How to do knee push ups

How to do a knee push up

How to do a knee push up31 Jul. 2012
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This exercise is a push

This exercise is a push up starting with your knees on the floor.

Lie face down on the floor with your hands level with your chest, kneeling on the floor with your feet raised. From this position, push up with your hands to lift your upper body, keeping the body straight and parallel to the floor.

Count one repetition per push up.


– Make sure you are kneeling down.

– Face forwards.

– Keep your body in a straight line.

– Your chest should touch the floor.

Alternative exercise:

– Declined push up

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Stop Doing Knee Push Ups - Do This Instead!

Stop Doing Knee Push Ups - Do This Instead!7 Dec. 2020
187 686

Stop Doing Knee Push Ups -

Stop Doing Knee Push Ups - Do This Instead!

Stop doing knee push ups as a way to modify and build up toward that first full push up from your toes. Instead start using incline push ups and eccentric variations to help you improve your upper body and core strength.

These are great ways to learn the proper recruitment patterns so you can master that full push up position more quickly.

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Leslie Soir

? lmao

Alerie Hightower

This is great! I have tons of nerve and joint damage in my upper body, so pushups just never seem to be attainable. This might actually help me get there without re-injuring myself. Thank you!

Cheryl Hudson

Great video thank you for sharing I appreciate it.

Claire Gamble

Helpful. Thanks :)


I do push up bench and Wall and knew push up and ordinary push up,and sometimetimes diamond push up ??

Epona Lee

Got this on my recommended. I didnt know this channel before, how did YouTube know I needed this without me searching for something like this at all ? but thanks, so helpful !

Pj Shock

I don't listen to women sorry mate

Teri S.

Exactly what I look like doing the push up, aka the worm.


I once worked with a guy who would get up from his desk, drop to the floor and pump out twenty just because. I found that incredibly sexy. I WANNA BE THAT STRONG! ...I subscribe to your channel...

Kat The Scribe

I use my kitchen counter. Way better for me than from the knees. Thanks for all the good info & insight into what is going on & what to watch for.

Cindy Farrow

What if I have issues with my wrists? I am 75 lbs overweight and I have been trying beginner yoga...my wrists cannot handle my weight ???. How can I modify so i can add these to my routine? Btw, nice video! Very informative! ?

Christine Lewis

Are these any less stressful on the shoulder? (ie: if one has impingement issues or bursitis)

Sailor Arwen

I took a wooden plank and put it at an angle on my stairs so that my hands are parallel with the rest of my body. Doing it without a plank hurt my wrists

Shirley Lindgram

@redefining strength, this is super helpful, I struggle with pushups, I have never done an eccentric push up before, I will need to try this, thank you for sharing!


Thank you!!!!

Danielle M

Not possible with nerve pain in feet. That's exactly why I do on knees since my lyme got worse. Knees or nothing. Many lymies can't do anything so I'm very lucky.
Oh we chronically ill are so lucky....

V Atkinson

This was just what I needed! Thank you!

Magda Madsen

What can I do about my shoulders? Every time I do pushups my shoulders can't take it. I'm using proper form. Even when doing reverse pushup my shoulders can't take it. What can I do? Can you do a video on shoulder safety guidelines when doing a push up? Thank you!

spannycat waffles

I can't do incline pushups. I tried doing them on my couch and I was too weak. I even tried with legs straddled. I can't do an eccentric pushup either. After 25% I just plop down. For reference, I can do 4 knee pushups to failure.

Ami_chan 19

great advice!

Fish Boy

Good job ?

Barbara Mazzola

Thank you

ms _

i thought shes a 3d animation


Wow, these tips are sooo logical, and fantastic!!


liked and commenting for the algorithm

sam sam

I wanted to know how does one know it’s time to progress to the lower step. After how many reps and sets?


I’m coming off a radial head fracture I had to relearn push-ups I do incline right now and neg to rebuild my arm strength in my right arm . It’s hard from a ego standpoint because I’m usually very good at push-ups and pull-ups the rehab every day is getting better , these are great tips

Saida M

OMG. I needed this so much!! Great video and thank you!??


