Lip quiver

Madison NC Donald May aka Quiver Lip Admitting To The $500 Bounty To Steal A Blind Man's Sign

Madison NC Donald May aka Quiver Lip Admitting To The $500 Bounty To Steal A Blind Man's Sign26 Sep. 2020


#MadisonNC #QueenCityCopWatch #BlindJustice #MadisonPD #ConstitutionWeek #DisabledJusticeNC #BehindTheScenesCarolina #AlwaysFlimThePolice #ForThePeople #OurTownNow #1stAmendment #2ndAmendment

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Comments (13)

Does cue ball only wear gray shirts?

Poor dirt farmer


Sandra Jones

They don't like the children exposed to the sign but they have no qualms about saying M****" F*****????? Ooookaaayy

Ak Lady

Great catch.


Thank you for sharing this.


Pathetic losers all around

Chosen Won And His Girls Sparling

Let me tell u what I had an Uncle an aunt and a father who were blind and I won't charge a dn penny to whip any one of us added if you got the damn nerve to steal a blind man's sign. And I'll bond out and whip u again and I'm a 52 year old white woman. Try me

richard sowers

A quiver lip come try to take my sign up in New Hampshire you f**** f***

DC Accuracy


richard sowers

Quiver lip bring that wannabe Zoro guy with you pussies

Blind Justice

Well done brother. Thanks again!

Truth Seeker

Not one of them listened. TY every auditor that responded to Blind Justices attack!!!


Mike Nelson the sovereign citizen has another court date for trespassing at an airport Oct 8th ?. His antics end soon. That's 3 court dates now ?

Scandal Supercut: Olivia Pope's Greatest Lip Quivers

Scandal Supercut: Olivia Pope's Greatest Lip Quivers17 Apr. 2014
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Olivia Pope's lip has been

Olivia Pope's lip has been trembling on 100 this season. It's pretty much what Kerry Washington has been known for in "Scandal." We've decided to compile some of the best of Olivia's lip quivers from the show. Enjoy!

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Comments (16)

i love her acting but that face she makes sometimes makes me feel like I'M in pain. she does it a lot in Little Fires Everywhere



Bear Buster

she looks like Little Richard




I don’t see anything wrong.

Kaitlyn Nelson

Her lip doesn't even quiver! I don't understand?

Kxe Wws


coochie destroyer


Infinite Rumination

I though i was the only one to notice this hahaha

Kelvin Brown

love her lips

Mummy Napkin


Thornton Nguyen


Every damn time she does that:
awk stand-in-one-position-ever-so-slowly-twitch-the-shoulders-left-right-bring-upper-lip-up-show-gums-and-what-you-ate-yesterday-and-aim-eyeballs-in-the-right-corner-tilt-chin-up-watery-eyes-quiver-the-mouth-acting I keep thinking deja vu, “did I watched this episode already? What’s going on Hulu.”

She’s literally embarrassing her famedom by going down in history for this annoying ass “move”

Steve Ldnuk



I don’t see anything wrong.


I don't get why this makes people so mad

Lena Trejo

Whoever made this has way too much time on their hands lmao

The Gorilla Glue Challenge...Is Now A Thing

The Gorilla Glue Challenge...Is Now A Thing13 Feb. 2021
15 746
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People just make up

People just make up challenges for everything now a days... Even if it means

Harming yourself.. and in this case this man really put gorilla glue on his lips...

Interview Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwX0rsdlY80&t

Mah Leenks:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kodelyoko_

Discord: https://discord.gg/KA2CJgGKSR

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kodelyoko_

Comments (100)
Lee Lee

Just wait wtf really lol

Felicia Jenkins

Let her not have been doing something that's not just vanity she wouldn't have got none of that help. If she needed help with something meaningful she would be ignored.

Stef TwinMom

I would use nothing with the word GLUE on it. However, there is a glue for wigs and it doesn't say not to put on hair... Skin is not hair. So, she messed up. Let's just leave her be.

Trol Zilalol

Hair black history month ?

Angie C

Hell no I wouldn't spray anything in my hair without checking the label to see if it's safe to use on hair but I have common sense to know that anything that's not a hair product, especially glue, to not use it on my hair. That guy that glued the cup to his mouth thinking that it wouldn't actually stick to him taught him a lesson????

Shane Foster

That chic is a fraud

Bluejay Woman

sorry I can't help you, I have no idea why.

