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The Croc That Ran on Hooves

The Croc That Ran on Hooves1 May. 2019
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In the Eocene Epoch, there was a reptile that had teeth equipped for biting through flesh, its hind legs were a lot longer than its front legs and instead of claws, its toes were each capped with hooves. How did this living nightmare come to evolve?

Thank you to these paleoartists for allowing us to use their wonderful illustrations:

Ceri Thomas: http://alphynix.tumblr.com/

Fabrizio De Rossi: https://252mya.com/collections/shop/fabrizio-de-rossi

Nobu Tamura: https://spinops.blogspot.com/

Esther van Hulsen: https://www.esthervanhulsen.com/

Stanton Fink: https://www.deviantart.com/avancna

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References: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10sSrksRBIWihmoNKDGt03OGCHaEDzY2tHiBimPrV0_Q/edit?usp=sharing

Comments (100)
Caryl Jason Caipang

Therapist: Horse crocodile doesn't exist, and it can't hurt you.

Horse Crocodile:

「Artificial Lemon」


kyoat Bites

being verticaly challenged it may have stood up from time to time to see above the grass or fern?

Jude Abel Jangnap

Guys Instead Of Thinking Of Riding One Or One Eating Us, Let's Give A 1 Minute Silence For This Awesome Creature ?

Gerard Ligonde

The honorable daisy realistically attend because land unequivocally signal modulo a frantic honey. condemned, languid radish

D Bee

7:41. Creodonts are so much like a Hyena. Cat family, but looking more like Dogs.


My first thought :
He dont run on two legs like a human, he possible can jump like an ambush predator and jump on his prey ! ;)

Blake Reeder

What if its legs where use for lunging at prey instead of running like how jumping spiders capture prey . I know its a long shot but the pictures look like its jumping more than running

benson mukiri

Evolution this,evolution that... What about creation?

Mereduth Grubb

The only thing I can think about is, can I ride it?

Sarah Munson

Imagine being the species causing the largest and fastest mass extinction in history and calling a crocodile a nightmare....


The more I learn about crocodile cousins the more I love them. Dog crocs, horse crocs, BIG crocs, they’re all great

Darien Jordan



The kaprosuchus, Ark players know this creature all too well

Nila Tavares

"If you ever heard of Boverisuchus before, or heard of it by its other, older name, Pristichampsus" They are giving us, YouTube nerds, too much credit. :D

Darth Gorthaur

I watched a TV show recently that went to Africa (Liberia) I think it was, where the locals claim this thing still exists and is still killing children...oh that's what it was... expedition mungo is what the show was called. The locals certainly seams bloody scared when talking about this thing that's for sure.

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Everything is a joke until a croc starts running towards you


issa no for me..

Dolgan Seraphin



what if the Trex became the modern crocodile

Prince Savant

Man bear pig

Thinking Face

This video is still my favorite video from eons

Ajla _k

Why doesn’t school teach about this kind of stuff, it’s interesting and we can learn a lot lol

andres andres

Nice 777 dislikes


im not a lizard scientist but looking at the images even i can tell it wouldnt run upright, bipedal as commentator said hed hoped for. physics man. physics lol. great idea for day dreaming but no.. there were no alligator half men traipsing around lol

Fun stuff

id say that longer hind legs is for lunching on a prey too...


Kapro's are annoying in ark


it ran on two legs... is it possible that bipedal dinosaurs eventually came from it?

Pastor Nezuko

The crock ran on WHAT?!

Rocky The Red Deer

Prehistoric kentucky be like :

Tulug Noyan



Dude was living in germany, he probably ate some kraut and sipped on a beer ?


How tf do you guys have so many interesting prehistoric videos?

John Johnson

Dinosuchus is my favorite but I think this hoofed crocodile could be more terrifying to be hunted by for sure

Alfonso Aguirre

Hi, I love these videos. Thank you. I was just wondering what the Painting is on minute 3:35.



Henrique Costa

Hi there. I have translated the subtitles to Brazilian Portuguese to my students. Is there a way to upload them here? I can send them by e-mail to the Eons staff, for example. Thank you!


