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Top Real Man Sayings and Quotes||English|| 2019||

Top Real Man Sayings and Quotes||English|| 2019||7 Jan. 2019
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Top 10 Quotes - A Few Good Men

Top 10 Quotes - A Few Good Men24 Apr. 2019
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Here are the top 10 quotes

Here are the top 10 quotes from A Few Good Men using my five criteria of Delivery, Context, Writing, Music, and Direction.

I hope you enjoy them and would love to hear what your favorite is!

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El Camino


Charlie C

Jessup to Caffey as the MPs were hauling him out, "I'LL RIP OUT YOUR EYES AND PISS IN YOUR DEAD SKULL!!!"

Matt Williams

West: Joanne, why don't you get yourself a cup of coffee?
Jo: Thank you, sir, I'm fine!
West: Joanne, I'd like you to leave the room so we can talk about you behind your back!
Jo: Certainly, Sir!

Robert Joseph Kleist

Caffey: They called the ambulance Jack.
Ross: I don't care if they called the Avon Lady. They killed a Marine.

Dave Fetterly

What a lowlife Jessup and Kendrick are, they get two enlisted men to carry out a code red order and then try to make them take all the heat
by feeding them to the dogs.

Demolition Man

Jack is boss

Bahar Din

didn't follow the whole movie, yet...
but Im intrigued by the phrase "Code red".. What is it? Why did Cruise the Lawyer really wanted to hear C Jessup to say out loud in the Court that he ordered the "Code Red" and subsequently C Jessup was put under arrest..
Why? What's code red, what's so terrible about it..?
Anybody? Thank you.

prashanth thirukkonda

look at shaurya

Mircea B.



I eat my breakfast 300 yards from 4000 Cubans trained to kill me. So don't think for one second you can come down here and flash a badge and make me nervous.

Ricardo Pereira

Misses the " you dont need a patch on your arm to have honor."

Stephen Cartledge

We were supposed to look after people who couldn’t look after themselves. We were supposed to look after Willy.


"Did you order the code red?" "Yes you damn right I did, by sending Bernie Sanders to you!"

Me Too

Caffey: “Why are you always giving me your resumé?”
Caffey (basketball scene): “They were given an order!”
Jo Galloway: “How long did you know about the order?”
Jack: “I didn’t know about the order. Who’s this?” ?

Stephen LaViola

Excellent list. Jo Galloway saying "nothing's going to hurt you tonight. Not on my watch." I am a former Marine and that gave me chills.

Adam 1

Markinson narrating his suicide note.


Nobody likes her very much!

Silly Goose

5:28 - 5:33 tom's hair shakes exactly like Elizabeth Warren's when she's trying to prove how tough she is.

cat 11

No.3 he is being disrepectful towards jessup. I thought that was done to further the tension between these two. As to jessup asking him have you ever served in a forward unit jessup knows cruise is a staff officer who sits behind a desk all day and will never see combat.


That was very good. Well put together, editing, sound and timing. Closest I’ve seen to perfect yet. Thanx very much, take care and remember “Stay Real”.

Bostown Skinn

Outstanding list sir, #1 was great!

Fotis Bikas

Thomas, the early "Who the f*#¿ is PTF William Santiago?!" appears nowhere? So much screen presence and realism in the one simple line : )

We Love Libraries

Well done thank you

Andrea Blackburn

The Aunt Jenny one is my favorite. Or that being a moron isn't a crime. Lightens the mood on s serious matter.


I was going to leave a witty comment, but I cant handle the truth...

KShan Smith

My favorite is “I am a lawyer and an officer in the United States Navy. And you’re under arrest, you son of a b***h.”

Kelly Meinecke

#1 is my favorite


Honor , code , loyalty? If you had santiago wouldnt be dead lol

Amazing Historical Quotes From Badass Military Men

Amazing Historical Quotes From Badass Military Men22 Feb. 2019
733 028

Some of the most famous

Some of the most famous quotes in history have happened on the battlefield. In today's animated educational cartoon, we look at some of the most badass military men and the quotes they said in the face of battle.

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Comments (100)

How can you make a video of badass military quotes and not mention Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe ? WWII, Battle of the bulge, surrounded by Germans, and his response to them when he"s asked to surrender, 'NUTS'

Swago Mango

“Then we will fight in the shade”

dion woollaston

"How can a man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods" roman legionnaire quoted by tom cruise in the movie oblivion

nithit rodchuer

When we come to a minefield,our infantry attack exactly as it was not there

- Georgy Zhukov

Logan Jones.

“Being Shot isn’t fun, shooting others is funny.”

name _less

"I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world"russian army



- General Anthony McAuliffe

Aimal Khan

"Men I am not ordering you to fight I am ordering you to die " __ Mustafa kemal atatürk

Jim B

"Take the pain, take the pain" - Sgt. Barnes

Finite Source


Cedie Mina

I Shall Return

Douglas McArthur

Shammendra Eshwar

"their lives have meaning because we the living refuse to forget them,and as we ride to our certain death,we trust our successors to do the same for us, because my soilders don't buckle or yield when faced with the cruelty of the world,MY SOILDERS PUSH FORWARD,MY SOILDERS SCREAM OUT,MY SOILDERS R A G E!!!! - ERWIN THE G O A T SMITH!

