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Squats BEFORE & AFTER / My 10 Day Squat Challenge / Real AF

Squats BEFORE & AFTER / My 10 Day Squat Challenge / Real AF25 Feb. 2018
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Here's a brutally real

Here's a brutally real version of someone who hasn't exercised in years trying to do squats. This is 10 days worth, 100 squats each day. The first 6 days are consecutive then I start to slack off. I filmed this on my phone so it's not the best quality.

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Olga E Rivera

Good afternoon everyone?TYGFAD? happy thankful hump day Wednesday?3,27,19?love you girl ??????????you make me laugh so much??????????god bless you all always ?

Brian Collette

Good job. I need someone to come dig for me as I go out metal detecting. So you should be ready now....lol


You’re so freakin funny I love you to bits ?

Wendy Carlee

My knee clicks like that too when I do squats.. Your fast squats are hilarious. It will get easier. I went on Pinterest and followed the slow work up to 100. There's no way I could do 100 at once for the first like, week. It does burn lol


A little late but if you wanted to retry this make sure your legs are aligned where your shoulders , and don't stick your feet forward. Also, don't go all the way down, think of it as you're going to sit down. That type of mindset helps

spook show

100 damn I bet you were sore!

Tyreek Murillo

ha u have hypermobile knees

Benjamin berry

More ass is better imo ???.


Zophie, you set the best example of "no pain no gain" :)

Jim Crossan

I'm with you.. xx

Tom Waznis

streach out first

Junipers World

I love this channel as much....maybe (dare I say?) more than your other YouTube channel. You're too much! ?

Josh Wheatstone

I've already binge watched all your videos, gimme more xD.


HA HA Zophie we love you , cant be bothered going up stairs while doing a vid on exercise lol and once we are done we have big ass box of shark gummies to munch on , aww it hurts i don't like this lol , too funny , loving your style man enjoyable vid as always thanks x

brii Babiie

Half ass squats lol.. your pretty tho ?

Nox Elohim

Great video Zophie, and you shared your quirky and awesome sense of humor with us yet again.
We all adore you :)

Rick Martin

Zophie got back ;)

Holt Edwards



Love all your vids!!!!! Wish you would do more just Sophie videos,hilarious!!!!!!

roberto miguens

were have you bin all my life hahahahahah your friking funny girl i like your videos buy the way wake up all makeup done thas the best part nice haire your a star hahahahahaahah now for real your very funny, im military sargent i now wats a lot of squats for breakfirst lunsh and dinner and your almost there ... almost! good job ... i think we are separeted sblins ( im a little bit crazy too but from a nother planet) hahahahaahahah ... nice butt buy the way! ( im a guy dont juge mi)

Loren Robertson

Oh my! I thought I was too tired to laugh....you are killing me!

Skylar Nobbley

Does anyone else wonder if this beautiful woman has a boyfriend? I love her personality. Would be so much fun to Netflix and chill with her


Zophie grows a booty today, lol


Hip raises are supposed to be great for building glutes and strengthening the abs and lower back, too.

Azarah Eden

No Way ? today is my day 3 of squats . And yes , it stimulates the digestive system.


"It burns" ????
Yes it does.. ???

Brian B

Great video, Zophie! You got me on the "gassier than usual" part, I almost did a spit take on my screen. I like your form before you actually looked up the proper way. I was hoping to see some windmill arm actions. As your online supporters, we are going to need to see daily pictures of that tuchus for at least the next 30 days so we can monitor and assess your progress. Keep it up! :)

Contests VU

I laughed way too hard at that..

Tom Waznis

You could use some real people help...


Damn girl! You sure you're not a Kardashian? Lol

Tom Waznis

zero to 100 reps a day is brave?

Necessary Evil

Gummy sharks after squats. ??? Next time if you must, eat them before working out that way you use some of it for energy? Keep up the good work.

Matt Caldwell

Sophie you just crack me up. never afraid of anything


Get your ass lower to the ground. To help with the knee Poppin. Point your toes a lil out.

Lord Smith

Zophie is sooooo cool. She is a fun and beautiful chick. Geezer bird in England. Love this gal .

Riot Rick

I can tell ya a brutal story about a kid who was paid money to do as many squats as he could but to make a long story short he ended up peeing blood for two days and could not walk for a few more Haha so don't push yourself too far lol...

Azkikr D

You do know your supposed to wear leggings when you do a squat video right? Just for future reference ?

Brian Stocks

Wheel of Time, my favorite series!!


Sounds like you and I have the same knees :(



Brett B

"Serious case of white girl booty" shit had me laughing lol you are definitely a rare woman...why can't more girls be like you...


not sure what i just watched lmao

Jonathan King

Fyi there not squats.you need a barbell across your shoulders with weight for real squats


You may have just motivated me... ????

Nano CIO

Prone bone upgrade (:

jameasema Avery

I love this video. You are so funny.


sophie: So how long do i have to do this?
Instructor: Well, that is just something you do now. It's a new thing you do everyday until you and your stupid body die.