It’s okay, assuming dinosaurs go by ark standards I’ll just run circles around them because they have bad turning radiuses

Carsen Strange

Yeah crocs ran on hooves,but could you make a episode on the crocs that evolved into herbivores?

Ramon van de Beek

Reminds me of Postosuchus from the late Triassic, convergent evolution or coincidence?


Crocs with long legs that can run on land faster, no thanks

Draconic lord

But what about my favourite animal of all time, Kaprosuchus?

Tropical Games



Somewhere, in an alternate universe; Horse that swam with croc feet

Tyren Houston

Weres kraposucas he disentangle ran on hoves

Cody Newberry

It's shorter front legs may of allowed it to use it's more serpentine body to bend when trying to bite if they missed. If they needed to swing around the shorter legs wouldn't drag as easily on the ground.

Raul Morales

Now that really a strong proof that the croc are dinosaurs

Jamie Rosalind

The upbeat justice postoperatively contain because food psychophysically chew to a sudden card. tacky, gigantic target


I hope they make PBS in spanish soon

Fuzzy 1


Ethan Lugue

KO therapod

Roby Dick

makes me think of postosushus

Dumat lightbringer

Crocodile with hooves

My brain: one piece zou arc

FirstName LastName

It almost looks like nature was trying to create more dinosaurs like T-Rex with those big back legs and smaller front feet.
But yea, damn, seeing this thing running after you, upright, on two feet, would be scary!

Pastor Nezuko

Aha I see you found my nightmare


I wish Scientists could test their legs so they can look like Dino.. ??

Mind of Mark

His shirt evolved XXL sleeves to survive predation from his biceps.

Morgan StarChild

Which is not how I want to go...me either!!


Can you imagine an animal that looks like a crocodile but runs like a tiger coming after you?


Why do people dislike this tho?

King Nothing

Geiseltal translates to hostage valley?

james Gonzales


Alex Stauffer

Eons: shows picture of Smooth-Fronted Caiman
Me: kitty!
My friend: You're an idiot.

J Nüsslein

Wish still have running land croc today

Indy Rock

No wonder horses evolved to run so fast

wunatrapta is going through another fnaf phase

1:38 I never realized how chubby the Nile crocodile looks compared to the others. absolute unit


Imagine if this Croc evolved with these traits. I easily imagine something similar to a bear but with a terrifying bite and heavily durable scales lol

Pana_ Alevizos

wait till this guy meets kaprosuchus


Warm or cold blooded?

Dinky Idiot

Therapist : running crocs dont exist
Running croc : I'm a joke to you?!

Master Of puppets

So that crocodile was an angulut


It would've been rad to see a gigantic croc running on their 2 legs.

mateo easton

It's bugging me how he pronounces hooves like that ?

GrandMaster Nutbuster Yoda

This probably explains why crocs can gallop.


Maybe those hind legs helped it to jump and lunge upon prey? Modern crocodilians already do this even without such legs.

Peter Smythe

I don't know that land crocs were always cold-blooded, seeing as they have four chambered hearts and are ancestrally feathered/filamented.

Chickn Gamer

Imagine living in Australia, but instead of a croc in the lake, their would be a polar-bear sized crocodile outside your house trying bust down the door and get in!

Metal Bob

If I can't outrun this beast in a Jeep Wrangler then 'Willy Pete' has a conversation it has to make with this guy.

Crox 101

Yeah, my great grandpa is pretty cool

Madsaur Madsaur

Tell that pastor that we didn't find the crocoduck, but we found the crocohorse instead.

Rad Thadd

1:07 I'm picturing that Horse frog from Berserk.

MajoP 666

in my opinion it is very important to know the enviroment to understand how the animals have evolved. That means, for examples horses have evolved hooves to walk long distances on sandy deserts. Maybe the reason why this animal has so long legs is that it had to walk from lake to lake, because in this time period the area were it lives consists of swampy ground

Stephen James Foley

Hi Guys, thanks for another great video.. is this creature related to the Australian Quinkana?

Ahsan Virk

I wonder if the Freshwater Crocodile has a distant relation to Majangasuchus, Caprisuchus, and Pristichampsus, just like the Smooth Fronted Caiman, since it too seems capable of hunting on land and galloping....?

