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Marathon Training - Top 10 Tips for Beginners

Marathon Training - Top 10 Tips for Beginners27 Jan. 2020
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Are you training for your

Are you training for your first marathon?

These are my top 10 tips for those that may be training for their first event. Based upon everything I've learnt in the last 6 years, here are some things I wish I knew when training for my first marathon.

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John T

thank you for such an informative video.


Thanks for this. Started training for my first full this week. I have 16 weeks, a little freaked out. Great tips.


Thanks so much for this video! I'm actually training for my first marathon right now, I'm in week 6/20 and I'll definitely keep all of your tips in mind! Most of them I've been following so far, but I haven't yet gotten a sports massage. Maybe I'll treat myself to one next month :)

JOEL shevlin

Great video - Would you recommend drinking whey protein shakes at all?


Great advice, thank you ?

Michael Leers

Really insightful information based on your experience - it will be great for many others, even seasoned runners, to watch this.
Thanks, Katie!


Unless you are classed as an Elite runner, you aren't taking part.

ann marie smith

thank,s vary much i save your vedio it will be my first time i cant waite

How to setup Marathon Training Plan on your Garmin Watch

How to setup Marathon Training Plan on your Garmin Watch1 Jul. 2019
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How to setup Marathon

How to setup Marathon Training Plan on your Garmin Watch. Easy and quick setup to have the training plan on your watch. There is also 5k, 10k, half marathon and starter plans on the site.

Here is the link to the Garmin Connect site, log in with your Garmin details and follow the instructions in the video. https://connect.garmin.com/modern/

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Garmin 235 https://amzn.to/2XvS7rR

Garmin 45 https://amzn.to/2xbOMja

Garmin 645 https://amzn.to/2SXOQNd


Garmin 245 http://tidd.ly/120dcd9d

Garmin 245 Music http://tidd.ly/33af2e48

Garmin 45: https://amzn.to/2JYDkNI

Garmin 235 https://amzn.to/2JUbhic

Garmin 645 https://amzn.to/2SWHFoy

**Watch More**

Forerunner 45 unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTpbtEGfEck&t

Forerunner 245 review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNHZUS2rRLQ&t

Forerunner 45 Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsH4865EgUo&t

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Joe Mullin

Any idea why when I click "run" and access "training" my plan is shown there but not on the calendar or coaching widget? Forerunner 645.


Do you recommend the heart based plans or the standard ones?

Kate Southern

hi! I ahve been through teh process and chosen a marathon plan. However, despite my watch syncing with the mobile app, the training plan doesn't appear on my watch. Fenix 6s. any ideas?

David Maguire

Brilliant! Would never have figured that out on my own! Thanks Shanebow

Rachel Marsh

Hey, i have just done this - thank you - how do I know day by day what I have i to do?
I havn't used the training programs yet, and I am not sure how to use them?
I see on day one I have to to do 40 mins of cross training, but I read I read that on my laptop, How will i know each day what needs to be done ?

Daniel Bazylewych

Anyone have any thoughts on the efficiency and effectiveness of this plan?




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Garmin 245 Music https://amzn.to/2K4fdwT
Garmin 235 https://amzn.to/2XvS7rR
Garmin 45 https://amzn.to/2xbOMja
Garmin 645 https://amzn.to/2SXOQNd
Garmin 245 http://tidd.ly/120dcd9d
Garmin 245 Music http://tidd.ly/33af2e48
Garmin 45: https://amzn.to/2JYDkNI
Garmin 235 https://amzn.to/2JUbhic
Garmin 645 https://amzn.to/2SWHFoy

*Watch More*
Forerunner 45 unboxing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTpbtEGfEck&t
Forerunner 245 review  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNHZUS2rRLQ&t
Forerunner 45 Review  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsH4865EgUo&t

Subscribe: www.youtube.com/shanebow?sub_confirmation=1

The product links are affiliate links, which means the stores give me a small cut of the profit they get from the sale to you. Using them supports the stuff I'm doing on my channel and helps me make more videos. Thanks so much for you support if you click through those links as you are helping me!!

owen harrold

Shanebow I’m
Guessing you need to plug your watch into a pc to do this? Thanks

ahmed hamerrie

Thank you so much

Lias Kwok Lai

was dumbfounded that there were no full marathon plans in the app and for some reason they only have them in the website??? And they don't even have a "more plans" link in the app. Thanks for the heads up!

