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Testing All My One Rep Max Lifts | Skinny Kid Bulking Up

Testing All My One Rep Max Lifts | Skinny Kid Bulking Up9 Sep. 2020
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Hi i'm Joe, I have created this YouTube channel to show my progression from a skinny teenager who is sick of being skinny to hopefully in the future being more muscular and just better in general both physically and mentally.

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Comments (100)
Brad Jones

0:32 Most whitest fist bump ever ??

Cyrill Russo


Antony y

Hi looking for a bit of advice. I’m currently bulking and doing 5x5 bench press twice a week with a couple of other chest exercises every now and then. Would i see a lot better results if I was to switch to 3x5 and do it three times a week?

Liam H.Carson

I'd love to see an update in a month or two-man.


How is it he couldn’t do bench but he could do dips?

juwon fari

Why did try 130kg if he’s 120kg deadlift was so bad


Yes u should make this a series after every 90 days u check ur one rm again like a p2 then p3 and etc.

Eldar Esenbek

Joe, do you do any sport? Like football,voleyball ect.?

ÖMJ’S Supersoldiers

One of my mates is 15 years old and he can deadlift 170 kg

Da wulf

when i feel weak and that all hard work is getting me nowhere i watch joe to feel better about myself

koustubh G

Which accent is this

Marco Olea

Why is this dude famous, im not tryna be a hater or anything but he has an average physique with average strength

Ahmad Syafiee Ahmad Hilmi

do one month update

Jady Labuschagne

This man can curl 40 kg for reps ??

Junior Az

Ur face looks like Marc Marquez


Do that updated version in 2 months ??

Moarze FN

James needs to work on his form he will for sure injure himself eventually


guys im 16 , made transformation vid on my channel would be grateful if someone showed love thx <3 !

arbab mustafa

Now road to 1 million

Jack PT

Do you warm up and recover that’s best for hitting new numbers


how did you improve your pull-ups this much??

Benjamin Haverly

Try and get a better quality of camera, that plus your editing skills atm would improve your videos so much. Keep up the work man ??

John Cannon

Congrats on your lifts bro, would recommend on the deadlift, engage your core and back muscles and bring the bar up in one movement, rather than lifting your arse up too soon, good work though man x

Jarrod Walker

OOF you look way stronger cause of your size my lifts are around the same i weigh 140 lbs keep up the work mate


This is how natural transformation looks like. Not that bullshit fed by 95% of „natural” transform vids in 1-2 years where fella goes from stick skinny to a beast. Of course naturally, chocolate milk and shit like that, of course

Victor Schougaard

What is your bodyfat%?

Mike Relish

We are same genetics brother..?

k c

Jesus loves you trust in him

Flemish Nationalist

How long had you been lifting for in this attempt? I've done 1 attempt after 1 year of lifting. I don't understand how skinny guys are so strong. I look bigger yet I can't lift as much weight. My numbers were:
Deadlift: 135kg
Squat: 95kg (I hate squat)
Bench: 80kg
Pull up: 25kg (+75kg bodyweight)
OHP: 45kg


It’s annoying everyone In year 7 at kings has to quarantine

David Mostert Vlogs

I cringed so hard on James’s deadlift... he should do sumo form rather

Hamish Hegvold

we starting a gofundme for joe to cop some airpods

Karlo Šokčević

Just a friendly tip, dont take it as hate. You should really look into your form on dl and squats. Perfect form wil result in a bigger 1rm in the long run trust me.

Victor Vallim

I’m 1.80m and 72 Kg but physical condition is pretty bad. I’ve been on gym for 2 months buy I doesn’t seem to improve anything. I eat normally (dont use pre-train stuff) Should I eat more? Or the training is too light?

Betty Merrill

Would love to see your improvements in a few months!

I have to wait 90 days to change my name lol

Worst music I have ever heard


Me, an American, feeling completely left out because your lifts were in KG ??