Julia Schwender

Whoever scored this video is trying really hard to make crocs with hooves scary

magic carp

Looks like hippo legs

ssk Hinata

During this whole video I was having some war flashbacks from ark for some reason

William Shreckengost

0:22 You know teeth mean business when they have skull tattoos.


Imagine it chasing u

M.taufik Fatur

Mount it with a MG and clad it on armor ah yes perfection

Tiger Cat

Imagine we all live life like we are playing ark and you tame one of these..

Miko on Blitz

Swamp flashbacks

Joyless Cypress

You are describing a dinosaur

Gunner Little

Crocs now:I love the water.

Crocs then:GAS GAS GAS

Frank Snyder

Draggin' the line.

Gun Jew

Its long back legs probably helped it stand up and reach prey items in trees or climb over obstacles. Modern monitor lizards do this and have longer rear legs.

Tropical Games

people on PBS eons* now let’s talk about crocs that ran on hooves
Me* yay another weird creature
people on PBS eons* Life is weird did you know that whales evolved from a wolf like creature
Me* yeah right and humans evolved from a chipmunk thing
People in PBS eons* how did you know?
Me* .......................

Brendan Foti

Dude heng’s dong

we be }

scaled t-rex with smaller legs




⚠5 WARNING Signs Your Relationship Has Ran Its Course (Fix These As Soon As You Notice Them!!!)

⚠5 WARNING Signs Your Relationship Has Ran Its Course (Fix These As Soon As You Notice Them!!!)22 Jan. 2019
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Comments (56)
Ky Ky

Elliot Scott headquarters ??

Monique Jenkins

It amazing how nobody has good communcaion skills in a relationship anymore. That why i find it a waste of time asking questions in the beginning to get to know someone. All guys lie about everything they say anyway, which is why i can't be too honest anymore. Now i just look at actions, character, and patterns of guy to get to know him. Those traits matter more than words to me in my opinion.

Yao Jin

The headquarter looks great lol

ginni zanco

Or Bettah
He'z Just Plain Dwn Right


Awww u poor thang Lol


I think the relationship is over once communication stops, and both parties stop putting in the effort to keep each other.. guys do whatever they can to win the girl over but once they have her sadly they grow bored especially if it’s high school. My boyfriend dated a girl for 11 months and he loved her at one time but admitted that he broke up with her bc they couldn’t hold a conversation and it was just sex more than anything. You can get sex anywhere without an emotional attachment but the point of being in a relationship you have to be able to talk to each other.

Essene Sea

My battery operated...toothbrush... doesn’t have so many effing issues jussayin

Adrie Drake

So good to see u. Ur so handsome. I've been watching u for years??

Starlike Shinebright

Good afternoon Elliot!

Adrianna D.

I love your hair here. ?


Aww...Elliott..."the car"...just like old times ?❤

Nina Joe

My favorite relationship guy ?


Does anyone know what is cost to talk to him

ginni zanco

Or LAX of Oxygen 2 hiz
Freakn Brain.

Saint Kurt Bulicek

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it's a painful feeling but I believe things happen in life it comes as it goes, as it says what doesn't kills makes you stronger.

Shay Shay Mann

Love your videos, but damn, If I took a shot of tequila for every time Elliot says “and again”, I’d be drunk AF by the end of this video ?

ginni zanco

Or He'z Middle Aged,
Has an X Wife, has insecurity issues, Needs 2 Validate things w his X wife..
Not Worth the Effort

Emotionally Unavailable.

Celest Rodriguez

You need to do a video on while your boyfriend goes on vacation the he doesn’t contact you in 2 days .

Geeky Nerdy

Hey Elliot! Do you think you can do a video over guys teasing women? Because it happens to me a lot but people always tell me “Oh it’s because you’re just easy to pick on.”

Sofie Aya

hello Elliot


I agree with everything you said, Elliot.

Deana Rodriguez

You're the best coach ever.
Good advice.
We're doing well.

Sall Grey

Thank you Elliot, you nailed it again as you do in each video. I wanted to say thank you on this one because it gave me an extra boost, more than normal, of understanding another dynamic between people and partners. Thanks again for helping all of us out.

