New balance motion control mens

New Balance 1540 VERSION 3 | Product Review

New Balance 1540 VERSION 3 | Product Review10 Aug. 2019
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The latest version of the

The latest version of the 1540 by New Balance is out now! Same comfort and support with a slightly different look.


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no name

My dawg Bodell. Subscriber #5 here.

The review I've been hoping for.

Are the NB American made shoes worth the extra money?



I been wearing these for a month and has helped with nerve pains I been having and pronation of my left foot..I'm hoping in time it will resolve that issue..

English Cee

Great review. It was informative and you definitely touched on all the details of the shoe.
My experience is that these shoes are complete subpar quality, considering the price; I paid$188.50, so I expected a great sneaker.
These things started falling a part after maybe 5 wears. I'm not talking running or tons of walking either. I mostly drive, but since I overpronate, I tend to want that extra support. The sneakers seem to provide the support, but they are cheaply made.
To be clear, I have been wearing motion control New Balance since the 587s, albeit, I've favored Brooks Beasts recently. This year I decided to go back New Balance, fearing the change to the guide rail system on Brooks wouldn't be as supportive. Well after having a pair of sneakers fall apart so quickly, I'm done with New Balance. I've literally worn these sneakers less than 20 times since the spring and they are falling apart; even one of the N logos are coming off.
If I didn't but them from a New Balance store direct, I would have assumed that I purchased knockoffs. Either way, New Balance lost a customer in me.


Does it work for flat feet?

Evy S

Terrific review. I was looking for something to replace my New Balance WR 1012. I think I have found it. Thanks !

The New Balance Rollbar®

The New Balance Rollbar®11 Oct. 2012
5 573

The Rollbar is a

The Rollbar is a stability/motion control feature on New Balance Shoes. This feature helps secure and stabilize rear foot movement. Several walking shoes and some running shoes contain this feature. People with problimatic feet should buy New Balance Shoes with this feature.

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Regina Woods


MOST Underrated SNEAKER of the YEAR? New Balance x Bodega 997S No Bad Days REVIEW & ON FEET

MOST Underrated SNEAKER of the YEAR? New Balance x Bodega 997S No Bad Days REVIEW & ON FEET25 Oct. 2019
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Seth FowlerSubscribe 438 721

Today I’m reviewing the

Today I’m reviewing the New Balance x Bodega 997S No Bad Days The Bodega New Balance 997S No Bad Days is the sleeper hit sequel to the No Days Off Bodega collaboration from earlier in the year! The New Balance 997S Bodega features premium materials and a mismatching upper! Check out the full Bodega NB 997 S No Bad Days review to learn more!



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kb kicks

honestly maybe this is the only new balance ive liked in my life man they are so dope!!!

Ismael Valdez

DAMN Seth you are so sexy. I just want to ride you????

Libertas ex Deum

So cool buddy! !

Hiratio Masterson

New balance material quality, whether the Made in USA/UK series or its generic Chinese/Vietnam/Indonesia etc made, is exceptional as is the assembly quality. They may not have the hype of Nike, but you get what really matters.

juan carlos faustino

Just picked these up, so fireeeeeee


How are these as performance shoes?


These are fire!!! Have a pair myself. Retail was $160 though and they released a few pairs on NB site too.

Jon Clark

Those new balance are fantastic.!! I love nb, s and these are a great example of what makes people want them.. Again fantastic trainers and a great make. Colours really look amazing. Great purchase and review. ?

Jimmy Villaruel

997’s are so underrated.

Raul Molina

These are my dream shoes

Ashley Chu

It's probably underrated compared to Travis Scotts, Bred toe Satins, and those shoes. Y'all really gotta come at Seth for saying underrated sneaker ? New Balance in general underrated

Roll up the fruit


been waiting on this video for a hot minute...Don't Sleep on New Balance!
amazing to see how far you've come bro and this channel. Always delivering time after time after mega content, producing overall not only on YouTube Seth..WORLDWIDE!

Keep em' coming my friend! preach


underrated sneaker that sold out in seconds and is fetching nice prices on aftermarket. ???

rob bo

Let’s be fair If it was not a colander. They would sit

Stanley Chen

Is it really my friends know what it is


Both bodega collabs with NB were flames, I have the no days off pair

Jonathan Hernandez

I won these in the Bodega Raffle one of my all time favorite sneakers ?

Talks With TJ

I would say it's number 1 for straight lifestyle. NB is still a slept on brand The prices are dropping for this in my size and hope it keeps dropping so I can cop at a reasonable resell.

Great shoe! Comfort and style

charlie erekuff

100% the no bad days is way better. People sleep on new balances. No idea why these are fire.

Owen Westerhout


sibusiso jele

Seth this one is cool if you're below 30.

Barry Katz

The colors are cool but they would be impossible for me to rock

Byron Sublay

NB always with quality materials. ??

Erick Yax

I’ve got both pairs quality is top notch, always support your local bodega

Keane Putera

What hoodie are you wearing in this video?


It's my top 1

Kritim Bista

Seth, lately I just cannot agree with your opinions even though I am a big fan of yours. How is this sneaker underrated when they sold out under 20 seconds? Bodega, in fact, had to change from fcfs to raffle because there was a huge queue outside of the store just before its release. May not as hyped as Travis Scotts or other Off White collabs but definitely not underrated.

Kevin Reese

Anybody else agree fit is TTS?