I cringed so hard when I saw him lift 130kg with that form pls never post something like this again


Joe complaining about having to run 5 kilometers while the cameraman is bloody flying


Dont know if anyone has pointed this out but try straps or hook grip instead of mix grip. The side where ur hand is supinated is slightly bent, which puts a lot of strain on the biceps. You dont want a bicep tear.

Pluto 624

joe what if u trying to bulk up but I do t have money for gym can u make video on how to bulk up at home


seen you on lad bible before well done ??

Steven Kane

Height and weight?

Connor Kramer

I’m 6,4 200 pounds, and I’m trying to bulk up to 220-230

David Bodis

Coach Greg's army is incoming...

Hugo Hobbs

Literally the same as mine (I’m 13 years old)

Ignas Zakelis

How old are you?

Watch and play Trophy’s PS4 trophy’s

Congratulations on 200k joe it’s great you obviously deserve it ???

Sofyan HD

This guy is legit using thumbnails from like 6 months ago or even more when he was lean that's how you know he doesn't like the skinny fat look he has right now

Lucky Laki

Look bro how are you losing strength you can bild mucel in deficit and you don't need to bullk just mein gein coch Greg

Mohammad A

Well deserved

Hayden Pearson

lol For someone who works out an shit hes not strong at all XD


2:40 song name please!!!!!

Sheldon Cooper SDG

Congrats on 200k bro not easy to do

Nemanja Laketic

How tall are you and your friend?


0:28 (dad comes back with the milk) ah 200?


Counting the days till the 60 day transformation ✍️✍️


Pls do part 2

zeas v

Subbed for the update in the future ?? keep it up!

creative destruction tamil

Bro how to stop nightfall plzzz



Lion of Babylon

Pull-up bar bending while doing pull-ups that’s sketchy

kieron black

Too much cardio reason why your not seeing gains my guy


Your form was better on higher weights for deadlift lmao

Seymour Butts

Congrats Joe! Keep going!


Prove ur here before 250k subs

Tarunjeet Singh

Brah, your back is not aligned while doing the lifts!

Oliver Boysen

Damn your 5km sucks

jake iz JCS

Your hips raise too quickly on deadlifts and if I was you I would’ve stopped your mate after the first lift cus he on a 1 way ticket to snap city

Review My Stuff

Never heard someone say "Kay G" for KG

Dave Bruce

Deadlifted 4 times in my life mate hitting 155kg also bench press max 90kg 4 months of training round 80kg in body weight and 6ft3 in height got crazy gains and crazy genetics just blessed ????


Janes scaring me with his deadlift

Big Dogg

To be honest i don't know why you bother with the gym.... Your build is naturally too skinny for bodybuilding and your way too weak for powerlifting. Also learn how to do pull ups properly you shouldn't bring your legs up in front of you.


What are ur big 3 lifts at now big boi ; )

Louis Mcc

Both these guys have atrocious form , James is gonna blow out his spine and Joe is going to tear a bicep with his deadlift form

Big Dogg

My grandma can lift more than you?

Mark brackman

This chap seems like a genuinely good guy!!!
Keep putting out fire content!! -from across the pond, cheers!!


DON't let james do deadlifts ever again lmaio

LukaBraxi Gaming

Congrats on 200k!!!

Andrei Tudor

No hate but you look like you don't even lift

Muhammad Rifat

Well done joe man well happy for you son


Kinda wanna donate this guy a pair of Airpods, cause i know the struggle with the wires, and its a relief to have bluetooth headphones


"Can't do bench because of a shoulder injury"

Does dips instead smh?

Angus Brady

How can you bulk and do cardio

J Molina

Weak asf


Damn, you and me are very alike in 1rm except you squat 10kg more than me and I deadlift 10kg more than you

Aidan McNicholas

Big ups


Say R

D ruzzi

I’m so happy my dips are more than his!!!! All the you tubers just seem to have insane records

Francis Morris

Yeah I think you should do a new PR video every 2 months so it shows your actual progression in the sense of strength and then that’ll motivate you so much


What were ur max bench?