Kamaljit Sandhu

Make a video how to compromise eachother


In the car 'cause Dad is still hangin' out?

Celine Allie

90K Sub! You're the shit! ??

Tracy Belaski

Happy to see you being so active in the new year :D

Mwadjuma Mukamfizi

Hiii Fav coach !!!I think I have become selfish I feel lik no dude adding anything to my life !!!they waste my time lol hate arguing !!!i have dated someone who love arguing and he kinda tough me how to argue lol I wouldn’t let him get away with his none sense I thought I will never that type of girl lol until I was like I am done with fighting not seeing things same away

Kristy McC


Cathy Baldry

Validation... knocked it in the head. Second round with this guy his investing and all that but God only knows how when he describes this woman God apparently has especially for him and description is me all over but he just seems to be blind to what is in front of him. I'm done with being invisible yet again.... I'm walking.

Susan Klein

Nice jacket -- oh and good video, too!

Britnee Rose

Hey Elliot can you make an updated video about how to talk to guys emotionally? Any serious conversation that has taken place always blows up in my face. I would love to learn how to talk to a guy I care about without him feeling defensive or feel like he is getting attacked. Thank you?

Pauline Joseph


Jeanette McClernan

Miss the cats..?

Isita Nefer

The most handsome dating coach!

Mystic eyes

who's that weird guy talking to him self ?
It's your favorite dating coach Elliot Scott

Leila Fox

Please make videos on how to keep a guys interest over time.

Jeanette McClernan



I’m done investing my time with men who don’t bring nearly as much to the table as I bring. I’m more highly educated than most of them and just don’t need to waste my time. PhD seems like a better investment in my future.

Elliot Scott

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duff lazors

Can u do a video about long distance relationships and when a guy starts pulling away or ignoring in a long distance relationship?




God I am not gay and am arounded by these fucking wicked fucking people. #24

Deana Rodriguez

Watching this later on. At library with my daughter. Looking forward.?

Beanie Green

Love the car, but I also love your kitties! You don't need to freeze!

Zing Song

What if he says he is sleepy and doesnt want to talk to you?

Tiffany Moore

So people want you to get down and dirty with your locations huh, not in the warmth of your home? Lol

Codruta Popa

Elliot, you are so lucky my love life is a ruin! Hahahaha, now I have to watch all your videos! Thanks for your honesty!

Abdelkader Elbachir

Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but I think that I have feelings for you !!!! ?

Glen Byrne

Go with your gut

Avery Saenz

Can you make a video on how to act towards an ex whom you see at work every day. (Yeah, I made the mistake of dating a coworker...)

P.S. Did not end great. At all.

Missy Turner

Well, Elliott, I think you just answered my question. Thank you.

All About Arek & Gerlyn Love Journey

Progression... ????


Shhhhh getting my quick fix with my favorite dating coach ???


I act crAzy all the time and find new ways to be crazy to keep things interesting. Hes like can you please be a little more mature

Nadine Gasparian

I can’t tell you how much I rely on you and your knowledge base as I navigate through dating again. ‘Seeking validation ‘.. yes! I annoy myself with that. I need a one on one session with you but will probably need like... seven! Lol! Thanks for all you are AND do Elliot!!

How Audi Gave BMW A Run For Its Money

How Audi Gave BMW A Run For Its Money5 Feb. 2020
1 245 027
CNBCSubscribe 438 721

In the 1980s, Audi was a

In the 1980s, Audi was a high-end German car brand no one seemed to want to touch. But new designs, and a focus on technology and build quality sent sales skyrocketing and turned Audi into the luxury brand of choice for a generation of buyers. Now it is trying to keep the momentum going.

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How Audi Gave BMW And Mercedes A Run For Their Money

Comments (100)
Jimmy Neutron

Literally no one has associated Audi with VW, maybe with Ducati but never VW. Audi has its own rich racing history which paved the way for Audi's success.

S Campbell

Current BMW's and MB's are hideous so this gives Audi everything it needs to succeed.

Andrew Beveridge

If Audi sold the S3 wagon in the US, I would have bought one. Instead I have a VW Alltrack.

