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Short Stance Split Squat | Lunge Variation

Short Stance Split Squat | Lunge Variation11 Apr. 2020

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Smith Machine Step Up Lunges

Smith Machine Step Up Lunges14 Nov. 2018
4 243

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20 Min LEG WORKOUT WITH DUMBBELLS at Home | Abs and Lunges

20 Min LEG WORKOUT WITH DUMBBELLS at Home | Abs and Lunges11 Aug. 2020
87 825
Caroline GirvanSubscribe 438 721

Lunges are definitely my

Lunges are definitely my favourite lower body exercise to do!! The way they work your entire glutes, hamstrings and quads... so many ways to perform them! I love bodyweight and dumbbell lunges, plyo lunges, lateral lunges you name it.. I love it!!

This leg workout with dumbbells is static lunges but with temp changes and balance work.

Follow along with me to complete this 20 minute lunge dumbbell workout (for reference I’m using 2 x 15kg) and we finish with bodyweight only!

You will just need 2 x dumbbells and a mat/towel for elbows if doing the plank at end!

This dumbbell leg workout is basically a type of lunge for 45 seconds, switch leg for another 45 seconds and following this a hip raise to extension for 45 seconds, each with 15 seconds rest between.

The exercise are as follows:













LUNGE HOLD (x5 seconds approx)

LUNGE HOLD (x5 seconds approx)


UNEVEN LUNGE (x 1 dumbbell)

UNEVEN LUNGE (x 1 dumbbell)



I hope you enjoy this lunges workout, it was so good to drop the dumbbells at the end!!

Please ensure you warm up for at least 5 minutes prior to beginning this workout!

In regards the lower ab extensions, simply perform with bending at knees, toe taps or alternating legs. Please do not strain yourself and aggravate your lower back.

Don’t forget, a challenging 3 minute plank at the end of you joining me in the plank challenge for this month!!


★ Subscribe to my YouTube Fitness Channel: https://youtube.com/c/carolinegirvan/?sub_confirmation=1

♥ Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolinegirvan

Ⓐ Sports Equipment I use from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/carolinegirvan

➥ Business Contact Email: [email protected]


If you are new to exercise or planning on embarking on a new fitness programme, you should consult your physician.

This video may offer health, fitness or nutritional information and is meant for educational purposes only. This information is not meant as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice or suggested treatment. Please know that performing any exercise or programme is solely at your own risk.

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Val Bartlett

I'd be laid on the settee eating another muffin if it wasn't for you.??? Thanks for another great workout. ❤️

Daniela Crivelli

After the obliques this was the final goal at the end 6 mins of plank I'm proud of myeself and that's because of your wos..ti voglio bene grazie Caroline?

Amanda Dangerfield

Thank u for your awesome work out ? more kettlebell and legs arms please ? xx

Arazu Saleem

As always u and ur Video r amazing and helpful❤??..
But I don't know y I get knee pain after doing squats eventhough I do then correctly...and when I run I get pain in my heels ...what is the solution...???I'm so sad maybe I can not exercise anymore ???

Erica Costa

Trying to get better from second time getting mild corona symptoms ? or a bad cold (we never know now) so I can get back to your workouts again... I was sooo good before

Quantum Mystery

can you do the lunges with a resistance band

Kharey Wanga

Yay! Plank challenge.. i managed to hold for 1:23 first time then rested abit then tried second time...55 sec Progress not perfection! ??‍♀️ion.. my shoulders are starting to shape up☺

Marita Dors

Hai from the Netherlands. I do your exersises now for 3 weeks and i love them! Do you workout every day or should i take a day off? I'm 49 years old but now i feel mutch younger because my body feels mutch fitter, love love love it, thank you Caroline for letting me see how te do the best workouts ;) you are a beautiful woman!

Kurt Wostyn

Thank you very much for the challenging workout. ? A great way start or finish the day.


my new morning routine, after getting up and having my first coffee, looking what our Sport Queen has posted, and then , build up body tension and let´s go ?

What I find very varied, always your change of exercises, so like today legs and abs. Ok, my legs didn't like the three minutes of plank ?

Had to smile, so you said, don´t look at me, or something like that. I always have to look at what you are doing, how you suffer, motivate us and thus encourage us to persevere ??