Petrounot Twins

You literally have 0% mind to muscle connection,you do bicep curls with the bar and throw the weight above your shoulders with barely flexing your biceps, I would never have commented that,but the fact that i saw your video kinds of people at the gym where you claim you have no muscle tone because of your genetics is so funny, it's so easy doing 1 rep max and thinking it's enough to build muscle,you have no idea about how much pain you have yo endure to build muscle,have you heard of time under tension btw?

Drteerryy FORTNITE

I’d love to see an updated version like if you agree

Melvin Swarts

Heyy Joe names Melvi I was just wondering if you could give me a some pointers on how to start my own account

Isaac Jacobs

Please give an update

Sam Harrison

Just realised you visited the same gym that I train in!! Got a squat PR on that squat rack! ?


These Pull Ups ??

shehryar kashif

Bro you just workout all day. Like your whole day is filled with different workouts ?

Lluc Aristondo Alzina

What is your best bench to date?


How tall are you? (Just curious)
Btw congrats on 200k!

OneRepublic - Kids (Official Music Video)

OneRepublic - Kids (Official Music Video)25 Aug. 2016
79 131 975
OneRepublicVEVOSubscribe 438 721

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Created with Nokia OZO: http://ozo.nokia.com

Check out the “Kids” 360 Virtual Reality Experience at http://www.onerepublic.com/kids360

Music video by OneRepublic performing Kids. (C) 2016 Mosley Music/Interscope Records


Comments (100)
Pranay Ranjan

The song reminds everyone about the best days of their lives and hence sadly it is deterring when it is supposed to be uplifting

Karol Santos

Dulce Maria ??

Jazmin Olvera

!!demonios!! Nunca supe que estuvieron en México y más en conocer más de ellos, porque siempre me entero tan tarde :(


lets admit it, we all sung this song to ourselves

Chris Jiji

Guys I'm looking for a speaker like that does anyone known the name

McKaylee McElroy

Wish I would’ve gotten the chance to be a kid. Hey, if you do get that chance, be young and dumb. You’ll grow up soon enough, just enjoy where you’re at.

Mrs Vm

I adore this video

Manthan Gohil

actually OneRepublic is the most underrated band I think so because they make better songs than others but don't have that much popularity than others:(

Vawter Kenny

Americas economy is a video game...You beat the game when you steal money every person in America...
Kenny Vawter

Amer Jegham

Enyone from 2021?


What the hell, these guys are complete idols

Bom Caflin


Immortal Firefly06

i love thw vibes of this music sounds like from the 80's❤



Eyob Tigistu

This video deserves 1B views and likes

Ester Tzadik

One of your best songs I'll hear in 2021!

Adham Elnabarawy

2021 anyone?

linda sepelak

Wild times ?

MoErinIa 95

2021 and I am still getting goose bumps everytime I listen to this song!

Vansh TheGreatTuber

I am a kid and I understood the importance of childhood! What did u learn from this?

Joao Says


Avi Fernandez

2021 viewers unite please!


Why Ryan is the coolest of all the time :)

Sushant Sharma

Arushi if you ever come here
I Loved You.

Vansh TheGreatTuber

I can watch this the whole day so that this video gets 100M views

Zack J.C

How many people are listening this in 2021

Blanca Obregon

Estoy aquí por Dulce María


Perfect Song. I miss the skytrain rides.

Najat Alïxa

Ilike so much ths clip?

God’s daughter Sierva de Dios

I’m here cuz of Dulce.

Marisa Hernández

Estoy aqui por Dulce Maria

Harsh Sahu

WHY DOESN'T IT HAS at least 500M VIEWS??

Ashwani Singh


Gisina Induwara

Both the video and the song are masterpieces...Deserved a lot more...

