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Beyoncé on Her Alter Ego, Sasha Fierce | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Beyoncé on Her Alter Ego, Sasha Fierce | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network17 Aug. 2019
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Who is Beyoncé, and who

Who is Beyoncé, and who is Sasha Fierce? In this candid talk with Oprah from 2008, Beyoncé explains how she conceived of this bold and fearless character over the years—and how getting ready backstage helps her get into the right headspace to fully transform and embody her fierce alter ego. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit http://WatchOWN.tv/TOWS

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Beyoncé on Her Alter Ego, Sasha Fierce | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network


Comments (100)
Turbo Nutter Bastard

The whole “Sasha fierce is my stage persona” didn’t really stick with her fans did it...

Elizabeth Soares

Socorro! Alguém traduz ?



k odu

There is no better place to disclose she is a devil worshipping idolater than with another devil worshipper Oprah Winfrey. Pray for Beyonce before everlasting hell shallows her


If someone said this today, they’d be called insane.


Alter egos are demons.

Stephen Tatum

Hm. Does anyone ever wonder where she found the name Sasha Fierce? Sasha Fierce is the name of an author of a version of the Book of Shadows published decades ago. Please look this up for yourself.


lmao i can't believe y'all serious with that demon thing ?



Shinaz Bakar

She’s so beautiful

Nakai is sad

This 'persona' that Beyonce has is totally normal for a performer! Drag Queens do it too.

TD Riehm

SMH....really Us In CHRIST?....really? Read your BIBLE. oprah, shame on you.


We used to put people in mental institutions talking like that why did she get a free pass

Irma Servian

Devil girl

Shayiana A

Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ ppl worship this lady like shes God that alter ego stuff is clearly demonic WAKE UPPP!!!!

Natalie Späth

suit point

Eden S

any one else notice most nearly all videos showing beyonce possessed whilst being sasha fierce, or anything that has to do with her and the Illuminati.... those vids are gone?? i remember watching them ages ago.. odd isnt it

Clear Blue Skies

The thing that takes over? Um yeah, that's something called Demon Possession.

Mimien Fop

Crazy B

Chrollo Lucilfer

This melinated woman Is gone

She’s but a vessel for evil

Reaper games

Type down John chi queen of musicians it is a pastor exorsizing a demon the demon says it is Sasha Fierce queen of musicians do not be deceived repent and come to Christ nothing that Satan has is worth more than salvation

Eduardo Neves Reis

So they're calling this an "alter ego" right now? Why don't we call it by it's real name: demonic possession?

ging ging

PLSSS these comments r so funny

— neptune

Tell me what you guys think about this in the replies. Don’t forget to be nice and respect people’s opinions!

Derrick Braithwaite-Mais

A fellow Virgo like myself and a beautiful black might I add.?♏?????

Kafui A.

The people in the comments taking the "demonic" thing seriously, and i thought everyone had an alter ego oh well

Sabrina Star

Except that thing that takes over is the devil

shad pierre

Me my spirit, sometime talk for me in a conversation.

Alisa -

It is Not an demon. It is dissociative Identity disorder because of MK Ultra..


It’s her demon

nike pooh

Why isn't she speaking in 2nd person narrative. She keep saying I instead of she, y'all not paying attention but she was in her during the show ?


Lost her soul for momentary fame in a world that's not going to last that much longer

Elizabeth Kelly

Lmaoo the people in this comment section are so delusional. Also, even if she was possessed its not like she is doing anything evil. She is just singing and dancing lol

Sof Say

Two big DEMONS talking....

Yours.truly. Monaee

Yeah she’s a demon

Kimbra Holbrook

The real Sasha Fierce was a transexual who was shot and killed.

Kisha Rainey

We all know what that "other thing takes over" is...SATAN!

Disney channel

may god bless us. amen.


