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How To Warm Up To Keep Lifting Heavy With Terry Hollands | Mirafit

How To Warm Up To Keep Lifting Heavy With Terry Hollands | Mirafit10 Apr. 2020
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British Strongman Terry

British Strongman Terry Hollands goes through his upper and lower body warm-up routine.

He talks about how his smart training has helped him have a long career in Strongman.

Terry tells us that, as he's gotten older, he's paid more attention to recovery and now makes sure to always stick to his warm-up routines consisting of foam rolling and stretching exercises.

Fancy getting deadlift tips from a Strongman legend? Watch Terry Hollands revealing his secrets to a flawless deadlift: https://bit.ly/3gBL7Rz

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paul kearney

Thanks so much! Took your time to go through each step in detail, much appreciated. CHEERS!

Jack Only

Thank you for making this video


Legend Terry ??

The ONLY Upper Body Warm Up You Need! (QUICK AND EFFECTIVE)

The ONLY Upper Body Warm Up You Need! (QUICK AND EFFECTIVE)4 Jan. 2019
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You are missing out on

You are missing out on pushing or pulling so much more weight by failing to warm-up properly before lifting. Here Danny shows you the only upper body warm up you need to lift crazy amounts of weight.

How To Build A GREAT Chest FREE Guide: https://www.mindpumpmedia.com/p/How-To-Build-A-Great-Chest

- Band Pull Apart

- Grab a light resistance band

- Pull apart at chest level

- 15 to 20 Repetitions

- Focusing on opening up torso and pulling shoulders back and away

- Banded Dislocation

- Pull arms apart and overhead

- Perform in both directions

- Comfortable End Range

- 12-20 Repetitions

- Banded External and Internal Rotations

- Attach the band to a pole about torso level

- Pin elbow to the side

- And pull the band out while keeping elbow at 90-degree angle

- 6-8 External Rotations and 6-8 Internal Rotations

- Push Up Handcuff

- Start in a push up position

- Lower to floor

- Raise arms overhead with thumbs pointing forward

- Extend them backward, rotating to upper back

- 5-6 Repetitions

If you enjoyed this video check out these!

The BEST Lower Body Warm-Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgZsHVEf9oU

Shoulder Mobility Exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scUpiYDcsYA

The BEST Bench Press Set-Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBIu0lKuZ04

Check out Danny's Instagram Here: https://instagram.com/danny.mantranga

Big Thanks to Saiyan Strength for opening up their gym for us!!

Check them out here: https://www.saiyanstrength.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saiyanstrengthgym


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1:18 ✨repetwitions✨

Adrian Balbuena

tried it earlier on bench and I PR’d. def made a difference

Mostly accurate

I'm going to include your warm up into my routine, thanks. Also could you do a vid on less recognized stretches.


thanks but I don't have a big ass rubber band laying around my house

Romelia Polly

I am sure you will find great workouts instructions on Unflexal page. That insane how it is good for sane :D


Thank you for this, its very helpfull!


Thank you, Danny!


Excellent video! Will try this tmr for my UB workout.

Green arrow

How long will this take


A lot of talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Lyons

Great warm up!
I'm a little older, actually I'll be 60 this June, and I've noticed that I've been straining some of my muscles, lately, as I do my presses and pull ups. Hopefully, this warm up routine will help alleviate that.

Brad Kays

Excellent. I, like many, have a dominant subscap, so I limit the internal rotation and focus on external for the 3 external rotators (but am sure to stretch subscap☺). Other than that, I will be putting this all together for my next push day for sure!

Sid Dwivedi

Great Post. Ques: When you mean be 'active' in doing these warm ups -- does that mean I should 'engage' my body as though I am about take a 'punch' or 'body shot'?

Muhammad Naseer

Please make videos about periodization training and rest time between the sets.

Lars Rye Jeppesen

Band pull- aparts should be done with hands/arms externally rotated.

Toni Conn

What are the regressions for these moves if you have shoulder injuries or poor mobility?

