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Why Nike Killshot 2 Leather SUCKS (plus better alternatives!) • Effortless Gent

Why Nike Killshot 2 Leather SUCKS (plus better alternatives!) • Effortless Gent11 Aug. 2020
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→ Greats Royale with Gum Sole: https://effgnt.co/greatswhitegum

→ Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers: https://bit.ly/32Z0I8Q

→ M.Gemi Paolo (grey suede accents, no gum sole): https://go.effgnt.co/mgemipaolo

→ Koio Tempo: https://go.effgnt.co/koiotempogum

→ Madewell Sidewalk (canvas with gum sole): https://fave.co/3jMWrLR


→ https://fave.co/2XJjiyg

The Nike Killshot 2 in Leather is a super popular, relatively minimal everyday sneaker, and for good reason! They're Nikes, they have a classic silhouette, they're super easy to wear, they got the vintage vibes with the gum sole, and there are a number of colorways. AND they're relatively affordable.

But are they even worth the price of $90? Should you grab them as soon as your size and favorite color is in stock? Or should you save up a bit more and hold out for something nicer?

That's what we talk about in this video. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of the Killshot 2!

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Comments (32)

Has a load of options, but only in pictures bc he actually only owns the shoe he's complaining about. Internet produces douchebags

John Smith

I view these sneakers as being on par with white/navy Stan Smiths. They’re classic and go with anything.


Ugh! I’m a girl and I can’t find where any women styling this particular shoe. I really want a pair but I guess I’m having a hard time “femming” then up in my mind :(

Sonia P

piano music

Till Spengler

Hey I've been looking at some White/gumsole sneakers from different popular brands like the Nike Killshot 2, Adidas Samba og, Asics Japan s, Reebok Club C85 etc. and was wondering if there is a difference in quality between the brands? Or is it all pretty much the same?

Luw Men

Great review. I just copped this exact color way from Nike with a 20% off promo and free shipping, so it was hard to pass up. Really liked the minimal classic aesthetic. Oliver Cabell just dropped a low 1 with a gum sole that’s nice too.

Wally G

Bro... these are a no, they don't age well and crease stupidly, I will stick to my new republic Kurt gum sole thank you very much ?




this shoe should not be anything more than 75 dollars. it is a vintage shoe with zero technology. it will feel almost like an allstar converse

Polly Perkins

jeff wittek

mohd ridzuan

can u show how to match it up?


I don't think people that wear nike care that much about leather quality tbh.


honestly, i just like the killshot 2 because i love the nike swoosh on the simple white (which is also why the blazer appeals to me). but the fact it is $90 is so bad. luckily i found a few pairs on ebay for about ~$70, and even if they do show some wear I like a shoe that shows that.
if you can point me to any other nike shoes with just white and a basic swoosh, please do so!

Kevin Mcenery

My issue with more of the luxury white sneakers like the Greats for example is that they are so clunky. While agree leather on these Nikes isn’t great they have a streamlined look that the competition can’t really touch. Also a good price point as you mention.

Sarangajit Rajkumar

What is the point of this video? If you spend more you get better quality?


At most $60

Tyler Pavey

SUCKS!..."but if your budget is under $100, i think they are a really good choice"

N Yo

Tom Ford has great minimalist sneakers

Yun Chen

Hello Effortless Gent,
We love your video. We have a awesome gadget that we believe you will absolutely love, can you check your inbox for message from Photofast?


I have the burgundy check Killshot 2s. I think they're nice, but at msrp ($90), overpriced. The styling isn't that different from some Nike SBs models like the Checks, Charges, or Portmores. Higher heel tab, some suede hits, and the gum sole. But the SBs can be had for around $45 and these are twice that.


Anyone ever notice that the tongue looks blue? Could be b/c of the foam on the inside, maybe?

Josh Hampton

Okay, I think I get you point. If you spend more money you’ll get a better quality sneaker. I agree with you. However, I don’t think it’s far to compare a sneaker from an athletic shoe company to one from a luxury shoe company. The latter should have better quality leather, especially if it costs more than double.

I own the Killshot with the blue Swoosh and the Morgan trainer from Beckett Simonon. I recommend both, they serve different purposes.

Chaotic Neutral

I really like these shoes especially the one with navy swoosh because they look good even when they’re worn out. The problem with most white sneakers is when they get dirty there’s really no cleaning them

Mike Schultz

Thank you for the review-- that was helpful. Did your Killshots ever break in at all? I have a 7 and a 7.5 that I am trying to decide between-- the 7.5 fits perfectly in the width, and is more comfortable, but it runs long, and the 7 is a perfect length, but it feels a little tight and I am worried about it not breaking in enough.

Eugene Chua

How bad is the smooth leather? Any better than that on the standard blazers?

