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Running Shoes VS Casual Shoes

Running Shoes VS Casual Shoes15 May. 2016
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Correct Running Form for Injury Prevention Explained

Correct Running Form for Injury Prevention Explained11 Jun. 2020
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Read the fully referenced

Read the fully referenced blog version of this video:


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Description: #forefootrunning #correctrunningform #runninginjuries

Running related injuries, such as knee and foot injuries, are so common nowadays. To prevent these running related injuries, we need to go back to our most natural way of running barefoot or in barefoot shoes and forefoot striking.

So, here are some running tips to prevent injury:

1. Run Barefoot, or at least in a pair of barefoot running shoes.

2. Beginners should transition slowly into barefoot running, as the body needs time to adapt.

3. Avoid a lot of sitting throughout the day, as the hips need to remain flexible.

4. Transition from a heel striking running style, to a forefoot striking pattern.

5. Avoid high volume training until your running technique is sound.

6. Use some weight training to build protective muscle around the legs.

7. A well rounded long distance running program should include some shorter distance sprints for variation.


0:00 Running injury rates

0:44 Risk factors for running related injuries

1:27 The root causes of running injuries

1:54 Why Dean Karnazes forefoot strikes

4:04 Why Ross Edgley forefoot strikes

5:27 The problem with cushioned running shoes

7:31 The importance of ground feel while running

9:46 Importance of foot stability in running

12:41 How to prevent running injuries with the correct form

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Rory Hickford

I really like the concept of barefoot running shoes and I've been following the research every now and then. I made a full transition to midfoot strike a couple of years ago and I'm fitter than I've ever been due to less injuries.
However I never made the jump to the thin barefoot soles, I feel they contribute a lot to blisters and I have weak skin. So I use halfway houses and I currently run in inov8 shoes. I believe foam makes you quicker and less tired, but does in no way shield from injury, so it is a necessary evil.
I also read about tribal people trying to protect their feet with portable ground just like me and their tyre soles are usually way thicker than what is used by barefoot companies.
Keep going mate, love the content.

J - Fit

Barefoot shoes are great, but you should take your time to transition over slowly.


I've shown this video and fivefingers shoes to my trainer and asked him what he thinks about all these - he answered that I am idiot and better not to come to his gym anymore %). BTW no c-arguments against barefoot running from his side.

Exercising Health

Our in-depth Barefoot Running Transition Program is now available at: https://bit.ly/Barefoot

Also, read the fully referenced blog version of this video:

Superburst Mega

Couldn’t agree more

I do a lot of trail running so use glove shoes ?

What about road ?‍♀️ running? Would bare food runner provide enough support?

S Kopa

All this has always been obvious to me.


GREAT content! The entire presentation and actual cold hard logic behind it!

Yeah anybody can nicely group animations together and speak "science" on it with sounding like they know what they're talking about, but this is the FIRST video where I've seen that's actually 100% correct. I wish I could give you my knowledge of my experimentations on the motions and methods of the TRUE correct way to stand on your feet. Standing on your feet isn't just standing barefoot, it's a whole mixture of pulling and pushing forces in a certain direction one must apply. Ehh in the future someday.


Why isn't this video more popular? Great video.

Michelle Joannou

This is incredibly informative!


Quoting people who tried it on their skin (or feet) and scientific research, way to go! I am also an advocate for barefoot running, not as a way of living, but as a medium to improve the stride and achieve a more natural and optimal stride. I have flat feet and I overpronate, I went from Mizuno Wave Rider (12 mm drop!) to injuries: ITBS, post tibial tendonitis to barefoot (DIY sandals, Skinners, unshod). Now I run in Altra shoes, zero drop, zero injury, but only thanks to what barefoot running taught me: better stride, higher cadence, hips activation and a handful of adaptations that strengthened my foot and ankle. I suggest everyone to transition to barefoot (and then create your own way).

Joel Webb Table Tennis

Brilliant video, very informative. Helps shine a light on barefoot running, hopefully more research will be done Vs shod

saurav tanwar

a video on types of barefoot shoes and how to choose a one would be very helpful. thanks


Too many adds

Faysal El Mahmoudi

What's the brand/name of the shoes worn at 4:42?

Adam Steenson

Ironically I got a running shoe ad and I have to say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, about a 3 inch heel lmao wouldn’t call that a running shoe
The shoe: hoka Clifton edge


horribly underrated content, keep it comin

RC from TX

Thanks for the video. This is great stuff! I've been running for over 3 years and have used significantly supported shoes with orthotics for my high arches. Even still, I've dealt with plantar fasciitis for most of this time. This was made worse with another injury to the same foot. While I was unable to run, I decided to try and address my PF. In regards to shoes, the advice I was receiving fell into 2 groups.

1) NEVER go barefooted, even at home. Wear motion controlled shoes with custom orthotics. Protect, protect, protect, etc. Even a number of running coaches were suggesting this.
2) Basically do the opposite. Start spending some time barefooted and/or in barefoot shoes, while working to develop some foot strength.

I decided to do the latter and purchased a pair of Xero HFS shoes. It was awkward at first. I couldn't wear them very long before my feet started to feel tired and uncomfortable. But with each day, my foot strength and stamina improved. Within 2-3 weeks, I was wearing them for everything but running. Even wearing them to church!