Will2high 556

I love that this dumb shit get attention on black history month but not the story of when the two dudes saved the little girl from a pedo. Like wtf bra this lady make us loke like dumbass and now it's trending. Oh well fuck it being stupid is more entertaining then doing right, if it can't be trendy then why pay attention.

Mora By Mita

new subscriber here your hillarious xo

Jared Lewis

Great now that one dumb person did it more dumb people are doing it


i for one, enjoy this

Imp ThePimp

at 1:45 the interviewer said ''i'm a woman.and i like my hair right''.......that is damned shame..i wonder where these young black women get this crap....seems they get it from the old black women

courtney gordon

She made herself a permanent hoodie

Leanora McCarthy

Gorilla glue in ur hair is the dumbest thing I've heard since trumps being acquitted. That kinda stupidity should not be rewarded. I can't even comprehend thinking glue in my hair would n anything but a horrible idea. SMFH


Kodel, you even said so yourself in a previous video that you appreciate what bullshit black women go through concerning their hair. Ya, using Gorilla Glue before reading the label was a bad idea. But come from the mindset of her where she has to fixate so much on her hair's appearance as a daily aspect of her life (cause we "live in a society"). Putting the glue in her hair was stupid dumb but she feels her hair has to be a specific way to be presentable, which is sad.

Kristi J

I cannot believe ANYONE would reward such IGNORANCE. Who donates money to this?

NO, Koyelyoko women are typically SMART. I'm sorry, this woman is just making herself look worse and worse.

Saddest, GoFund Me will allow donations for this sh*t!

Keith Braham

White people love when any POC does crap like this to justify thier racism. There is enough stuff out there that makes us all look bad. Why add to it??

Ari Amore

Dude was dumb af anyone who never heard of gorilla glue is livin under a rock.

Tracy Barber-Kier


Some Guy

A retarded thing indeed. But I just like to say... Never saw a shampoo'd head in a surgery room before in my life. And I used to watch House like a mawfucka, haha

Babii Doll

Im not sure whats worse the benadryl challenge the tide pod challenge or this one ?



Silence N Hikes

Well I read the labels before using it. If it say Sriracha sauce and I needed ketchup, than I will not use that instead. Oh I was out of sunscreen so I used toothpaste. ??‍♂️????????

Leslie Givens

It wasn’t a challenge, it was stupidity!!


You gave her that money and she put a down payment on a Mercedes Benz and took a picture in front of it. She also has tee-shirts now too with her face and the glue on the front. Plus she got the Utube money. Smack of a set up on you folks. Money is honey. She has a lawyer but when the glue people get finished suing her for using their product on her T-shirts maybe she won’t have anything.

Noah Bowers

What song is ur background from


He thought that GG Girl was doing it for clout and not real until he showed up at the ER needing his lip removed. Others using masking tape losing their eyebrow or pouring alcohol with their kitty bleeding just added to the L's this February. #BlackHistoryMonth I can see why MLK went to Canada in "The Boondocks".

Debra Costley

No No No. Do Not Use anything on your hair you are not familiar with. In a rush? Water hair down. Smooth with conditioner, put in bun and run. What is so hard about that? Takes 10 minutes compared to the 1 hour smoothing her hair with glue and putting it in a braid.

Francesca Powell

There isn’t anything I would spray/rub/ glide in, on or over my hair with out first knowing exactly what it is and what it does.

Generally that is done by reading the label and it’s ingredients and the directions on the packaging. Furthermore, we now have the internet which gives a whole heap of hair care advice. I ain’t seen not one video whereby Gorilla Glue has been recommended as a hair product.

Oh and this is available to buy in any hair store I’ve been to.

Jennifer Mullins

I wondered why the can of spray glue was purchased in the first placed? Was it purchased for diy/crafting projects? Or It was bought to be used as a possible hair product?

Featured Nightmare

Next challenge #chuggingorillaglue

Mohammed Ali

What dazzling new heights we have reached as humans to be wasting time on such people and subject matter.


I would never...


The next challenge will be to see who can destroy the world the fastest


Her dumb ass thought she could substitute Gorilla Glue for Gotta 2 B. I use Gorilla Glue for crafts, that’s some strong shizzt. Stupidity at its finest.

Jake Mitchell

So Apparently He Have A Reason Fa Doin' This - Kmfsl ?

Michaela Fleming

She could’ve bought the ecostyler gel. How she get that spray from the hair section? That spray belongs in the industrial section. One thing isn’t adding up.

Dr. Who Gives'af

No, you put on a damn hat.