E_n. Js



They are alright, the latest kith x Nonnative collab with this silhouette was better IMHO though... nice vid BTW...

Michael Herrera

These had a lot of hype. Impossible to get unless you lived in the right city

Muhammad Abdol

Seth can you do a review on Nike Gor-Tex phantom colourway??

Logan Gore

lol why does this full video feel like seth trying to get a new balance sponsorship ; )

Robert Dom Lim

Pls do a top 10 most underrated collabs of the year

Simon Yu

I love textured shoes but this collab didn't do it for me the same way the last Bodega did.

Luis Marrero

Bought myself a pair!!! ? thanks Seth for the Dope review as always!!

Alberto S

Just Got These Delivered Today And Gotta Say ???


that is killa, "no bad days" way hotter anyways ??

Tyler Diehl

Most underrated? You’re kidding right? These sold out in like 30 seconds, the site crashed a million times lol


I have mines on right now watching this video with my Astroworld hoodie on ??

Ben D

Underrated? How?!?

Beerus - God of Destruction

Nah that shits resell is overpriced asf

Ahmed Ibr


jeff dep

Nope! most underrated sneakers is saucony.

Eric Cuaresma


Adrien B

Seth can you inbox crazy expensive shoe insoles haha thought about Vktry (retail is 200...). Currently looking for a good pair to improve the comfort of the AJ1

DMaurier Weaver

No days off IS shoe of the year in my opinion.


Hell yeah

Emmanuel Asuncion

NBs are really underrated.

Adrian Maria

Most Underrated? Is this an early April fools joke Seth?


these are actually amazing, top 3 of 2019 for me easily

Khaliq Bolden-Dey

These are dope. I thought I liked the No Days Off colorup a little better, but they remind me of the Arrow & Sons 997 a little too much.

Vlad Kapitonov

Kanye finally dropped an album


Aaaaand I got em. With the help of the 20 dollars off promo that stockx just offered today I was able to raise my bid a little more. Can’t wait to get them in hand.


Anyone know the name of the hoodie he’s wearing?

Prachet Agarwal

Those are Fire!!!! Wish I could afford them!

Manhattan Island

Don't hype it up when im trying to cop one :)


Look nice

William Qin

Damn new balance is really starting to grow on me, just copped the omn1



Esteban Rios

I want these either of them i would love


This New Balance shoe is not underrated but the whole brand is underrated



waffleman gaming

3:18 even a cartoon man can afford shoes that i cant

Ferdie De Villa

Nice content as always. Man that is one SICK Collab ???. Goodluck finding one on a good price but definitely on the kicks radar.

Maddy Muhat

These are dope. but theyre too expensive.
ig: ttorresrodel

Dragos Pruteanu

Yep yep yep

John P Tabacco

I didn't know I was going to be watching "Truelife: I am a fuckboi"

Sawant Singh

My favourite sneaker of the year by far....

Albert Aguirre

I love New Balance..and this one is straight ???

Miles Robinson

Wow Nice! do more Jordan's or Nike mags?!

Jennico Gorospe

Are these made in usa?


Looks retro like an old school arcade

Jimmy Villaruel

This is dope but i dnt like the mesh

Austen Reviews

New Balance is so underrated right now. They have been releasing so much ?


shoe designer: so Mr. Chairman how many colors do you want on this shoes.

Mr. Chairman: Yes please!


A week or so after the release I was in Boston to see a Patriots game. Couldn't find a pair locally in my size and on top of the the bigger sizes are more expensive resale... I guess the Chinese aren't interested in these?

Booty Juice


El Mentado

I have this pair , I prefer the New Balance 997S “Grey Day” edition that came out about a month ago.

J'vari Williams

He's just saying they underrated because they New Balance. IYKYK


NB is on a serious wave right now


Can you please stop hyping this sneaker up so much! I was hoping to grab a pair when I get paid... Now the prices are gonna be all jacked :D

James P

Nice vid but deff not underrated. Possibly a little overrated though

Gabriel Lima

Hey, Seth, take a look at their new colab with Reserva, a Brazillian brand. Really good looking, in my opinion. They are inspired in Fernando de Noronha archipelago and seem to use pretty good materials

Chris Smith

Love em and just got mine!

Mattæus Andreasen

thanks to you seth im copping for resale!

Tmz DaMan

They not to underrated.....I couldn't cop!

steven logansmith

Any one need these in a size 8.5 let me know. Brand new


I’m working on getting a pair, been in a bidding war on stockx for a couple days lol.


Sethhhhhh.....no sizes for the small foot gang ???

Miguel Suarez

Having these would feel like u wouldn’t have a bad day

Michael Wright

Man I need these.


Those are kinda drippy


I like these a lot but the shiny N throws me off :/

Isit Orlando

Looks are awesome ? but it’s didn’t fit me well, I stick with the 530s


Looks really good ??

Lee Enghow

??‍♂️??don’t waste ? for collaboration ?

Joz Me671

Great design and great colors this is awesome and great vid as always. The colors remind me of the puma thunder spectra and the Yezzy wave runner colors

waffleman gaming

1 like,1 shoe, 1 life,1 chance to get entertained by seth.

Gazz Wall

Honestly wtf is going on with sneakers these days!? Maybe I'm getting old but these look disgusting, as with a great many "hype" shoes the past few years. Who the hell designs these, they look like something from a Nickelodeon cartoon! Even the 1980's are embarrassed.