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SORRY, I MESSED UP HIS OHP set - Planet fitness session 365lb bench at 150lb body weight

SORRY, I MESSED UP HIS OHP set - Planet fitness session 365lb bench at 150lb body weight18 Oct. 2016
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Not sure if iMovie is

Not sure if iMovie is messed up, but my app doesn't have the voiceover recorder icon, so couldn't provide you with updates in video.

Summary: spent 10 days in Florida for Lucas's 3rd bday. Lyla started kindergarten and Lucas started pre-pre school in Sept. Lucas had surgery on both eye lids due to multiple Chalazion's (clogged oil gland). Surgery was a success, but he has more hidden deep so Dr prescribed a 6month antibiotic. We're about 8wks in... Tool another vacation to Fall Creek Falls in Oct and had an amazing relaxing time.

Haven't gotten any stronger, but have gotten happier with life. My max is probably around 390 right now and bodyweight consistently 152/153.

Thanks for subscribing and watching my videos.

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How many gyms does this man go to

Cat Likepizza Gaming

Hardly call myself a bench press guru
Actually I’m about as opposite as you can get to a guru but I’m in awe of how the lift seems to be getting out of shape sometimes and you still complete it


love these videos, showing your life outside of lifting really lets us connect with you man

real good stuff


Gimme some of them fuckin type II fibers plz you don't need all that.

kinda fat kinda strong

blue shirt guy buddy look for a tutorial on line my guy you are gonna hurt yourself buddy

Ghost Buckzhy

4:41 look in the mirror


if I seen you in my gym I'd give you a fist bump bro bravo pal ?

Giuseppe Bottino

Manca la traduzione in italiano

Frank McLain

Nobody cares what u bench. U got twig legs. No back. I'd knock u out in an instant. Still think you front w fake weights but if not if that's all you do is bench geta life. Do more fishing spend more time w family


That kid in the blue shirt doing the 65 pound shoulder presses almost broke his neck.Lol

ExMachina SC2

ZOMG skinny Asians can't lift.

James Ball

Dude in the blue shirt ? definitely needs to ask for help with all the weight overhead ??‍♂️??‍♂️

Captain Levi

Now I see, in other to increase my bench press, one must have kids lol


I hovered my ass over my seat as if i was going to spot you at 5:27


Can someone (seriously) explain how he does this, no offence its brilliant but with his size and frame you'd never expect it... never judge a book !

John Lawson

It's almost like every memory and proud moment of his kids is what gives him the strength to lift the next set.



Anton Gustavsson

Oh no planet fitness

Mr Hyde

This is Bruce Lee's cousin ?

Gerick Aventurado

7:15 is the cleanest and most balanced 315x5

Jaykay 47

So we’re just gonna ignore the weird breathing...

peanut McPherson

I love the videos one thing i hate though is all that moving around on the bench

Paolo Bernabe

One does not say "Ive benched 315 for reps when i was at your young age"

Unless youre UFpwrlfter. ?


I'd understand a quick glance but people stopping and staring like a fucking 6 year old would piss me off...


Triathlon is an amazing sport! Your kids are gonna be machines when they get older.


jesus. that kid could barely lift the bar that only had 5 pounds on each side. his form was terrible was focused on you. Gee whiz i hope that kid found his way

Doctor Squidman

Holy fuck that OHP was awful lol

Richard May

God bless you and your family. You have the heart of a Warrior and a heart of Gold. Keeping feeding off the negativity of other's because it HAS and WILL make YOU STRONGER.

Inoke Kirikiti

Haha! One punch man in the flesh. Good jod Lucas on surgery!

song min

I think he just look at the mirror on another side good vodeo tho


Good bench dude!

Mark Mikasa

How many different gyms do you work out at? Also do you do anything else besides bench? All of you videos you only bench.


we litterally have the same obsession, bench and bass fishing


He benches: everybody freezes
He finishes his set: everybody MOVE MOVE MOVE, DO SMTH

Alex Downs

Okay now that Shimano baitcaster collection is almost more impressive than any bench press lol


I still dont understand how people lift this kind of weight when they weigh like 150 lbs lol... lots of 3-5 rep range sets i guess xD

Joseph Perez

Tbh, never seen a Planet Fitness with barbells.

Eric H

Where do you keep finding planet fitness with free weight benches? Every planet fitness I bend to only has smith machines it’s not the same

richard mcclendon

I don't get the need to travel around to different gyms to display your bench press prowess while disparaging other gym members.

