Parachute runs

Parachute - Sprinting Instructional Drills (How to Run Faster and Increase Speed)

Parachute - Sprinting Instructional Drills (How to Run Faster and Increase Speed)8 Nov. 2013
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Nehemiah Escareño

These niggas suck because they don't finish all the way through the drill full speed. And 10 to 20 yards isn't good enough

Richard James

This piece of equipment is absolutely no stress. There is no resistance within the first five steps. The first 3 to 5 steps are most important in developing absolute speed.

Del Richardson

Is this good to add to a boxing workout ? Want to add more outdoors training such as hills prints. Weighted vests runs but want more ideas. Also what do this benefit m


great video

Hitesh Vaghela

He ia flying. Think I could use one of these to sprint of a hill and absail..


its 40 i think


Nice drills


I need this parachute.

Oswald Haynes

how many reps do you do with each excercise


i do long sprints with this will that help to?

Minimah Billings

I’m not an athlete; quite far from being one. However, I literally just received my parachute today (Lifeline) because I want to take my fitness regime up to another level. I’m doing sprints and thought a parachute would be beneficial. Then I stumbled upon this video. I’m way too excited. Ha ha!

Dynamic Warmup & Speed Parachute Sprint Workout | Dre Baldwin

Dynamic Warmup & Speed Parachute Sprint Workout | Dre Baldwin28 Dec. 2016
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Dre Baldwin is a former Professional Basketball Player who is now an Entrepreneur: Keynote Speaker on the topics of Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline.

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neal khosla

How often do you these, dre?

Hi There

Hi i just got one but was wondering how many times shoukd i run?



Jarryel Salazar

12:55 “oops watch out for that parachute there” ??? but good workout vid ?

LF 15

hey dre Im 15, 5'4 feet tall so still can't lift weights so what exercise should I do and how should I workout upper body one day and lower body the next day or just both at the same time?

Georgie1732 hudson

Bro i used 3 paracutes then i took a short break with some preworkour and i ran after holy shit im like usaine bolt


Damn your jacked whats ur weight brother

nyanda panda



Does it have to be windy to use? And does it give enough residence?

Gelia pinto

I need help, what is dropping your hips, or swinging them


Did you assist the parachute getting up by pulling it with your left hand?


I believe I can fly

Ankle Insurance

Thanks Dre I needed something like this

fauzan hafizh


Mo Khan

Plz keep doing these type of vids.... They really help

Smitty Mcsmith

Less talky more workouty

Reverse_king99 Tps

So this will make you faster?

Aryan Tak

i really needed a good dynamic warmup dre, and you delivered! you are awesome man

The Unknown

Will the parachute improve my acceleration and speed I ordered a 56 inch parachute

Richard Jean

Are you at ATM

Tj Lock

Excuse me what’s your 40?


i agree bro, i absolutely despise lunges

Trae Bennett

wassup Dre thanks

Leandro Tavarez

The way he's training looks more baseball specific than basketball training

Nathan Love-appling

CAn the parachute work for people that run the 800 meter?

Sprint Training with Resistance Parachute | Parachute Running | Precision Training Parachute Review

Sprint Training with Resistance Parachute | Parachute Running | Precision Training Parachute Review12 Feb. 2019
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Watch Henry Sprint

Watch Henry Sprint Training with a resistance parachute attached! Parachute Running should make him faster!!

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Watch this speed training video, where I use the Precision Training Resistance Parachute to help me to increase my running speed. This training parachute is ideal for sprint training. Running with a parachute attached makes it harder, building up your strength & muscles, which should then make it easier when sprinting without a parachute. Watch the video as we use a stopwatch to record my sprint times, to see how much difference there is with and without the parachute. I will produce a new video in a few weeks to see if I have decreased my fastest time by repetitive training.


Precision Training Resistance Parachute

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