Fat guy plate carrier

Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (Part 1) - Fitting a Plate Carrier

Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (Part 1) - Fitting a Plate Carrier12 Dec. 2014
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Glen & Matt from

Glen & Matt from Independence Training stop by AR500 Armor® and run through the basics of properly fitting and setting up your plate carrier and body armor - part 1. Stay tuned for more videos!

Independence Training

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@ AR500: Thanks for the video, guys! Got a question for you. Is it possible to set up a chest rig or variant of it that allows you to go prone well? This seems to be a drawback of the chest rig system as compared to some of the old-school load-bearing equipment, which shifted as much as possible to your sides and back. Folks who are already stocky are going to look like the Michelin Man by the time they get geared up with a full-blown chest rig. Any ideas?

Devon Thompson

Why dont plate carriers protect your stomach?

Cma 49

Dam!!! All that


Looking to buy a PC but struggling to find something that would fit snug to me. I'm 5'7" and 150lbs. does AR500 carry anything that would fit snug to me and not be to loose?

Caleb Clark

What the best way to put the carrier on and off ?


Any recommendations for really skinny guys who want to invest in a high quality carrier?


How can you draw your hand gun with that big First Aid pouch in the way !

markos r

I have yet to see a video showing what happens when you get your fully loaded magazines shot while attached to your ar500 plate carrier vest with plates etc.


i just got a Gen 2 Testudo with the level 3+ , 10x12 flat plates . being ignorant of just what exactly i was ordering i find that the plates are a bit more than i want to carry . as such they are still in the factory shipping bags and i will have to purchase different plates . i missed my return window so i'm stuck with the original ordered plates . no matter , i'm sure i can find a buyer . i know some guys . great video . helped me a lot .

Budget Gun Cinema

5:08 dude on the right is like "burpees? Yeah, no."


Dude I so need that cuz Im an American n it's might right as an American

My_Name_Is_ Chef

Those were NG burpees right there XD


How do you fit a carrier for fatbois?

Safe 2 Semi

Solid review

Huntings in our BLOOD

Plates look low

Alex Ford

The amount of time and money that civilians waste of tacticool stuff is hilarious.

TacPrepSurvival 41

Had to get a condor one because I just ordered 1k worth of battle gear lol... I’ll get a better carrier one day! At least my plates are great :D

Bosch Biscuits


Mitch Cohn

You guys need to watch the tactical rifleman channel on YouTube. Great information


The med kit should be placed somewhere else not on the right side under your arm. Mess with your aiming and movement holding your ar15. But that's just me.

Kelssyn Dávila

Where can I get it?

William Munny

Legend has it that dude is still doing burpees


Eyes open no fear good luck! Precision and accuracy is you best choice, no be too heavy, because you be come a easy target.

David Evans

Great video. Very informative.


Damn, I was wondering how many burpees you were going to make him do.

Theo Ohling

Is this for airsoft?


Can you carry ammo on leg/thigh pouches?

66 E

Thanks from us new to body armor. Thanks for the basics!

Joe Gay

Ty for the info and the video. Im looking at getting mt first plate carrier and it can be kinda overwhelming with the many choices and options. Also to many negatives on fitment and functionality

Romeo Bobby

Those tattoos are fucking gay.

David Boson

doesn't matter how you set it up - Just Buy American!

Alan Phillips

Late to the conversation, but I’m 6’3” & 250lbs and have a carrier with 10x12 plates. It looks so small on me. Am I better off with a 11x14??


the protection doesn't seems to cover enough the lower part of the belly. what if you take an AK bullet just under a 10x12" armor plate ? This area is componed of the stomach and intestines. it would be an instant incapacitation. If the carrier/plates would be 2 inches longer it would not block that much mobility and would give much better protection.

HD Candela

Hmmmm, mags on the front. Seen enough.

j lin

if hit too hard can stop your heart so iike have a jell pack in back of my plate to take the shock if you got land on the ground hard the jell take it cant hurt you to have it

michael j

Having the plate carrier high upon the chest, does bending over cause the plate to hit the throat?


Light Armor Skill Increased by 1

I'll see myself out.


Are the tats required?

J Hipp

Thanks for the video. I'm headed to a surplus store tommorow for a carrier for a villain costume. Now I know how to buy!

Ryan Lothar

"SpartanArmorSystems.com" I have the Sentinel plate carrier with lvl 3 + front, back and side plates with attachments.

Jackson Fuller

Doesn't really cover much. I'm trying to find something that covers full torso.

Alex Herrera

What’s the price ?