Nah, I started with pushups on my knees and it worked out fine for me. You don't keep doing knee pushups forever, after all. I moved on to manly man pushups within two months and am now working on one handed ones (after a year of manly man ones). So, knee pushups are a nice startup, they just got a bad rep because most people are too dumb to do them properly. Or dislike them because they were called girl pushups for decades now. We humans a sexist dumbdumbs like that, after all.

Jason C. Rochon

I do them off the stairs. Every step up is a like a strip set because it’s less intense.


the worm dramatization has me in tears ?

Greg Maynard

I am a co-director of a volleyball club, and have coached for years. I am always looking for variations of exercises to use for young, upcoming athletes with limited strength. Too often coaches push their athletes way harder than they should, and cause injury as a result. The exercises you demonstrate with a multitude of variations gives me the opportunity to use the same movements for all levels of age groups and experience. Moving from easy to complex as they get stronger makes the learning process faster, because they build off of each level, instead of having to learn something new. Thanks you!


Thank you for this. I leave for bmt in a month and need major improvement on my push ups. Is there a rep routine you would recommend for eccentric/incline push ups?

Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

Back of a couch or back of a park bench are great. I have my clients do that

Maryjo Powers

What if you have tennis elbow?

Uju Amobi

Omg this is what I do and my friends always laugh at me

Lori S

I've always been taught to keep elbows in during pushups? I see yours are out...what is the correct form?

MatchPoint Tennis

Love the progressions and the explanation of the advantages of the incline push-up


What does "E-centred" / "E-centric" mean? I'm not familiar with the term

Nathalie Thomas

Thanks for the tips. My shoulders always hurt and I have to do physio when I do push ups. I'll try these variations and see if I get better results.


Excellent content along with technic ❤️Thank you for sharing ❤️ xx Jesse

Paul Nolen

Thank you so much keep it up we all need more instruction☺☺☺


I've been stuck with the knee push-ups for 3 months with no improvement, even though I practice planks as well. Will try your ideas, thank you very much.

NewNails WhoThis

0:58 stop making fun of me woman ? lol

Mara Cares

I'm curious about the feet being together rather than hip-width?

Bart Aussi

Very nice video Cori! (Hope I typed your name correctly :) ) I've been doing desk push-ups and It's very effective for beginners! Love your channel!

Ein bisschen mehr vegan

I was told that I should keep my elbows close to my body. It's harder but apparently better to prevent injury.

Minal Shah

Brilliant video

Margarete Kromar

Thank you very helpful?

R. G.

Random but are you doing interviews now??https://youtu.be/bNlJKYTxAmE she looks exactly like you haha

Sara Minaj

My wrist hurts with every exercise like push ups, high plank, mountain climbing etc, am I doing something wrong os is something wrong with my wrists?

Nichola Emsley

Ooo, I didn't know this. Thank you! (From a seasoned knee push-upererer)


It's me. I'm the worm.

Eleni Chouvarda

You are always so wonderful. I love the way you explain everything...xx


The end of this video was HILARIOUS!!!?That looked like my workout attempt!!! Poor pooch!!! ? Great info! I'll give that a try!


Courtney can you explain what is meant by the eccentric portion of the push up? @redefining health

Louisha Freeman

Thank you ?

A Meleis

Give me break i play full hour push up 40 seconds on 20 seconds off and during the training sometimes i continue the rest of the workout using assisted push ups, assisted push up give you ability to do more reps

Matthew Behne

"the worm." ?

Jeremy Haddock

I'm doing lots of knee pushups currently. I had surgery to repair an injury to the ball of one of my feet. So the incline pushups don't work for me either. But I may not be the target audience of this video.

umulisa joan

I guess I will die without doing push-ups.My body has just finalized it period.i have tried it several times and I guess my muscles are weak to handle the pressure.

Christa Sisco-Borysko

Question. What are your thoughts on a full push up with your feet apart? Is this a cheat or still acceptable? I see you do them with your feet together, but I'm not quite there yet.

Janine M

Why plank on forearms instead of on hands, as you would do with push-ups?


I love the eccentric option! I've never thought of that! Great vid! Thx!

girl almighty

Before I used to struggle even when doing knee push ups and now I can do 35 full pushups in a row!



patricia hetherington

I have my clients struggling with pushups, use the squat cage. As they get stronger the bar gets lowered.

Matthew Behne

Love your videos. ❤️


Omg why haven"t I thought of this! Allright Imma try this.

