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I tried the Peloton Bike for 30 days

I tried the Peloton Bike for 30 days14 May. 2020
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Samantha CoriaSubscribe 438 721

I hate spinning but I

I hate spinning but I ordered the Peloton bike for an at-home 30-day trial during quarantine. If you're interested in trying the Peloton bike, here's my referral code: EFNCRF

Comments (30)
Bernadette Lee

Thanks for the info.

Peter Yeung

Thank for the video. Getting my Peloton tomorrow, I already have the same Dyson as you do. Haha ?

Maria Nunez

Mine comes July 6th we ordered in May haha I can’t wait to receive it!

Christopher Franklin

Are you keeping the bike?


I just watched you put your hair up 30 times in fast forward, lockdown life.


Just got mines - I love it.. I keep the shoes clipped in I refuse to struggle with that thing

Lauren Crasto

How much weight did you lose in the first 30 days?

Amy King

Delivery date August 4th ?

Victoria Brooke

I was going to do the payment option but it asked for my bank username and password. is this protocol? anyone else making payments?

Ryan O

She Fat!

Steve P

Loved how you showed how awkward it could be initially getting used to clipping in and out and saddle pain, but then could see the journey of your ability growing as time went on. Good for anyone starting out to see.
I got mine 2 days ago and have to agree it is brilliant and enjoyable, been hitting zone 4 heart rate zone regularly and touching zone 5. Definitely gets a sweat on.
I was also worried about justifying the costs, but the health benefits outweighed this and is worth spending money on.

Laura Loaiza

Where are all your tanks from?! Love them!

Katey Herod

where do you get your work out clothes from?

Elaine Gin

Thighs got thiccc? ?

Kit Samarakone

Lol spinning does not make your thighs thicc

Stirling Stopka

I got my Peloton in the beginning of April (start of quarantine)! It took about a week to be delivered and I’m in CA. Pretty awesome. I love how you show the “real ness” that comes with clipping in and I find clipping out is even harder! I almost cried because I was super frustrated when I got mine. Now I just leave my shoes clipped in? I find it to be way easier!

Tracy Woodrow

aww you're so cute fun video thanks for sharing. do you wish you were closer to the handlebars? what's on all those little sticky notes? making it work WTG.


Does it make a lot of noise on the floor as you ride? Thinking about my neighbors below me.


hi there! I tried to use your referral code, but you've hit your max - congrats on that! If anyone needs a $100 code, this one should work, I had to scour for 30 minutes looking for one! X9JHT5

Sam Chan

Thanks for the helpful review of the Peloton bike!


So helpful!!

Jessica Suarez

How much weight was lost?


Thank you for a great review. I am now looking forward to my 30 day trial.

Christopher Franklin

Wow! You don’t even sweat when you workout. I literally have a small swimming pool under my bike after a workout. I hope you are still riding!!!!

Brittany Burris

What’s leaderboard name? Would love to be spin buddies!

Tammy J.

Is the seat uncomfortable for a while? And does it seem hard on your knees?

Ng Chor Guan

awesome !


Good for you ! Great review, stay well :)

Mimi Sales

8 weeks it very true. I ordered mine in MAY & it comes in this Saturday.

Tammy J.

Hi Samantha, does your coupon code give a discount?

Genetic testing results of Frozen Embryos - Will We Have More Children? | Brad and Rach

Genetic testing results of Frozen Embryos - Will We Have More Children? | Brad and Rach14 Feb. 2021
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After infertility, IVF,

After infertility, IVF, twins, and a surprise baby to follow, we have our 2 remaining frozen embryos thawed, biopsied and refrozen so we can test them for chromosomal abnormalities. We share the results with you guys.

Want Parenting, IVF, or Eye Care Advice? Or want to ask us anything!

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Comments (100)
Gillian Taylor

I am so happy for you I am jumping up and down,

Ginny Waterman

Do both at the same time!