Dr Jack

When you show swiss militia using mp40 and sherman before ww2 ???

cody collins

Well if your surrounded any direction you shoot you will hit them it would be mighty convenient

-Lightning Will-

Mad jack "no ones shoots at a man who runs into gunfire with a grin on his face!"

TimeKid Sans

"There are two kinds of people who understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion" Gen William Thornson U.S. Army

a human man

"Anyone who doesn't bring a sword to battle, is not prepared"
- John Mad Jack Churchill
"because it's raining sir"
Was mad jacks response to his Sargent when he brought a umbrella to military formation in pouring rain.

steve thomas

Just glad Teddy R didn't get shot in the groin. The bullet would have ricochet off his stones.

Mini Muzza

"Ladies and gentlemen, We got em."

Mr. Coffee

Kept you waiting, uh ?


Kyle Shiflet

Give me a bunch of West Pointers I can win a battle give me a bunch of Aggies I can win a war"

Bohemian Earspoon

Nuts- brigadier general Anthony C. MacAuliffe

Patrick Milewski

"Never fight with a Russian, for every stratagem they answer with unwavering stupidity" - Otto Von Bismarck.

Hariyogi F Tresnasena

Pre ww1 and there is a sherman in the back ground

Devon Milne

Finish the full chest quote / quote it correctly


The ultimate in badass one-liners:
Unknown Marine: "but sir, I still have my rifle..." When asked whether surrendering was an option.

-Lightning Will-

UK - No one shoots at a man who runs into a battle with a grin on his face
Mad Jack

suvignan pothuraju

You guys forgot about Gen Mattis,Gen Dunford and Gen Douglas MacArthur.

The One And Only Dogmeat

John Paul Jones: How can I surrender when I have not begun to fight!

King_llama 123

What about the general who stormed dday with a cigar in his mouth?


"While others will be taking lives, I will be saving them," - Desmond Doss

Linas Krulikauskas

Something's wrong , I can feel it by I don't remember who


That Swiss response was gold


" i may not return, but i'll go "

Portuguese volunteer firefighters

s g


peter parker

"its is my life" - jon bovi

Al Junaibi

And here I am dying in my bed, like cattle die. May the eyes of cowards never sleep. Khalid ibn al-Walid.

Lord Sir. Prince Khan

The badass lines:

এবারের সংগ্রাম আমাদের মুক্তির সংগ্রাম! এইবারের সংগ্রাম স্বাধীনতার সংগ্রাম! জয় বাংলা!

Meaning: The present struggle is for liberation! The present struggle is for liberation. Victory for Bengal!

-By Banghabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 7/3/1971 BC

Zdrada the Bitch Demon

-American Commander while being surrounded by German Forces and asked by the German Commander to surrender.

Cookiethe1st Chad Dickingson

Why don't I see anything about sparta


Badass military men , ok I’ll take it

The_SCP _Foundation

John Paul Jones still has one of the best quotes to this day.
His ship was about to be sunk and the British officer ordered him to stand down and he’d be spared. Jones answered with “I have not yet begun to fight!”, and then rammed his ship into the enemy’s ship. Boarding it, he took the vessel as his own.

Christopher Bromwell



Dead or Alive we have to meet in Dograi _ Desmond hayde Indian army battle of Dograi


"Your next line will be,..."
-Joseph Joestar

Liquid Air

The graveyards are full of indispensable men.
C de Gaulle

Camden Jackson

“Don’t fire until you see the white of their eyes” William Prescott. That should be on here.

Divine Animations Offical

" War, War Never Changes..."

derleozockt tv

Gentlemen on the beach we get killed so let's get inland and get killed there

-Norman Dutch Cota

B&B Renovatie

Strange German flag lol

ghost 10243

Germans : we have surrounded the town of Bastogne, food and water running out, you have many wounded, almost out of ammunition, we ask for the surrender of all your men how do you respond.

General Anthony McAuliffe (101st Airborne) : NUTS!!!

Most badass word in my books

Angus Johnson

“Kept you waiting, huh?” Léo Major, Canadian scout.

Steve Adams

Whomever said "Money can't buy happiness, never owned a jet ski."


„Its war baby, what you gonna do?“


Leumel Postrero

“Nuts” -General AnthonyMcAuliffe, Bastogne in the battle of the Bulge

Hue Chang

That moment when the US military were in 2000s gear and the North Koreans/Chinese were in 1950s gear.

Roger Amber

Pain is a while, Success is Forever
-my teacher...