Marilyn Grace

Thanks a lot , gonna do this tomorrow , doing legs today?

Andrew Kuhn

The banded dislocation is one of my favorites right now. I've actually been doing it as a finisher as well with a heavier band on my shoulder days!

Marina Mori

Thank you!! Any advice for women arms workout?

James Belousov

How not to damage shoulders when doing dips.

Mike Mossburger

Thank you for the warm up Tips ??


i ripped my deltoid had to stop training for 6 weeks always warm up




Dig that Push up variation, Scapular control is so overlooked

Lucent Shadow

I feel like I've been warming up less and less over the years. Probably should reverse that.


safe training is smart training!


Aaaand my gym doesn't have bands. Smh


Just a reminder for gym, dont mind me :p

1:16 (15 - 20 rep)
1:58 (12 - 20 rep)
2:50 (6 - 8 rep inside AND outside)
3:35 (5 - 6 rep. Squeeze elbows)

Thanks for the video btw :)


Another one I like is hanging scapular retractions/contractions etc. Like a pullup but only from the upper back.

Nyssa McCarthy

This is awesome. I searched your videos for an upper body warmup because I knew if you had one it would be one that included active mobility... and you totally delivered. Thank you!

Kevin Cruikshank

Very good. Great presentation skills and demos.

Chris Ghost

Cool down?

Fredericka El Maalouly

Thank you. Great upper warm up

Hamza 9xTM

How about effective barbell exercises?

Jesus Valle

2:18 whys that guy in the background wearing a wife beater

ferbiano ronaldo

Amazing as always Danny.

Charlie Williams

I have a issue getting the bar to my chest due to a sore and very tight left delt, i believe your warmup method may help me get full range of motion . thank u

Chad Sacrey

Love that last move. Done it before from watching adam but i like the floor and push up add on


How to not punch a ticket to snap city

Is that a gym or a warehouse either way that place is awesome

Jonathan Mortensen

Very thorough video; I'll incorporate this. Thank you!

Sudhir Joshi

Is that Saiyan strength gym??



Bridget Murphy

where can I buy a set of those bands?

Thomas Mathias

You seem to really know what youre talking about every video. Following all your advice thanks for the videos!


Thanks bro ?


Those banded exercises feels lovely, gonna include these in my warmup routine. thanks

How to Warm up for Lifting Weights for Maximum Strength & Muscle Growth

How to Warm up for Lifting Weights for Maximum Strength & Muscle Growth7 Apr. 2014
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Greg O'Gallagher

Greg O'Gallagher (Kinobody) in this video titled "How to Warm up for Lifting Weights for Maximum Strength & Muscle Growth"

Use the Free Physique Builder Tool - http://kinojourney.com

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Add me on snapchat - @gog9

Here's How it Looks

Warm up set #1 -- 60% of work set weight x 5 explosive reps (1-2 minutes rest)

Warm up set #2 -- 75-80% of work set weight x 3 explosive reps (1-2 minutes rest)

Warm up set #3 -- 90% of work set weight x 1 explosive rep (2-3 minutes rest before going into first work set)

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356 Pounds TO FIT

Where ya been Greg? Enjoy the vids

Jordan Liddle

Do you leave a full 3 minutes between each warm up set as well?


Greg, you seem to always do things with an almost scientific approach with intricately thought out schemes for optimal performance and gains in your workouts, and really in everything you do. You called this “strategic” warm-up sets, and I was just wondering how did you come up with the numbers...what was the strategy behind these weight percentages of max lifts to use in warming up, that supposedly would result in maximum strength and muscle gains?  You even go so far as to specify explosiveness in the reps in the warm-up???  What’s all that about?
I’m not at all doubting your system, but am just curious.
If the explanation would be a little much for this comments section, then just forget I asked.  :)        

H Athlete4ever

Right on!!!

nemo hoes

Can you post a video about your daily life or workout routine and telling you don't have to gorge yourself with food please ,need help thanks


Cut your fkn hair.


to every set 3 minutes rest?