Sameera Madushanka

Up start? You mean start up?

Caca Detoro

BMW stopped being a premier car in the early 90s. Audi? never was.


This does not apply whatsoever to europe

Ali Aulia Rahman

What makes Audi successful is that they giveaway their sport car to football players and celebrities. I always remember saw Madrid's player all using Audi's about to enter the stadium. Also endorse popular film such as Marvel's franchises makes them unbeatable

Billel Rebbach

i like the german brands but in EV's cars they have fallen behind. hope they'll catch up.

Omri H

Idk... I'd prefer this story from experts(auto journalists). CNBC sound out of their depth with a car story like this.

Anubis Smite

Don’t fool yourself , Audi has never been a truly reliable , A good friend of mine had an Audi Fox that was always needing to be fixed .


11:34 I have never heard the word niche getting butchered that hard

François Parent

I'm a millenial and I've already owned two BMWs


Petition to remove bmw turn signal ?

Studio Trader

Scotty said " Endless money pit",,LOL

Dhanar Putra

I'm one of Audi A3 fans.


I still don’t see anybody compare Mercedes and BMW with Audi. Audi is nice but it is does not have same history as Mercedes and bmw. Period.


"Yo, I'm Audi 5000"... Remember that??

AnAs45sTazja woLeK

“The oldest of the millennials, which I like to call the trophy generation.” Okay boomer.

Keong nyei Kong

Im such a big fan

Hao Tai

German cars are very expensive to fix. Until that changes I probably will not ever buy one unless I had a huge change in my money situation...

Billy Boy

Audi makes good stuff but it's pedigree is a little suspect. They are trendy but there is a whiff of scandal about them, particularly around car emissions. I personally drive a BMW M coupe and for me, it was a good choice.

Serges Massoma

Audi is the only car maker that make all their cars AWD no matter which cat is it. Ps i might be wrong

The Old Fashioned

Audi has the best interior design compare to BMW and Mercedes, when BMW has the worst design out of all 3 but better quality material compare to Mercedes with lots of cheap plastic.

Joshua Syrtash

good video!!

Salem Khoshiwal

Lexus and Toyota the rest is garbage

ಕನ್ನಡ KannadaFirst

I❤️Audi. Somehow close to my heart!!?!!

Michael Heider

Audi is the car of the engineer- soon the electric engine.

F.Meyer cr7

Well Lamborghini is basically Audi

Matej matej

A4 avant was my father's car he owned three and before a4 he had audi 80 sadly he is no longer alive but i bet you he is driving audi a4 avant in heaven.

Petar Zahariev

#Quattro #TheEnd & best interior , toped only by Volvo! (for the money) The Q2,3,4...24325423 are Godly Awful!

Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin

00:02 "luxury"? Everyone drives them in Germany so I wouldn't call them luxury.


Audi is junk. Problem problems problems


Wow as a kid we would say “I’m Audi 5000” meaning we’re leaving somewhere, like we’re saying goodbye. I never knew why until now.

Subrat Regmi

Bruh, it's not "Volks Wagen".. it's pronounced as "Folksvagen"

Spencer Slayden

I have a 2010 A3 S-line I love it

HomeSlice 8

Here's my answer: Quattro

Brian Kozlowski

The A7 looks lit af

Amtrak Fan

They are rolling piles of junk as they age


I still have one of my B5 A4 TQMs....and it's still amazing!

Melanie George

I just saw Spider-Man Far From Home and Audi was all over that movie. Nothing like Nick Fury driving a pristine, undented, polished Audi through apocalypse scenarios

Jack Boon

1:51 Perfect Clip

Abe Froman

Mercedes and BMW are getting pretty ugly in the design department these days. Audi is doing good here.

charles king

If Audi/VW wants to grow, they need to make vehicles that don't break down so often and cost so much to fix. I had one and what an unreliable vehicle. I'll never buy another one. Left a very bad taste in my mouth.


My 2012 A6 Prestige 3.0 with III stage tune is classy, fun, luxurious, comfortable, practical, affordable, and OH YEA hella fast!

Elizabeth Dawson

Audi or BMW? I say audi

Akın Zortuk

People were hitting gas pedal. It was not a mechanical problem. I question your research quality.

