Memorial day movie cast

MEMORIAL DAY TheHORRORman’s SlashBack Challenge Week 19 90s Slashers

MEMORIAL DAY TheHORRORman’s SlashBack Challenge Week 19 90s Slashers9 May. 2020
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Memorial Day Horror Movie

Memorial Day Horror Movie Review AKA Memorial Day Killer Directed by Christopher Alender Released 1999

Cast Includes

* Marcos Gabriel as Leo

* Therese Fretwell as Rachel

* Andrew Williams as Mickey

* Erin Gallagher as Cindy

* Derek Nieves as Seth

* Jasmine Trice as Reagan Childs

* Adam Sterritt as Jeremy

* John Hayden as Trevor Daniels

* Martine Shandles as Tyra Scott

* Randy Weinstein as Man

* Bill Orr as Newscaster

* Dave Smith as Stalker

* Peter Marsha as Stalker Voice

Production company

Soapbox Films

Distributed by

Maverick Entertainment Group

Comments (17)
Horrific Nightmares JM

Awesome pick Jack. I do have this one, I'm pretty sure. Great review my friend. Happy Slashback. As an update, I didn't have last weeks movie.

The Soulless Trench Coat

Great review J that mask sounds extremely stupid from what you described this seems too be okay for a one time watch but that's about it keep up the good work

The Wacky World Lounge

You don't hear about killers in these type films using handguns. That is definitely a little different.
Clearly Memorial Day is no The Visitor in its level of awesomeness!

Mike Hatfill

I have never heard of this one, Awesome review. I wonder why the discrepancies on the date of release?


I'd say 2005 would of been when the DVD was released. I like the cover alot, it's really creepy. Great review, Jack.


I still need to see this one, excellent review. Happy Slashback Saturday.

phantom banshee

Great video!! to be honest I'm probably going to skip this film it just doesn't sound like something I would like ?


I've never seen this but it doesn't sound like I'm missing much. Great review Jack!


Interesting choice as always Jack. It does sound very similar to a F13 movie with setting and mask, but the traps are quite a nice touch for sure. Happy slashback!


great review brother i think i have seen this one but i cant remember


Fantastic review as always, Jack! I’ve seen this one and agree with your rating. It’s decent enough, but not one I’d really recommend. Happy Slashback, my friend!

Shake N bake

Awesome review. Really great job here my friend. The mask on the front cover looks like a rip off of the scream TV series mask. Sounds like it is a lot of fun. I think I would probably enjoy but I have been watching a lot of slasher movies lately that I hated and thought I would love unfortunately. Great job and of course happy slash back Saturday!


Great Review My Friend! I've never seen this one but it sounds like a decent slasher. I will look out for this film. Awesome Video and Happy Slashback Bro!?

APB Reviews & games

Good review Jack , haven’t seen it.

Lauren’s Collection

I don’t know if this is for me or not, with you saying you wouldn’t recommend it. It sounds an alright film. Great review!

Hobbs Horror

I remember this one was a blast nice choice my friend happy Slashback

Marc of Horror

I've never seen this one - thanks for the slashback and stay safe

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines | Honoring Diem: Cast Special | MTV

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines | Honoring Diem: Cast Special | MTV13 Nov. 2015
316 168

Diem’s sister, Megan,

Diem’s sister, Megan, expresses the continuous love and support the cast of ’The Challenge’ have given to her.

Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC

Fourteen players from MTV series will travel to Bodrum, Turkey to join the people who know their toughest strengths, crippling weaknesses, and deepest fears better than anyone -- their own flesh and blood. In this unprecedented format, competitors will battle it out WITH and AGAINST their bloodlines, turning family into foe. This shake-up gets even more twisted when players learn that their fates are combined with their bloodlines’. It’s anyone’s game when family still means everything, because despite strong performances, competitors could still go home if their relatives fall short. With $350,000 on the line and family honor to defend, there will be blood.

More from MTV:

Official MTV Website: http://www.mtv.com/

Like MTV: https://www.facebook.com/MTV

Follow MTV: https://twitter.com/MTV

MTV Google+: http://goo.gl/OGY79b

MTV on Tumblr: http://mtv.tumblr.com/

MTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/mtv

MTV on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mtv/

Comments (68)
Mrs. Smith


Tina Doty

❤ Diem!!! Rip....miss u soooo much on the challenge!