Mommy Bee

I’m so happy for your Rach ? this is me right now ???❤️❤️❤️

Maddy Swick



Omg I am so happy to hear your news!!! And when Brad said he was on board ?
Now I’m just dying to know the sex of the embryos! My vote is for you to just transfer both. Knowing that there is one remaining if you were to only transfer one… I feel like you would have that’s weighing on your hearts again and go through the same conversation a few years down the road. Do both get it over and done with
I look forward to hearing more good news ??

terri smith

I love you guys!!! Yes we want to know the genders xo

Michelle Moore

OMG ???
I knew it was coming; and I ain't going nowhere ?

Celina Lynn

Yay! Transfer both, that way it’s only 1 more pregnancy & you’re done ? Can’t wait to know the genders! ?

Alexis King

I’ve been here since before the twins and doing IVF for them so this is so amazing to see and be apart of

Diana Planas

Lol!!! Your busting out if you have two more kids. Wow!!! Powerful video. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you guys.

Paraskevi Kolyvas

Do both it will be wonderful

Gale Mckee

Gotta be boys

Brittany Blue

Yes. Yes yes yes I wanna know and I'm so happy the possibility of two more lils ???

Angeceli Monegro

Ohh do some guesses for the genders lol.... I’m glad brad changed his mind !!

Elizabeth Anderson

I would love to know.

Cathy Crichton

I'd like to know the genders. I'd also transfer both embryos again.


Yes...i want to know ?... I've been with you guys just before ivf with the twins???


I am dying to know genders! xo

Tracey Chicosky

I’m so happy y’all decided to move forward!!!❤️ I’d love to hear the genders( I think one of each?)


I have never been so excited for a YouTube family's "new additions".. xo

Ruth Charles

I sure want to no congratulations

Livin Country

Channon Rose knew the gender of her baby before she was pregnant! And YES PLEASE TELL US THE GENDERS!! lol I’ve been watching you guys since you was taking the shots with the twins! ♥️

Sally Poultney

So happy to have watched this on Valentine’s Day. You both warmed my heart. I knew you would finally agree together to use those live two babies waiting for you. I think they both are boys. Can’t wait to see what happens. Pray that both will take. The twins already help with Eloise, just think how much help they will be with the new baby-babies, plus Eloise will be helping too. She has not stayed a baby at all. She wants to do everything the twins do. She does so well eating with her bowl and spoon. She is quite the helper in the kitchen. You should get one of those special stand up stools they make for the kids so she is protected from falling from the stool. Maybe Brad and Bumbpa can make one. Then you will have for the next two coming along. Do the two of you ski? If Rachel is not pregnant next winner, the twins will be ready. My son and his wife started all three early as they got to 3 or so. They now are all grown and they love going sling with their parents or friends. The boys live snowboarding.
My heart is dancing, can’t wait to find out they are on their way and their gender. Love to you all. ?????—??

Nicole Schrobilgen

Lesson learned don’t comment until the video is over ? I say transfer 2, why go through all the steps twice and you know how to do twins so it won’t be a shock.

Also how cool would it be to close the chapter in the same way it began? Twins, single, twins. However now I’m really dying to know if it’s a boy and girl as totally cool then too!!!!

Lyssa Moura

I'm still watching, so I don't know what your outcome is. My view is: if they're healthy enough, transfer both & PRAY?❣️ If it's meant to be, God will make a way❣️
GOD BLESS Brad's change of heart??❣️
I don't care much about the gender, just that they are HEALTHY and Rachel is HEALTHY also❣️ I vote for transfer of BOTH!!!

K Geames

Use both embryos. While you are as young as you are. Then you won’t have to go through this again. They might not both take.

Meghan Baker

My initial thought after seeing her reaction was that they are both girls, but I really don’t know!


I have a girl and a boy. If I had a bigger house and more money I would love to have more x

india 2

We had IUI. Three cycles didn’t work. I already had a 16 yo so it was weird. I was grief stricken but felt that I couldn’t talk about it because I already had one

Maddy Swick

I want to know the genders

Kim G

Yes want to know gender!!!!! When you plan on getting pregnant!!! Been following since bear n lyndle were 2 months old.

