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Nike Romaleos 4 versus Reebok Legacy Lifter - Olympic Weightlifting Shoe Compare and Contrast

Nike Romaleos 4 versus Reebok Legacy Lifter - Olympic Weightlifting Shoe Compare and Contrast9 Apr. 2020
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I look at the Nike

I look at the Nike Romaleos 4 vs the Reebok Legacy Lifter Flexweave. How do they compare? Which is the best Oly lifter for you? Watch and find out what you need to know. #Nike #NikeTraining #CrossFit

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Quinn Nisbet

Loving the videos! My only request is that you would use a tape measure to demonstrate the narrowness of the shoes because honestly, they all look pretty similar on videos. Anyway, thanks for the speedy reviews, keep 'em coming!

Adam Adam

The extra hole on the heel is to let you lock the laces by looping the lace back in on itself and threading through to loop on the other side (like on running shoes)


What about Adipower1 ? I'm flat foot


how is just 2mm heel difference between , the reebook heel looks way bigger/taller.

Violeta Fernández

Why im i even watching this, im too broke to buy any of these

Mitchell Pham

I already have the legacy lifters and I’ve used them for about 2-3 years. I’m thinking about the 4s to try and give me a speed advantage over the legacy’s what do you think?

Oliver Allen

What I noticed with olympic shoes is that the apparent traction isn't really indicative of practical traction. I have worn adistars and those don't have great tractions if you lightly graze your feet with the ground, however I never felt disconnected during any movement. The type of platform you're moving on makes a difference too. I'm sure it sticks well to official platform material types.

Selim Pro

When you bought Nike romaleos, did you get your full matinism, or a size bigger?
Thanks for the video

A Whimsical Statue

Just FYI, the two straps are NOT new to Romaleos. The 2's had them. If anything, the Reebok Legacy Lifter took that idea from them.


Awesome review

Jack German

How’s the arch support? I’m looking for a shoe that really support the inside of my ankle as I lack the proper support. If only people stopped making c shaped shoes and made something rectangular with a wide toe box


If you are looking for nice wide weightlifting shoes, there's nothing better than Nike Romaleos 2 or the Anta's (Rom 2 inspired).
If you take a look at the Olympics almost everyone is wearing rom 2s or antas, maybe adipowers here and there.
Plus you forgot to mention that the forefoot on the legacy is raised, which is a downside considering that you are supposed to grab the ground with your toes, and you kinda have to force it too much in these shoes,, which is so uncomfortable, specially snatching.

Max Mustermann

Romaleos 4: Lit. Legacy Lifter: Whack.

Fit At Midlife

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Post here and I'll answer as best I can.

On Feet - 0:23
Heel To Toe Drop (22mm Reebok vs 20 mm Nike) - 1:41
Noise / Sound 4:10
Traction Grip - 5:19
Upper - 6:55
Straps/Bands/Exoframe 8:00
Sizing - 9:56
Insole - 12:16
Weight - 13:50
Forefoot flexibility - 15:03
Midfoot straps - 15:35
Laces - 16:37
Tongue - 17:28
Heel Slippage? - 17:50
Feel on the platform - 19:22
Summary - 21:41


I wear Nano 8s size 11 because of how wide they are. So Romaleo 4s in 11 or 11.5 for width?

Hippo kun

nice video thanks


Is there one that you recommend over the other for someone who was a flat/wide foot?

Marvin Hecht

Thank you very much for this direct comparison and great detail, and being honest about your thoughts and opinions. Man I love the Romaleos 4 way more, but locally in Canada they cost $202 USD and the Reebook Legacy Lifter 2 is on sale for $117 USD. Maybe I'll have to get the Reebook's and rationalize it by saying that the additional 2 mm difference in height will be good for me (shhhh) !!!


If you want views and a great pair of weightlifting shoes, I would compare the 2s to the 4s

Ömer Koyuncu

Leather legacy lifters are definitely the best

Completely Random Content

Can anyone advice I'm getting a lot of ankle issues while lifting lately. I'm a noobie about 8 months in gym. Should I go for these shoes or this isn't the right solution.


Will let you know how the size 11.5 goes for both legacy lifters and nano 9

John Joshua Dela Cruz

I'm looking to buy romaleos 4 or rebook legacy I will mainly use it for squating which one will you recommend?


I wonder if the thin part on the Nike’s would break if you did calf raises.


Thank you

Barefoot Vs Trainers Vs Weightlifting Shoes | WHY USE EACH

Barefoot Vs Trainers Vs Weightlifting Shoes | WHY USE EACH21 Dec. 2020
Jake BolySubscribe 438 721


AFFORDABLE PROGRAMMING: https://pheasyque.com/

Barefoot VS Training Shoes VS Weightlifting Shoes.

A question I'm asked pretty frequently about #TrainingShoes on my shoe videos is, "What type of shoe should I wear for *insert activity*?

Over the last five years, I've reviewed over 50+ pairs of training shoes and #WeightliftingShoes, so I have a pretty good idea about the construction specs for multiple models. Blend that with my coaching background, and I've built a pretty good framework in regard to what shoes will benefit certain lifters best.

In this video, I compare and discuss barefoot lifting, working out in cross-training shoes, and using weightlifting #shoes.

0:00 Intro

0:50 Why barefoot lifting?

2:05 Why cross-training shoes?

3:36 Why lifting shoes?

5:25 Takeaway points

At the end of the day, unless you're training in a specific manner, cross-training shoes will likely be your best bet.

Hopefully, you're able to take something useful from this video. As always, if you have any questions drop them below!


TRAINING SHOES EXPLAINED https://youtu.be/n-qWWKIq3no

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rose jeudy

You are a good talker make someone to buy anything and your store ???

Keith Golightly

Great vid. I would add that doing DLs and squats bare foot allow the athlete to excerpt more force off the ground. Having a sole between your feet and the ground will absorb some of that force, even stiffer soles.


well, we have about 10 muscle in the bottom of the feet that stabilize the feet. wearing a stability shoe is like wearing a neck brace. what happens if wear a neck brace every day for years? ya, the neck muscles will weaken. what about wearing stability shoes? same thing. after wearing stability shoes all the time for years, you will need stability to hold ur feet because the feet are too weak to support themselves. for me, it’s best to go barefoot, or wear minimalist shoes. i guess near-minimalist shoes are ok if i rotate with going barefoot.

Brother Yach

I do all my lifting in socks, but once my feet stop growing (I’m 16) I want to get squat shoes since I have long legs and find it annoying I can only get to parallel on squats (6’2.5). Do you have tips for ankle mobility or any hip mobility exercises? I’ve been squatting for about a year, and my mobility has improved just from doing ankle and hip warm up exercises before my squats but I don’t know what to do on my rest days to further improve my mobility. Anyways, appreciate the channel and the fact that your videos are actually very informative and not just fluff bs info.
(Also I found one of your videos of the hovr rise 1s and bought them for baseball and overall running/ cutting and I love them)

Steven Louis

Nice! I’m a fan of Adidas Powerlifts for a lot of my training. They’re half-way between training shoes and traditional lifters in my opinion.