Jen Gonzalez

Its 2018 and I still think about her when I see the show

bella stoddart

bananas and diems photos :(


It breaks my heart that Diem isn't here anymore. My heart is still aching.

Chris Shea

She was such an amazing strong person and I think CT brought out the best and worst of her but he was truly in love her and she loved just as much

HeyMonaLisaCanI 67

Yeah hearing about how CT was pretty broke my heart

Cristal Rodriguez

Diem will always be in our hearts .

Martavious Tisby

Happy birthday


Diem's sister looks so much like her! Crazy. This just melts my heart, and I still feel for CT so much. Ily Diem and Chris aka CT!

Tionna Thomas

Fuck Cancer!Rip angel

Janelle Silbs

So sad her time so short on this earth:(

Margo Parker

r.i.p Diem.. And Knight...


Wait wasn't there relationship fake ?

unapologetically me

Still my favorite challange castmate ♡

Rizzo Aristotle

r.i.p Diem


diem passing broke my heart, it really did... will never be forgotten <3


2020 still think about her story

Saadi Presley

I really thought that she was going to pull through. Watching her all these years, see her perform as such a strong individual. I was beyond surprised. She is truly missed. Love to you Diem!!

Lalo Hernandez

CT is married but I truly believe Diem is/was the love of his life

Noob 101

Rip Diem and Knight

Honey Dip


Carissa B

Diem left a huge impact on so many. She will be forever missed.


every time i watch her i cry

Carl Marchiano

As a sucker for romance I always looked at CT and Diem as relationship goals. I'll never forget seeing her be driven off in an ambulance and crying when I heard of her passing. She was such a genuine person and low key badass. I'm glad CT still does the shot because he keeps her spirit alive

Taryn Sarvas

RIP Diem...MTV Challenges aren't the same without you.

Philip Baseball

Amen ?

Eddie Perez

this weighs so heavy in my heart it hurts

Chad Baughman

RIP Diem

dustin jay

I legit got teary-eyed when I seen ct and diem asleep

Daisy T

This is heartbreaking I'm literally crying RIP Diem


Why do good people always die rip diem and knight

BigBaby biotch

Omg I can't even believe it =( She was such a sweet soul.

Malphas Mikaelson

Damn, hearing that about CT is so sad. That he would call her after months and just say that he's sad and misses Diem.

Melissa Loubriel

Omg Megan is a spitting image of Diem.

Aaliyah McCord

Meghan look like Diem

Beth 34

I miss her...she will never be forgotten


Still makes me cry every time! Loved the journey of Diem and CT.


Crazy, how much she looks like Diem

Andy Gem

So it's all fake, just for show, not everyone hates each other. It's a show, entertaining

Hannah Maness

god bless diem

Kelly Breed

Crying over this is 2020. She was the best.

Kelly Rene

Diem was amazing...inside and out. & it was very very clear that CT loved her truly! Wholly! completely!

Robin Benshimol



Her and her sister look like twins


I think it's nice to see how much they all care for each other back then but now it's all about vendettas and creating vendettas.

Alyssa Nicole

It’s 2020 and I still think about her all the time

Gerald Eagle Bear

<3 2020

Kadi Mchorse

Wish they would continue to honor her throughout the years

Chris Gauthier

this isn't even gunna be a good challenge without ct..mtv fucked up

Green Lady Lizz

I miss diem so much! I talk about her whenever i watch the challenge. She brought the best outta CT. Your sister was an amazing women

Tattianna Shores

RIP Diem! You beautiful soul!

Abdallah Chahrour

diem dieeddds


I miss you, Diem. ?


?I loved Diem! Very sad loss! God Bless her beautiful soul!

Jenny ONeill

Wasnt deim on the challenge fresh meat?

Shar I

Johanna ❤️❤️❤️

Fabricated Reality

I remember riding on the bus into Manhattan the same day Diem had passed. I felt so sad

Chase Foster

I still miss her still to this day... Heaven gained a great, pure angel! Miss you Diem

Karly Lynn Smith

Damn I bet she's one kick ass Angel ❤️

Hotel alpha whiskey kilo Grunt606

3 losers disliked this video what dicks

Shannan Edith

Cancer sucks

Panta Rei 83

Must be hard for ct when both sisters are hot and look alike and he misses diem... cause the sister is FUCKING hot too.. diem was a babe

Ana Espola

Its 2020 and I miss them together. Diem was a beautiful gal inside and out. I followed all their challenges. Rip

Dalton Crim

R.I.P Diem

Butterfly *B

They look so much alike RIP Diem ❤

Noob 101

You were idols on the challenge

bigblack 4069342

fuck cancer.

