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Top 11 Most Handsome ? Turkish Male Actors (Revised July, 2018) || Turkey

Top 11 Most Handsome ? Turkish Male Actors (Revised July, 2018) || Turkey25 Jul. 2018
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In this video we will

In this video we will check out the most Handsome ? & Beautiful Turkey Male Actors. Check this out and let us know that how was this Video by leaving a comment ?

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Comments (100)

Can Yaman ?

affi Mohamed

baris arduc

AK khan

Replay karo

Amada Matos Medina

Son muy hermosos !

Aziza Kwileka

Burak deniz and burak ozcivit are the best?


I found one who take Ibrahim in the list

Numan Safi

Burak deniz! ?

Mariella Franco Romero

Ando where si Engine Akyurek?

Parbati Ramessar

All of them are my favorite actors. Super super awesome handsome. Great. Most outstanding all of them. Superb.

Merly Dolianti

Where is gokberk demirci


Burak Deniz!!????

Xtylish Rony

Burak Ozcivit ??????

jyoti shelke

Murat my love

Sonali chavare

Burak Deniz he is my favourite and sukru also they are so handsome ??? love them

loneliness x

Why do you like turkish boys guys?

seek knowledge

Burak deniz and kivanc tatlitug my favorites ?❤

AK khan

Bro please

NOOR Sabah

Burak deniz

Tech Helper

Engin altan is the best actor♥️

Nadia Ari

I need to find me a Turkish man. OMG they beautiful

Messi Lional

Burak Ozcivit süper


Güzel ülkemin yakışıklıları! Ama bence eksik kalmış, eklemeler yapılabilirdi. Barış Arduç'u ve Mehmet Günsur'u da görmek isterdim ?

AK khan

Please message Karo Turkish actor

Ali daim Ali

Burak deniz no,1

Yenovk Pashalian

You got the list wrong Ozcivit is the best ever

Ahmadrazasherazi Sherazi

Engin altan is super hero

Waqar Haider

Wao so cute and handsome


Engin altan is more handsome ??

Nguyễn Đức Long

Turkish boys are my favoriteeeeeee

Lopecillo Jerico

in my opinion number 11 should be rank as #1, number 1 as # 2, number 10 as # 3 and number 5 as # 4...

nur mert

Çağatay in 9 numara olması saçma ilk 3 e rahat girer

The Ece

Bi türk olarak yorumlara bakmaya geldim tşkler.

higuys m'day

Haluk piyes birkan sokullu

Jana Camilovic

Kerem Bursinn??

Marycruz Garcia

yo amo a Burak Ocivit me ecanta , hermoso varonil sexy sensual es el hombre perfecto ?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤

Sadaf Ansari

Berk atan????????????❤❤❤❤❤

Sakshi Sakshi

Cagatay ?♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Turkish boy realy best??

Anmol Hassan


oyun jjk bc

türkler burdamı lannnn türk yok amına koyim ingilizcede bilmiyom yorumlar hep ingilizce

Maria Seriani

Perfeita a lista eu sou fã de todos os eles, o meu preferido é o Ibrahim celikkol, mas esse número um realmente merece o primeiro lugar muito lindo. Amei. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Khadz Art

I dont see burak C E L I K

Quamre Alam

Ismail Ege Sasmaz and burak Deniz is best.....

Eren Konal

Where is Can Yaman? I think he should have been the first


LOL, right? With the exception of Cagatay, this is a joke!

Kerem Yazıcı

yes our handsome men have a lot from Turkey

Inderjit Singh

i am learning turkish just to see how orgasmic turkish words would feel from the cute pink lips of these hotties :P

Maria Bruna De Lorenzo

where are Birand Tunca and Can Yaman? ??

Анастасия Даша

Турецкие мужчины великолепны??

Ayyantuu Abraham

Burak deniz 1 I love you so much ❤❤❤❤????

Rumman Hossain Rumman Hossain

only burak deniz

Promi Afrin

I think Berk Atan is most hot, handsome and beautiful. ?❤️?❤️

AK khan


Cecilia Massaki

Where is baris arduc and can yaman

Ankita Bhowmick

Ooo berk ????

Meera Joglekar

ismail bhi bahut cute hai burak se jyada.

Ghazanfar Rizvi

Berk atan so handsome and awesome personality???????????

Antonia Rosa

Não gostei. Turquia tem coisas melhores

Maan Maan

Kivance and Burak özcivit❤❤❤

Isha kashyap

Why so handsome, oh god, I just want to go to Turkey to see this beautiful species... ?

Abbas Khan

Cagatay Ulusoy is Number 1

Murat show time

Only 1 burak deniz

zar. sh

Gokberk? ?

PomsKy Bubbly

Lets go to turkey haha

ayane adawe

U have forgotten Engin altan

anna solovio



Burak Deniz el más hermoso y tierno ?????❤️

faisal abbas abbas

is main sukru aur kerem ka naam ana chahie tha

Miko Delatorre

Where is Oscan Deniz?

Fadil Wiwid

Burak Deniz????

Rosario Perez Baez

El mejor kivanc ??????

Ali Shafqat

Burak deniz

Jean Whitehead


Shreya Chauhan


Еlissa Mare

Where is Burak Çelik?

ElBar Teasers by Sonia

Barış Arduç dünya kadar yakışıklı ???❤️

Guillermo Rodriguez

My favorites.
1.Burak Ozcivit
2.Kivanc Tatlitug
3.Sukru Ozyildiz
4.Kaan Urgancioglu
5.Ozcan Deniz.

