's the man in this movie John Amos

The pot callin the kettle

This was the gayest shhh talk ever

Edward Davis

Can someone explain you got to bring ass to get ass lol
I don't get it

Cordell Senior

I love the totally miscast white guy in a zoot suit looking as threatening as Dirk Benedict. He's a silent killer. "Hold back, boys." Ha, ha...

"Get Your Ass Up!" | The Steve Wilkos Show

"Get Your Ass Up!" | The Steve Wilkos Show21 May. 2019
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Hamzah is accused of

Hamzah is accused of acting inappropriately with Monique's son. According to Monique, her three-year-old son informed her that Hamzah touched him and told him to keep quiet! Hamzah is adamant that he did not touch the child but Steve is not convinced in tonight's #SteveWilkos moment of truth!

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Comments (100)

Yo Steve and Dan really do just bully people. Bully people into things they haven't done, or have thought about.


Slap the back.of your hands together...the non verbal communication becuase your actual vocabulary is nonsense .

Corbyn Belliveau

Anyone who would touch or abuse a kid should be thrown out a 10th story window

Xavier McCormick

So you telling me this nigga was on coke on stage ???

Sara Omar

???? his faces all video

Father Doug

I just don't like dude....I'll beat him up real good for free

Alicia Mitcheax

That creepy smile left fast as hell after the results were read ???

Keri Martin

I what to know how In the world do you think Hey I’m going to touch him? LIKE WHAT he deserves to be in jail.Justice for her son

Kassandra Brown

He’s a grimey nasty pervert. Talking about “i don’t even care about what this man is doing” and calling him a bad boy .. how dare you abuse this baby then talk about him like that ?!

Kristian Linares

He definitely gay

Harvey Sussex

Nice to see they got a cannibal explaining the lie detector test

Jaden O’Daniel

I’m honestly surprised to see someone that’s not Caucasian or meth head being a kiddy toucher.

Donavin Trip

The moment a smile came about it was the moment he lied

Thabo Ngwepe

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

Daniel Obiazor

HAMZAH: what u mean
steve looked like this nigga stupid

wwe videos

He already lying wen he Call the baby a man

Jet Life

8:28 the crowd repeated the "no nigga" lol

Johnny Taylor

I'm glad michael jackson ain't around anymore

Faye Kephart

Bruh? Ignorance

BxGirl Blazin'

His name is Hom-zah?

Doris Jenkins


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February ._. Again

mhm -,-


To many claps here...?. "??????"

Brandon Fowler

He thinks it's funny, even if he allegedly didn't do it, he should be worried, cuz if not him, someone else is doing that to the child, and he should be furious.

Wallahi Wr3

i think hes trans fam

Breshawn Bashe

5:50 'I did coke?' head ass

Jennifer Corbally

I hope mom gets medical help for the large swelling in her neck :(

Self Aware

This is all bollocks, they cant do a lie detector test ( which is not admissible in court as they are unreliable ) so they do a "forensic interview" which is subjective in the extreme.
Are these interviews admissible in court as facts??
I did a forensic viewing and determined that Steve is a lizard. That claim is just as credible Is that guy innocent? Nope Is he guilty of the crime? Let a judge and jury decide.

Eddie Bacon

You need to break him, like a Kit Kat bar

Mitch Kightley

he can recount the day it happened but never touched him ...hmmm most people don't remember average days FYI .

FredPatrick Gaines


Lemon Boy

So Steve your chairs didn't go brrr in this one


Dude got the stupidest lie face ever

Joshuatree Pollitt

Not all black lives matter ,I'm waiting

Mella Spain

What language are these people speaking ?

Ali Chehab

The moment he calls that child a "man" I knew he was guilty.


"i axted you" what?

Jessica Cano

He has the audacity to say that she better whoop him once this is over??

Tyrell Cabey

Is my man a sheep at 4.08 in the vid lol

Monquea White

She's a pretty dark skin woman and she pull it off with short hair. Not all women can do that.

Sally Septim IV

that dude defo watches cuties in his spare time, the audacity of that dick blaming the kid, A THREE YEAR OLD BABY

TaMya McIntyre

How the three year old even know about sex period


imma take a guess and say he did it

Laylay That gurl


Heys Plays

Is this acting?

Lilly Alvarez

"I called the cops knowing I was innocent " obviously you werent

Jadin Mosley

Lmao I could tell he was guilty and gay when he came out clapping like a female??

Cri'style Music

He was smiling , just sad .

Austin Wright

I thought that was roddy rich?


5:29 ayo who clapped ????


Bitch shut up for a sec. Jesus. Even if...let him bury himself while talking, shut. Up.

CuriousStar XD

Man time he came out he looked guilty ??

Raula Awad

this rlly disgusts me

Alyssa Wallace

you can see the lie through the spaces in his teeth

Jinxy_ Anna

He seems to be on serious drugs and needs jail

Dwayne Walker

This whole segment felt off. Maybe "staged" by the two guests? I couldn't get over them both smiling during various points through the segment. Him more than her, but she smiled some too.