Nityanandini Rao

I love this song so fucking much!!!!!?❤️❤️❤️

Makena Akana

That made my day

Natalia Kubaczka



2021 feb anyone ?


I just to listen to this when I was a kid...

I'm still a kid but about to turn 18..

CHICKEN 111000

hang on a min...................where is Drew??

Marcos Garrix \oO/

OMG!!! Dulce Maria?? 01:39

valerie maksimoski

Amd so it begins

Alan C varghese

Love from Kerala malayali
Fav song ?

Justicar 11

Listening to this song driving down i85 into downtown Atlanta at night makes me feel like crying.

Deniz Josue Garcia Muñoz

No te entendi ni vrg no se ingles :v

Mot Doctors

I think I‘m a million views just on my own.

Vawter Kenny

They change my emails ...I'm not sure if people receive my email or hogwash..
Kenny Vawter

Marilee Dent


Lala Ngcebetsha

2021 whos here

Jose Milborrow

Is it just me or can anyone else relate :

I have this song on my phone and played it many times , but once I watch the video , it's like I never heard it before . Just in my brain maybe .

Jae Stumpf

Who else is listening in 2121

I'm yet to see one of those comments on here so I declare myself the first


Ryan Tedder ?????
Superrrrrrrrrr ?❣️

N_L Brewer

I cant believe i haven't heard this song until 2020. its such a great song.


Plot twist: He’s following her because he saw her steal the flower from his family and wants her to pay for it.

Buckland Vela

Yo estuve cuando grababan el inicio del vídeo aquí en bellas artes México. ❤️


This song is sooooo fuckkinngg UNDERRATED seriously ??

Eileen Engelbrecht

I've literally had the biggest crush on Ryan Tedder since 2007... Needless to say, still going strong ?

Yashasvi Sharma

Enjoy childhood while it lasts

Вера Затуринская

My lovely One❤️ Republic

Neil Easter

I turn 31 tomorrow. (My favorite number) This song is officially my theme song for the year. ☺️

Leticia Sales

Dulce Mari -

Joseph Creed

Back when we were kids SWORE WE'LL NEVER DIIIIIIIEEEE!!!!!! Wish we could turn back time to the good old days when we're kids.....this virus did.....this virus did??????????

Kairo Purcell

The perisher he put in to that is insane

Seby S

remember this song from summer 2017 at the skate park with mates, how times go quick ?


Incredible guys ??

Tomáš Lukáč

Simply amazing ?

Tre De


Saron Melaku

2021 anyone??


que linda musica

Vawter Kenny

Statutes, rules and sanctions used to target people and athletes not considered Constitutions..

Kenny Vawter

Franco Guzzo

Ma quanto bella sta canzone


This song deserves a billion views ??

Abby Kelvin


Chicken Jay

Throwback to times when Life was easier

Udit Verma

If u were here in 2021 then u r a legend ?

Shameer Ullah

Anyone in 2021 ???

Yasmanic Portugal


moth man

I remember listening to this on repeat when I was younger, damn.

the good times.

Victhor Villar 88

Ahora un anucion de Netflix maldita sea, pero todo sea por escuchar oneRepublic


People who listens such songs .
Lemme tell you our music taste are way better then others✌️

Ollie Evans

Anyone else think Eddie Fisher felt a tad awkward at 1:26 just mimicking his drum playing by tapping his thighs??

Arati Kamble

Still listening in 2021!

Vitor Hugo

Oque a Dulce ta fazendo aqui meu Deus amooooo

Rushabh info

WTF this song reach 500 m shit. I'm glad I'm loving this song

Vansh TheGreatTuber

Ryan looks handsome my sister got a crush on him after this song


2021 who's here ??? great music

Scott Grimes

Grocery store muzak.

That's Me

Anyone listening in 2021?

Birds 123

I don't know why people have stopped listening to this music.

