Exercises to increase push ups

Exercise Techniques : How to Increase Push-Ups

Exercise Techniques : How to Increase Push-Ups30 Oct. 2009
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In order to increase

In order to increase push-ups, simply do as many push-ups as possible in one day, and then try to beat that number the next day. Discover how to do push-ups from the knees while learning to do more push-ups with help from a professional personal trainer in this free video on increasing push-ups.

Expert: David Dubail

Contact: www.elitemiamipersonaltraining.com

Bio: David Dubail is a professional personal trainer and the owner of Dubail Fitness Institute in Miami, Fla.

Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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thanks bro i can do 40 now


@Bonelessdog body weight training is still weight training. By doing sets and reps of pushups, pull ups, ect ect, you are cumulatively stressing your muscles just as if lifting weights, just a different form than swining iron around. and the natural part of our body is the recovery phase. It is well document in any physical activity that excessive exersion causes degradation in performance and the person is more readily vulnerable to being hurt.

Patrick Exhaust

im 14 soon to be 15 and my best is 40 when i started to do pushups on a daily basis a few weeks ago i could only do 10 but now im up to 40 and still increasing, so i think you can keep doing more if your dedicated to it

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thank you

kurt houk

I can bearly do 10 pushups so i should do 10 and drop to my knees and do them right? how many reps should i do and what are you talking about working your core?



Chase Howard

One of the Few non-douche bag male trainers ive seen on youtube..... I subscribed...... great video!

Dr. TooflessS1k

@P3RF3CTCH09S and yes your right, it probly is more of an endurance then strenght.

fucyou youcanthavemyname

sounds exactly like me, i don't know exactly what was wrong but after a trip to the chiropractor it was all good

Luka Mijanovic

1st day . Just did 20 normal and 15 on knees :) can't w8 next day :P

Yubaraj Gurung

Thank you very much for useful exercise...!


well, as of right now i can only do 2 regular push ups. i'm going to try this method. i'll report back later.

Jack Jackson

Hey, just wondering if you could help me with something. I have no doubt you will know alot better than me but ive been doing pushups for a few years now and am trying to increase my max (Im attempting to join the Royal Marines), and ive heard some say to do your max every day and others say that can quickly lead to overtraining. I would appreciate any feedback, thanks


@LastXdeth I tried to increase the number I could do by 5 each time. Each time I would do pushups, I would do only one set for that day. I made sure that I consumed food with enough protein right after doing the set of pushups. Also, believing is important. You need to really believe that you can increase the number of pushups you can do each time. Affirmations will help you with that. Now though, I'm not so interested in doing regular pushups. I'm training so I can do the two-finger pushup.

Dr. TooflessS1k

@P3RF3CTCH09S ye, now schools out, so i don't have a gym to really work hard. my max now is 170 and im still like 116-118 pounds lol. and am now 17. but i got some of this new protein mix stuff that has creatine in it, and 50g of protein and tons of carbs or something like that. so i should gain some muscle mass quick ( i hope, so then i can actually look big and get stronger, then be strong and look small and weak). and im still workin out at home and what not. so hopefully ill get bigger lol.

Anthony Cruz

1 in the morning and 1 at night but like he said you cant really overdue pushups so do as much sets as you want without fatigue


I can Do about 65 ...70 Which is better if i do 65 -70 each second day ,or if i devided it into sets and do slow reps ?


@nar3sas Lighten up fella, it's the tinernet. And that was, of course a joke and a mockery of the trolls on youtube who put similar comments up to increase the size of their e-penis and cyber-ego's.

Sadeth Cheng

@nar3sas How did you go from 25 to doing 75? I'm trying to go from 43 to doing 80 in a row.

tristan nguyen

fuuaarkk thanks! in a week i went from 22 to 40!!! i'm doing this for a PE school assignment aha


@FitnessTrist It's likely that there are people like that, and we probably are sidetracking from the video. :)


3 days ago my limit was 43, 2 days ago my limit was 39. rest a day, and now today my limit was 64


I wouldn't recommend every day. I do my routines where I hit the muscle again after about 72 hours of rest. For myself, I find that my muscles are able to re-couperate again their strength for another bout of training. I have noticed a hug difference in my strength and size increased after experimenting with 1 a week muscle group training and every other day muscle training. So, I usually recommend 72 hours rest on the worked muscle and go from there as everyone is different in recovery times.