Nicole Schrobilgen

Love love this!!! I totally want to know the genders❤️ I think it’s so fun and I just love knowing ?

Sue Dorfman

Two little boys, huh. You will need a bigger house and rv. Rach will want both, she will feel guilty if she doesn’t give both a chance at life.

Lisa C

Wow that's a first holding the sex of your embryo's for subscribers !!

Emily And Family

Will your IVF clinic give you the option to transfer 2 genetically normal embryos? When I worked as an IVF nurse our clinic wouldn’t allow it even if the patient wanted to

Louise Briggs

They are such a gift from God not matter sex they are your such amazing parents x love your vlogs x

michelle doney

I want to know lol

Shelly Whitehouse

2 babies. Because you won’t be able to forget about the other one!

Karen Rice

Yes. I think they are boys. Can't wait for the reveal.?

Shannon Hardin

I say transfer both at the same time. You got this!!!

TarA Leonard

I'm so glad you guys made the decision to transfer the embryos and try for more children!! You're great parents and have created a wonderful family!!!

Mrs. Morgan

My husband has been an ophthalmic tech for 21+ years so I got the eye pin ? Thrilled for you guys, it’s clear how difficult it was to come to this decision. May God bless you and your children, em babies included! ?


Yes! Would be fun to know the gender!

Jennifer Miller

3 c sections were easy the 4th was rough really rough. I can't wait to see how this plays out!

sharon strayer

I am so happy for you guys

Allison Whitmire

I’ve been here since you were ttc the twins. I have a family with five kids and five was definitely not what we planned on. I had two kids and my husband had one when we met. Our plan was to have one together but we ended up with our youngest by surprise. Transferring one or two embryos is so hard because of the pros and cons. If you transfer one then you still have one more to worry about down the road. If you transfer two then you will have two newborns to care for again. Whatever you decide, I will be thinking of you. Hugs!!!

Shelly Whitehouse

Yes! Please say the genders! ??

River Raine

Well dang! I wish I could subscribe 30,000 more times! ❤❤❤
I have been with you guys from the beginning. While you were doing all the shots before transferring the twins.
I remember when Rachel wanted to take a pregnancy test early and Brad didn't want her to because he didn't want her to be disappointed if it was negative.
I love you guys. I'm so excited for you!

AuLen Nicole

Can’t wait to find out! My vote is 2 boys

Morgan Carrington

I think I would do one at a time if I were in your position.

k D

Exciting news!

Karollanne Tindall

Are they pregnant?????

Morghann Allison

Oh my goodness I’m so excited! Yes, we want to know! ??????

Brittainy Byam

I am so excited for you guys. I think they are both boys.

Check with your RE before committing to 2 - it’s fairly uncommon for REs to agree to double embryo transfers of PGS tested embryos due to the very high success rates. Unless you guys want bookend multiples of course.


YES WE WANNA KNOW THE SEX OF THE BABIES! Even though they are embryos they are your babies. Rach I know exactly what you mean. I had 3 boys without any issues. Then I had 3 miscarriages and finally our baby girl. People would say oh just appreciate your boys, at least you have some kids. My love for my 3 boys didn't diminish my desire for another child. My desire for another child didn't mean I wasn't pleased and didn't love my boys!
I would transfer 2 just to knock it out and only have to go thru the shots and delivery stuff 1 more time. You did it once and I know you can do it again. Plus the other kids could be great helpers.

Livin Country

I’m not crying... YOU ARE!! ???

Ellie Dearden

I'm so excited for you both. I have been praying for you cant wait see

kit mitchel


Ginny Waterman

Yes genders please, my guess is a boy and a girl!

Felicia Sue

Tell us tell us!! I’m thinking boy.

Jeneann Sanders

I think this is such a wonderful journey to follow. Glad to be a part of this. May God bless you.

Lady Caudill

Please have another round. You will regret not doing it. God only gifted me with one child.

Elisha Manning

Transfer both! and make us wait on the gender till their beautiful birth!! So happy for you both!!