Yasanga Sigithi

Only canyaman

Md Edrish

Burak deniz 1

Estela Setaro

Parecen fisico culturistas


Burak Deniz you are best my prince charming I always love you and missing you (Murat)???????????????????????????I am sure one day I will meet you ????????I loveeeeee you burak

Rosario Perez Baez

Como ponen al 1 y al 2 x delante de kivanç no es justo

Sinan Ergin

Yes where is can yaman?

Naaz Sultana

Burak deniz my favourite.. I'm here only for him... I don't know anyone except him

Jacky vickers

You finally get it right Ibrahim Ceilkkol, and where is Can Yaman.

Miss Universe Supremacy

Burak ozcivit ??

swati gajbhiye

I love burak deniz

Miko Delatorre

Burak Deniz is the son of Ozcan Deniz?

vlora vlora

Burak deniz

George George

cel mai prost top


Only for burak deniz?❤

George Georgiou

Sweer hunks amd how it feels like to know them and now them from near..you know..so handsome,but inside there hearts ?

brendah p

They are the male heroes on wattpad stories... Hot dangerous yummy male species..... Rawwwwr

Arabella Amen

Can yaman ♥️?

Ayşe Yasmin

Who is the person on the left side of thumbnail picture

Kamal Kumar

Burak deniz and ismail ege sasmaz ????


From turkey turk men very handsome really ❤️??

Laila Hassan

No.9 as first cagtay ulusoy ilove?????

kirtica ghosh

Berk Atan❤️

Sheikh Awais Bawa G Sialkot

Wrong list only kivanc is most handsome actor in all and he's number 1

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Comments (16)
salina timalsina

takeru satoh??

Princess Jannah Pilarca Dalangan

I like a man who have long hair ...


excuse me Nagase Tomoya should be in top 3

Sa Na

Why win morisaki is not here ? He more handsome than some in this video

Unbreakable sword

Wowww... Takuya Still on the list.. Beat the new generation? Just wowww... He's from the older generation from 2000 together with Takeshi Sorimachi and Yutaka Takenouchi.. The most wanted guy from back then... Takuya! You're LEGEND! DANG!

Vandana Priyanandini

Hayami ❤️❤️❤️ takeru satoh!!!! Oguri shun!!!! The BGM is from hero aca opening !!! YU KUN!!! JUN!!!!!

Leah Fe Balbutin

There cute not really that handsome

Ayesha M

Okada-san ❤️

34_Jasmine Kiran Amiroh

definitely ninomiya kazunari!!!!

Anning Newme

Takeru Satoh❤️

Agueda Rodriguez


Xirah Ozaque

matsumoto jun ang oguri shun?????

v lue

where is Miura Haruma

Shirley Jones

I'm looking for a older Japanese actor who played an alziemers dad trying to find a home for his daughter. When his conditions worsens

Jenny Dapat

This is a good list ?? though I'd say Shota Matsuda should have been in a better raaaaannkkkk!!! And Matsujun deserves to be one of the top 3 ?? but they are all so hot whyyyyyy

Jackie Bloom

They fine wow ......no more words to say they age subtle and healthy and fresh.

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Comments (29)
jack make

If jaden smith never changed how handsome and how many girls would have a crush on him

Commander Clone Rex

Geez,just in time my friend! 9:45


Where is Michael B Jordan?

rajani pandey

I am a big fan of daniel radcliffe and i think he should be in no 1

vonn margaux

taron egerton <3 <3 <3


most of these people are not even real actors playing in a few movies or tv shows lol most of these are not even known lol and even the top list are not like real actors I mean a few but yea some havnt even been on many movies or havnt been in a movie in a long time

Lucy Pollock

Seriously? Dominic sherwood and will tudor should be the top 2!!! Can't believe they're not on the list!



Duygu Ünal

where is Cameron Monaghan???

leon muller

nick jonas and alexander ludwig is the number 1 without doubt

Sushma mahor

Timothy chalmate my favourite ?

dessi lungley

kj apa!!!!!!

Sushma mahour

Where is timonthee chalmet????

Perfect Symbol

Dylan obrien is the best

Fionah Policarpio

Nick Robinson is only the 91th

Miljana Ubiparip

Where is Chris Wood???


most if not none of these actors are real good actors like none are going to be the future brad pitts or better yet Leonardo DiCaprio its kinda like there is Leo than before him Robert De Niro and before him Marlon Brando but there isn't a future best actors who can play any role it kinda seems like our actors are going to fall off after De Niro dies and when Leo either retires of dies cuz like the one A list actors even today are not the same A list actors they where in the 90s to 20s like look at Johnny Depp or Colin Farrell and Robert Downey jr. didn't become famous tell iron man so idk who will fit that spot

Sreejita Debnath

I am so happy that Tom is in no.3 in 100 famous Hollywood actors

jack make

Oh my God Tom holland is sooooooo cute ?????

Anastasia Avell

Timothée chalamet

Commander Clone Rex

3:21 Shame...

Antonio Biorato



I'm here because Finn(John Boyega) is in thumbnail.
May The Force be with you

dessi lungley

why wasnt cole sprouse in this?????


Lucas Till number one without contest !!!

dylanoreed 21

Dylan O'Brien should be number 1 no question???????



Carlee M

Dylan O'Brien in the top 15 is what I DESERVE. I mean, I would put him in the top 5, but I won't complain.


Ezra Miller man that guy is the next Johnny Depp