After then I made abs, I left my arms because I thought it would come tomorrow and I was right. Im looking forward to it.

And again I wonder why I didn't find you earlier. But I wasn't that much of a Youtube fan either. But better late than never. The main thing is that I have found you, and I know that even in old age you can still shape and tighten your body. ? To say in the end. DONE ?


laura gc

Thank you!!!! Love all your workouts!!! I like training with you one hour videos !!!!

Frances Oha

Thank you Caroline.Another one done.

Melanie Cata

Fantastic!!! Like all your workouts ? never thought that 20 minutes killing me ? but feeling really great! Thank you Caroline! You're amazing! Greetings from Germany

Mariana Araque

great! did it, getting there with the plank, could do 2 min not 3

M. Zahran


Nagoo Midoonesti

she's absolutely worth subscribing!!

Bethany B.

Great burnout Caroline! It went by super fast too!! We were able to hold the 3 minute plank at the end as well then we added on your 20 Minute Shoulders from yesterday - WITH the plank!! I made it 2:00 my hubby did both for 3 minutes! ???

Petry Puente

Caroline pesan 15 kilos cada mancuerna?gracias saludos

Felix Felicis

24/10/2020 ?

Brigitte H

Lol you know me and my ankle weights.Thanks Caroline?.

Aguas Aguas

Caroline estás sempre muito bonita, já comecei a fazer alguns dos teus exercícios.

Ann Deans

Fantastic. Managed it with with kettlebells 12kg. Sweating ?

zaha zaha


Sofia Dahlgren

It buuuuuurns!!! But in a good way ;)


Great job, Caroline!!! Thanks!!!

Caroline Girvan

What a session! This is a great one to include into your weekly training if you want to really develop and define your lower body! ???
Of course you don’t have to hold the plank everytime!! I’ll see you all in the next workout!! ?

Gisela Arrua

Friday ✅ ? ?

Rubin Kószó

You are your favorite YouTuber. What kind of diet are you on? I just exercised on one of your videos. It was very good❤️?


This was a really great workout! I'm not a huge fan of lunges but I know they are effective so I'm glad I made it through this one!

Gisela Arrua

Tuesday ✅ ?

Marwah Sakaamini

Thank you!!!!!! Best fitness channel!

hemalini Farmer

I do my workout with you but to do push up is very hard for me . Do you have any suggestions for how can I learn to do push up?

Mora - Mora

I love this combination! Amazing workout ??

Linda Collins

Love the 3 minute plank challenge finisher!!!

Judi Baldock

Caroline that was absolutely fantastic ....and I managed to hold the plank through screaming to myself in my head ‘you can do this’ thank you ????. Just seen your new shoulder video xxx will do that xx

Oum Oussama

Salut merci de vouloir faire la traduction en français je vous suis du Maroc ??

Alissa T. Hunter

This was such a great workout for my leg day! I combined this one with your 15 min sumo squat leg challenge and my legs are on fire in the best way. Thank girl!

Despoina g

Thank you for your workouts... Really working on me

Farrah Mcclarity

Morning! It’s funny I use to avoid Lunges. Since I found you it’s one of the many exercises I enjoy doing now?. I love how you added a little ab workout?Thanks

paula cunha

Done ? ? Obrigada

Linden Lee

That was gruelling! So sweaty ?

Wafa C

That was so good! The plank was SO much harder after this workout. I was shaking and had to pause a couple of times to get through it. I love your channel so much! I am being challenged and have made the most gains following you for 6+ weeks than I have doing other workouts (and programs).

Thank you Caroline!

So much love and gratitude,

Wafa xoxo

Amanda_fitnes s

Hi! I am 12 years old and my dream is to become a pro soccer player I am working hard everyday and to do so I do these workouts! Love it

Esther Enekwechi

Hello from Nigeria, I love your workouts and I can't wait to try this one out!!!! Please can you make a video on what one eats in a day? Thank you for been such an inspiration

Jennifer Martinson Buchner

I had to stop some of the epic as I don't have much more than 30 minutes as of recent...but what I love is I can find different videos to work within my time constraints! Your videos are the best part of my day!! Thanks Caroline!! ??