Marsala Bravo


Em Louise Fairley

Thanks for the tip, Cori! I've got to manage severe tendonitis in a bicep while also regaining strength and losing the multiple pounds gained during rest, so while I'm thinking wall pushups would be good to start, what would you suggest? I've only just found your channel via a YT suggestion, so all help appreciated

Elizabeth Cember

Kitchen counters are great for beginners! And walls if you're starting from absolutely 0.

Angela Adlish

What an informative, clear video! I had noooo idea that this modification (that I've been doing for so long) wasn't really the best to build my strength. I always wondered why I never really got "better" or progressed to the full one. Thanks for repeating the e-centric one so often so that I can really get it right. I'm starting this tomorrow!??


I wish I would have thought about this a few years ago when I was recovering strength from successful rotator cuff surgery in both shoulders. I thought dumbells and knee pushups were the only way to work up to real pushups. Thanks.

Leonard Wilson

Inclined push-ups are A LOT harder than you make them look.

tita coleen

Nice, will try this thank u


I ❤️ your channel

Theodore Boosalis

Cori is truly one of the best YTers on fitness. I love her work and use it in my workouts.

Alien Drone Services

0:10 "not the best way to build up" Why not?

Christina Munson

Can you do modifications for pull ups? Or do you have a video on that?

Lourdes Gallegos

Thank you, that is so helpful! I can only do three or four full push-ups and then go on to my knees. I will begin practicing using my weight bench as well.


Keep these videos going! The content is great quality

Maria Turner

So every time I do push-ups my wrist start to hurt so I got push-up bars but is there a way to strengthen my wrist so they stop hurting when I do push-ups without the bars? Thanks for any help.

mojgan mirhadi

Thank you so much....
That was greàt. ...

Shantanu Sapru

One of your rare videos with which I disagree. I think this is ridiculous (& inefficient) advice.
What's wrong with doing both ?! They're not mutually exclusive & can (& should) be incorporated in the training schedule/routine in the proper/correct manner...Unnecessarily binary thinking at work here, which may lead to slower progression for some (many?) viewers who want to move on to full push-ups...

Ivory Glass

push ups hurt my wrists
any other suggestions?? :(

ian philip

love that thumbnail :)

Margaret Lobo

This is excellent... never seen before

Noreen Khan

Amazing been trying pushup this looks promising

Marcela E. Bosata

Estaría buenísimo si traducen al Español. Por favor! Son clases re interesantes....saludos!!!

Charlotte O'Leary

This actually works! I've never been able to do a push-up, and doing knee push-ups didn't help me at all. So I tried her techniques in this video (I started against the wall then just got lower and lower with my feet further out) and during a workout I had to do a full push-up as part of a set of reps, and I did a full one properly! I've never done that before. Thank you.

Dianet Gomez

Good to know ??


The major issue I have with push ups is the placement of my hands. Would you happen to have a video that guides us through the proper arm placement please?


Freue mich, wenn ihr reinschaut (ist wirklich witzig geworden). Danke Leute :)

Zikmund Dvorak

Also good hint with the negative push ups without incline (only going down on flat surface). Not requiring so much strength while you can still do a perfect form.

la ra

How long would it usually take a beginner to get to doing regular pushups with this method? Great info, thanks!


So I can slowly go down just fine but struggle with the push back up. What muscle group is responsible for this/how can I strengthen that push up?


This video is like a gift from gym gods. After trying lowering my body from plank position to the floor as you suggest to learn the muscles involved for push ups, I realized I was using all the wrong muscles in my previous attempts. I used to have pain in my shoulder and was shaking on the way down. THANK YOU!!!


My problem with pushups is an old injury; multiple broken bones in one wrist, which severely limits the up and down range of motion (about half of what it should be) in that wrist, which can only be corrected with surgery. And the orthopedic surgeon who told me this also said the surgery had to be precise; as It would require rebreaking one of the bones, or it wouldn't work. In short, I can't flatten that wrist against the floor or against a bench. I can do fingertip pushups but that tests my fingers and hands as much or more than it tests the muscles I'm using to raise my body up and down. Any suggestions?

Samantha Taylor

Awesome sauce, thanks cori!!!

How To Do Knee Push Ups (Beginner Tutorial)

How To Do Knee Push Ups (Beginner Tutorial)6 Jun. 2018
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