"Knock knock" "whose there?" "Collecting time dear...."

belsebub noncristen

BOBBY BORWN WAS HERE .... make beta yonze realeavl all here CIA ioerative

Léa Nochi Tela

??????y’all need help and stop taking any excuses to disrespect black womens

Oyuki89 boo

I came here bcse of tik Tok she’s into witchcraft

*Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten

Your demon Sasha fierce is weak asf I slay demons in the name of god


What in the hell is this comment section
This comment section is filled with nonsense about demons and the illuminati ...
I'll say it again from Bey herself: "Y'll Haters corny with that Illuminati mess"



Fe 98

This comment section is so toxic? Demons do not even exist

mandy whitworth

I hope everybody knows that she's talking about the demon that has possessed her body that she gave permission to take her over if she drains blood from Kidz and worships Satan!

Reaper games

Sasha Fierce is a demon and the queen of musicians repent and turn to christ




She receives a demon.

aleysa guerrero

sasha fierce is not other but a demon who takes possession of her, when she performs.


april 5 1997
dob sasha fierce.
date of possession august 24 1999
mother offered me to a demon in adoption
adopted by beyonce in underground market to be sacraficed

Megain's Moonbump

Demonic possession, every famous person has described the same type of experience including Oprah.

Skudder 1st

Usually when she hears the voice of Lucifer, just like Oprah does before she dances the cha- cha -cha

E s t x l l a

That Sasha evil spirit needs to get out of Beyoncé ‘s life.

Jazlynn Clark

I hope all of y’all know that Mrs. Winfrey is also apart of the Illuminati


Haha demonic possession

Natalia Washington

That Beyoncé “Bow down/ I been On” song where the deep voice comes in it sounds demonic

Sabre Jimmi

I don’t think Sasha fierce is a kind person... sold her soul to the devil alright


They angered her without even knowing lol especially by the laughter I guarantee she went gone and in rage

Adrian Bennett

Sasha fierce is a demon from hell.

patris lemair


E King

She’s possessed!

Saikou 93

Yall fans always trying to find excuses

American Warrior

A bleached voodoo witch. She needs to repent.

Max Stockwell

This comment section wylin' out lmao

Strawberry Daiquiri

People here are so misinformed about alter egos, I can't ?

Abdul Alim

OWN order world new just spelt backwards because most devil symbols are backwards



Sunnyside Stories and Music

Beyonce has a demon

travis hall

I'm not even a Beyonce fan but the purity in this video is what we all need going into 2021


That so creepy ?

A3iaan autlaw

it,s called satanic !!


"I am" can only be said by GOD,JESUS CHRIST+++

Hydra Inarms

Sasha fierce. Illuminati takeover.
We all have the thing that takes over ya it's called survival instincts.
But I'll never do what you did. Sale your sole for fame and money.

Icy _clan

Who's the dealer for this comment section cuz bro I can see the line keep ringing

Jonathan Sweeney

The World itself is evil like but you won’t believe anything demonic because people believe what they see instead of thinking ? outside the box

Reaper games

Type down John chi queen of musicians it is a pastor exorsizing a demon the demon says it is Sasha Fierce queen of musicians do not be deceived repent and come to Christ nothing that Satan has is worth more

Dani M

She straight up admits she has a demon yet her addictive fans thinks that's normal?




So sad I had a dream about her, she was in a trance laying on a operation table. She needs prayer she has absolutely no control.. that “thing” has completely taken over.

Hebrew Sistah

That other thing!!!! UHHHH NOO!!!

Xion Sparks

This is not a possession, this is a mastery. She is an amazing performer that put all her shame and anger away and she was able to free herself, and be great.

Ri Mu

I don’t get it is it like personality disorder
She’s just Beyoncé
Who’s Sasha fierce why another name to yourself u r Beyoncé dancing and loving it
What bs is that


Did anyone else catch Oprah referring to B as "I am" Both of them are mocking God SMH

pat s

Ahhhh been two years and this never sat well with me. With everything becoming visible i sure see you for what you are now!!! (Both of you!) Hows that Adreno withdrawal coming for ya ... if not that i sure can see some "alter ego hell" coming your way lol! You are dead to most of now already!