Tyler Shepard

And this is why people should have to have common sense to vote

Coco Chanel

I’m a woman and: A) I would NEVER put anything on my hair that I randomly found and had never used before. B) I know what gorilla glue is, and what goof off is too. Sending her love, prayers, and vibes to stay off allllll the chemicals that have lead her to your channel and our lives ☠️


how much do you guys bet she gonna try to sue gorrilla glue for this dumb shit ??‍♂️

Bernice Jackson

This exactly what I was afraid of happening. Now the intelligence challenged are going to do it.

Mad Carew.

Lets have a cyanide challenge..solve a lot of problems at a stroke!!

A Bucket Of Water

Like damn. Just when I thought people couldn't get stupider...they up and do!
Damn Y'all. Damn.


Dude she obviously didnt want this jeez who is really the stupid one? Her for getting desperate and regrets it and went through pain or you making fun of her and saying she did this to be famous and is getting "praised"for stupidity like it happened I honestly some people are just so rude

It’s Me! Brittney-B

Me as a normal woman who runs out of hairspray, and seems to be in a hurry: “Well, I hope people like their mythology, because I’m going as a hideous tree troll today!”

Michelle Moore

To answer ur question as a 25 ur old black woman. No if I feel like my head is busted I’ll wear a freaking hat or better yet not give a fuck cause we r in a pandemic who do I have to look nice for. Also my father taught me not to mess with gorilla glue from a very young age. So no woman do not do this and this just shows that stupid comes in all colors and creeds. Madam almost gained herself a Darwin Award.

Angel Bouchier

Ok. This is b.s, she had to have read the bottle. Nobody's that dumb, especially being a teacher. U don't just put anything in your hair without knowing what it is. This is ridiculous. People will do anything for attention and money. Don't be stupid people and do not do this challenge.

Sacrificial Lamb Chop

Well I have yarn twist and I’m getting dreads next so I wouldn’t need to touch hairspray. But if I did have her type of hair style I’d just wear a hat, or a bonnet, that’s what I do until I get my yarn dreads redone, at the end of the day I know people know that me wearing a bonnet will tell people that “oh her hair isn’t done yet” you know?

Ryan Jackson

The lesson is, do stupid shit..go viral..make money. So stupid


As a female I can tell you do to my health in the medicine I have to take I do lose my hair and when it gets to the point where I can't cover it up with the rest of my hair I just go to the barbershop and ask him to shave it and then take a straight edge to my head and then as my hair starts to grow back it's all good. He asked me the first time I went in what was going on and I said I have health issues in the medicine I have to go and take causes my hair to fall out and he said okay. And I'm not going to lie I'm not the one who has a problem walking around with a freaking bald head except in the winter when it's like today in the highs only 9 degrees then I'll put a cap on but other than that it don't bother me it bothers other people to see a female with no hair. Can you tell me why people think that is so weird? I'm comfortable in my own skin what my hair is or isn't doesn't matter. It's my heart and my mind that matter. But you're right did she messed up but maybe she didn't know how to read the label cuz she didn't have contacts or glasses that was the right strength.

timothy clancy

It isn't super glue!
It is epoxy.
It says it right on the product.
If you use it as anything put epoxy or think it is super glue you deserve the consequences.

Simon Willis

Remember the word here in uk I’ll do anything to be on tv this is next level of stupid
Just watched the guy with the cup honestly why just why reword stupid honestly people ?‍♂️

Carolyn Conroy

I’d do without hairspray


...idiot...a shame she ain't winning a Social Darwin Award


No one normal in their mind that is, would use any glue on themselves, it shouldn't need to be explained


Okay- first off, I'm a hardware lady from a hardware family, and I know the difference between a bottle of hair spray and a bottle of gorilla glue/other cans of construction shtuff. I have no idea what this lady was thinking, but to me it seems like she went wayyy under the bar of common sense. Also, I don't give a damn about my hair 9/10 times so maybe I'm just biased, I dunno.

New Day

Stop saying rewarded for her stupidity! Why you so mad, how is it affecting you? Do you think she should of just stayed with the glue in her hair! Why continue to look up the story if you're so annoyed by it!


Its these types of people who make the world an amusing place xD

Wanda Setzer

Somebody tell me the point of wearing six-inch long fingernails. Surely she can't do anything practical with those nails on. Obviously this woman wants to look special, with her eyelashes super long, and her nails super long, and then the glue . . . but I see a lot of long fingernails around. How do people live with those?