Tripp Thomas

AUDI vehicles are total money pits! If you buy one, you had better sell it BEFORE the warranty expires!

jeman shrestha

If it's built in India it will have lower built quality than kia

Mohammed Khaled

Tesla isn’t close to any German automotive brand in luxury and build quality. Heck they’re worse than Kia

204 Street Toys

My 2013 Audi has been amazing for the last 4 years. Didnt even buy warranty for it and never needed it.

G Castillo

My dream car is the Audi RS7. In my opinion Audi makes beautiful cars.


Just get a Tesla

Jimmy Neutron

I daily a A8 everyday and it's the best car on the American roads bar none.

David Ringo

The movie Ronin did it for Audi. The movie kept the focus on the movie stunts as opposed to on the gadgets like you would see in James Bond movies. In Ronin, the "something fast" S8 is shown nimbly darting in and out of tight, picturesque European towns.. which appealed to those North American buyers who wanted to drive a high-end car.. but did not want the car driving them.

Thokozani Gabela

Audi has always been one of those brands that made it out of normal and into premeum. It's considered as one of the top 3 German cars because of that innovation and perseverance. They said themselves that it was one of the most improved cars of the decade so it is what it is. I commend Audi, they're actually doing pretty okay.

Grzegorz Pacyga

What kind of experts they are ? Us its not whole world . In Eu audi is one of the biggest brands and best selling cars among with bmw and merc . Merc and bmw specialaize in rwd? What ? What about x drive and 4matic wich is used in almost all cars atm . Led lights, quattro , mmi there is a lot wich audi brought to car industry. Biggest con of audi is that they are part of vw

#halamadrid! #patsnation! #gopats!!!!

Mercedes Benz: Real Madrid!

BMW: FC Barcelona!

Audi: Bayern Munich!

Real R Fake R

Audi S4 B8 Avant , elegant beast ?

Olive Perry

“The oldest of the millennials, which I like to call the trophy generation.” Okay boomer.

Thomas Graham

There's a guy in Limpopo whom, because of his love for an Audi recites traditional poems in his own native language Sepedi in praise of this great machine, I think Audi 's Marketing and advertising division must be interested, it's mind blowing if you could understand how rich those poems are.. I personally thought a C63 Merc would worthy of those praises, but who I'm i to gudge. Lol

Morgan Gregory

Bought my first Audi in 2018, though I wanted one earlier. Some said I was crazy. But I have loved it. I’m now in my 2nd Audi, and I am a customer for life. Your video explains some reasons why - I grew up in the 80s, and have always wanted to be a bit different. Thanks for making this.

Chebo Chevato

Is that the same announcer from knowledge hub? Jimmy thinks he sounds the same.

June Lawson

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If Audi worked on its reliability, that would be great. I owned a 2006 Audi A4. I bought in 2008 and got rid of it in 2010. It drove fantastic. The only problem is that all 4 window motors broke, the fuel pump broke, the cabin heater broke, and later on an engine light came on. In 2010, it cost $90/hour to find out where the faulty wiring was. Its ridiculous issues like that, that make me hesitate in buying another Audi. True, its been 10 years since I last owned one, but I haven't heard glowing reviews since then about Audi reliability.

Benjamin Smith

I don't remember things quite this way. Mercedes was always in a class by itself as a luxury vehicle. BMWs, at least in the 60s/70s weren't considered in Mercedes class and were considered quality German cars that handled well. In the 80s/90s then BMW started to get a reputation but still Mercedes was still held as the luxury standard. I think to this day Mercedes is one of the most high-image brands that are in the industry. BMW has a high image, but it is still known as a driver's car. Audi yes, they did rise to be near BMW and Mercedes but I still find people rate them a bit lower. I like alternatives to German luxury. I actually think Genesis has a chance to be as good once people get over the "its from Korea" nonsense that some buyers have in their heads now. I like Volvo but they need to refine their suspensions more and the move to all 4-cylinder engines didn't help them either.