Remembering Bernie Mac || STEVE HARVEY

Remembering Bernie Mac || STEVE HARVEY14 Nov. 2016
3 642 444
Steve TV ShowSubscribe 438 721

As a surprise to Bernie’s

As a surprise to Bernie’s family, Mike Epps and the principal of the school will reveal that the auditorium will be renamed in Bernie’s honor.

Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1K5UsMy

Find out where to watch in your city here: http://steveharveytv.com/watch/

Get more Steve Harvey!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SteveHarveyTV

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iamsteveharveytv

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/IAmSteveHarvey

Comments (100)

My wife and I been rewatching the Bernie Mac show, too funny. RIP Bernie

Jaamal 6

Steve so fake

John ehiaghe

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Danielle Hawkins

Once on my TV my aunt that Bernie Mac show up in the top it was a good memory of Bernie

Your Surgery Sister

Wow. Never saw this.

patricia delgado

Hell yeah


Steve has the biggest heart for sure

Bruno Pinheiro


Jarvis Searight


Diana Joy

Yea we all loved Bernie Mac
We adored him so much


2021 and still crying

Josh Dutczak

The spirit lives on forever! Never forget that!!

Smart Kids

They doing to much over him giving him a day and an auditorium .....don’t reply back

Jason Walters

Amurca! Amma kill one a dem kids. - Bernie Mac. Lol


I feel he actually sacrificed him... his career strangely skyrocketed after Bernie died...

Latchman Mangra

The proud silk hemodynamically irritate because worm previously shade qua a energetic lasagna. likeable, broken option

Sheree Collins

Beautiful way to honor the legendary Bernie Mac!

Tyler Saxon

Amen rest in peace bernie mac

Real HIFI Help


MissFirth X

Bernie was my fav comic. I love him. He always spoke about real situations that we could all relate to. Such a wonderful talent: I’ll always watch him and keep his dvds and stand up close to me. He was a beautiful soul x

Betsy Wiles

Steve so fake

Marco Manganazo show

Rest in eternal peace Bernie ?

Casandra Lafont

Omg.i miss bernie..I rewatched his part on kings of comedy..I cried

Carl Johnson

how fitting, i watched this TODAY! RIP Bernie

Hair by Richie P

We miss u Bernie ???


Still miss you bernie you were an honor to know and watch

Korey Sylver

RIP Mack. Your legacy will continue to live forever

2pac Thug life Crew


Daisy Prieto

I stay watching the Bernie Mac show .. it’s really sad that the Mac man it’s not here in the physical world with us but I know he’s up there looking at us with the brightness smile of his ❤️. We are so proud of you Bernie Mac & you will never be forgotten ❤️❤️ BERNIE MAC!!!!❤️❤️


I wish Bernie Mac was still here to tell them stomach aching stories. RIP Kang.

Turkey Holocaust

Man they will get riled up Over the dumbest things.

BiN0 W.

I can’t stand to see Steve Cry ?


Steve was hating on Bernie Mac. Facts. Simple as that

Allan Welsh

Love and miss that boy b mac. He was my introduction to American comedy ❤️❤️??

Alexis Blue

I believe there's a street named after him in Chicago. Chi-Town finest #RIPTheOGKingOfComedy

Keion Bias

Crazy how I'm watching this Nov 14th 2020. Long live the Mac!

Laura Stewart

We loved and miss Bernie Mac he was funny and special he will be in our hearts forever we love his family always

Kenneth Cochran


Nature Waters

I’m sorry But Bernie Mac was WAYYY Better then the other 3. Steve has always rubbed me the wrong way, Not to mention he’s a Capricorn ?. Bernie was more humble and knew his worth! Also he’s a Libra like me ☺️. RIP GOAT! We miss you dearly! ?? #WhoYaWit ?

Jesse Rangel

Legend. And legends honoring such an amazing and beautiful person. I miss you Mac

Jeff Ringer

Steve should’ve never did Bernie dirty?