John Smith

I like how you mention others IQ while your on youtube feeling like what you say matters. Your voice is nothing and your IQ speaks for itself.

Rubi Bellwood

So keep this in mind, when using different adhesive. 1. Read the whole label including the warnings. Which are put there for a reason. 2. Never ever put super glue on any body part. Ever. Never.


The gorilla on the can does have great hair. Looks like she glued nonsense to her fingers too.

Maria Diaz-Alvarado

No oooooo! Please tell me people are not this dumb... nevermind I've been watching YouTube videos I know they are out there


I swear these people are hella stupid. I'm 15 and got more common sense than these fools

Griff ster

I ain't stupid enough, I'll never be rewarded. I wish people would give me 20k, would pay my school Bills. Go to school to be smart and broke meanwhile people making money doing dum shit. Fml

Scott thebot

I love how they are just throwing money at her like here I know you're stupid af or it was clickbait. Either way the people who donated are stupid and she is stupid. And they are holding her hand like aww. Stupid F'in ppl.

Black Akita

The only way gorilla glue will get in my hair is if someone swapped the contents of my hairspray with gorilla glue. But I've always been one of those people who leaves stuff in exactly one place, in a particular way so I would be able to tell if someone touched it. If I saw someone touched it I'd probably confront them or sniff/inspect the bottle before I try to use it. After seeing someone "prank" someone by substituting nair for shampoo I've been paranoid ? And I wish I could have became famous during one of my self inflicted injuries


You thought gorilla glue was the closest thing to hairspray wow ? it’s crazy people reward ignorance I guess looking good to some people is worth hurting yourself

sandy woodroffe

Does she get to keep the money?

glenda peterson

as a woman. (gawd i just can’t answer that question without saying i read the label). even if i didn’t know what gorilla glue was (which makes me think she did read it, because ppl put glue in their hair sometimes) (then maybe she didn’t think it would be so strong) i’m sorry i’m justifying her. but i wouldn’t walk into the hardware store and knowingly put that sh*t on my scalp ?

Brittany Dusch

No ppl are ignorant...even the hospital could not help her. Wow beyonce hairstylist. This woman did a dumb ass thing and now getting clout

Bill Lincoln


Eva Green

Oh wow ?


No charge AND she got $22,000? ?

Desmond Bain Jr

theres a stigma that some black people cant read and they might be right


Imagine putting lube on your toothpaste same mindset


Please don't tell me Gorilla Glue Challenge is really a thing

Nikke'ta Snowden

You're right.......I guess she didn't learn.


The stupidity seems to be endless this month! No grown woman is going to put Gorilla Glue in her hair. I have a teenaged daughter, who KNOWS better! Her 40 year old ignant behind lived through Super Glue. What on earth makes you think you can quickly throw GG on your hair and wash it out later? Then, the idiot pastes the cup on his lip?? What the....?? Society's rejects!!!


Entertainment Tonight reaaaaaaally has nothing to talk about. XD


"Twelve thousand dollars to surgically shampoo your hair"

Sarvar Xatamov

Thank you! You helped me to understand this whole thing going on out there



Irene Torkel

Acetone helps on skin. I didn’t expect it to help her hair. I don’t understand why she thought using Gorilla Glue was a good idea. Maybe I don’t is because I’ve worked at a home centre where they sell different super strength glues. The bottom line is you can’t fix stupid.

Coco Chanel

... and people say “we need a cure for cancer” .... how about avoiding chemicals on your skin?

Johnny Luna

I say next time use some gel



Mr. Reaper

theses type of ppl give me a big migraine

The Urban Inbox

She makes black people look stupid.
Shed an embarrassment.

Lloyd Share

I put gorilla glue in my pp now I'm a millionaire

space ghost

Everybodys going apeshit for that gorilla glue lol.

Natassja Deana

I have never put anything in my hair without READING THE DANG BOTTLE! This girl had to have glanced at the can, saw it said extra hold and just used it. She didn't read it and if she did she just straight up didn't think it would actually glue her hair because she had probably never used the spray before


I dont even know what like or dislike is

Dark Hoody

BLM am I right lol

Steven Allan

I just hope that the maker of Gorilla Glue isn't gonna sign her up to promote their products.
Stupidity can breed Stupidity.

Twixy No

All I can think is vanity. Entitlement is another. And oh my lord in heaven what is that man doing? There is no Gorilla Glue Challenge. It is not a thing! I like your commentary.


why r people paying her for being stupid


Why just why?

Josue Arriaza

Well her hair stays the same isn't that what she wants?