Please yes tell the genders!!

Lady Caudill

Genders please, I love you guys and i would have loved to have more children.

JustaGirlturning .50


Erika Lu

That moment Rachel was talking about it could feel that intensity of that moment thru the video screen ! Been thru infertility myself I totally understand both your points of view and all you had to say !! So happy for you guys and your little family. Expanding family I should say!!

Jordyn Loy

So happy for you all!

alicia lawhun

I'm crying. I'm so happy for you guys. I've been waiting to hear your family is going to grow. And i think they're one of each. But either way I'm happy. ?

Lady Caudill

I say transfer 2 . You guys will be so happy for it

Amanda Sands

Yes,Yes,yes!! Would love to know the gender’s?‍♀️??????????

Sara McCune

“Genders” of them.. so are they opposite genders then?
I remember Bear and Lyndles cupcake reveal and then Eloise after birth. I love your guys family. Cant wait to journey with you and follow however you deem fit.

Ricci Carey

Omg that’s not fair!! I’ve been around from when you were taking shots for the twins. That’s not very beginning but I think close. Your family is very inspiring to me. Thank you so very much for sharing the good the bad and the ugly ❤️❤️❤️????

Jackie O'Brien

I balled through this whole video. I am so happy that you are both on the same page and really happy he decided to aunt more kids. More kids does certainly not dimish at all the love you have for your already kids.

Jeanne Blessinger

I’m excited to know the genders?

Charity K. Cowart

I say go ahead and transfer 2 ?

Angela Akashawolfesblood

I came over hoping to know the gender but I will wait and I say put both babies in ❤️❤️best wishes ??

ninito 67

Soooooooo happy for you!!! I wish to you two healthy and beautiful babies like Bear, Lyndle and Eloise!!!! I can't wait... I feel like you're my sister Rach, so happy I am!!! Hugs and kisses from Greece!!!??

Jo Drakeley

Nope.... What the hell are you thinking. You do not promote your buisness by revealing an embryos gender. Insane and very tacky.

Allison Gibbens

I am so happy that you two are on the same page with whichever way your decision went. It’s hard not being on the same page in a marriage. I have loved listening to the way you two communicate in your marriage. Nicely done on validating the other’s feelings. You are a great couple. Congratulations on the news of both embryos being viable. Obviously we want to know the genders pls ?. Exciting times for your family.

Aliesja Foster

I have been watching since your pregnancy with the twins.

Cindy Gartner

Amazing to think that we are talking about freezing and unfreezing a life. So truly happy for you both!

Paige Lynne 13

Two always two!! ??

Meghan Baker

This whole video actually shocked me! I thought from the set up at the beginning, that you guys were going to say both embryos were abnormal and the door had been closed. Then when Brad said his heart changed and he knew you were having 2 more children, I was shocked again! I’m excited!

CC Family

We REALLY REALLY REALLY want to know ???

Kasey Thomas

Tell us! (side thought: how many times have you dug in the closet "to find the other shoe" ???)

Trinity Harpham-Jensen

2! 2! 2! I love watching the fam blossom. Since the progesterone shot video, when I was going through it myself with my soon to be 2 year old ❤️

Jen Teal

Yes please!!

Christa Ackerman

Been watching since you guys lived in South Carolina ?love your transparency and also you are just happy, real people!! Best wishes as you continue to grow your family!

Marg DeGraaf

Their your babies just in a bowl. I planned on 2 kids I had 4 which where all planned & wanted more but hubby said no. The big poo head.

Trish Lawrence

I love all of us so much! If I were you Rachel I would transfer both so you don’t have any more pregnancies as you get older and it gets harder. But then poor little Eloise to be smashed between two sets of twins . She might be a real diva if that’s the case?.

alicia lawhun

Oh that's just mean. Lol. I'm kidding. Transfer both embryos.

Carol Dobbin

Awww good luck , ? 2 embryos, and I think 1 boy 1 girl x iv just had my baby boy after 13 yrs of constant miscarriages x

The Consalvo Crew

I’ve transferred 3 chromosomal-normal embryos and they all failed. It was very very hard.

christina hodges

I've been here from day one of the pregnancy test with twins !!! Watched them grow... ????