Dani X

I hate this dude face frfr

BumNuggetz Jr

I can't tell if there communicating from speech or the claps?

Thabo Ngwepe

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

Mr. Black

I don't even have to finish the video to know he's guilty look at his face while Dan is explaining the polygraph


I know this is as awful as it gets but these women gotta stop! You don't put your boyfriend in bed with your son. Period. I have never allowed another man around my son after my divorce, without my presence. Just to be sure. I remarried a good man who's an excellent father who had 2 sons of his own. That was years ago and I had no regrets.

Naheem Lewis

My mom's not playing

Vraxial IDV

Obvious he did it that’s a given anyone can see.

But fuckin hell the “mother” with the “ i axed you bruh I axed you bruh “ ... this kid has a shite start to life

Ali Chehab

He’s literally a terrible liar anyone could spot a million miles away

Mason Rodgers

I believe he didn’t do it Bc Steve’s bitch ass lie detector test isn’t 100% das sum bullshit fuck this show and fuck every comment in here

Kimberly Nolan

He's a freaking idiot. He deserves what he gets. 'Bend over benny' when he gets to prison.


Why did the woman keep going towards him when being pushed back?

chocolate city

He understands! He smokes that shit block the truth

Po Gaming

Why do I feel like this is the first video most people watched made by Steve

Rory Rooster

I only watched cause the thumbnail is funny.

Pot Pusher

How many times they clapped

Joshuatree Pollitt

He called a three year old a man lol

kylee orr

"And with that fer the hell off my stage"? that killed me I was expecting a " You do sure have a pretty mouth" From him next???

kev b

Blacks lives matter???

Amada Petra Nze Eworo

is wrong with people these days.


Lock yours ass up..

Not Who You Think This Is

He really said, “you better whoop his ass after this.” And his dumb ass called the police so he could be “ahead” of the situation.

steveissexy 1967.

oh my god would somebody please teach these people how to say asked not aksed

Kaijuuu ._

Steve wilkos got those baby doll eyelids. He looks like the ones that blink

Wendy Moostoos

Mans walked in lookin like a Horse?✋?

Dizzy Alexander

For the love of God what is up with these rapid predators? And constant cases of molestation all the women in the world to romance and they choose a innocent kid maybe that’s why I’m not a parent yet because if I ever went thru this that guy wouldn’t make it to the police and I’m dead serious about that I don’t play when it comes to children

Juan Myburgh

I wonder if on national TV she attacks the guy and he does nothing can she be arrested.?

Tyquan Clark

I can't even find a gorgeous black woman and these the dudes they go for??

Dead Boy

they don’t like pedo’s in jail so he’ll have lots of fun


He is a three year old kid why would he LYE about being touched like come on-

Amber Catanzariti

This BOY who isn’t a man, is disgusting, and shouldn’t exist. Anyone who touches little kids should cease to exist. Sick disgusting perverts

Nina Denisha

He just seems off

Stephen Magnus O'Connor

There's a very good reason we say "Dan the Man!"

Jordan Michael

If you even gotta ask someone if they ever touched some kids before I think you are dating the wrong people ?


I can not stand when woman / young girls speak that way Bruh ?it’s so Unlady like .


I have so much respect for steve’s controll over his emotions. Tbh if i would meet this crazy ass people i would get so mad and just ??‍♂️??✨

Dirty Dan

wow she's gorgeous.

Matt Hinman

Dr Phil a couple months ago had a episode about a 15 year old boy telling his parents he molested 2 little boys and a Psychiatric Dr said not to give up on him. Why give up on this 22 year old? It's only 7 year difference? And I'm not defending him I'm actually curious

Tianna Ness

BRUH BRUH BRUH!!! Thats all i hear from her

Ashley Neinhoüs

1:40, Look at this creep

Thunderwolf Productions

honestly Steve must be having a hard time holding himself back from beating the crap out of these people for being terrible people to kids and other people
like man it must take a LOT of willpower to do that

Jet Life

7:48 ??? stand up get your azz up

Leon Johnson

Idk it’s tv and it can be edited ... there is no proof

Michael Smallwood

I can only understand about 50% of what they are saying.

Ali Chehab

He's trying to make the victim seem irrelevant, as if he's not an innocent toddler. He's trying to discredit this poor child

Get Yo Ass (feat. Pharmacist & Blxckbusta)

Get Yo Ass (feat. Pharmacist & Blxckbusta)11 Apr. 2020
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Get Yo Ass (feat. Pharmacist & Blxckbusta) · Ghostface Playa

High As Fuck

℗ 1607475 Records DK

Released on: 2020-04-06

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Team Xilc

where parallel gets their music lol


Good song men

Will unSeals

Youre my new hero. Keep the vocals high :)


literally fire

Sultan n

من طرف bqluizz

Jsn Bass



hard.. like my D



Oliwia Krajewska

Oh fuck...that's dope.. ?

Scary FC

bqluiz thx



zero zero

бля мне бы намутить акапелы такие


Лучший фонк

InCorp ing

damn, this dank shit


Gun fire

Volodymyr Polotskyi