Connor Bobbett

Thanks so much. Genuinely would’ve never found that on my own

Madrabaz Bekçi

You saved my life ? thx

Alex Me

Thx mate! Though I tran 5k ;)

Jose Luis Destrieux Muñoz

this plans runs on fr45, 235 and vivoactive 3? im looking for buy one of this watches

Going Back To Apple Watch - Chicago Marathon Training

Going Back To Apple Watch - Chicago Marathon Training7 Aug. 2019
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kofuziSubscribe 438 721

Many of you have already

Many of you have already noticed that I've switched back to the Apple Watch Series 4 from photos and videos I've posted to Instagram. In this video, I talk about the 3 reasons why I've switched back.

Disclosures: I received this smart watch from Nike after running the Chicago Marathon with Nike in 2018. However, they are not paying me to make this video or to use the watch. No one has advised, recommended, or encouraged me to make the switch. No money is exchanging hands. No one knows I am making this video. No one will have any preview of my thoughts or footage until it becomes available on YouTube.

apple watch series 4 nike+


Thanks for watching! Leave a comment to let me know you stopped by!


The charity runner of the week is Ryan Szymkiewicz who is running the Chicago Marathon and raising money for PAWS, an animal shelter dedicated to creating no-kill communities. I've donated $70 to support Ryan's fundraising efforts, and I hope you will consider joining me.



strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/kofuzi

twitter: https://twitter.com/wordofko

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kofuzi/

etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kofuzi

subscriber count at time of upload: 22,989

end card music:

Jim Yosef - Checkered


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Jim Duyck

I definitely get the appeal of the Apple Watch because of how much it can do and do well. However, for me, I actually did want the ability of creating structured workouts like I have done in Garmin Connect for my FR 245M. You have a LOT of flexibility...for some workouts where I want to stick to a strict schedule, I do have the Run and Recovery durations set for either a specific time or distance. On the other hand, you also have the ability to set your Recovery or Rest segment (Recovery is included in the workout tracking, Rest is not) durations also by Lap Button Press. I have my 30 seconds strides workouts set like that, so that if I need more than 1 min. exactly between strides, it stays on the Rest lap until I hit the Lap button to go into the next workout segment.

Ultimately, this gives you a combo of not having to think about duration during the Run segments, flexibility for your Rest segments, and tracking your progress within the overall workout.

Dean Lewis

Interesting how different needs work for different runners, I had a nike apple watch series 4 for the first 7 months of my running 'journey' using the Nike Run Club app. Once my variation of training increased and became more varied, the apple watch just wasn't doing enough for me (again this is via the NRC app, also tried Strava and wasn't a fan) so I sold it and purchased a Polar Vantage M which for me, is the perfect running watch for where I'm at right now and has made training far easier.

Daniel M

I think you made a good call. There’s so much convenience to the Apple Watch. I personally never looked back after switching from the Apple Watch to the Garmin 235 last year. I had a PR in a race in November and the Apple Watch made a tracking error. Sometimes I still wish I could listen to music/audiobooks/podcasts on my runs, but I think running without those things has a benefit. I still will take the Apple Watch with me on occasion, but I always use my Garmin to track my runs.

Zack Dunn

Good thing to know about the nike run club app on the Apple Watch is that if you choose a speed run, when you pause it it shows the rest time and how many intervals and such you’ve done.


My own experience with the AW3 is that without the phone in range, the GPS is pretty inaccurate (a recent 15km race became an 18km race on my watch).


Hi! Do you run with or without music for training and races? If with music, do you plan to get an Apple Music subscription and download music playlists to play music during your runs? Thank you!

Banana Dude

You’re one of the kind, Mike!!!

Louis Cameron

Mike, are you running the testflight 4.0 Beta of WorkOutDoors? I think you would really enjoy the 4.0.2 version of the app. Lots of new configurations, especially when it comes to intervals and a bunch of other new features.

nanda prawira

Whats wrong with your suunto 5?

Mohammad Fairuz Al-Tampinisi

Garmin for me. Very satisfied with them (I own a couple)

Tristan Liggett

It hurts me to see people wear nike 4%’s and next%’s for regular training... THEY’RE RACING FLATS PEOPLE!!! Anyone else agree???


I like my Apple Watch so that I can listen to podcasts or audiobooks and remain in contact, in case of an emergency, without my phone. But if I’m doing intervals, it’s gotta be my Garmin. An 8x400, for example, is a real pain if I must look down to see whether I’ve hit 400 meters yet.

