Indestructible man

Indestructible Man (1956) Lon Chaney Jr

Indestructible Man (1956) Lon Chaney Jr28 Sep. 2012
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Stars: Lon Chaney Jr., Max

Stars: Lon Chaney Jr., Max Showalter, Marian Carr

Director: Jack Pollexfen

Scientific experiments accidentally revive an executed criminal and make him impervious to harm, prompting him to seek revenge on his former partners.

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John Cheeks

They should do a remake update of this great classic movies ☺️ and the cast was excellent ???


Captain. Bingington from Mcales Navy moonlighting as a evil scientist! Love the film!

Tic Tac

I saw this when I was six. Some aspects were too "adult" for me, but I recall enjoying Lon Chaney Jr. In this, his characters demeanor was my version of criminal evil for some time after that. It also spurred me to become a policeman. That dream didn't last, but my enjoyment of this movie did. After more than fifty years, I still enjoy watching, at the very least, a small part of my childhood that did actually spur me to become one of "the good guys."

Brian Batie

19:30 She; "For the past months, all I've ever called yo is Lt Chasen. Do you have a first name?"
He; "Mmm hmm.... DIck"
She; Give me 10 minutes for a quick change, because you jst made yourself a deal, Lt....I mean, Dick"
Gotta give it to girlfriend, knows what she wants, no BS. Don't make too many like that nowadays...

Chris Chen

As a kid I watched Superman. I thought it was strange when the crook emptied his revolver into Superman’s chest then Superman jumped out of the way when he threw the gun at him.

Richard Dawdy

Funny seeing an advertisement
for brew 102. Nana drank that in San Pedro

Randy Barnett

If they made these kinda movies nowadays they'd be some crossovers, I could see The Indestructible Man vs The Amazing Colossal Man !!!

Ted thesailor

Wow - shades of Frankenstein. SF meets film noir. Not a patch on `Kiss Me Deadly', but fun though. Thanks for sharing...


and those of us that lived in that respectful era --- wish we could have it back


Poor Lon... They always give him a hard time...

No Name

Unintentionally hilarious! Lawyer asking Butcher about the money cuz after all, Butcher is behind bars and will be executed the following day---Butcher, you can't take it with ya! Detective asking show girl about the money cuz after all, now that she knows Butcher is getting executed the detective thinks this makes a difference to her!!! Folks, for sure this aint Scorsese but still enjoyable! IMO this story needs updated treatment---think what state of the art tech would do for such compelling narrative!

Jonathan Chartrand

You would think that at the very least, his clothes would have been completely burned off his body when he was torched with the flame throwers.

Merton Byfield

Stupid actors stupid acting and stupid movie

David 4 TRUMP

Colonel Binghamton from McHale's Navy.

Capt. Jeremy, Catman

Can't believe no one has commented about lieutenant "Dick Chasen", ?...
Guess he should be glad it wasn't the other way around, "Chasen Dick".... LMFAO ?????

Cissy Brazil

I realized that movies made back in the day, when a policeman was killed, nothing much is made of it (in movies), whereas today, if a cop is killed (in movies), it IS a big deal.....as it should be. Just my thoughts.

renae finkbeiner

Lon Jr. was underrated as a actor. Big shoes to step into Sr. But I think he's just as good., I for sure enjoy his profomance.

Masood Qazi

Lon Chaney a great actor whose facial expressions create a spell of horror. A thrill packed movie and also see the high tech of 1950s--Masood.


Who wrote this crap ?????????


The detective's name is 'Chasen, Dick'. L-lewd!

mike patrick

this is your face on alcoholism...

Ronald Worthy

Gas chamber and the electric chair in one day .

Cornville Consigliere

So we're all going to pretend one of the main character's names is Dick Chaisson?

John Ferguson

Saturday mattinee material. You can't beat the good old black and white movies for a sense of mystery and this one's a classic. A little far-fetched but a good yarn.


So, did Dr. Bradshaw's treatment make Butcher's clothes indestructible, too? His shirt didn't even get singed by the flamethrower. I gotta get some clothes like that!

Garry Sekelli

THE bazooka at THE end was great. Using THE flamethrower in a confined space without an oxygen Mask was abit Sketchy though.

Glennsten Bergkvist

Not much really to be said... this is a good entertainment from the mid 1950's. Another variation on the theme of "crime does not pay." They didn't lavish much expense on the ending, but along the way we got to see thoughtful use of some L.A. streets and landmarks, including Angel's Flight and the Bradbury Building. In the end, however, the whole premise for the film borders on the absurd, for what would a man like our anti-hero do with $600,000? It doesn't seem like he would have settled down to a peaceful, productive life. He seems to have understood his social limitations after his transformation, so would his life not have come to a dead end of sorts even if his revenge activities had come to a successful , unimpaired conclusion?

Harris Bobroff

I read 5 posts. Thanks for being able to read good comments!