Several weeks later and my foot pain is gone. I can't even tell that anything was ever wrong. For the first time that I can remember, my feet actually feel strong. I'm running again and just started to incorporate the barefoot shoes last week. I saw your other video suggesting a gradual increase (starting at 5% of running volume and increasing by 5% each week). This is a bit more conservative than what I had in mind, but your suggestion is probably smarter. So I'll give this a try. Anyway, thanks again!

Jan Schenk


A Rodriguez

Running with regularity and or, for extended distances IS NOT BUILT INTO HUMAN DNA. Perhaps a refresher in Anthropology is in order here? We (Humans) evolved sprinting for short(er) distances to escape whatever was trying to hurt or eat us.

TAP into Fitness & Nutrition

You are crushing the video content! Thanks for such a great resource and channel!

Improve your Foot and Ankle Strength and Balance with SlackBlock

Improve your Foot and Ankle Strength and Balance with SlackBlock22 Aug. 2016
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Foot and Ankle Strength and Balance are critical for health and athletic performance.

I believe that millions of elderly adults could be helped by stronger feet and ankles, better balance, and natural foot movement.

In fact, I have a very personal reason for believing this, which I share in this video.

Find out how you can improve your strength and balance in this video.

Comments (19)

how does this compare to a BOSU ball?

jay armstrong

slackblock review starts at 6:26

Tyler Daly

He said some very smart things towards the beginning of the video. Then he lost me. The SlackBlock simply just violates the SAID principal.

prdanpr 82

Like a woble board

Andres Paez

Does it help with plantar fasciitis or is it contraindicated? And, would you recommend for heavy and long Rucking?


I know this is an old video; but I just saw this. I have a few different styles of Xero shoes, and I love them! I agree with this video and the message completely!! I’m not elderly, but I have some balance issues due to cerebral palsy; and my Xero shoes greatly help me with my balance. I’m not a runner, but just the everyday comfort and ease of movement is great for anyone; especially someone with coordination or balance challenges! Side note: I love the new Oswego and Altos styles! Finally a slip on from you guys!?? the purple Oswego style is calling my name.

Cooney Thatcher

Thanks for the video. Longtime fan of your shoes, and of being barefoot.

Grey Wolve

People with great ankle strength and balance could also fall since there are myriad situation that could cause us to fall please don't make such cheap claim to promote barefoot shoes. Other then that good advice thank you.

Michael Perszon

Awesome! I definitely approve of slacklining for balance, but this looks great for if you don't have any room for one.

Jay Tay

Have you tried diagonal angle with the pinkie side of the foot? Resistance training with these tools are good.
Running in a grassy field is probably just as good practice because the dirt underneath is very uneven and bumpy. My feet always feel strong the day or so after I do that. Running through the field barefoot (no man-made soles) is key because it teaches you to react with your foot to the ground and any sort of minor holes or mounds mounds. Reacting to these changes in elevation is easy with barefoot. This lack in skill for reacting to levels would be the main reason for people tripping and falling. Using the field exercises grip with all parts of your foot, in contact with the ground. The uneven surface bumpiness massages your foot and lets you exercise to grip the ground and spread the foot in all directions with your toes and midfoot muscles. So it is more than something like Slackblock, which is a tiny, flat surface. Also, I did not see you use the pinkie side of your foot for the diagonal angle. That said, it can still be useful for people who travel or want to stay indoors and want to keep on exercising their feet quickly because it's a good form of resistance training.
I realized an interesting thing. The undeformed foot, with totally spread tendons and bones and straightened toes, requires no muscle use for balancing on one foot, as long as the leg bone is perpendicular to the ankle joint. I repeat, no effort required at all, with perfectly spread out feet. I can't maintain spread out feet because mine are deformed. But when I stretch them manually and straigten my toes, I find that balancing requires little to no effort. So that makes me think how it's possible that there is no way that a proper foot would undergo stress on the muscles during for example a long marathon that you had gone through. This includes the pinkie toes being properly extended. There's something about proper toe balance of the foot that makes it align everything else, all the way to the hips and above, very well.

Cathy Vernon


Miloš Miroslavič

My mother died of cancer about two years ago now, and all the way until her last day she was adamant about living as barefoot as possible. In fact, I didnt wear shoes till I was 11 (and my first pair were moccasins). She was a belly dance teacher and always stressed the importance of moving barefooted to her students and how important it was for balance. Even when the cancer tried to take her legs, she was well balanced and at most needed only a cane.


Real Jeff Goldbloom energy.

Jennifer S

For those who may not wish to purchase a block, may I suggest considering Yoga postures for balance and strengthening?
The Eagle/Garudasana has been especially helpful for my ankles, I've found.
My 6 year old grandson added wing motions with his arms, but of course that's optional, lol!!


The first day i received the SlackBlock my 19 year old daughter did a pistol squat on with it. I find it challenging and helpful.


You wanna know what will send your sales through the roof????  Market this for a Genuine purpose every one who drives could benefit from.  Ever have one beer at a function and then drive home???  The first thing the officer has you do is walk a line.(great for this). The second test, and even more important, "stand on one foot and hold your other foot out in front of you and count to twenty."  With the improved muscles and balance practice you get, you will pass test with no problem.  Unless you are drunk, and then you deserve the ticket. This comes from my personal experience.


Start this video at 6:23. more people will watch it and learn about and buy this.

Jonathan Lovelace

May peace be upon him ❤️

Thanks for the video ?the slack block looks like fun

Stephen Hubbard

Awesome! Do you happen to have a discount code? I'd love to get a Slack Block, but it seems a little out of my price range right now. Thanks!