Kayley Hardin

So I’m the only one who doesn’t have this “thing” with a different voice and posture and personality and attitude that takes over your body? Interesting ?

Smokey Quartz

Beyonce pretends to be so sweet and charming she's far from it

Michelle Stone

Oprah acting like she doesn't know her, you groomed her.


Multiple Personality Disorder

Manii .

Not her telling the world she has a WHOLE demon, and the beehive thinking its normal-


this reminded me of when podesta was casually talking about his "alter ego"
then i saw his video leaked from deep web to 4chan where he (or his aLtEr EgO) was torturing a kid! those mfs are psychopaths

Elisabeth Miller

Demonic... Think about what means "fierce". What takes over on her is a demon people ?


Don’t listen to Billie or Beyoncé’s music. Pls don’t. If ur a Christian.

Yen Ane

Oprah looks very young. On Instagram she looks old old old. What happend? in this short time ?

Fabiano ferrara

Sasha fierce slim shady etc are demons

after every storm there is a rainbow

She follows antichrist

rainbow colours

We all know what "thing " she talk8ng about

Michael A

Beware what you listen to,
Now you now it’s Sasha that’s speaking to you throwing Beyoncé. Of course Sasha is a demon.

420ChefJlynn LIKE

Sasha is a DEMON that she has opened herself up to demon possessions so she can perform and do things Beyonce can’t. She told u herself. She says I can’t do those things. Jay z wears the demonic shirt - do what thy wilt from Alex Crowley which shows he promotes satanic crap. Wake up, they r doing witch craft right before your eyes or R U UNDER HER SPELL?

Iyanla Vanzant's Glossary for the Soul | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Iyanla Vanzant's Glossary for the Soul | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network22 May. 2015
71 049
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Spiritual life coach

Spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant knows what it's like to forge a new, brighter path in the bleakest of situations. In 1999, Iyanla shared her vision for a new way of speaking the truth, explaining that the words we often use to describe ourselves are woefully inadequate. Oprah calls Iyanla's suggested replacements for our self-limiting vocabulary the 'glossary for the soul.'Original airdate: August 10, 1999 For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit http://WatchOWN.tv/TOWS

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Iyanla Vanzant's Glossary for the Soul | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network


Comments (75)
Bunmi Ogunleye

My two favourite women. :). Their words full of wisdom.


She's very pretty in this vid she is also still a good looking intelligent powerful strong young woman ????


Iyanla made the Oprah show more relatable when i was growing up as a young black teenager in the late 90's. It was the first time i really sat and watched the show. My mom used to have me tape the show for her after school especially the episodes with Iyanla. She definitely brought a different element to the show.

Kay Humph

This the part of Oprah that ain’t bad

Earthelena Garrett

love iyanla

Mz Wisdom

She has aged well.


She sounds a little different as if she is using a fake voice

Jessica Bruckerhoff

Oprah's jumper she's got on is everything! ??

King of Youtube

Oprah looks like a jawn here ?

Jennifer G

Iyanla is everyone's spirit mother. She tells the truth we need to hear!!


Aawhhh the Iyanla i fell in love with back in the 90s

Crystal Fowler

I love it!  Old video still useful information to apply to your soul.

Jerrod Duggins

Come on Iyanla! Let me get my notebook cause this is good!!! ??


Oprah and Iyanla have such a tight connection.

Tumelo Muravha

Mama Iyanla has always loved pointy boots lol. I love her


Damnit that was amazing!!! Ima need a book on this real quick lol she is amazing!!!

Shannon Swift

Love this video! I think this video has the highest positive retention rate on YouTube ?

Sandra Parker

I love this woman so smart beyond her time ??


I needed to hear this

Kenya Hudson

she been in the game! gone girl!


Her voice is much more higher here lol now it’s deeper. Does that come with aging ?