Валерий Меньшиков

Девчонка супер. Благодарю)))

Elaine Kommenge

That plank hold was intense! My back and shoulder muscles were on fire!! Thanks. LOVE all your videos! Thanks for sharing.

Paula Sierra

I just wanted to say thank you so much! Your videos with dumbbells are amazing ! Finally I found a channel with good videos with dumbbells! ????plus I really love that all your videos are color coordinated hahaha and also the music you use!! Is not boring at all! I’m so happy I found this channel, I just turned on my notifications and subscribed


Love your workouts, Caroline! But I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong: with lunges I make sure that my front leg is bent around 90 degrees and my body weight is split between both feet, but I always fatigue really easily in the back (balancing) leg - much earlier than in my front leg. Do you know what adjustments I might need to make so that I feel the burn in the front leg instead? Thank you.
Edit: perhaps I need to bring my back leg forward a bit more. I’ll try that next time and see how I go.

Petry Puente

Gracias por la rutina Caroline ?

Stephanie Ramos

Wow Caroline !!!! This workout had my legs shaking ? thank you!!!

Marty Hustad

Another great workout!! Another amazing opportunity to change my mind, body, soul and spirit!! Thank you, girl!! Have a wonderful day! ??????

Doreen Pretorius

Love this workout, my legs are burning ??✔️ i can only do 1 min olank, with rest inbetween, its hard????✅✔️✅thanks a million Caroline ❤️❤️❤️❤️?‍♀️

Margaret H

Wow, another fire workout! Those slow lunges and lunge holds are super tough. I feel very accomplished now..and sweaty LOL. Thank you!!

Sun Chi

Oh wow! I just completed it... But took a break in between my planks!
Thanx Caroline? ?

Maria Mascarenhas

Amazing workout..lunges are your favorite but not mine I get tired by that..hope u could upload it early cause we Indians get it at night..wish I could see your lower abs..you got those abs from gym or at home?.. which exercises u did when u didn't had those abs??..hope u reply my questions..THNX CAROLINE..STAY STRONG..??????????

Marlene Munk Halling Mikkelsen

Such a good combination, lunges and lower abs ?❤️ by the way, I love the “plank challenge song” ?❤️

Samantha Milner

Love love the burn on leg day ??? and with the abs thrown in to, ?? fantastic combination, I was never a fan of the reverse crunch with low leg raise but following your workouts I can now say I'm getting stronger and can do them ???️ although the plank I still have to master, before I couldn't even do 30secs but now getting closer to 2mins ?? I will do this....??. Thank you Caroline for these amazing workouts. ❤️

Michael Farrell

Fractured a bone in my elbow and put in a sling for 7 days then no lifting more than 5 lbs. for 12 weeks. Needless to say it out a huge limit to my workouts but I was cleared today low impact/lower body cardio and abs. Went looking for that type of workout and found this. Perfect workout. Challenging enough to keep a steady HR of 148, and burn 277 active calories. Did the plank challenge with one for as long as I could! It was good to move and sweat again. Thank you!


Excellent workout; thank you!! Doing that 3 minute plank after the 20 minute leg and ab workout is very tough!! Caroline held it the entire time!! That is dedication and strength; both physical and mental!!!

louise jones

So glad no jumping today far too hot outdoors. Great workout.



Beatriz Gonzalez Barreiro

Lo mejor que hay por YouTube

Sonia dias

I did ?side plank at last minute!!! thanks

Tiffani Richards-Billings

Thanks again.


Whoa... that was a challenging one following arm day yesterday. Still working on the plank challenge. Up to a min and a half …I’ll get there! Tomorrow oblique & core ??‍♀️??

Elena Alloza

Second DONE!

Nebula Marie

SO. MANY. LUNGES. ? but I made it!! Lol ???️‍♀️

Lisa Nelson

3min plank?? sweats is dripping down. Loved this leg workout....biggest challenge for me is push thru the heels not the ball of the foot!! So strong and beautiful Caroline!!! Have a great day!!

Oscar Ayala

I'm new to workouts and I find your videos amazing! The details you put on every videos starting with the intro, the countdown timer, the preview of what is coming up next and the way you perform the exercises motivates me to go all the way!

So a big Thank You! ?