Brian Reiter

I’m surprised that Suunto is so janky in its interface to lock you into a screen when it is paused. I agree with a lot of what you said. I sometimes use a structured workout particularly to keep the count of intense repeats because my brain starts to melt and I lose count. I ask like to use my watch in a similar way to what you describe by using the lap button for capturing fartlek interval and hill repeat workouts but I use a Garmin fēnix.

Trần Ngọc Minh ISTC

What's your Data Field when using WorkOutDoors @kofuzi

The Flame Imperishable

I really love running with just my Apple Watch as well. I use Overcast to download Podcasts automatically in the background to my watch, and take my iPhone with me only on long Long Runs :)

If you read this, I need some advice for a new uptempo trainer/racer for distances between 10k to a half marathon (and a bit beyond); Tempo runs, Intervalls and the like. So far I used the Zoom Fly Flyknit, but I couldn’t get a good fit; the upper was to roomy - my feet are super low volume - resulting in lot of slipping. Shoes that crossed my mind are the Nike Zoom Fly 3; New Balance Rebel, or Zante Pursuit; Hoka Carbon X, or Rincon; etc. ... or I get the Zoom Fly FK again but half a size down or the largest woman size.

I know you can not decide for me, but I would appreciate your opinion, since as a student I usually buy last years models on sale and spending more than $120 for a running shoe is possible, but hard to justify - it would have to be really good and shouldn’t be unusable after 200miles...

Thanks :)


Your video is right on point. Ever since you got the Suunto 5 (and SJD as well), I was seriously considering getting one myself. I use a Vantage V (and my old FR935 from time to time), and am quite happy with it (except for the fact that its pause screen is as informative as a white sheet of paper, apparently just like the Suunto 5). At the end of the day I want a watch to get out of my way during a run. I heard of Suunto's limited workout builder. Both my Vantage V, and 935 can be set to either automatically start the next interval or wait for my lap input after the recovery period has ticked down. However, neither of those can change intervals on the fly unless you use their interval timer, which I usually resort to instead of creating a structured workout. For the same reason as you, I think of it as bad fortune. Also, when you watch elites during track workouts, they just hit the lap button on their watch (or their coaches on theirs), and would never confine themselves to pre-baked workouts. And yes, when I do resting periods during VO2Max intervals where I just stand or walk around the starting line for the next rep having a sip from my bottle, I don't want those periods to be taken into account for overall moving time, therefore influencing pace. Something that's not possible with structured workouts. Every guide to training emphasizes the importance of running your intervals on point but to stay flexible during recovery, to be able to meet the former.

Aleksandar Petrovic

Does it measure ascent and descent during running ?


I just wanted to say Thank You for donating to someone running for PAWS. I've adopted all 3 of my cats from them since I moved to Chicago 3 yrs ago. Great shelter & great cause. I've been following you for a couple years. I've noticed how much you've slimmed down in the past couple years, you can really see the difference in your face. Is it from diet or just cardio? You look great! btw! I love your videos. They have given me different ideas of where to run & places to see here in Chicago. ( hills...who knew?) I'm a shy introvert. I don't socialize much outside of work & do alot of things on my own, so thank you for the vlogs. Keep doing what you're doing- your channel is great! Best of luck in the marathon.✌


Had the fenix 5 and now the forerunner 945. Reality is us runners have so many great watch options now than ever. I personally can’t run without my phone because I’m too paranoid :)

Michael Sesler

I believe you covered this before, but what heart monitor are you using?

Terrence Huey

Not a Nike or Apple fan personally, but appreciated the disclosures & rationale explained in this video. Makes a lot of sense, and will be interesting to see if you'll enjoy the Apple Watch's advantages to keep running with it after Chicago

Derrick Smith

Nike Run Club or just the workout app?



K Kevin

I have both Garmin Fenix 5s and Apple Watch 3. The good thing for apple watch is that I can get rid of iphone but still can listen to music, and at very beginning I wore both and turned on gps to track because I want to see how big discrepancies they are. Reality was my apple watch almost out of battery for music and tracking simultaneously for only about 2 hours. So probably I won't turn on tracking on my apple watch 3 on a marathon race. How is the battery on apple watch 4?

tiago ferreira

Garmin 245 its the better thing to have kofuzi . If you give a try to this watch for sure you will do your marathon training plan with him ?

Shayne Francis

Garmin Forerunner 620 has good functionality that will do what you need. I will program in runs prior to heading out, and for sections that I'm not sure how long I will take to do drills/recover/swap shoes, I just use the "Press Lap Button" function to move to the next part of the program. Very handy and I would definitely recommend the Forerunner range.