Bill Smith

I heard about this film when I was in grade school... never saw it until tonight.

Tony Tafoya

Chaney always looked to me like a sinful, drunken sot.
With his dishevelled, old stained clothes and his unkempt, dirty hair all mussed up east and west.
I can't stand to look at him.
Looks like a Goddamned bum.

LUPE Sizeer

Lon Chaney Jr the best actor- I’ve been watching his great movies for years! I’m 72 years old!!

Sea Glass

The doctor was Inspector Henderson from the old Superman TV shows!

Jorge Rene Gonzalez

Eight-shot revolvers...far out...!!!

k j

As a kid back in the mid 60's, I use to watch these kinds of shows on Saturday afternoons..

Money Made


Admiral BirdCrap

Very electrifying

Chris McPherson

Great classic thank you once again I'm hooked and ready for you're next uploading ❤


"Dick Chasen" is a character name in the script? I gotta find out where this goes. If we get let down, watch "The Crimson Ghost". The first martial arts movie IMHO

Mike A. Garza

I was kid watched old ? horror movie in 1970's with Lon Chaney jr as Wolfman and Mummy and Frankenstein monster and more! Lon Chaney jr R.I.P in 1973 ?




LT Dick Chasen. Its not just his name, its a lifestyle.

Randy Acuna

Can anyone add to the list of lon Cheney jr's Electrical deaths such as mad made monster, the alligator people and this film?

D. Cole

Hard to believe? Detectives going into sewers in thier Suits. My Dad in the 40s while growing up had at least 5 different suits. Most men in those days did. When you went anywhere, Movies, Church,Travel, Airplane or railways trip you wore a suit! Women the same, even white gloves if evening. There was much more respect of fellow man in those days.

Garry Sekelli

This is deffinitely One of top ten corniest Films ever.

Buzza Wuzza

This one is kind of insane on many levels. But fun.

June Robertson

Chaney was a real fine actor.

Robert C

i guess this where the idea of the terminator came from

Antonio stamndley

Good enjoyment... Red blood males. And long lost female figure. A joy sad it's all gone....

Mis Fit

You know something Dick, I haven’t had hamburger in a car with a man for years

Masood Qazi

Lon Chaney facial expressions create a spell of horror. A thrill packed movie and see the high Tech of 1950s.

Ray Holston

Did anyone notice that the actor that played Dr Bradshaw also played Inspector Henderson in Superman?

Joe Lee

Good movie for its time thank you ???

Kenneth Davis

OMFG!! LOL "Lt. Dick Chasen"

John M.

Lt. Chasen played Molly Ringwald's Granfather Fred in Sixteen Candles

Mark Floors

Hey...Joe Flynn from McHale's Navy from 9:53

Krystal Kalleen

I loved this! Love the ending!!!! I love any old movies and I love Lon Chaney Jr. and the actor that plays the detective (can't remember his name). It seems all I do is watch MEtv, antenna tv, Cozi on cable, (can't afford TCM), some newer movies on Netflix, new and old movies and "some" tv shows on Amaxon prime but I always end up watching old classic youtube movies and shows mostly AND old classic cartoons like Hanna Barbera shows, old Disney, etc. lol. I'm 43 but grew up on old classics and my 15-year-old son was too. Just mostly garbage on tv besides some series like The Good Doctor, PBS, and BBC series, etc. I'm so thankful for these uploads PizzaFlix. I am very lonely at night and this brings me happiness in this selfish disrespectful cruel world.


lol ... "...I didn't believe a man that existed who could not be stopped by a slug from a .45." Well most police at the time had revolvers chambered in .38 special. Man has been working three days and nights straight, "...how about that time off I got coming?" The Lt. replies, "48 hours starting right now.." Slave driver.

Juakin Dominguez


Ian Rivlin

Sorry but this was an awful film.


Dick Chasen lol

Constance Roma

I always loved Lon Chaney, Jr.s movies.

Ron Baum

choot im in de eye...

Olga Wyn

A very good film.

Lawrence H

I'm Chasen Dick.

d Lon

Is this based on a true story?

Magma Sunburst

The theme is a lot like The Devil Doll with Lionel Barrymore.

George Manifase

Itsa not so bad, Lawn seats.

Sharon Hennessy

Gangster Frankinstein who would have thought it.......How are they going to rid the town of this evil?.........Electrifying........

Eve K

Great actor that Lon Chaney Jr.

Porfle Popnecker

I have seen this movie approximately one billion times. It's about a man (played by Lon Chaney) who is indestructible.

George Kraft

Pretty good flick! Lon Chaney Jr's performance reminded MO of the killer in "No Country for Old Men".

Oladapo Sokunbi-Jones

this movie looks like it was made in the 18's

Cissy Brazil

Detectives keeping their suits and ties on while climbing into sewers. Lol

paola furnari

Mettete i sottotitoli in italiano!!!