Tigerlionv YT

You are complaining about leather then you just go ahead and suggest an alternative for 248 dollars (Koio) and an ugly shoe for that matter,it doesn't make since,this Nike is classic

Friendship Adams

Just received these and they fit great! The suggestion in this video is to order a size up but I would suggest against that. Just loosen the laces and you’re golden. If you go up a size you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing clown shoes since these are on the slimmer side of silhouettes. If you are ordering from somewhere that provides free shipping and returns get both sizes and return the one you don’t want.

Ulises OG

Don’t own these shoes, but I’d prefer to take your alternative suggestion and go with Greats Royale version.

Buffet Aden

jeremy jahns

Dexter Story

I have the New Balance version. Super comfy.

Carl Murawski

Fair and unbiased assessment my man.


it's not a menswear youtube channel if there's not at least three videos about minimal white leather sneakers

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long time no see!! love the color of the pants ?✨

Talyor Gonza

Good review. The color is nice. How are these after a few washes? I noticed my cargo Nike fleece joggers shrank a bit much after a few washes. Are these similar material? Thanks man

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Comments (100)
just for fun

I was just watching ur previous sneaker video

Monky Dollqueen

Be proud of yourself for how hard you're trying.


Diogenes o Sinopeus

You just called out my entire tennis collection ?

Alexander Edland

Just a quick question but what kind of post product do you use. I remember you saying it before but I cannot find that video. Keep up the good content ✌.

Sahebzad Alam

How abt Adidas continentals??

Dario Bertolini

he has so much volume.... my hair is fucking flat

Nicholas Gautier

Your kitchen is really nice!!

Elias Briseño

You forget Nike Cortez

Bored to Dadth

For me personally I like the old school jogger silhouette. I bought a pair of adidas nite joggers all white and I like them a lot. The nice thing about the color way is you have white and off white elements mixed in together which gives it a nice retro look.


Covid blocking sneakers ...

aestheticり咽恩 T

Air Jordan's are coool sneakers everybody love them but you can't wear them with everything
I prefer white air force 1
Classic cooler and more trendy
Be careful with the creases ?

Alan Calvillo

They look awesome

Mohit K


Alan Daffa

He looks like young Michael j fox

Rull Mourn

I prefer PF Flyers to CTs. They last longer, more comfortable and more room in the toe.


Make a video about how to achieve facial symmetry

Mateo Valencia

Where are the Reebok's club C 85 ??

Felipe Erazo

You should really try a Alex Turner (2014) type hairstyle, i think it would work out pretty well with your longer sides

Denki The Hedgegod

You forgot soap shoes

Kenny Benny

The Puma suedes are good. I have a pair of Red and White ones.

James Tracey

The Puma Super Ligas are one of my favorites, super classic and they wear in great.

Mike Mwana

What kind of necklace is he wearing?

Caedon Aranjo

no one:

blumaan: calls a pair of converse shoes, chuck taylors

Sumit Kumar

Joe your haitstyle looks dope...the plantinum blonde is still killing it??

Jake Hogan

Blumaan: the dirtier they are, the better
Me: dunks my shoes in cow crap and mud

Niroop Bhat

Agree with all the options but none of them are "every guy should own". Actually no shoe in the world are "every guy should own"

Thomas Jager

this was a hair styling channel. what actually happened?

Pʀʌsʜʌŋt Yʌɗʌv

Informative vedio. .....but Joe man your subscribers aren't growing ...do something crazy stuff something never done before.


Sneakers ? Yo your Fookin British bruv , call them trainers or creps ini , batty boi

Andrew Shiah

If you're looking for high top Vans then Vans Sk8-Hi might be a good option

shivam pant

You missed nike cortez

Lars Petersen

Reebock mabe

Manab Choudhury

2.Vans authentic/old skool
3.White sneakers
4.Puma swede
5.Nike air force 1/vintage
Thank me later??

Mehuzael Dazel

If u dont like the the holes in stan smith...
Check out the 'stan smith nuud'
Cleanest design ......i own one


Good list

Владислав Кузьмичев

What are you say me?

Muzical Brock


Zijie Niu

Joe you promised for the self roasting video, when are you going to release it?


Adidas Gazelle


Literally everyone's got that chuck taylor in their closet

Mr Rwdwm Basumatary

What's your age brother..?

Young Gotti

Yeah I can't get down with this list...chucks,vans,af1s, and stan Smith's are not necessary and there are much better options

DL Thomas

Joe, I actually dread to see you cut this hair. It is great the way it is.


Puma suedes are my go to in blue olive and red. Side by side vs vans and cons they are better made and better material and look better imo

Yuvaraj Basu

I have forgotten the feeling of wearing a sneaker or any kind of shoes except of slippers.??

Matthew Chen

I'd add asics gl3 and nb 997 to the list as well

Jaden Dodd

2:46 Cardigan Backyardigan (aka Cardi B)

Shaheena Haneef

What about that give away

Muzammil Ahmed

Please check ur mic bro!!