Dale Leslie

Yeah I am a Suunto 9 runner and I’m so frustrated that they haven’t been able to introduce customisable workouts like they did for the Ambit watches. For more complex sessions I have to write the intervals on my hand which is a pain during winter because that rules gloves outs and in summer sweat becomes an issue. On shorter runs I often don’t carry a phone, just an old clip on iPod mini or whatever it was called. For longer runs if I want to carry my phone I use the Nathan Zipster belt (highly recommend). Has pockets all the way around it so it doesn’t really matter what shorts you wear, fits snug and has no bounce.

Gareth Freshwater

I use a Garmin 645 (non music version for better battery life) alongside a Mighty Vibe, syncing my Spotify playlists offline. The watch has a resume later feature that will pause your workout and take you back to the watch screen and can pop back in whenever. The Mighty allows me to leave my phone at home for music.

It''s interesting to see everyone's solutions, but I agree with others that if you owned a decent Garmin, then you'd be set. I personally don't think the Apple watch is your best option, but totally get why you'd be using it whilst running with Nike (even though I doubt they care).

Kal Runs Bolder

I am crossing my fingers that the Apple Watch that comes out this fall will have a little longer GPS battery life. I’m so tired of the bulk of my Fenix 5s and really like all the features the Apple Watch has beyond running. It’s so close to being the perfect watch for me if they improve battery.

Francisca Sapag

Hope the Marathon went great!! :-). Did you like training with AW for the marathon? do you see yourself going back to Garmin?

Keaton Harper

Do you use the Apple workout app or the Nike plus app for your training runs?

Gianmarco 77

I knew it! Main reason the other watches are not cool enough :)

Henrik Asteberg

I´ve been running with the Apple Watch series 2 for two years now and I´m very happy with it. I have my workout playlist on Apple Music synced offline on the watch. I use two apps for running, the regular Workouts app (every run except intervals) and Intervals Pro (intervals).

Ozzie Aquino

I just can’t... I just can’t go back to the an AW and give up something as simple as a manual lap feature.

Mike I really think you should really try an actual Garmin (anything like a 245, 645, 945 and feanix series) the Vivoactive is not really in the same level as those.

Vinay Menon

Love your videos! Do you use the native app or NRC any longer? You mention the Stryd app in the video.

Cole Anderson

What app do you use on your Apple Watch for workouts again?

Jarrod Hemann

I’ve used Garmin and Apple Watch before and I love my Apple Watch way more

Luis Becerra

I don't know if you have tried this but for that cough maybe some honey and lemon candy, or you can mix those 2 before you go out 2 run, you don't need a lot maybe just 2 or 3 spoons.

Stephan Mays

Finally came to you senses ? no need for all that other junk in your pockets! ??? #kofuzirunclub

Tropical Kandi

had an Apple Watch for 3 months and though it was a gimmick well sub par compared to the Garmin Fenix series plus battery is a joke but each to their own

Jack Cogan

What's your goal for Chicago?

Erik Carmo

fair enough, They support you, you support then, and apple watch is a very good device.

Christopher Tobias

Too many positives outweigh the negatives with Apple Watch 4. I’ve used Garmin for 5 years but permanently sticking with AW4 for my runs and everyday watch. I find GPS tracking similar on both watches. The ability to answer texts and phone calls alone is the dealbreaker for me. Garmin has more stats but with the iSmooth Run, gives me all the stats I need. Plus I don’t lose my run history because iSmooth works well with Garmin Connect, which syncs with NRC, and Strava


Definitely I’m an Apple person, IMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. The only part of the puzzle I’m missing is the Apple Watch. Someday, don’t have the funds right now.

Eric Sisk

Second. Lol. So glad you’re doing this video. I use the Apple Watch and am ALWAYS conflicted about battery and durability. Everything else is pretty awesome. Always looking at other GPS watches.Oh, also, if you haven’t done it yet, set up your emergency contact in Health and turn on fall detection on the watch. We are not old yet, but I turned it on in case of a hit and run or some other accident happens. I’ve never had it activate by accident.

Jeffrey Silver

I’ve been using the Apple iwatch 4 w/ WorkOutDoors app for all my training and marathons. I gave up my Garmin long time ago. WorkOutDoors is coming out with update new version in 3/4wks. Look out this will be the finest app !!!!