I don't get it how they can't see it. Put me in marketing for Audi!
First order of business would be 7 figure ev supercar teamed up with Rimac! They have better tech then Tesla


Audi combines boring designs with ancient technology sold at a premium price.
Yet all Audi drivers I know are arrogant assholes.

jashane stone

"90's references"
I'm Audi five thou
Typically language: I'm leaving quickly.

Minecrafter 02

Wouldn't even touch an Audi with a long stick. They were good and had a competent engineering team but now it is just a glorified VW.


Audi is the only reliable german luxury brand available. Mercedes and BMW have turned into complete garbage badge leases.

Sb Sb

Audi made defective engines. Consumed too much engine oil.


If you think that Audi is an underdog for some reason you’re highly mistaken


If Audi brings the RS Avant to the states stonks are gonna ???

Lonniea Cheeks

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Audi has been struggling with reliability problems for decades here in Europe. There’s too many scary examples of customers being ripped off by huge repair bills, because of overly complicated engineering and constructions on Audi cars...I’ll never buy a Volkswagen group product, never!!


Iron man and transporter,enough said.

Chevon Bailey

Never buying another Audi again. I had to visit the dealership at least 3 times a year over something that broke.

Connor Coyles

Mercedes and BMW will always be more of a status symbol than Audi...and thats a fact

F1Freak F1

You want a reliable AUDI, BMW or Mercedes? They need diesel engines up front and then they are immortal. The e-tron is awful crap. If Tesla improves build quality it will remain no.1 for long long time

Zoltán Kozma

Tesla has no advantage on battery technology whatsoever. It builds in off the shelf li-ion batteries in a shell that is temperature controlled... exactly the same as any e-BMW or other sensible brands. This notion that Tesla has something the others don't is just BS. The range is simply bigger because the battery pack is the whole bottom of the car and the cars are huge and electric only.... Musk may be an effective bullshitter but he owns no proprietary tech that would put him in the lead in any meaningful way... and the manufacturing quality of a Bimmer is always going to be far superior to that of Tesla and if only I was talking about their irregular panel gaps... I don't care that much... I am concerned about a >2000kg car breaking its suspension parts on a regular basis plus their info screen that delaminates and dies when its EMMC flash is written too many times over.

Also the Tesla brand power is a mute thing.... ignore it... Tesla sells the cars at a loss... once other car makers will not need to buy its emission credits from it they would have no choice but raise prices sharp way out of reach for younger audiences(I would argue it is already beyond what a sensible person should splurge on a car that is beta tested on the customers). or close shop... In the meantime the traditional automakers can turn profit on their cars.


Where The money is!

AriM8 ,

Audi is cool but nothing compared to benz and bmw . Its just a nicer VW


This story lacks any depth.

Radu Botezatu

Audi... that's why she's been consuming oil since she was new...goood car !!!!


In US german automakers rule the luxury car brands.....
Tesla and Elon Musk ??

Louise Aguirre

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Thomas Asix

I did own Audi (A6) cars for 10 years. Reliability was an issue, but their terrible service and lack of mechanics willing to work on them was the main reason why I down own the cars anymore.

Formula 1 Fan Colorado

I'd love to have an A4 wagon with a Lexus drive train...No way I'm spending Audi money for a car with only a 4 cylinder turbo engine.

marko marin

Audi market segment is for younger demographic.

BMW and mercedes for retired old snob.

Wongchuk Atuk

When you become what you have sworn to destroy....

Kevin Hinojosa

Audi is trash, but millennials watch superhero movies ans believe in fairy tales.

Jose Ruiz

After touching the A7... Beamers and Mercs make me want to barf out of embarrasment for those who own them.


Ofcourse bruh, vw owns audi smh.

Schawnetta Robinson

I still love Audi.

Emile de KAM

I started to love Audi the moment Tony Stark drove a R8 in the first Iron Man


the sudden acceleration happened because the accelerator pedal was too short and people pressed it instead of the brake


By putting lipstick on a VW, calling it luxury, and reminded everyone that it's German?

Conor Simon

Idk what y’all are talking about, here in Southern California audis are more popular than bmws


It's funny that Audio took BMW and Mercedez like position as you would not want to buy the car because your parents had them, and it feels like Audi is becoming old and the new kid which is Tesla is stealing its spot.

jocao jocao

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