Die for Something...live for Nothing....-John Rambo

adam muldowney

I play a sport called airsoft i was with my dad and he screams IF IM DYING ANYWHERE ITS OUT HERE!!and ran with his glock he took the hill (playing hillgame)

Riley Fagot

Notice how most of them are American

Poncho Blackhat

"I wish no connection to any ship that does not sail fast, for I intend to go in harm's way."
-John Paul Jones, The Continental Navy

Rodrick Johnson

Oh I forgot this one I was president Ghana audience was hollering I can't hear you he said but I can hear you

The Infographics Show

We few. We happy few. We band of brothers, for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother..." - - William Shakespeare

short little asain

That isn't the German flag

Yoshey MC

"Iron chancellor"
-Otto von Bismarck to a policeman after being shot 3 times, beating the shooter up with his walking stick. All 3 bullets hit, but bounced off his ripcage.


2:21 Sherman tank? In ww1 or before? Interesting. And mp40s wow.

Timothy Bleeker

teddy roosevelt was definitely not the original american badass we’ve been badasses since the beginning (and andrew jackson was the most badass president)


GENTLEMEN!, Prepare to defend yourselves! -Sergeant Major Basile Plumbly, 1st/7th Cavalry/1st Cavalry Division, November 1965, Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam.
During the first battle against the North Vietnamese Army

Fabian Zimmermann

"This is going to be a fighting ship. I intend to go in harm's way and anyone who doesn't want to go along had better get off right now." Commander Ernest E. Evans, Captain of the destroyer USS Johnston

Achuth prasad T

“I’ll either come back after raising the Indian flag in victory or return wrapped in it, but I will come for sure.''
vikram bathra of kargil

Daniel Howe

"It looks like you captured the whole German army."
"No sir, just 132 of them." Alvin York 1918

Lil Piece

jfk Ladies and gentlemen we got em

Troy Staunton

“Let’s use the Australians. At least we know they’ll fight.”

General Thomas Blamey to general Douglas McArthur. After an American battalion refused to leave cover to attack a Japanese position.

This was roughly 6months after MacArthur complained Australian forces weren’t losing enough men to justify the slow going in PNG.

Bringer Ebrethil

Colonel Moore’s “I will be the first to step on the field! I will be the last to step off! Dead or alive! We will all come home together”


"This is going to be a fighting ship, I intend to go 'in harm’s way,’ and anyone who doesn’t want to go along had better get off right now. I will never again retreat from an enemy force.” --Cmdr. Ernest Evans, upon taking command of the destroyer U.S.S. Johnston. He later was killed at Leyte Gulf, Battle of Samar, and won the Medal of Honor.

faraj faraj

Omar mukhtar “ We don’t surrender we win or we die” is the most badass in recent times

Dark dogegaming

When I think about badass military men, only one man comes to my mind. SIMO HÄYHÄ.


Britain got jebaited.

Dick White

"All's fair in love and war", Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Lauri Markkanen

"give me 10,000 Filipinos and i shall conquer the whole world" - General Douglas McArthur

Mihir Rasha

"Molon labe"

Marcksman 789

ww2. British forces were outnumbered by German military by a staggering amount. Germans wanted to discuss surrender. The British officer replied with "Sorry, we don't have the facility to take you all prisoner"

Cole Kobsar

Anton de wiat on being wounded multiple times, loosing an eye and being shot out of the sky multiple times-“frankly I quite enjoyed the war”


"Corps" pronounced "CORE" you dingus!

Mr. Meeseeks

Student - Sensei why do you teach me to wage war when all we do is garden?

Sensei - Better a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war

Sean Connors

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

— Naval Marshall General Isoroku Yamamoto

Jon Dyck

Cool, roosevelt jr allowed himself to die on my birthday

Albeit about 50 years prior but still, neat

Momo Kawashima

To the German Commander,


The American Commander

Commander McAuliffe after being encircled and receiving a German demand for surrender

Nischal Ghising

"If a man says, he is not afraid of dying, either he is lying or he is a Gurkha."

Abhishek Kumar

Once a legend said "yeh dil maange more"

Giorgos Paphitis

Sparta left the chat

Arsenic Flask

I feel like you gotta mention a Spartan qoute atleast once when making such a Video.

Rodrick Johnson

The best quote I ever heard was King Kong ain't got nothing on me

Nodachi Dagger

Theodore Roosevelt Jr:" I am one with the force. The force is one with me!"

Lorraine Alguzar

"From this day,To the ending of the world,We in it shall be remembered,We lucky few,We band of brothers,For he who today sheds his blood with me,Shall be my brother - King Henry the Fifth

Shreyas Shenoy

I guess you don't know about battle of saragarhi

James Salach

"Then we shall have our fight in the shade". Diennkes of Sparta

Thomas Wasily

"There in the trees!"

-Unknown Soldier in Vietnam

Chan Ny

"Give me 10,000 Filipino Soldiers and i will conquer the world" Gen.Douglas Mac Arthur

M.Afdhal S

"People die when they're killed"


"DIG IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES!" -King Leonidas I of Sparta