Aline Nobre

that look poppin'?? both of them


I desire to die

Mykil Allen

No test = No Testimony

Susie Wong

She does look young ! Must have been recorded a few years before it was uploaded!

Logan Bothwell

Evil spirit! Satan using scripture like he did to tempt Jesus.

Innocent Oteng


Lydia Santana

Oprah looked bomb this day



Mi Nash


Hannah Alexandra

Oprah looks super hot, just saying.
These women are both beautiful and revolutionary in so many ways.


love these two ladies

boldandcourageous 41

Awww how young was she here? This was a great video !

Ashley Monique Webster

She had so much wisdom here, but I can def see in hindsight how she was not ready as she has said. She is so much more powerful now

Gloria African

Iyanla looks so young here. You are still a beautiful woman. ?


they both look gorgeous

Lola r

I has just the same impression. Lyanla looks younger each time a see her and so Oprah. What do they do? Is it the spiritual energy that drives them? I don't know but it happens the same to Byron Katie although she is quite old know.
Totally agree with Lyanla, words are powerful. " A divine opportunity to make the right decision now ". Absolutly true. Thank you Lyanla and Oprah for sharing on Youtube.

N. Bid

Damn, Iyanla has always looked sharp

Heather C

I am temporarily out of cash. I love Ms Iyanla


Iyanla Vanzant is such a queen!!! Gosh, I love her and her beautiful wisdom...

Dr. Jé

Yazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 1:29 HAHAHAH https://youtu.be/WY8Szwph9sM


still love it!

Norris Brown

Words do have the power to create the life you live! She was on fire then and she is on fire now get Iyania!!!

Just Me

That was an long time ago. This is my first time seeing this, most people already knew not to think or speak negativity into their life. Next.

Warren TV

broke,busted,disgusted,and can't be trusted..?

Ti Yung

This should have millions of views like these spiritual gurus repeating this who were nowhere around when she was on Oprah

I'm Always Right

problem = divine opportunity

Ms M

I agree just love the positive reinforcement none of that Snake/Sneak dissing?

Barbra Cuadras

Love it! Those words are true today.

Darlicia TV

LOL...I watched a TED talk on this very subject tonight, randomly searched "iyanla 1998" and shes talking about the SAME THING. I AM NOT STUCK!!!!

Francess Jean

I am temporarily out of cash and desire to be rich. Amen.

I'm Beautiful

Love this!

Leticia C

I really liked thos video.

Lecieyy's La Vie

Her voice has changed lol

Lelo Gowana

If you don't have a test, you won't have a testimony

Ms Hill

This was wonderful.

Caontie Mcneal

Oh yes I can!


I needed this!!



Scorpion King-84



Younger Auntie...love you Auntie Iyanla

Blac Amethyst

Jaguar Wright looks alot like her ?


Iyanla and Oprah are amazing ☺



why you mad

Love oprah's size here

Bertrand Todd III

Words have power

Peach Glow Reyah

lol i love u iyanla

Angela Unique

Oprah looked great

Jamie Noel

I can’t believe I was 6 days old when this was aired. Mind blown ?

Destiney Hart

I love her ❤️



clark Chauke

want =DESIRE

Rosiclair Coaching

So good ?

sam cook

So she basically just said everything that was in the book "the secret" years before the book even came out...go head Iyanla!

Winnie Achieng

Am temporarilly out of cash.....???i love this.

Oprah Winfrey | 5 Minutes For The NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE

Oprah Winfrey | 5 Minutes For The NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE1 Aug. 2018
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Comments (100)
Abdul Haadi

I dont know how to find this " who i am and what i want?" even

grace dagsi

Omg! I really love this advice. Thanks for this powerful video.

Somebody 1978 Caring Somebody

I made one mistake . I let my left hand know what my right hand was doing . Unfortunately we have dirty hearted people residing among us .

Michael Chandra

Life is Short .Maybe I die 10 more Years. Service and Equal..learn from mistakes.