Renee Rushing

Oh my goodness!! yes I definitely want to know the genders .l love the names of your children ...so I am also excited for the names. Congrats

Meghan Krause

I feel so invested in your embryos ?
We are just starting our first IVF cycle after 7 years of infertility and recurrent miscarriages.

Quina Quad

Transfer both!!! Omg I’m so excited for you guys! I can’t wait to find out the gender(s)! What a cool experience knowing the gender(s) before your even pregnant!!

Sam Michelle

I have 1 year old twin boys. I love them to the moon and back

Susan Auer

Transfer both at the same time!

I Rode the Peloton Everyday for One Month. Results? - itsjudyslife

I Rode the Peloton Everyday for One Month. Results? - itsjudyslife31 Jan. 2021
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Comments (100)

Judy did look slimmer on her face

Pretty InPink

Is something wrong with keira's teeth

patt scott

Talking with your mouth full.

Alejandra Serrano Saloma

I love you Judy! You have never stopped being a true Beauty guru that knows just as much as we do with new beauty products. You are always so relatable and genuine! ❤️❤️


It took me six months to notice a change when I did workout. The mistake for 3 months was I did not chnge my diet pln.It's 80% Nutrition and 20% exercise rule. So next 3 months when I changed it I did see changes. From my expr point of view diet is the driving factor.


Girl, we already saw the glow a few days after you started on the peloton. keep it up!

Kay Xiong

Benji: they eat everything rubbery like a dog
Judy: did you just compare our baby to a dog?
Benji:... no i mean the nature of a baby to dogs.. ??

Jennie Smythe

physical difference could be endurance !! that counts. and your skin is looking glowy !!

General Account

Judy you could try using regular liner then the magnetic liner over the top

Missy Meow

Leah is sitting down already?!?

Nurse Rae



The way Miya runs up and says, “sorry mommy.” ???


The brand Kiss now has the magnetic eyeliner and lashes. I would try that brand because I also bought my first magnetic set from Amazon and it was cheap and it ended up irritating my eyelid

Aasha .Chhetri

I just love this family. waking up thinking about dougnuts and the whole fam is excited, tooo cute. its the little things :)

CrystallineRichmond JalecoAcosta

Try glamnetic I swear the quality is better.

erm idk

benji comparing baby’s to dogs ??

MiSs HuNtah

Leah is Benjis twin with Judys cute button nose!! Lol


you're killing it judy!

Chamary Olavarria

So proud of you !
It’s only the beginning! ?


Judy, maybe you can apply your normal eyeliner then just apply a little magnetic liner on top. that way you can still control what it looks like :)


How does Benji make the half boiled eggs so perfect? Does he have a video on those?

S Kc

I wonder if that’s the same bakery we had in Hawaii? Spelt Dee Lite Bakery but their serving trays looks the same... hmmm...

Ashley Delgado

Or you can just workout For free with Sydney Cummings on YouTube. Instead of wasting your money on a bike

erica garza

80% diet 20% exercise...learned that the hard way ?

onnie c

Leah's mouth was watering trying to get the camera.
Shes really stopping to see if you guys are watching while she trys crawl to the camera, so cute.

susmitha chv

What was that song Benji is singing/playing in the background at 2:20


Your vlogs are so calming idk why ❤️

Cruz Family Vlogs

I feel like you have barely talked about the peloton at all. Talk about it girl!

Kourtney P

Can Benji do a quick updated Ramen recipe? I always crave for the ramen yous have! ?

Cathy Nguyen

Miss how benji,you&the girls make green juice everyday maybe get back on it so Leah can drink it too

Cathy Xoxo

Yooo that donut shop isn’t that far from me ?????? def going to have to try them out. The apple fritter looks perfect ?????


