Randy cotour workout

Randy couture fight workout circuit at team quest

Randy couture fight workout circuit at team quest2 Feb. 2010
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Кирил Цонев

Is this one whole or two separate workouts???

Igor Shapshevich

Yes i mean it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. btw!but ye My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. get to know here bit.ly/15ccMyK?=enfdr

Ragul suresh

Wow. Outstanding vid. My uncle was once a fatty. He transformed himself from 283 lbs of fat into 204lbs of full-strength muscle. We think it is impressive! I just registered personally coz I would like to enhance my whole body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)...

Lions' Den

I've been using this circuit for a while; it's AWESOME!!!

zoha khan

Elated I found this video. Like You tube for this kind of content! My relative used to be bullied. He said he was going to get bigger muscle and strength. I chuckled... Then shortly after that he packed on 40 pounds of complete muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible - Google it. No-one dares to bully him now. :) I actually signed up last week. Plus this mans emails are interesting...


that impressive, I'll be trying that asap. Need boxes though.

eggnoy, james

is that a buckethead tune ?


Guys, you really shouldn't do upright rows or roll your shoulders when doing shrugs.

Andrew Munoz

You could use sand bags, but it'll be a bit harder for the tossing, and easier for the pushups.


how many days a week do you do this


holy shit i did this with only 55 pounds and i almost died after the 6th set


The plyometrics is amazing!!


WoW! looks so FUN! I can't wait to get all sweaty, tired, and out of breath! I need to go get some boxes and a medicine ball! ^0^


This is what hell must feel like.


lol Buckethead


Those guys are fit, but if anyone is considering this circuit, just be aware that some of those exercises are controversial. A lot of coaches won't use them anymore (some coaches still think they are ok). Examples upright row, pressing behind the neck, good morning, straight leg deadlift.


What can i use instead of medicine ball ?

Randy Couture Workout - Should You Do It?

Randy Couture Workout - Should You Do It?20 Mar. 2013
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"Randy Couture Workout - Should You Do It?"

A few years back, former UFC Champ Randy Couture gained a bit of notoriety in certain internet fitness / strength & conditioning circles for the barbell complexes he was known for doing.

The "Randy Couture Complex Workout" (as it came to be known) was a string of 7 barbell exercises done back-to-back:

-Bent Row

-Upright Row

-Military Press (aka - Overhead Press)

-Good Morning

-Split Squat (left and right)

-Thruster (aka - Front Squat into a PushPress)

-Straight-Legged Deadlift

Each exercise would be done for a moderate number of reps (say 8 or so), with each exercise done one after another with no rest between. You'd rest say 90 secs after the last exercise, and repeat the circuit 3-5x.

This gained popularity rather quickly for a couple reasons. Firstly, barbell complex training wasn't widely known or talked about at the time. Second, fighters wanted to know if doing the Randy Couture Workout would get them into the kind of great shape Randy was in.

Now, this can be a good introduction to complex training, and if you're looking for an MMA workout to augment your MMA training and skills work (even if you're not a fighter, but just want to be in "fighting shape"), then this can work well. It was obviously a big part of Randy Couture's training for a long time.

However, if you want a true MMA workout, or want to really utilize complexes in your training in a way that you'll get the absolute most out of them, I would go another route.

The main thing this complex can be good for is endurance. While endurance is great for mixed martial arts, it is by no means the only physical characteristic you need. This is one of the problems inherent with how this complex was designed - there's no real allowance to be made for strength, speed, or explosive movement.

At the same time, because of the exercises utilized, you end up being greatly hamstrung in how much weight you can (or should) use. This can limit your benefit even further.

While Randy's complex can be a challenging workout, and would be definitely better for you than most workouts that you'd see in a bodybuilding magazine, there are honestly better ways you can implement complex training into your MMA workouts.

Does that mean that Randy Couture's workout program is bad? No way. It's just that there are ways you could be even more efficient with your time, getting even more out of your workout.

I discuss this complex more in the video, as well as how I like to design complexes. You can also learn more by reading my article called "Randy Couture is a 'Complex' Fighter". The article is available here - http://www.workingclassfitness.com/randycouturecomplexworkout.shtml

Until next time - Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard.

link to this video - http://youtu.be/hOwgK0cOG1s

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Randy Couture Wrestling for Fighting

Randy Couture Wrestling for Fighting15 Dec. 2018
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kiabah joe

:30 bruh he hits like a truck

audrey Adkins

I don't like the sport but I'm finding out more and watching I'm learning more thank u sharing take care be safe

Bison MMA - Bison Muay Thai

Great Video

Jondy Bones

This changed my game


Wait, isnt this video a book?


This what happens when you let your friend edit your stuff.

Pablo Cid

This is gold thank you very much

abc def

the U.S.A. lacks greco roman wrestlers !!!

zeublamouche m

Great Couture

Halil Etka Tutkun


1) Parry Jab To Clinch - 1:18
2) Sticky Hands To Clinch - 2:30
3) Elbow Destruction to Clinch- 4:20
4) Overhand To Clinch - 5:23

QUICK TECHNIQUES - Basic Pummeling - 7:05

1) Duck Under - 8:16
2) Slide By - 10:42
3) Knee Block - 12:20
4) Inside Trip - 14:33
5) High Single - 16:10
6) Twisting Body Lock - 19:15
7) Off Balance To Snapdown - 21:30
8) Foot Sweep - 23:56

QUICK TECHNIQUES - Dominant Positions - 26:35

1) Parry Jab To Double - 28:40
2) Vs Southpaw 30:58
3) Overhand Right To Double - 32:37
4) Vs Southpaw - 34:23
5) Single Leg - 35:47

QUICK TECHNIQUES - Adapting Wrestling For Fighting - 37:35

1) Overhand From Guard - 39:10
2) Open Guard Posture Pass - 40:32
4) Hand On Hip Control - 42:21
5) Side Ride - 43:45

1) Anaconda Choke From A Gator Roll - 46:14
2) Straight Front Headlock Choke - 47:45
3) Front 1/4 Nelson To A D'arce Choke - 49:12
4) Olympic Roll To A D'arce Choke - 50:34

QUICK TECHNIQUES - Dirty Boxing - 52:00

1) Counter To A Single Underhook - 53:12
2) Countering Double Underhooks - 54:42
3) Countering Both Hooks - 56:08
4) Defending A Single Leg 57:30
5) Move The Head - 59:08
6) Kick Over - 1:00:15
7) Sprawl - 1:01:44

1) Double Leg Rebound - 1:05:30
2) High Single - 1:07:03
3) Inside Trip - 1:09:19
4) Ground and Pound Top Position - 1:10:45
5) Wall Walk From Bottom - 1:12:19

abc def

all these moves are modified and used in real muay thai clinch !
09:25 duck under
10:50 slide by -- modify this elbow lift to slide by !!
19:21 twisting body lock THROW -excellent !!
55:00 escape body lock

Chubby Huang

Randy Couture in the introduction.
That is a very soft spoken gentlemen practicing the brutal art of Mix Martial Arts

Fighters Corner

Fantastic coaching

Silky B

The true master of the game

Аум-Тат -Сат

лютая годнота.


Great Vid, thanks!

Hyla Brook Books

Randy: Next up is a quick hydration tip...

Cato 77

Thanks for sharing

Lewis Andrew

This is a great channel great job. Nobody would happen to know any good catch wrestling instructionals would they?