Somebody 1978 Caring Somebody

I know who I am . I know what I want .

game legend

nobody asked for your advice

Embrace Yourlife

Become the best version of yourself ! so true and still I surround myself with the wrong people...

wahiba Hiba

ابدا لا احد يقارن باحد
ابدا لالالا
انا فتاة اعلى درجات الجمال والعلم وتربيت في عز بابا الذي حصل بعد خامج باتنة تاجر ارقام هواتف الناس ولواحقه مجهوله الهرم لي بلاصتوا تحت تراب واضح لا احد يقارن باحد

angie stones

This is powerful, it teaches us about different directions of life, how to be capable and focused, this applies being in control of your emotions, taking back who you are if ever youve invested in people, courage and living with a strong foundation within yourself....dont loose your self to others...then the rest will follow

Goddess In you

You know, I don’t want to focus on hours because you might get discouraged. It’s like spending money, if you don’t pay attention to how much you spend then there is no discouragement but you If keep on getting reminded how much you spend you get discouraged.

I will work on my dreams when the su goes up and rest or do something else that doesn’t include working when the sun goes down.

Madeeha Qureshi

Thank you opera for such positive words

Michael Mucyo

Thanks a lot Oprah much respect to you


Revelation 22:7
“And behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.”

Charlie Satnam

I needed this video today. It brought tears to my eyes, the truth. Thank you for this. If you too are looking for a message, a sign, well here it is! Keep going! The world needs you. ?

Chrissie Bawn


Dali Albert

This is 22nd time I listen! I cry even if I don't want. Do not tell about u. Just listen and learn! Cry cause u feel it. Make it life for u and love u just see her words are painfull but True.


I watched a video this women hurts michael jackson constantly for his skin colour she is a devil

arni sls

all these vip persons that give universal advice to all humanity, and universe, are simply , nassim taleb quote: " lucky idiots" ...

Affat sat

urgent urgent urgent this letter for the american actress madame oprah winfrey help me i am your brother i am very tired with my children all the doors are closed to me . I am an elderly man, 60 years old, and I am sick with pneumonia. and I am the father of 2 children. and also i am very poor i have no money to buy a house yes it is the truth . my father, he died for 14 years. my mother has also been dead for 9 years. I am very sad today, I am poor and I have no money to buy a house. I advertised the Internet for all the rich women in the world but no response. Finally madam oprah I know that you are a very nice woman and you help the poor, I am your brother, help me. I need a little gift to buy a house. I am waiting for a good answer to save my children please please please

Kiran Sharma


Grateful Ferdinah

Hai Mrs oprah I am from Africa Namibia and I need your help... Please save me... IG @grateful_ferdinah email [email protected]gmail.com thank you❤️

Celso Pedra

Thank you ...???

Me the Who

I am here for a reason which I know about.

I hope everybody will find out once as well.

If you do, than your soul will be filled with live.


Sometimes I feel very lost. But everytime after hard pain I find and see my self more clearly.

Never forget that you are enough. Love is in you! The highest love comes with the greatest acceptance of you! ^^

Magali C

I add values to my experiences, I bought a package with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access and so on to work at home while expecting to have a job a few years ago. Unfortunately, the whole package had been suppressed from my computer. I don't know how it is possible. Have some of you already experienced this ? Could some of you help me understand how this can happen ? Thanks in advance and have a nice day.


I don't like the random footage in this vid.

rose jeudy

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kol kokol

This is only for few people. Most of the people do not have particular interests. Most of the people are driven by life. They cannot change this situation.

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Don't listen to her, listen to Jesus Christ. My gut told me. Guts don't talk it is the voice of the Lord.

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Megan Walendzinski

I'm not sure if you're aware of this but you took the audio from a video of a speech delivered by a Black woman to a room of Black people and replaced the video with a series of white people doing things. While your edit is super entertaining, I want to show it in my classroom and feel that it's important that my kids see Black excellence as was originally demonstrated, so I'll be going with another version. In the future, it would be great if you could be sure your edits of Black speakers feature Black representation.