The sulky processing coincidentally press because airplane fifthly trust a a coherent bench. hapless, robust theory

Charlene Bonoan

Try fresh noodles not instant noodles its healthier for the kids


I don't think you're reading the directions that go with it. Magnetic is the easiest ever. But you do have to let it dry and have multiple layers. And I use normal eyeliner in the inner corners of my eyes. Maybe watch youtube to show you.

Jane Anne

JB knows what’s up. Maple bars are IT!


I agree, Benji. Apple fritters are the best! Then maple in my opinion lol.

Essence Alexis

Video title: I rode the peloton everyday for a month, results? Video starts: DONUTTTSSSSS. LMAOOO!! ???? Love you guys ♥️ Keep at it!

TL Miller

The Kiss eyeliner glue is the best! Comes in black and clear.

emanuela ilie

judy just get lash extensions


I don't mind the peloton footage atleast it motivates me to go to the gym more

Elise Freeman

Benji- ? I’m the same way! The donut shop is really for me not them

Jl Ishappy

Leah seems to be doing so much better with benji, and in general with not being so needy. ?


LMAOOOOO WHY THE EYES CHECKIN BENJIS SHOES LIKE THAT LMAO “what are thoooosssee” judy got jokes ?

semeen naqvi

I M SO HAPPY seing ur dedication with the peloton...benji was hesitant wen u bought it but look gd wen u both are enjoying it ..n plz leave leah with the camera can watch her all day....lov u Judy...

Sharon Elaine McDaniel

Go Judy, Peloton Challenge.?️‍♀️ Spring is coming soon.

Camila Q

I love how positive vibes Benji was throughout the video ! ???

Ashleigh Quynh-Trang Nguyen

You are killing the Peloton game!! I'm going to have to try really hard to keep up with your output!!! lol

Glen Coco

lmfao the timelapse of Leah going up to the camera - she's plotting on you guys!! LMFAO

Sarah I

Judy you should take your measurements now! Sometimes you don’t see it on the scale and get discouraged but you’re just building muscle. ??

Marii Cruze

Benji, I soooo can relate on your selfish comment on the fritters. As a mom of 5 I would always sway my kids for my own cravings. It’s a win/win ?


I LOVE the thin paintbrush liners. I can't do a crazy sharp wing without one! Or a cheeky curved "cupids bow" wing.

Thats not the real name for it, idk what to call it lol

V Vlog 2gether

Love to all baby bears......lia is a cute lil munchkin??????

Amber Romero

Talk all you want about the bike Judy! Way to go! Benji make homemade Apple fritters!

Phoebe Jane Germar

Omyyy! Thanks girls for that super extra close up video on leah's yummy cheeeeeks!???so close, i feel like i can make gigil her cheeks too!hahaha can't get over on her cutenesssss!!❤️❤️❤️

Sareena Y

Delite Bakery is my #1 favorite bakery, I worked there for a while and it was a dream! Everything tastes so amazing and I always recommend it! Their Apple fritters are one of the most sold donut!

Kira Groves

Cant believe ive been watching you guys since i got pregnant with my daughter and you was pregnant with JB ? thats how long its been. But I've just never commented ? aha love you guy's x

Ginger Kirby

I swear to dog if you cause me to even look at the Peloton website....Im screwed. LOL

Divine Verana

Those tiny little feet while watching mommy fold clothes are so gigil!! ?

Alcova Travels

Hey Judy!!! My sister just bought me a magnetic eyelash set for my birthday last month hah! I learned from the first time I applied the liner since it is so sticky.. the second time I applied it I first used my normal liquid eyeliner to draw it out and then I just used the magnetic eyeliner after. Worked out better.. ?

Jennifer H

Me and my twin 4 year olds and 2year old loved watching this together!! Hello from us to you all!

Tina B

Judy try Glamnetic magnetic lashes. Like you I had the hardest time finding the right magnetic lashes but Glamnetic is the best and they’re a female owned brand. BTW love your vlogs

Ashley Alhadeff

Awww! Our friend owns delight! Such a great family and bakery


Judy the glamnetic lashes have a felt tip liner

Angie Zee

Please anyone give me tips on getting the shell of the hard boiled eggs... I can't get it without ruining my eggs! I've tried so many things

Tracie Lachelle

Apple fritters are THE ONLY donuts I will eat! Soooo yummo?