Synths Programmer

I wish all you military types who love America would post some info on how to meet up with one another. Rogue soldiers ain't gonna cut it when SHTF.
We need one another, and to be expertly trained and understand so much.
I've written 3 national gun organizations and my own state's gun organization, telling them that their Mission Statement needs to change. It needs to be the 2nd Amendment -- Train militias all over the country, and start helping the citizens of freedom to meet one another, share ideas, vet their credentials, etc., but my words fell on deaf ears.
When the enemy starts going through neighborhoods to do their evil against law-abiding citizens, nobody can defend themselves alone. They will die fast, or get taken to jail and all their possessions will be stolen.

Gamebred Hellkat

Rumor has it mat is still doing burpees till this day (jacked with elk fucken blood in him)

Philomen Choc

I'm interesting of one

Akai H Neho

Great info.. New to military. ..??

Santa Blamca

At least if you go prone in the sand and end up in a hand to hand fight just grb what ever sand is in the pouch and throw it into their eyes

Alexander Rodríguez

Who makes the mag pouches the guy has on the left?

Mike East

This nigga did too many Burpees


Am I out of shape or do these armor carriers wear your shoulders pretty quickly?

Terran Mace

I love civilian miltards.

khiem do

I wanna buy the model on the left. Link please


"I can do it quicker, and better."

Says every Warzone player


I want one!


Great video.......I need to do more research before I commit to a purchase.

Clayton Gibson

Y'all make anything in triple-fat and extra sexy?

Cktime ThirtyTwo

Banshee? That looks like the Veritas. I don’t see a banshee on their site.

Naterswd77 daniel

What's the price for the setup that Matt has on?

10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune

Wow, I totally disagree. Try working prone with mags in the front. Try crawling prone. Try laying prone for over 30 minutes. I suggest people leaving everything off the front minus a Tourniquet but with 3 mags inside the front pocket or under the right armpit behind your med kit. This info from a former Marine with 0311 with 3 tours downrange. If you don't have a gun belt, you are missing out. The vest really should be your secondary supply backup. Lighter is much better.

Miane Lara

One of the best plate carrier.. I love the material of this plate carrier.. I'm sad because they discontinue this model..


Can you still purchase Body Armor with a 5150 in California?

Ben Tomlin


Barack Obama

Who else is storming area 51??? Lets see dem aliens.

Joe Lineburger

Most don't plan on being shot from any direction it happens

Jason Laramore

Typically doesn’t the med pouch go on non firing side

Kevin OKeefe

I'm still looking for a short persons carrier I'm 5.6 every one I've tried on is to long any options?

Aaron Tsosie

Where can I find your medical kits

Jackal 1

3:09 thank me later

Darrell DJ Jones

Well done,thanks

Quick Wahay

Stay away from AR500 unless you like dealing with companies that don't respond once they've stolen your money. Just try calling their customer service line that will tell you all you need to know. Better yet send an email after they've blown past their delivery date by a month. This company is a joke.

Kmafd Lmagotg

The expended mag goes into the pouch, except in the opposite direction. No rattling and you know which mag is full or empty.


Guys, this video kinda sucks. Why doesn't that tall dude have a 14" plate?

A Patriot

Rumor has it he’s still doing burpees to this day


patriot armor
8:48 AM (18 minutes ago)

to me
Your order was processed and packed and is ready to go to USPS. I am however cancelling your order and processing a refund due to your incredibly poor attitude and for lack of a better world "bitchyness." 8 days for a turnaround time in this industry is super fast. When you got the email saying 5 more days to ship, it was because they mis-read the order date. Even at an average of 2-3 weeks we are HALF the lead time of other companies. In short you do not deserve to wear our armor with an attitude like that towards good people who bust their ass making the best armor at the best prices and half the lead time of other companies. You will see your funds credited back in 3-7 days.



PA is a bunch of cunts you ask for a update and this is how the bitches respond REALLY !

Sights and Sounds

That's all well and good, but it doesn't explain the actual plate sizes they sell.


funny how they cut out the part where the burpee guy is all outa breath and sucking air for 5 min!!!!!

john superhist

What about the stomach


"Matt's gonna bend over and touch his toes as I approach from behind and gently massage his buttocks". ?


I’m debating whether to purchase a plate carrier, I retired from the Army in 2004, just for home defense during these crazy times, how much is the setup that had the slimmer profile, thanks SGT


I would like to see shoulder armor like in South America . Also groin area protection like in the new marine expeditionary forces battalions have . A Roman gladiator style skirt would do better for which I’m working on a design for an alternative company ?

rad coherent


Chris Linder

What plates do you use I have steel and the weight about kills my neck and back

Robert Pattinson

What a couple of dweebs

Dakota m

What type of sling is the guy in the white tshirt using


Is that coyote brown?