Ain't life wonderfull? :)

James Bagguley

Love the tongue in cheek YT without the BS approach. Been battling the middle age spread with a side planking crusade, great seeing results for all the efforts. Keep up the good work! :D

Sean The Baptist

One of my old teachers in school would make us do "chair sits" against the wall when we would misbehave, it's basically a squat that you hold, mocking sitting in an invisible chair, and make us hold it for 5 minutes. I haven't done a squat since...

Scott J. Murphy Sr.

HaHaHa!!! I have a pair of those polar bear jamz... & yeah you should rest those muscles a day... Love your Videos....

Apathy Miller

time for some pierogies after all that "working out"!

Christian Caroca

Girl you're so funny!!! you actually tried and learned that is a necessary shitty process now in the age of booty. I started flat and now I can even shake it...like SHAKE IT omg...You're the best I have a blast watching your videos!

Doug Zilla

Wheel Of Time was a great series!

Sweet Insanity

I've only seen a few of your videos and your voice always reminded me of something but I could never pin point it. Now I know...you are a younger version of Stewart's mom. ?



Mr Phil

Zophie, you are one of the few people on the planet that can leave me absolutely speechless. I got nothing. But thanks for amusing me - over and over and over and over again..........

Skip MacWilliam


Siberius Wolf

Shouldn't do that every day lol. Gotta let the muscles rest to grow. But this is a funny video. The pants are different though. It takes a long time to actually gain muscle.

TF Shaw

Don't focus that hard. LOL ?

Tom Waznis

would you like some cheese with your wine?


Your knee popping are just build up gasses that escape, nothing to worry about. Keep at it!


I know that exercise from the body building shop from the 80'th and 90'th, but I think it must be done quiet slow, very slow, not all the way down, not all the way up to keep the whole body under stress during all the exercise. May I be right or wrong? I don't know but I have that feeling that I am right.

Việt Phong Ngô

Zophie be my mom

Ricky D

2:30, why do I have the sudden urge for Wendy's and a relaxing vape?

spook show

Lol I said this before you said that.



Prosona Collector

You can do it get those baby cakes


#zophiesquat YES


Remember to feed the torn muscles with a high protein diet to maximize the growth process. A protein shake within the first 30 minutes post workout is highly recommended. Stretching the muscles before (warm up) and after a workout (cool down), will help with the soreness. Keep at it girl, you can do it!

Robert Celik

u need massage!


Do them
Every other day and you will see faster gains good job tho

Bo Stout


Keith K

I HAVE THAT SOUND TOO! But I had 5 knee surgeries on it. Left knee ?

Matt Johnson

The first few weeks are the worst. The 4-5 days of pain turn into 1-2 days, and before long your enjoying it with little time in between. Keep it up Zophie


Who the fuck does 100 on day 1...LuL special girl you.

Antonio Ortega

Zophie Vapes I love you love you love your videos Lol.

Lysa B

Seriously, I can hear your poor knee! Freaking nightmare is right!!! By day 3 I'd be D.O.N.E. with that! I admire your dedication girl, 'cause those days are long gone for me! Thanks for making it real (amusing, as always!!!) You're awesome honey! ;)


You're so pretty!!!

David Bone

Well you marry me

Christina Garcia

“ one time in band camp” ?

Selena Bromez

I was focusing too hard. But there’s nothing there.

Rocks 2112

You,....you are the best! Thank you this exercise moment Zophie. I now have an exercise partner. I feel the burn. Thank you for such great Zophie!! You rock my world. Felt kinda down, now I'm , not at all. I'm blessed by your show's. Thank you for all you do!!! Much love to you Zophie.

C-Los Vapes

Lmao ?? man made my morning already ???.

Church Watkins IV

More videos Nigga! ......<3

Jorge Vergara

You're weird AF.

Andréa S.

Those are half squats.

Mr. Manners

Your reading squats were too funny!

Yves Truchon

I like seeing you do squats

Derrick S

You're a trip !

Petrus Steur

You're doing great Sophie, just keep on going. You'll have a great shape in no time. Btw I love this channel more than your vape channel, it's just Zophie nothing more nothing less and you're setting a good example for the vapers to do some workout.... speaking of which, i'll need to to do some workout as well


fuck exercise .. just sex :D


Props on using tuchus in a vlog, and hope you enjoy The Wheel of Time — I sure did!


Squats are so good for u! Proud of you :) Some type of cardio ans stretching is really good to start out with. I do two sets of 20 a day.

Jimmy GoldenDex

Wooowww. That was so funny tho . You should try stand up commedy sometime. Now into some questions ..Do you actually lose weight with squats or make better abs ? I need to know please.

Carbajal F

Haha you're such a nerd...love it, let us know if you're feeling that tush get harder?


Ur position posture is bad and doing it wrong u need to stretch before doing this


is it just me or does anybody else think she's hot

Slim Hanus

Thirsty thirsty thirsty ???

Curtis Bridgen

LMAO!!! I was glad ro see you started drinking water, I was afraid that you might get Rhabdomyolosis. LOL

Arkadiusz Gaik

You've done half-squats, that's cheating!

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tasty smith



I need to try that waist trainer !

Alyza’s Germany

Waist trainer?

Joeph Cater

Love your videos ??

Rohan Clarke

U could also get the weight vest if u don't want hold the weights. Vest u can add the amount of weights u need.