Appreciate the honesty, gonna have to unsubscribe. Not that I hate Nike, just sounds like you sold out. And honestly, the recent vibes of your vids have turned to be Nike this Nike that which I guess some people will find cool. I just can't seem to vibe with the new style.


I hear you on the programming thing. I write the sessions out on my hand then hit that segment button when needed. ??

Chris King

Garmin Fenix 5 for me

Sloan Alexander

I use a Stryd footpod and want to run without a phone with an Apple Watch Series 4 LTE. Any Stryd crashes using it with the AW4 LTE? I will make the upgrade from the AWS3 watch if so. I would love to leave my phone at home.

Mark Tong

Hey I noticed that for all your training ones, your wearing the turbo 2s. Any reason why?

Daniel Yoo

keep it up sir! beast mode is an understatement. Thank you for the motivation.

Marc M

I use the Garmin VivoActive 3 Music Verizon edition. I really enjoy it because I run without my phone and can listen to music and make emergency calls should anything happen. I also have access to stopwatch, watch face, music throughout the workout without having it affect my workout tracking.

Josh Larocque

you can download music to the apple watch with apple music on your iPhone.

tman Tony

Interesting.I agree these dedicated running watches need to be more like smart watches.Swings and roundabouts at the .moment.

Rocco Guiducci

I watch this as I’m trying to decide whether to keep my AW4 or the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro (huge in comparison). Overall the Garmin is a much more serious fitness watch but it’s buggy, and so is Garmin’s software. I’ve been testing both side by side during each run, and overall I’m noticing AW is far more accurate both in GPS and optical HR (probably the best I’ve seen on a smart watch). And I just discovered WorkOutDoors so that really throws a spanner in the works now!


what size did you go with 40 or 44?

Running Otaku

Running without a phone? Congratulations, you are turning into a real runner! ? I’m a big fan of running w/ AW4...except for structured workouts. You know, on the Garmins, you can program the workout intervals based solely on manual button presses and not set any pace alerts. This way you can control for unplanned rests, off-pace reps, etc. and still keep track of what rep you are on and what the next rep is supposed to be.


I use the AW series 2. Does what I need. Records workouts and uploads to Strava.

Brian Free

I love my Apple Watch, but cellular streaming from Apple Music kills the battery fast. I recommend syncing playlists ahead of time so you can listen without using cellular streaming on the fly. Curious if you have noticed that yet or not.

Flavio Teixeira

Great vídeo.
I see your video about WorkOutDoors app for Apple Watch wich app you use rigth now for your trainning ?

Not Mentally Broken

Give the app "runmeter" a try. It's is so powerful

The Gumby Chronicles

I've had the Apple Watch series 3 for a couple of years now coupled with Strava and am very satisfied. But, like all Apple products, the battery drains fairly quickly.

Antonio Santo

Every Garmin sportwatch is a different product category. I have both (Fenix 5 plus and AW 5) but are completely different. Garmin is a Sport watch with advanced sport features, Apple Watch is a smart watch with basic sport features but high tech features. Depends on your needs, i.e. if you’d like to program a fartlek training into AW is impossible instead Garmin watches...

Kevin Scott

You don't use a Garmin? Can you even call yourself a runner without one? :D

Andy Danh

I purchased my Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE specifically for all the reasons you mentioned: to shed the weight of running with a phone and to have cellular service for emergencies. That being said, my current workouts aren't as structured as your running plan so I don't need the bells and whistles of the programs that come with actual running watches. But being able to listen to my music or make a "phone call" without figuring out how to store my iPhone X Max is great!


Yup. Smart decision !

Richard Wait

Apart from taking my phone for some early morning photos, I really prefer to just run with the Apple Watch, some BT headphones and nothing else. How was the BT connection with the Stryd, Headphones and Heart rate monitor all connected to the AW - no drop outs? Also are you finding the HR better off the belt instead of the wrist sensor? Hope the training is going well - very inspiration - you are making me get out there and run more!

Tao Sun

When you run with your Apple watch, do you need to bring the iPhone with you?

Rec Runner

I appreciate your honesty and like your analogy. Will you be training in exclusively Nike's as well for this build-up to the Chicago Marathon?


Mi Band 4 is WAY better than all these...


Had to get a Garmin. My local running store/club I run at just got them in so had to support local for sure.

Brad Lord

Sounds like a good reason to me. I have to carry my phone simply so my fitbit will map out my run, it uses the phones gps. Sucks! Still looking forward to Chicago Marathon regardless #chicagomarathon