Disoriented & Tired Ex Machina

Free weights? At a planet fitness tf

Darrell Brown

you should post a video of you repping out 225

Tan Marino

I like hitting 405 at planet and getting looks. I’m 230 and very lean and bulked up, but people don’t usually see that there


It still surprises me this PF had free weight barbells

juan thomas

I've seen pictures of his chest with no shirt and its extremely well developed. And he only flat benches. No incline. No decline. And his entire chest is full, including his upper chest. So why the fuck am I inclining? It's so freaking hard to incline bench. It doesnt seem to matter.


what the we dont have any barbell benchs at my old planet fitness


A wolf in sheep's clothing

Charlie Cordero

8:25 still skiping leg day


1:46 me trying to fall asleep.


that ohp form was t e r r i b l e

Berry Smith

How much test-250 should I take per week to achieve results like you? Or should I stack it with sarms? Maybe tren or A-Bombs


Who the hell puts thumbs down on a video like this?Sick people out there .Seriously.


someone, please tell the guy @ 6:00 to get his posture in order before he ends up pulling something he doesn't want to even think about.

KristaL Mac LeoD


Dondi McNeil

What planet fitness has free weights?!?!?


Omg i wish my planet fitness had free weights bench


42 thumbs down's from 365 lb guys who can't bench 150 lbs

Eric H

Worst ohp form I ever seen Jesus lol

Luid Carreazo

Planet fitness what they didn’t kick you out!!!!


1:08 thought it was Jason Genova spotting you.

Michael Ng

Your kids are adorable and this is inspiring man

Schoeib Sabri

I hope and pray your little hero son is well by now. Allah bless you and your family my brother

D.J. Brooks

Very impressive and with all due respect; an epitome of a narcissist.

Tony Avant

Dope thats just 25 minutes away from me


Nice fake weights, skinny people cant do that

Tadej Božičko

Elbows in, not out.



Hemant Hardyal

There is just something tranquil when you bench press .

Patrick Ballow

Literally every video is ckick bait. 傻逼

Ben Lucas

your kids are adorable bro

Joel Shasteen

Here is a guy that is genuinely enjoying weightlifting. No ego, no crazy promotion. Just some dude that has an incredible strength to weight ratio. Fitness industry needs more of this.


1:05 worst spotter ever, dude had no intention of reacting if anything happened

Led Nirvana

1:48 red tshirt looks so sad :(

Elijah atoms

How can you bench like that bit be so small? No offense ..really

Nyce Nj

Either he is a freak of nature or fake weights....

Gordon Gekko

This shit is fake 315 doesnt spin so easy while its racked.

Oliver C

4:01 haha training bra

Nikita Romanovskis

Yu motivate me for today's bench session

Bizzle Beltran

1st vid cool. 2nd vid cooler. 3rd vid I dont get it anymore..

Roy Perez

Same thing again... You suck


Blue shirt's ohp form gave me cancer


Why do you only go for low reps, don't want to gain too much muscle? ?


Point for pound you can bench the same as Larry wheel

Jacob Berger

5:52 the music playing in the gym sounds like the minecraft parody called Fallen Kingdom


Blue shirt needs to do the bar can’t lift them heels up buddy

Ricardo Herrera

The guy she tells you not to worry about vs You

Hypnotyz 1

Im sorry bro but your spotter for 365x1 didn’t seem to interested in even remotely assisting you if needed, & thats very dangerous! Im very impressed by your size, & what your able to accomplish (subbed) but please look into a new spotter!


It’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chest on Bruce Lee’s body

Christian Christopher

my planet fitness doesn't have a benching area

zhengyang li

You push 300 like nothing....that weight can kill me....maybe I should spend more time to fishing.

Kristijan Sušnik

This dude is a skinny guy who only does heavy bench

The Rooster

Wait, since when does planet fitness have actual benches rather than just Smith machines??? Maybe it's just my area

william sewell

It almost seems you are doing it without as much leg drive. Seems to be all chest and shoulder blades back.




guy in the blue shirt was doing some very very bad form OHP's..


Why we don't have PF like this in Chicago. I'm mad as heck ????

The Twitch Watcher

every time i watch this guy BLOWS MY FUCKING MIND

Captain H

Just curious, but how many days per week do you generally bench?

Aaronasmr 883

Just look at the guys admiring him and then quickly go to what they were doing when he sits up

Morgaric Shephard

You're a goddamn machine, keep lifting man, beautiful family

Gamebattles God

Idk bout you but im convinced its fake weights

Signing Up For Planet Fitness!

Signing Up For Planet Fitness!20 Jan. 2020
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I signed up for Planet

I signed up for Planet Fitness today :) Let's do this together!

Savvy's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6eMrJuH3B4ikevAKAAO5rw/featured

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So when you go in to workout do they ask for your id or do you just swipe your card

Mortan23 React

do u need a id to sign up for planet fitness for my age

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Returning to the gym for

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Before you head to the club, make sure to check the Crowd Meter on the PF app. It will show you how many people are at your club in real-time and help you practice Social Fitnessing™. When you arrive, you can complete a touchless check-in by using your digital key tag that is also located on the Planet Fitness app. Also, don’t forget to utilize the hand sanitizer and cleaning stations that are stocked with disinfectant spray and paper towels. Our Team Members are always cleaning, but with your help, we can keep things extra squeaky clean.

We’re ready when you are and can’t wait to see you back in the Judgement Free Zone®!

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