The pause after the detective tells the dancer his name... and her reaction... ????? ! Sneaky bit passed off there. Seriously the cheap bastard then only offered her a hamburger ??.

Douglas Iannucci

32:20 For the next 20 seconds, look at the wall map of California on the wall (upper right of screen), just north of San Francisco, and tell me you don't see a human face!

Lancelot Xavier

Writer is a moron.
There is revolutionary discovery for eternal life and super strength and durability and everyone is going after the $600K.

Ronald Krikorian

Take me back to the yr 1959. We had a white picket fence. My dad would come home from work and i wud pitch baseballs to him. What happened????


LMAO LT. Dick Chasen

guy tremblay

they made a shorter version of the story on the Toilet Zone

Thomas Pelley

I remember that one time when the cops shot me with a bazooka, then hit me with a flame thrower. Man, that shit really hurt.


Some music, eh? Modern movies don't have that. Thank god.

Joel Wateres-muddy

They made some really shitty movies in the 1950’s and what they called acting horrifying. But the use of lighting was outstanding

Bob Loblaw

Weird they make flame hot enough to burn skin but not fabric. Who would'a guessed? humm.

Eric Smoove

The ending was too happy. They should have had Lon reaching through the car window, then...The End

Fernando Gonzalez

They don’t make them like this anymore! Classic acting!

philthy cat 1

So basically Frankensteins Monster was "stitched up" in another way this time.

Bruh Corvin

These mufuckas decided to put a brother in the movie as a shoe shiner. This is exactly where I stopped watching a movie made by some racist white ppl. This is why, usually, I only watch movies with an all brothers and sisters cast


The Health and Safety Executive would have a field day with this . Cranes and electric power generation Oh help :)

Douglas Hotek

Wouldn't the flame thrower have singed all of his clothes off?

Eye Gotcha

? I saw Lon Chaney Jr. walking with the Queen ?

Jim Joslyn

The werewolf you can't do any better than Lon Chaney Jr this is a take-off Von Frankenstein

Wendy Anderson

No. I have been so spoilt by the short clips of One Step Beyond, Hitchcock and Poirot. I can't stay focused for an hour just for the same climax I get from under 30 minutes of viewing. Sorry. My bad.


Chaney was always juiced up, and it wasn’t on electricity ?????

carl young

There is something about this butcher feller that i just dont trust

George Michael III

Inspector Henderson and Captain Binghamton, yeah I like it.

Jaime Perez


Jay Rose

This is a great movie with all things necessary for a film of it's era.


why were his clothes not burned off==how much we missed wayyy back then lol


Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast brought me here. Double feature, just watched Spiderbaby.
Thank you for the upload!

The Missing "Terminator" Scene From INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN (Lon Chaney, 1956)

The Missing "Terminator" Scene From INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN (Lon Chaney, 1956)4 Feb. 2019
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In 1956, Lon Chaney, Jr.

In 1956, Lon Chaney, Jr. starred as "Butcher Benton", condemned killer...

...who, after his execution, is accidentally revived by two scientists.

Now almost indestructible, he seeks revenge against those who double-crossed him.

But his crooked lawyer, Paul Lowe, gets himself arrested to ensure police protection.

In the final version of the film, Lowe escapes Benton's wrath.

But production stills exist of a scene that was filmed but not used...

...in which Benton launches a deadly assault on the police station, "Terminator"-style.

This scene would've made a fairly good low-budget thriller even better...

...and fans of the film can only wonder what might have been.

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material. Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!

Comments (3)
marty wood

I saw this for the first time on FB just a while ago. Someone posted it from your channel.

Jamie Lc

Very interesting

Callum Robertson

According to horror historian Tom Weaver who he interviewed the director and asked about the scene, he said it was deleted because the producer noticed the leading lady had changed from high heels to more comfy shoes. Lame

MST3K-Broadcast Editions: 409-Indestructible Man 08/15/1992

MST3K-Broadcast Editions: 409-Indestructible Man 08/15/199224 May. 2020
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You'd think losing my job

You'd think losing my job would allow me to upload more frequently. You'd be wrong.

The world premiere!

This is from the second year of Comedy Central. In its prime. Listen for the husky, bloated voice of Penn Jillette talking loudly over the credits!

Aired August 15, 1992 at 7:00 pm.

Check back here roughly every week-ish (ha!) for more broadcast versions of MST3K episodes.

FYI, I'm always on the look-out for taped episodes with their commercials intact. Preferably March 1991 and earlier or July 93-October 93. I'll even pay for the things. Interested? Drop me a line! My email address is in my profile.

Comments (4)
Mr. Sheep

Oh also do you have any more BBI vault tapes?


Indestructible Man is one of my favorites! Thanks for the excellent uploads!

Christopher Majewski

You’re on a roll! I love every post you upload.

Mr. Sheep

Is there something wrong with the audio? Doesn't sound too good.