Knightlife Entertainment

You guys always strapped in your store talking about plate carriers? Asking for a friend....lol

John Ramirez

Dump pouch?

Pablo Agami

did you just haze a grown man on youtube?

Aaron Tsosie

What kind of frost responder training do you offer and what dose it cost

Daniel Morales

Which specific armor carrier does the guy in the green shirt have?

Paul Hallmark

Most of these YouTube Warrior Wannabe guys talk too much. Make your point quickly, the video doesn't get boring and I won't have to skip through all the BS.

Zachary Moses

My plan is to consider getting one of these once I've lost enough weight.

Esteban Barresi

Un buen chaleco antibalas,? (Que Cubra todo ) espalda,y pecho,y al costado de los brazos,?.eso seria una buen chaleco,antibalas),.si yo llegara a estudiar guardia yo tengo que mirar y revisar,para prevenir o evitar,una tragedia,por parte del delincuente,.donde me podría entrar o penetrar una vala,? y que me podria a mi perjudicar,de mi cuerpo y que daño,yo me evitar,para estar con vida,.?? Mi recomendación? los chalecos quecubran siertas partes del cuerpo no sirve,.un consejo, ⬅️⬅️

Vag Meister

Great tutorial

Victor Caison

What watch does the guy in the green shirt have on?

My_Cousin_ Mose

I'm highly considering getting some body armor. I'm left handed but shoot rifles in a right handed stance, so should I get my plate carrier in right or left handed orientation?

Timothy Haskell

When I put my carrier on it looks like a deck of cards on the hood of a pickup truck.
Damn those Tortillas.

Rade Ue Masq

How do the taco pouches fit 47 style mags?


Less is more when it comes to gear. All rookies put tons of shit on their armor.

Pat Riot

Yeah this is not a bad video just poorly captioned

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Fat Guy vs Fire Cracker Suicide Vest [zacharias holmes]

Fat Guy vs Fire Cracker Suicide Vest [zacharias holmes]4 Jun. 2017
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Jose LozanoSubscribe 438 721

Zacharias Holmes Wraps

Zacharias Holmes Wraps himself with fireworks, Watch what happens next!!!

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Jonny Colón

The fucking sound of the firecrackers.. Jesus fucking Christ lmao


Can't tell what's stupider.

Or the boiling hot water bucket challenge.


That's one way to burn fat.


Samuel Lim

Why, just why...

FitIsaac _

That's one way to burn fat

Bear Ass

but but why :O

Nathaniel Diaz

I was expecting him to roll in snow to cool the burns

Tommaso Urbisci

he probably smells like burnt ham

Kimberlie Mackey

How can anyone say that was cool, if you did your a dumb ass also!!!!

ZaneTheBot1 gaming

Wow that big fattas tough guy

Kimberlie Mackey

What a dumb ass

cortis die



"Did you get that?"
"Sorry, I forgot to press the record button."


This is hilarious

Stone Heads Group

I'm here from Instagram


I heard after this video he robbed a McDonald's and exploded sending most of the employees to the hospital and stealing all the food there


It’s funny because he definitely made this thinking it would be super popular for sure

Dylan Giblin

How dumb do they get

『NBL』 Dairius

That dude was shaking like a leaf

Classy Deer Boi

That shit look like an MG just lit his ass up.

Alejandro Reyes

Too stupid to die


This dude is fucking crazy man lol keep uploading bunch his videos so you get views


What a Fn IDIOT!


Fitness Industries hate him see how this local man lost 100 pounds in minutes

Juan G.

Yo fatass how's your grilled peck doing

Yeety! tha destroyer

When your in cod campaign and you get shot multiple times and still dont die


Natural selection fam

Nayops 20

What’s wrong with people?!, and why am I watching this lmfao


0:23. And here's where the fun begins.

Jesaias Gutierrez

1:30 neosporin is not going to fix that shit

Roger Halt

I don’t get it, are we supposed to laugh? Feel sympathy?

The baddest bitch

Dumbass kill myself but I’ll make you tube!!!!!!


killer queen already touched that vest

shooter 2335

Dude got his own show stackin that paper


what happened to their original "Too Stupid to Die" Channel?


Killer Queen's third bomb

Shirley Bishop



this is nothing compared to my friend's video, we mummified him with 16000 firecrackers. check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N-djdY2AhM

shea mullin


Jason Chacon



Self Loathing is a hell of a drug

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That guy is an idiot! I mean, what did you expect bro!?

Hunter Stevens

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Killer queens third bomb!

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Dumb ass has a show now on MTV 2

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I love YouTube

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Leonard Morales

0:24 you can tell that he gave up

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That was dope.