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BOOTY ROUND and LIFT 40 minute Home Workout | Tuesday 28th April

BOOTY ROUND and LIFT 40 minute Home Workout | Tuesday 28th April28 Apr. 2020
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Get a round booty and lift

Get a round booty and lift your butt from home with this 40 minute live home workout on Tuesday 28th April. These booty exercises will show you how to grow and build your booty at home.

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Comments (100)
Sampurna Dutta

After 22mins I couldn't feel my butt anymore. ??

Karen Matthews

Wow! 10 10 10.????

Rafaela Cubillos


Florence Hughes

“Think of that round peachy bum” kept me going!!!!!

La Reina

Sorry for cursing at you when we did a raised clam AND a kick! ?? but great booty workout!

Linda Poloni

That was awesome

Unika Stallings

day 7 of 2021 workout challenge josh i'm dead

Aaliy N

I am rlly shaking in (28:09)is this normal

Carla Machado

The chair bit killed me but thank you so much
Never felt as good in my body as I do now
Lots of love ❤️

Ana Sofía Aguirre palacio

BEST BOOTY WORKOUT I HAVE EVER DONE! it burns a lot but it's worth it! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

Stephanie Sim

oh my god!!! I've been quite active for most of my life and I rotate between a bunch of different workouts (gym, yoga, barre) but nothing quite burns like your workouts, especially these longer butt ones. Love it thank you!!!!

Deyra Arroyo

Day 7 of the 2021 new year home workout guide ✅... God that really hurt!

Mars Mellow

Hi, Lilly and community. Got a question about butt workouts, especially with the bridges. I get lower back pain even when I’m very careful with my form. Does anyone know if she has a video about this stuff? It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My lower body is just dead after this one. Gosh. ❤️?

Yasmin Karmustaji

The last circuit ?

tutoriales de ally098 de mg

LILLYYYYYY no siento mi booty,en la mitad del video ya sentia que no podia mas ,voy por el dia 7 del challenge 2021,sos lo mas lily sigue asi ?✌??

Madison Davenport

My legs were shaking


CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? Cause everytime I do harmstrings, my lower backs hurrts. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?


Wow this workout is killer ? the best burn I felt in a while. I‘m for sure going to continue to do this one


Does anyone else have a fitbit? I'm so confused about the different types of exercise options..... would you list this as circuit training, work out, interval training, Tabata or cardio sculpt?



Ma. Margarita D. Cubrado


makayla cook

day 7 of the 2021 new year guide?I'm so done after this

Lia Scalas

Killer....i was screaming the ALL TIME

struggling world

Big bootyhttps://youtu.be/gkhoWA6R80E

Ana Gonzalez

Oh! The burn was definitely fire ? tonight!!!

Isabella Anne

Hi, i was just wondering if anyone else feels a burn in their calves or is my form wonky?

Haya Kaleem


Anna love love

Callid me ????

• Not important •

Honestly this is the best butt workout I have ever done!!! ????

Serpil Koç

This is amazing,I have been doing for 10 days regularly and result?? It works❤??I cant believe when I see my booty? thank you very much and I will keep doing.?

LeeLa Harris

Whenever I do a bridge my lower back gets a shooting pain and I am doing the form correct so I don't know what I'm doing wrong

Funnyfou Sims

I wanted to quit, I quit, my brother arrived and told me to continue, I finished this workout and now I am dead and my butt is too but I feel so proud and so good. Don’t give up !

Inês Vinagre

OH MY GOD!!!!!! That last circuit killed me!!!!! Absolutely amazing???

Divina James

OMG! You're workouts are incredible ❣❣ thank you for sharing!! I've been doing your workouts for almost a month and i'm excited to weigh myself before the end of the month ?❤ keep safe and say hi to teddy ?

lipko lolek

Anyone see any results doing this?

real Entertainment funda

LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️


Kembly Zelaya

So many times I just wanted to give up, but I'm so proud of myself cuz I didn't.. I'm dead but I did it.. TY so much Lilly.. Fue difícil, lloré pero lo disfrute muchísimo

Yael luna U calderon

You are trying to kill me!!

Zeina Mohamed

Lilly what have I ever done so that u can kill my legs like that I'm so sore..... I'm jk I loved the workout and the burn but my legs are like SORE, anyways I'm here from the 2021 guide


my back burns and i take a day off turned into two and three xD


this one is a killeeeer! I love it

İrem Şenel

I can't believe that I made it

Erika Pellizzaroli

Day 7 of the 2021 new year workout guide

Delima Aara

omg you kill me already, goshh

Tara Hoarle

Started the 2021 program and this is a favorite! Great job Lilly!