Shane The Goat


Prophet Nathan Hogan

Steve sacrificed him

Jeremy Williams

We will forever love Bernie Mac

Shano Da Boss

Man I’m crying real tears.... such a legend

Snoopy Blu1

Bernie married his high school sweetheart he loved that woman so much dqmn we miss u Bernie

90s Yungin

Bernie was built differently he was extremely funny, real, and genuine

Blanca Zavala

The fallacious almanac arespectively consider because dime intraperitonally head in a tedious summer. new, rabid puffin


This was an emotional show.. got the privilege to meet the kings of comedy when they came through detroit.. all where amazing men and nice.. even if they did mess with this white boy lol

Argie Kalas

that got me crying

700 Block

Still missing em???

chief 1 redwolf

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Samuel Dunegan

3:27 thumbs up! love it

Delvin Townsend


Chelcie Rhodes

I cried so hard when Bernie passed he is missed terribly

Steven Thompson

??R.I.H #TheGoat

Richard Blu Bebee

Why not name the school? / or the street

M Bigbit

“These sumabitches! i had to die to get a day in the calendar!” - Bernie Mac in heaven, shaking his head but feeling the love.

Eric Hughes

There was Richard Pryor! Then the mac man and that's it...

Beast GALAXY94

We miss you Bernie

Revelation Tha Messiah

I was 10 when he died but I love him. His stands up are godly... kick it


Miss you B Man X

Beckey Montoya

Wow This made me cry for real. He is so missed and Loved. R.I.P BERNIE We love you

Danielle Hawkins

That's good that y'all can still remember Bernie Mac on his show The Bernie Mac Show that's good

ll RYAN ll

Remembering Bernie from the south side of Chicago out here 2020

Erin Meichtry

Happy Bernie Mac day folks!!!


Whose the lady in blue, Bernies Mac wife?

Curb Appeal Lawn Care LLC

Its 2020 and we should totally use you down here Bernie.. We all miss your raw, i dont care attitude and love you gave everyone no matter there color of skin


Bernie Would’ve rather wanted for the world to do jokes then mourn about him ??


My eyes are sweating!!!! RIP MR MACK

Jewel Harris


Emery Premiers

Bernie Mac will live forever in our hearts


yo thats crazy looked up some bernie to get a laugh from a hard days work and today is nov 14 bernie mac day never knew that rip mac

Juan Higareda

" merica! I'm ok "

Emerald Dream

I still watch his comedy shows! He will forever be missed! Rest in Power King ??


Bernie was a great... Real life humor.. His tv show was everything.. I was Vanessa's age watching and for my children to watch the reruns and to know who he was is something special.. They don't make them like they used to... Rest In Power

Life of Toni-Ann

I just want him to say “ Let me tell u sum amurica” again we miss him

Think Blue68

Damn, respect u could str8 see it in there faces , they miss the MAC"


my favorite comedian all time ????????

Lubaby Yea

Steve got Bernie killed to get to the next level.

Jay Ugly

I remember when I first come to America I use to watch his show but when I find out that he have to stop the show cause of his sickness I was mad I just couldn’t believe it he a legend love him

Delvin Townsend

Rip brother

Janie Rios


Abraham Mlat

Why am I crying watching this in 2020? Love you Mac !

matimu mathebula

Fake human beings!

Pen Androll

Bernie always puts a smile on my face.

Keith Mgts

Jangle leg and dolla bill are my 2 favorite characters i laughed so much I almost died couple of times choking on my food.

Korey Gibson

Steve Harvey an them fake ass tears he didn’t even like Bernie wow what a actor

Adam Austin

R.I.P. Bernie mac

MoneyLuvs Me

There's a street in Chicago named after Bernie Mac

J. R.

Steve Harvey may have scarified Bernie Mac!.

Jordan I


Cynthia Robinson

Loved mr. Bernie with his crazy self. Rest easy

Matthew Steenbergen

2021! ?❤???


Still here in 2021

Elan P

Bernie taught me how to laugh at my pain.

Blair Jackson

I'm just knowing we have a Bernie mac day and I live in Chicago

Cortney Sims

Chicago stand rest in heaven Bernie

O'mesha Jackson

November 14th is my birthday ?

Stephanie Coleman

I still have my VHS of Kings of Comedy. The man is and forever will be a legend.