Noha A. N

Dripping ????

hemalini Farmer

You are just wonderful ???

Quantum Mystery

Can you do this with resistance bands?

Reema Karoui

That feeling at the end ??????

Asiya Feroze

Absolutely love your workouts, never miss a day, keep up your good videos. Love from the UK. ☺️



Holly Carletti

I added this on to another workout today so that it could be my finisher. I love lunges and planks so much! This workout was awesome and I am enjoying the plank hold challenge! Thank you, Caroline!


Tasty!! ?????⚡️?❤️✨ I'm hooked on your workouts!! they are really effective!! thank you for opening the channel and taking care of it in every detail!! It was a very wise decision!! Carolike forever!! ??????Ax

Maria Mumtaz

Is repetition based workout better for fat burning or the time based you do? Should i do 12 to 15 reps or do it in the allocated time? I have thic thighs ?

Leticia Pailacura

me encantó!!!

Anthony Carson

What a great workout. First off Caroline thank you so much for the intro, its so motivating and the little tips are brilliant. Love the accent ? and you look amazing.
These lunges are tough, I used to be one of those guys who forgot about legs or did 3 sets and thought that'll do. No more, I go deep on lunge and follow ever leg workout religiously using 15kg today. Same with the abs I now keep the base of my back flat to the floor and I'm determined to get those ABS even if my age is making it more difficult. The Plank was definitely tougher today but I held it. For anyone reading this, in 10 weeks following Caroline daily, I'm probably at 56 in the best shape of my life and I have always been fit. My definition on my arms and shoulders is something I never achieved when I was pushing heavier weights. Now I'm relaxed and use the same weight as Caroline and I am getting better results. I have followed so many on youtube and yes I made gains but it became repetitive after a few weeks. So Caroline, please accept my sincere thanks for letting me join the journey, for the endless new content, and for motativating me so much that I can't wait to workout...
Finally I read a post from subscriber who was 70 and had just completed one of you harder workouts, it was amazing and true testament to how people love your channel and how you are inspiring us all.
Roll on tomorrow

Heather Poletti

Great quick workout! Would have loved more of a burnout fir the instead of ABS but it was still good

Lisa Jayne Dear

Wow really enjoyed this one, just finished it, was great workout for another hot day here
I got to the last 10 minutes, of plank before my legs went but was proud to get that far lx

Nina Bowen

Oh wow! Killer! Legs are going to be sore tomorrow!

Linda Ghobrial

Can't keep up with you, Caroline! I'm 3 workouts behind but will catch up. Love your content so much, you are such a great trainer and I can see from the comments I am not the only onw who loves your skill to bring us great workouts!

Eva Vet

what abrilliant workout!!! Really effective! Thanks.

Tinette de Beer

This was hard - I know you mentioned it's you favourite - I love lounges too, but I have a bad left knee - making this alot more challenging!!!
Just need to tell you - it did manage to hold this little longer 3:11min. Thank you for your previous advice??? still loved this workout ???

Luis Oliveira

Hi Caroline! Great videos! Are those 15kg dumbells or 7.5kg on each hand?

Maria José Torres


Krasimir Nikolov

Supeer.... Caroline...

Sara Puharich

Im new here and I am loving using heavier weights with you! Can you describe why body weight burnout rounds? Love them and they push up my heart rate!

Ludmila Woolf

Lol my dumbbell is only 2.3kg each not mention the outfit...I seriously need an upgrade lol

aida mustafa

Caroline, your videos make me want to work harder than I ha e ever done before. I aspire to be as strong as you are one day! Thank you for another crazy session.


Lauren Leach

Fab workout,plus I managed 2 mins on the plank challenge,my best so far ????

Agustin Martinez

I'm dead.

Ironell Rodriguez

OMG! Done with 2:05 PLANK !! ? But I'm proud of myself because I did this after today's 10 MIN HIIT WORKOUT!?Thanks Caroline!!?

Идущие Из далека

Great work out! You are so strong. Thank you for your videos

Samia Shahid

Love you Caroline beautiful workout. Did my three minutes plank too. Feel proud. Thanks to your lovely class❤️❤️?????????

Svetlana Paptova

Plank challenge is perfect ? ❤️❤️❤️