Rachael Henley

I dunno if it’s editing but you have to give the liner lots of time to dry

Achim Geng

if someone is interested in a promotion code just use RYAWRM in Peloton order

The Sassy Way

I actually reviewed these exact magnetic lashes on my channel and funny enough I prefer the second pair as well, since its the most "natural" looking. The easiest way to remove the magnetic eye liner is with the micellar water and a q-tip ?


Hey, how about doing your normal eyeliner and just add the magnetic eyeliner on top?

Michelle Pina

Does anyone know what Judy uses to remove her eye makeup? I need!!!

Claire Bacolod

Baby Leah my heart ???

Hunny Bee

The magnetic eyeliner is the best. You’ll get the hang of it. It’s life changing for me! I let the liner dry completely before putting on lashes to prevent smearing and lifting. It’s nice to have on days you want to glam up that’s for sure.


Keep it up Judy! Some tips to help you on form when standing on the bike:
- keep your bum over the saddle
- core stays tight and keep your heels down
- light hands on those handle bars


Can someone please point me to the part where she talks about her results?

Kesho Mbahe

Lol the girls...??? poop emoji donuts ??? Great request!!!

Ines Naouali

B ain’t wrong. Babies really do be acting like puppies lol


I personally prefer the glamnetic lash anchors to keep the corners down, and stop them from poking your eyes. Also using regular liner for the wing and just a thin bit of magnetic liner close to the lash line, works great for me.

Petra Lopez

Your face looks slimmer! You are looking great Judy!?

Joelle Lejano

First clicking on the video: omg this is gonna be the one to convince me to get the peloton and get fit for 2021
2 minutes in: damn those donuts look legit....

Jessica Choi

omg Leah is basically crawling all over the place!


Judy you can use your regular lashes and you can’t to a wing it seems to be sticky when you do a wing

Alina Lee

For the magnetic lashes, what I usually do wing my liner with my normal liner than go over it a little with the magnetic one after & it makes it much easier!

Karey B

Time to move Leah’s crib down. She’s growing so fast!


I love ? everything. That apple fritter looked so delicious.

Linda Choi

That's was some dancember moves


The girls are so sweet ? you guys are an excellent parent ♥️


So glad you are enjoying working out! You do look more energetic and happy! It's definitely a constant battle, but I agree the endorphins are worth it!

Jennie Smythe

Go Judy Go !!!!!!!!!!!

Karla S

What’s more important is the way you feel, energetic, mentally and physically good is already a Win Win! Keep going JudyxBooty!! ? it’s NOT annoying by the way!

Magali Conde

Judy, I truly admire that you're engaged with the magnetic lashes I honestly don't like them and would never use them ?️ I watched the other day ? old vlogs from 2015 you used to have beautiful eye lashes, you should seek for a treatment to bring them back in stead ? thanks for all beauty and cosmetics ? advise ?

Rehana Dawre

Have been watching you guys for years... Love you all sooooooo much.... All the way from Kenya..

Jason lau

Just found your channel. Wow you look disgusting.

Nina luong

What and where do You guys get your green juice you drink after your workout?

miriam h

omg, Leah is crawling forward!! ??


How many moms have tried with the baby on the bed while doing laundry but never worked bc their baby was a BOY and was trying to fly off the bed every second lol??????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️


Judy can you surprise me with a vlog named “a day in a life of Leah”? Please??

By the way.. love the part where Benji asked “what is mommy doing?” ??
Wished my husband has the love and passion to cook like Benji

dani noe

You high fived me back in a live ride from the snippet towards the end the other day! I love riding my peloton

Jazel Marie

Leah is getting ready to walk!

Ciara Mae Chua

I just love it when you and Benji just have these random , silly laughs with each other Judy (referring to the Staying Alive bit) ???

Michelle T

Leah is probably ready for her high chair if she can sit up by herself!