Note to self: Lizz, you're likely to forget that you did this workout, so I'm warning you: if you're not feeling strong, come back another day. You almost cried... twice!

charlotte charlotta

can anybody help me out? at all fours work I literally always feel the other (resting) side more than the active... I'm using ankle weightsbut that can't seem to explain it

Everest Larot

Workouts starts at (1:00)
Ends at (47:06)

Adriana Romano

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . ??‍♀️

Bubbly Kacha

10/10 CRAZY!!!! MY BUTT!!! i loved it!

irina p

My first workout with Lean band! (Yes! They are finally here!) Holy cow!!!!!!!! Lilly is right: NASTY! ?? I'm so glad it's recovery day tomorrow!


day 7 of the 2021 guide I thought it would get easier by now but what a understatement. OMG MY BUTT !!!!!

muddy_ kips

Used your Lean adjustable band and I've never felt such a burn


this absolutely killed me

Katie Wilson

Done this for my booty day! It was so good! I just discovered your channel a few months ago and already loving it?❤️

Chloe Nicole

Completed it, the clams are killer


I'm here for the 2021 guide and my arms and back were already on fire from yesterday's workout and now I'm dead ?

dopamine check

The last circuit was a killer! My butt is shaking!!!

Julie S

I did this after today’s live...then decided to be ambitious and do the ab finisher ?? hurts so good lol


This is going to sound so funny, but near the end of this workout MY BUTT WAS ACTUALLY THROBBING???

Maggie Davis

I had quite a bit of lower back pain during the second round. Any solutions

mel dean

the chair exercises KILLED me. love you lilly!!

irina p

Thought I was pretty advanced, but then this workout happened!????

Erika Pellizzaroli

Is it weird i felt the last circuit in my left side more then my right


Day 9 leanmas and IT BURNNNNSSS!!!! LOVED IT

Savannah Davis

The end was for sure 10/10

Maria Antoniou

Gooddddd♥️ beautiful exercisess?♥️

Brooklyn Elmore

Either my legs aren’t long enough for hip raises or I’m doing it wrong... I can’t go halfway without my butt touching the ground haha

Bobbie Heeley

do you need the weights and resistance band for better outcomes?

Ana Gonzalez

My legs were shaking during the last three circuits!!! They literally wanted to give out on the last jump workout and I had to focus hard on just keeping up. I don’t have your band :(. However, I have a band and it did the job, but my skin is now raw >_<. But my butt is feeling fantastic! Please let us know when the bands are restocked!!! Thanks for today’s workout!

kathrin kulovits

Wow burn baby ???

Skarlett Soto

40:00 I was BURNING!!! my butt!!

Aaliy N

Are this exercises also for grow ur hips

Xrusanthi Κapsali

Day 7 of 2021 new year guide.. This really killed me.. ??

Um_Buti Al Kaabi

It’s the third day and i cant feel my lower body ?????❤️❤️.. ARE YOU HAPPY LILLY ????? ???!!!!!!!!

Luisa Real Madrigal

hay mis pompis, saludos desde mexico :D

Allison Harris

I've been working out for less than a year now and I'm already to a point where I feel from some perspectives I can consider myself advanced. Thanks Lilly :))))))

The Magnificent Sims

I loved that workout!! I have a question tho, in the second circuit my lower back was really hurting. I tried not to push to much but is there a way of doing these exercices so it doesn't hurt ?

Ich Lol

Am I the only who has back Problems while the workout?

Malak Aljumaily

Lilly thankyou for everything? ilysm

a hoe with too much free time

I CAN NOT BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!! Last month i was still falling flat on my face for the beginner versions lmao

iam azalea

Day 7 now!! My back and arms are a little sore, i feel good tbh. Really aiming for that toned arms. Now, let's get our ass burninggg ??

Luna_ Universe

Day 7 of the 2021 challenge anyone?

aletheanisa slamet

DAY 9 LEANMAS!!!! HERE'S YOUR DAILY REMINDER THAT YOU'RE GONNA ABSOLUTELY SMASH IT!! well it may smash you first, but lets do this!! btw is everyone's lower body like... dead? cuz mine is hates me (in a a good way haha)


This one was tough. Booty was on ???!!!

Elize 295

I didn't think I was gonna make it, it was so painful. But I did it

Celia Morton

THE hardest booty workout I've ever come across!

Um_Buti Al Kaabi

I am 100% DEAD ???

natasha r

Please change the music on 18.26

Diana's Room

I’m literally jelly right now! ??

graziele brito

My lower back hurts when I do these, is it just me? I can't feel it in my butt, just in the lower back

Aslı Yiğitbaşı

10 fucking 10

Lucie Švarcová

I have the stupid chair! ??


WOOOOO that felt so goood!! The relief at the end was so so strongggg.


Why do you hate my abs so much and why do I love you for that ??

Laura Márquez

This workout is A-MA-ZING! It destroyed me literally 3 minutes in! Thank you so much Lilly and Alex, I love you guys so much <3

Madison Brewer

U literally started crying

Lara Siblani

i literally cried during this workout

pear pressure

i had to move from my parents house to my where i study and i forgot my weights and mat (actually i didnt forget them i was just in a rush because i had a seriopus fight with them and i didnt even take my suitcase ) and i feel like im not doing enough without those.. . also im heaving exams and i literally am so tired all day im almost falling asleep as i workout and i feel so wothless.i know that we are leaving throygh major events and tragedy and i am trying to be appreciative of all the things i have but i feel like im doing everything wrong. im sorry for the rant i just needed to feel heard by maybe someone who is feeling the samee.


Who are u? Are u a human at all?? This literally killed me.

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j lo is a good role model for the young girls cuz she has a normal looking body

abigail Williams


Joey Wiinston

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