Jenn Ortega


Olivia, Pre-Podiatry Med


Dumpster Child

This song sounds like what hose water tastes like. I have listened to so many songs that are structured in a more complex way and that bring up more abstract or interesting concepts from experimental or progressive bands but for whatever reason this song has remained my absolute favorite ever written for almost 4 years now. I don’t know how or why but this song just feels like graduating and thinking about that one really fun summer you spent doing absolutely nothing when you were 8. It’s like all those jaded or callused feelings you develop just dealing with everyday boring life are gone and you’re just left with a sense of childlike innocence in your heart.

Sonic dew

2021 ?

Sonia Castro perez


Jennifer Quinn

15 at a nm assad as assault

Mr. Michelle Seamore

I created this song. Anyone else feel the same?


Let's see how many watch this on 2021.

santiago v_b

WTF Dulce María

Roberto Orellana

Back when we were kids
You and me were kids

Makena Akana

One reason is because I am a kid I am 8

PrivacyDuck - How to Delete / Opt Out from OneRep.com

PrivacyDuck - How to Delete / Opt Out from OneRep.com17 Aug. 2016
6 420
PrivacyDuck.comSubscribe 438 721

OneRep.com is one of the

OneRep.com is one of the highest-ranking people search sites. Learn how to delete your personal information from this OneRep.com with this step-by-step tutorial from PrivacyDuck founder Will McAdam.

Comments (16)
Damir Gafic

Am i doing something wrong every time i enter /name/Last/First ? I get redirected to /people/first-last !

KP Admin

I followed the steps, but when I do the reverse check after removal, I can still see my name in the results :-( is that common? - Kim

Jolene A

There is no longer a "remove from directory" option on the bottom. There is a "List of Brokers Opt out Instructions" which takes you to a membership sign up page.

superman bond

I use the information how to delete my information ho w to get out of onerep it gone off thank you i also use your informaton to get out of nuwber then i ask google to remove my information from google with the removal tool and google responed it is remove but my address is still there thinking about my family and my safety please help me get my address off google

Preston Garrison

OneRep is a fraudulent web site. They promise searches and provide none. I searched a friend and they turned up. They offered a one month trial of $10, which I did in order to do one search, but there is no search window on their site. They lied to me what I had seen them offer.


I'm in the currently in the process of removing all my personal info online. It's very tedious but I don't want to pay =P This helped a lot. Thank you.

L Rosewood

Thank you!

Ken Wuttke

"Don't show my info" is on the bottom now. When I pasted in the URL with my name in it, it took me to the page with my info on it. There was just a button that says "This is me." Has anyone clicked on that successfully?

Peppy Pepe’s Fam

This didn't work for me. Onerep.com changed everything on their site--sneaky. Do you have any advice?

superman bond

I would like to know if google approve the removal how long do it take to disapear

superman bond

i have tried to get my information off onerep site with the optout did the copy and past and then they ask more question why you need more information let me guess to sale to another site i will be calling better business b on you one rep we all need to call on you taking people information and posting it that how it in up on google onerep you are make people feel unsafe will be calling FBI also if you dont fix your site so people can get their information off your site i will start a petition and then a lawsuit


it work!, thanks!!

TJ 101

Fucking losers trying to make $$$ by showing someone's personal info. SHAME...

Pam M

Perhaps OneRep saw your video and changed how to access your individual name record. When I follow the steps in your video to enter my name in the initial URL, I get a 404 - yet there are still plenty of records there for me. I even tried replacing 'name' with 'person' in that step and still get the 404.

Uniquely Divine

My name is showing up for multiple locations. They only allowed me to remove one location. I tried using another email to remove the second location and it's not working. I also tried using the temp email but it's not working either. I'm getting a message to email them directly.

Elizabeth H

I couldn't get the Guerrilla email address to be accepted so I went looking for another email option. I signed up for mailchimp and apparently this is not an email box but an email generating service. OneRep sent my confirmation email there. How can I change my email address so I can delete my record?