Kenyetta Delgado

Happy birthday Oprah great great video and advice sound like my dad thanks from the bottom of my heart needed to hear that much blessings to you ?

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Fa Rida

Surround yourself with people who fill your cup ❤

Goddess In you

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Buhle Bee

Wow such an interesting motivation ?. It's really time to figure out answers for these 2 questions

Samuela Vi

It's Vicky here.The Voice of ZEUS ALMIGHTY through Mama Oprah Winfrey.One of the most beautiful Soul,in this whole world.Thats why She's so Blessed n also a Blessing to Others.

you__ star

Everything starts manifesting in the spiritual world before it happens in the physical world.
I love that.


I am infinite abundance, peaceful, progress, greatness, compassion, money magnet, compassion, health, significant, love, light of the universe ,independent, successful, my cup of full, I am excellence, brilliant, disciplined, I am blessed. Asi es hecho esta Thank you ? thank you ?❤️☀️?

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Anushka Chauhan

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Mary Ann

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Incredible and inspiring, thank you stay blessed ?

OZ Art Show

Wow! It’s really inspiring speech! Thank you ??

Effindi Kamaruddin

If this video has the same view count as gangnam style, the world will be at peace.

Success Lifestyle Hub Odia

My mentor ....my well-wisher?

Mimamsa Koirala


M. Brauer

Love you Oprah, thanks for sharing your powerful message, but please don't say everyone wants to be famous, that woud included me and I sure as hell do no seek fame. I had to ponder fiercely upon responding on this platform. Still love you.

Mariam Al khateeb

من وين اجيب المسيقى فقط//////

Kh 01

Anyone knows the name of the background music?

حارث يزن Hareth

As in my experience first understand the world , it’s past and present, and the experiences of the people who came before you in the worldand in your reality , by reading, engaging in your reality, second understand your self , do you want money ? How is your look ? How you understand the world , religion? Third change yourself toward what you understand from the world and yourself , fourth if you want and in your secondary time change the world , without exausting yourself

Moe Sanda Shwe

"Your mistakes are there to teach you and force you into being more of who you are"

Motivational Speech

“Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

Yemi D

Nothing is worth more than the soul of a man. Death appointed, and you are no exception. You live and die once, but death is not the end; It is your destiny door. God forbids that you lose your soul. Hebrew 9:27
Surrender your life to Jesus Christ today. Do not lose your soul.

Mamohale Mohale

True hey, i really appreciate every word.

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This is the most powerful and beautiful words.....?❤

Christopher William


Pastor Magayver

Jesus Christ is a shepherd looking for his lost sheep.

Jane Ebarle

I'm like listening to Deepak Chopra.

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Sasha G.

I believe in a God that loves us so much that He gave His son Jesus Christ on the cross for us. I believe if you call upon the name of Jesus, all the rest will follow. For God has made u and He will show you who you really are, what your life path is... His love for you will truly set you free so you will be able to give His love to others. That's the whole purpose of life. Everything will change once He will be your source.... ???

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Brother Ibrahim

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Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah, this temporary world same like we play football, all human as player,Allah only as a referee only,so play with clean methods or play with dirty methods only,choice is in our own hand.

B Lee Tauriima

I am going to suround myself with friends who can and will fill my cup.. no more just take.out with the old .

cole k

Oprah. There is a next course in miracles book out called: A course of love. READ IT. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND And return you to your ur Heart beyond measure

Mujeeb Abbasi

Oprah Winfrey ❤️

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This woman is my goddess✨

God Ness

Love this speech. Thank You so much Oprah! I needed this right now.

Gloria Samuel

I suffer from fameitous. I don't want to be famous. I love ? being me. I love serving the church and the community in the ways Almighty Eyesus Kristos has chosen for me.
Love Opera.

Toffik Birmeji

Wow! so inspirational.. I just saw myself in this five minutes video.
Thank you Oprah

Dr.Sarah Alkhateeb