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【ONLY 3min Everyday!】Ab Tabata Workout for Karate

【ONLY 3min Everyday!】Ab Tabata Workout for Karate12 Jan. 2020
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This is the beginning of

This is the beginning of our KARATE WORKOUT SERIES!

Abs and the surrounding core muscles are prominent components when it comes to stability in karate or any sport. Try this exercise every day to have powerful techniques!


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Comments (89)
Rick Suarez

That's crazy. We did all of this in TKD lol

Master Academy 미국사범 사관학교

This is great because it doesn't take a lot of time or space.

Reforsado,Joshua Delosmo

Can you do this workout even if you don't do karate?hmm,but I want to train and practice karate also

20_009 G. Putra S. N.

Gonna do this, and return to my old dojo. Please make a motivation speech for keeping in dojo or any material art to stay there and never give up with the training. Since I always lost 'my inspiration'

Grace Escano



I think I'll do it tmr before I'm leaving my house to go to karate heh.. Since I dont have a strong body woop woop (istg I'm gonna get sore muscles tmr after karate heh but I love working out so thx for uploading this I always needed that :))


I'm definitely going to do this when I'm training In my free time

Huerto urbano Peque

Great video!!! Thanks!!!?

seema mishra

You are so handsome

Mohamed Kasim

Interesting.. Will definitely try.. Hope you had made for thigh and upper body videos as well.. Let me check.


Cool vid. Very useful. Thank you. ?

Satheesh Kumar

Great demonstration of workouts. ?

Geraldine T

Ho much time do you need to do for every move?

Martin Gonzalez

I complete it! It was easy for me. Upload more level!

Brit Limpin

I do this my sikadsu karate shotokan style ???


Very good

Mary Fuentes

Awesomeness mode activated ???

Captain Andulu

woah my abs hurt..


WHAT REAL , DOCTOR , APROVE , THIS , ( B,S ) !!!!! . KICKING & DANCING , ON THE , FLOOR .? .???......IS , THIS STAR SERCH .? . ????......

Lucatas Cecconi

i'm going to do this more than once a day

wellington costa

Sou Wellington Costa
Do Brasil
Gostaria de ver o passo a passo kata Suparipei shotokan

UwU Vids

You tryna kill me or sum???????

José Castillo

Gracias Sensei, excelente. Saludos desde El Salvador en la América Central.

GamingWithEmjay RGFR

I did this for 2 times today it will be fast

Anointeah Thomas



everyone's a boss until 2:08

Skhan Skhan

Bhai Main Bhi Aana chahta hun

Mohamed 3bd Elkhalek

Ladder exercise


In Pandemic everyone should do that in home

Hum Bhandari





This video will make you wonder.

Andres Perez

Hello what model and brand is your karategui?

Vee Araa

Hello I'm Brazilian, I really liked the video Congratulations ???



Resha DMY

Woww.. terimakasih tips nya?❤️

Goshin & Kudo Academy UK

Great video :)

Mirbi's Workspace

Subscribed! Nice training

Liljana Gospa

Bravo bravo karate :):):)


It was very helpful thanks Good exercise ✌️✌️

Marcelo Aguiar da Silva


Aazib Ali

best of luck man,say hi to paulo

star gamer



Such amazing video

Xavier's Finance

I can't even get past 1:26 but I am trying!

star gamer

I am karate player black belt from India tamil nadu

The Shotokan Kid

Feel free to check out and try my ab workout that I do after every karate class!

Vignesh K.S.

Oss! Sensei. Thank you for such a valuable knowledge sharing ?

sumesh sumesh

Very nice and good

Sanghamitra Pal

I like the way you tell us what's wrong to do. It helps a lot! Thank you.

Mr The Man

I'll be doing thins today.... It looks effective good one... Oss


Se ve entretenido e interesante, lo intentare

Ahmad Oki

i like your video senpai....


Been doing this for 3 weeks for now i noticed i've Lost a Lot of calories.


The amount of ab control you have is insane

Tristan E

Oh hell yes doing this today!!!

King Kong



Wait? I remember you.. you were in paolofromtokyo videos right?


Great workout !!!!