Muzical Brock


Srinivas Thatti

Sneakers are a bit childish and lack masculinity....... but boots they keep everything in them and make you look rugged and masculine?.

Benjamin Caldona

I used to wear high cut chucks though I like them they really hurt on my feet so I give it pass now


His hair line is like__-------___


Whats the name of the colorway of the Air Force 1


Tbh 4 pairs are all i need:
Vans, Air Force 1 mid, some basic black boots. +1 pair of suit shoes.

Adam Hussain

I think Joe suits his hair a little longer on the sides. Really dig that swept back look.

Rolls Royce da Beast

Is it bad that the ONLY pair of sneakers that I have are black air force 1's?


John john

anheas sayami

You think longer hairstyles will be making a comeback after all this is over? Many of us miss our barber but some might go with the flow and leave it long.


Adidas Skateboarding is the best classic sneaker for me and Chuck Tylor for sure

jnice v

Hey joe ordered cloud control yesterday and never got a confirmation order...help

Wesley Crawford

Surprised he went with the Stan Smith's over the Superstars.


Asics was my first foray into really kool shoes. It was a really kool red or maybe orange track shoe as I kinda remember back in about 69 or 70. It bled like crazy into your white socks but you tried to look past that because before that all we had were pf flyers as a child and Chuck Taylor's or Bata's or just wing black tips. I learned to play dodge ball, and basketball and touch football wearing wing tips. which were surprisingly comfortable once you broke them in. I ain't a dweeb either. My ex high school has 2 Heisman trophy winners. Kinda big deal and no I don't live in Texas. .I've had all those shoes since then except my all white ones were K-Swiss. I don't know what I was thinking cause I typically liked shoes that looked like they were in constant motion all the time but your standing still. Did you miss Adidas? What's not up. That shoe line is worldwide and historical. That alright just get their track jacket. Three stripes, navy blue and size up. Lady killer.

Wissam Boukaili

Hey what's up, do you know what's today

My BIRTHDAY ? ? ? ? ?

Battle Beast PvP

You didn’t mention adidas samba?

Rishi Anand

Number 8, the lightning McQueen lightup shoes. Smh can't believe you forgot. ???

Bryan Ramos

You and Richie Le uploaded similar videos on the same day haha

Ngọc Cương

it's time to buzz that platinum head :))))

Thanos is Right

i love sneaker silhouettes that you can get whenever you want. ultra boost is a blessing to the feet. as you get older you want a new pair every now and then.

Damian Brown

You left out the Continental 80s by Adidas

Hero Ball

This list only has 1 style from different brands, where’s the variety?

Pie Lucas

Nice list. I have had all of those at one point but now just go with Air Force 1 or plain white running shoes.

K Black



Onitsuka Tigers!


Why Blumaan original wax cost 50 dollors in india.....to expensive man
Why rated more than double as compared to us


You missed the Meraki One

Allen George


Jordan Lindsay

Joe, you should keep growing your hair out. 1 year challenge???

Cristian Gallegos

I love the Vans Old Skool

Jalil Sarkis

i would also add the nike killshot 2

a m

No thanks. I'm barely average height range in Canada. I cannot wear such flat shoes. I need a decent boost in height. Something a bit thicker.

Joey Bottino

Reebok c 85 never gets the love it deserves

Pratima Tripathi

Awesome ??????

Richard Alain Butler

I recall Joe said there were better options compared to Stan Smiths. Send they looked cheap.

Meet Patel



can u add a timestamp for the sneakers
would be a lot easier to look at them one after another

Ankit Sundriyal

Converse sucks in terms of quality, even their leather sneakers are shit, something similar from nike has 3 times the life.

Xavier Fragoso

Adidas gazelle !!

Ryan Sprague

Joe please never stop making content. I love your videos and your humor, your really funny. Keep up the good work man.

Ankit Joshi

Hey Joe , I'm skinny guy I don't have fashion sense, I don't know what to wear ,& how ? I don't have good knowledge in fashion & choose the correct clothes and colours , please would you please help me


What do you think about the adidas orginals??

Shimmi Shanga

“7 Sneakers every man should own”
Says he doesn’t own the first one??‍♂️

Carlo Reyes

Please do shawn mendes hairstyle

Miral Leuva

You forget the Alexander McQueen in white sneakers ?‍♂️

Qasim Qadir

I'm sorry but as a sneaker head myself ,I would never take advice from joe

Crawford Rhoderick

Buy shoes is very important, in regards to your feet as well as you back, I would not have any of these shoes if you were to give them away.




Dont forget the Heelys shoes

Rull Mourn

Sperry is a great OS sneaker. I have some plaid ones with wool uppers...35 dollars.

Tyler Stricklan

Nike kill shot 2 and puma super liga og!