@FitnessTrist Oh, I see. Sometimes, I'm not sure how to interpret certain comments. I've never thought about how some people might be posting false statements to give themselves a boost in self-esteem since I would never do that myself. But since you posted what you posted and it was a mockery of the people who post things like that, couldn't there be others who are doing the same thing as you.

Ben Wright



@eaglesfan725 I'm not expert but i'm sure that's good for your age, i'm 15 and can do about 60.

Robert Vazquez

Great Idea! ty


Wait wait wait. You mean I can't over do it on pushups? You can definitely get the muscle tearing that you want from pushups. Folks do 5 sets till failure 30-60 seconds rest inbetween each set. Tomorrow your pecs will be jell-o. The trick is DON'T CHEAT YOURSELF yes going until failure is hard but you must do it again and again and again!

Zeta Xen

age 20. maxed pushups at 166. 132 in 2 minutes. 84 in 1 minute.

Ashis Topo

i cn do a lot of push ups.but i dont apply all my strength all at once.i keep on going slowly .and i stop fr only 1sec maximum.i m a soccer player i wanted to know if it was the right way .pls suggest

Mashel Mughal

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Zeta Xen

trick is to just keep at it. you will see the results you want if you put in the effort. maintain proper form. don't do sloppy pushups trying to do more. once you lose form you're just wasting energy. use that energy in another set.

Sean Ellis

yeah ive looked all around, done all these training stuff and in about a month, gotten nowhere. no matter what i do i cant get progression help? and i aint taking steroids im 13 so dont say that


@lordjimbob01 okay...ill try that

Dr. TooflessS1k

@hoffmannbros im about like you man haha. but im about to turn 17 in april. im a skinny dude though. so not huge. and i work out every day. i weigh 118 pounds, but can max bench 160, almost 165. and i can only do 50 pushups withought stopping before my arms give out. and my friend can do like 70+ but yet i can bench more then him. so weird, and i don't get it. i hope to get in the routine to do tons of pushups everyday, and therefore also get up to 75 and even more. Hope you get there man!

Los Santos Vagos Gang member

How many sets per day?


Yeah, because you probably don't weigh anything!


@wlchambers if he post a video of that, its probably gonna be on a video game, lol.

Erick Sweet

Couple questions. 1.) How may sets? 2.) what type of shoes would you recommend for running and other training? I am trying to get into shape before i leave for bootcamp, and you have to do at least 60 i think maybe more. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!

Beetle Kahn

This guy looks like he does NOT want to be here...

Elmer Dacanay

my limit was 20 now its 30 ^_^ wish i can improve my body and strenght hehe


I'm 87 and before watching this clip I could push 4 out but after seeing this a week later I'm now up to over 100 in my first set!


@bloodsniper10 because push ups is an endurance exercise more den strength i think....

iqbal sahota

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Thank you very much. Hope it works for me.

Shofiqul Alom

thanks for the tip can you make one on how to increase in pull ups?


hey my shoulder always clicks, quite loud, when i do a push up and it rele puts me off, adivice?


@FitnessTrist Then why is your age 20 in your profile? If you're going to comment, make sure what you say is consistent with what you put in your profile. If you lie about one thing, you're likely to make people assume that you're lying about the other things you say. That makes sense, considering you said you went from just 4 to 100 in a week. That's impossible. You need time to rest. It took me weeks to go from 25 to 75 pushups. 4 to 100 in a week is completely ridiculous.


You work at it and have patience. I started only doing 6 in a row. Now a couple weeks later I can pop out twenty and I weigh 248 lbs and no that's not muscle its mostly fat. I'm trying to lose weight

Mike M

push ups also counts on state of mind, try this. start post.: Up 1- down 2- Up 3- Down -go up- that's 1 push up In short, 2 push ups equals 1. tips for folks going in military life.


I can do nine I'll update tommorow


@nar3sas That's one way of looking at it. In reality though I think there really are people that silly as to comment absurdities. Anyway I feel we're sidetracking from the video lol


shit man, i used to be able to do 73 now im struggling with 30-40, damn that ptr lol.


if i just reached adolescence can i do more pushups because im 13 yrs old and can't do more than 30-35 pushups and ive tried everything else.

Nicholas Pagan

Try to do navy cadence push-ups


thank you man very helpful

Luka Mijanovic

Just one set of this right ? ? Please answer

kyler beauchesne

got 62 thats my highest bummer