Lathi Vettukad

Pls senci
Your mubaile number

Yogesh Lad

Bigger and Stronger Forearm At Home ?




Nice video! Which dan are you if I may ask?


Great ??

sumit sharma

Who the Hell are you are you mad

Frank Matthers



I'll try it out today. ????

Arnora Wegener

I started around January/February this year to do this workout around 6 mornings per week, followed by the 4 minute leg workout. Except I replaced everything that involves jumping or stomping with push ups, out of consideration of my neighbor downstairs. Works quite well for me. Thanks for these two videos! ?
My next goal is to get used to stretch more, I'm so not flexible ?...

Hailey Carstens

Thank you so much?

Bluemoon Lustre

You must be pretty strong, like these exercises were hard...keep going cuz I wanna be strong too!


I'm going to do this every day

Lovely Villanueva

Looking hard

Mark Delara

Good move injoy to contenue...

Anil Patil

Very nice but can a teenager do it

Jeremy Kiahsobyk

Balance was sloppy setting down from those back kicks! Torso has to return as fast as your leg re-chambers (return to center).

Kampai, from Shuri-Ryu.


Sadly I can't follow along at the moment due to a knee injury that requires surgery. But I will definitely in corporate the first and last excercise in my routine once I recover. The second and third excercise we do regularly in my dojo.


I did similar exercises when I was in TKD years ago.
I will incorporate these into my kickboxing workout this week!


what is your name sir? are you on facebook?

joker biki54

boy u r cute

Sagar Gamar

Bahut aacha

Lo Hoang

Thank you for the tutorial

Frank Andriankis

Im 12 and not very happy with my weight and im going to do this for a few weeks and see how it goes!?I get body shamed alot but i get over it,.im not a pu33y. Thanks for this ill try and lose a bit of weight

Yuche Saji

This type of training makes me feel so powerful... Cooool?


Somehow, I'm getting Jak & Daxter vibes from this....

Henry Marks

I really like the in video of what is next and what not to do


I thought this was gonna be easy.....

Ayrton Widiastara

Worth to try it. Great video! Osu

John Cline


Ninja Kyokushin

Your neck was touching your chest I think probably that was the mistake you didn't notice

Mirbi's Workspace

And I know ITF taekwondo's parent is Shotokan Karate i mean ITF is origin to Shotokan there are many similar things. It can be helpful. Thank you!

Karate workout: total body training

Karate workout: total body training2 Oct. 2020
Karate TrainingSubscribe 438 721

Explore a variety of

Explore a variety of karate techniques while getting a good workout.

This is a recording of a live zoom session for our club, The Shotokan Karate Club of Maryland (http://shotokankarateofmd.com/). Train a long with Greg and let us know what you think. Please make sure you are warm and ready to train when you start the video.

#shotokanstrong #karate #selftraining

Comments (4)

Basic yet most effective.....love it! OSU! ?

Alice Bradley

Nice job!

Rehana Pira

This is awesome ????

Taisir Amin Rafi

Can u upload more?

Karate workout: 30 minute full body session

Karate workout: 30 minute full body session1 Jul. 2020
8 340
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Fast paced kihon and

Fast paced kihon and combinations in 30 minutes

Work hard and burn 200-300 (+/-) calories in 30 minutes with this video! We wore our fitness watches to track our calorie burn. Greg burned 300 in 30 minutes and Debbie burned 200! Work hard, wear your fitness watch, if you have one, and let us know how you did! Caloric burn will vary based on many factors. What's most important is that you are moving and training!

#shotokanstrong #karate #selftraining

Comments (14)

hello this is a great workout

Anna Trageser

I'm No Cobra Kai material ?

Wanderer /Nanahou

Wonderful session. I've been looking for a Karate workout like this since Corona. Without Karate, I feel like I've been withering away. Thank you so much.
You guys even managed to reach me on the other side of the globe. Greeting from Germany.

solomon brenner

If you read comments please reach out
I am instructor as well really enjoyed your class!! Would love to find out about privates [email protected]comcast.net

Johhny Kimsey

wonderful work i really got what i always longed for


Thankyou so much!

Bao N

Thank you sensei Debbie and Greg! I only had 30 free minutes yesterday and this did the trick. Per FitBit, I burned 440 calories. Not sure how accurate that was, but I was sweating and huffing and puffing. I appreciate you guys taking the time to record and post these workouts! Hope to see you next week in the real dojo!

Paul Wolf

Thanks for doing this, and especially for designing everything for a limited space. You need a pretty big space to do a full karate kata. These combinations you put together are great.

Munawar Saeed

Hi i need your whatapp basic martial art karate excersie vidoes and self difence technique plz whatapp 00923323951875

Evilasio Simoes Barbosa

Congratulacion Sensei!!! Great vídeo!!! Thank you!!!

james fiaco

Out of all the teachings one may learn here during life is that martial arts is by far the most beneficial, for it can be applied to every other aspect naturally and effortlessly. Martial arts is the fastest and most efficient way for one to learn their bodies capabilities and limitations therefore being able to become physically fit, mentally sound and spiritually balanced allowing them to express physical freedom. Which is key for one to start living up to the pleasure, potential and responsibility of femininity and masculinity at this level of body awareness one naturally actually has a self-control, discipline, loyalty, devotion, appreciation, respect, confidence and joyful determination to validate, confirm and signify that the are being true towards love honor and the creation of life. If one makes a conscious choice to live in accordance to validating love to the degree I mentioned it allows the subconscious to systematically coincide with the soul spirit mother Earth and all the various different forms of life that live within this world in the most efficient way that is humanly possible. Thus yielding the best spiritual kickback for one's efforts accomplishments experiences. Anything less is feebleminded physically inadequate and submissive subservient which it doesn't get any worse than that living and dying in that mannerism. For when one lives and dies having neglected the physical freedom they have had available all throughout their life a results in them being recognized internally and externally for all eternity throughout existence as spiritually sexually suppressed. Case closed mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare are not changing those facts protecting carrying compensating any wining souls or spirits that are freely connected to a life that does not do its best to improve upon and maintain the quality of it. You might want to take that point to Heart considering if life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper it's not. So don't miss the deadline on becoming physically fit mentally sound spiritually balanced being able to express physical freedom. Obviously high sources of nutrition will greatly increase one's physical freedom + formal education maybe some hands-on experience with the most extreme situations nursing homes daycare centers critical care units birthing centers. Group homes, jails, prisons, Army,, Navy Marine core, special forces, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports and fitness facilities. Whether you believe are not as secondary to the fact that each and every moment is spiritually accounted for. 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And that is with clean high paying jobs from coast-to-coast that improve upon and maintain the quality of our air water foods landscapes working living environment every day home products habitat ecosystem plus the lifestyle I mentioned. The goal is to live in a manner that allows each persons generation to naturally and gradually become stronger smarter healthier happier better off physically mentally financially possibly spiritually then the previous generation. Sad to say even undergoes best case scenario circumstances there is still going to be a percentage of people who freely live and die having only used the smallest percentage of a fraction of the true potential of the were first born with. Now I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim to the way of living personally and professionally. I guarantee you never see hear another body man/ woman in power persons of legal religious authority leaders ever freely validate the statements they proclaim with that level of certainty. One reason they don't naturally instinctively have the best interest of the majority of the population's needs at Heart another reason could be they come from a breed of cowards or have a lifestyle that suggests, confirms and validates them as being absent-minded frail body. Is quite possible to be a combination of those two worst-case scenarios. For one is genetic hereditary and the other is a generic learned behavior. Either way it is physically mentally spiritually useless to freely live and die in such a low-quality manner. Especially if that ignorance, stupidity, weakness and desperation stems from being soft, lazy, out of shape, over fed, undernourished, overworked and underpaid with the dirty low-paying job. S.R.F

Virginia Rosa

I definitely worked up a good sweat in this class! Great review of lots of important techniques. Don't feel discouraged if you can't match the incredible pace of our instructors. The explanations are so clear that even someone as challenged with coordination as I am could remember the instructions and finish each drill, even if I was a little behind on the timing.

Densom Erglad

Excellent Karate workout! Thank You so much, it is a real pleasure to train with You.


I was looking for some karate specific cardio training after 30 min on my crosstrainer. I found it :-) Very inspiring, complete and exhausting session .. thank you.