Tom brady exercise routine

The MINDSET of a TRUE CHAMPION | From a 199th Draft PICK to Becoming the BEST NFL Player in HISTORY!

The MINDSET of a TRUE CHAMPION | From a 199th Draft PICK to Becoming the BEST NFL Player in HISTORY!22 Mar. 2016
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✎ Tom Brady joined the

✎ Tom Brady joined the NFL's New England Patriots in 2000. This star quarterback won two NFL MVP awards, four Super Bowl MVP awards and a record five Super Bowl wins. In 2016, Brady went on to lead the Patriots to a record-breaking Super Bowl LI comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Brady is married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Brady earns about $8 million in endorsements (Under Armour, UGG Boots, etc.) CelebrityNetWorth estimates Tom Brady's career net worth at $180 million.


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✎ He's an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots. In Brady's 13 full seasons as a starter the Patriots have earned seven trips to the Super Bowl, winning five. He's considered among the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

He's Tom Brady and here's my take on his Top 10 Rules for Success.


1. Earn Your Success

2. Care Deeply

3. Love The Game

4. Live In The Present

5. Execute Well Under Pressure

6. #Believe In Yourself

7. Set Your Priorities

8. Earn It Every Single Day!

9. Evolve

10. Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

-= BONUS =-

* Embrace the journey.

* Work hard.

* Lead passionately.














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Comments (100)
Yours Truly

Long live the Patriot Empire!!!

Christian Borja

Hes so dedicated.eager,hungry to set foot on the national field..wow .and where is he now..the G.O.A.T

Jack Henry


Stephen Woods

Did he say 13 seasons w 6 SB wins? Is this a mistake????

Richard Kardos

Tom Brady said something that I am aware of but never heard anybody ever say, and that is children are always in the present. Whatever they are doing is all that matters and that is the best way to live to experience and appreciate what you're doing. Learn a valuable lesson from children to be in the present.


Stay Hungry, Stay Humble; Live in the Present; Embrace the Journey. Yes ??!!! These are my favorite. I am sharing this with my middle schooler!!! She loves football ? and she will love ❤️ to see this. Wonder why the NE Patriots were me team is because of this!


This has motivated me today!

Matthew Chiasson

Tom Brady is the greatest athlete in the world

Christy Burton

Stay hungry, stay humble! #alldayeveryday

Manny A

Wow Evan , great video. Thank you!
I like when he breathed life into the players and said ‘we’re not done yet, we talked about this’, very inspiring of a leader.

Micah Orr

Well hes won 7 now so hes still hungry.


He was Michigan team captain but coaches still wanted to start googly-eyed Benson.

Trip Trapper

Tom Brady is a disgrace to the human Race.... The NFL Referee's Cheated for Ton Brady to Win... if you watch the last 2 games... you can see the game is rigged and The other Team didn't tackle the other team... why???? Lots of plays like that and a fake fumble WoW!!!! The Game was Scripted.... that practice the super bowl before it happened.... the NFl is Fake like wrestling not real... at all... all the teams are now given a script sign a confidentiality agreement part of there contract with the million of dollars....not allowed to expose the NFL... or else they give the money back..Making Tom brady a Super Bowl Champion was beyond Racist..... its Sick..... Tom Brady will never be looked at like Joe Montana because Joe Montana didnt Cheat.. back in those days. The Games were real and it meant something to those that Fought and won world war 2.... its Sad..... they chose to market Tom Brady the biggest Cheater in NFL History... that Man Has to Cheat to Win Period

vaibhavraj paneru

pls make video on ms-dhoni.

Vishal Gurung

Stay hungry stay humble

Bark Charlesly

hey whats wrong with being an insurance salesman>

USA Roxx

Stay Hungry, stay Humble, ON THREE


When I watched football people made Brady seem like the worst kind of jerk. Come to find out everyone hated him for no apparent reason?

Alexander Rivera

He seems to still be affected by his draft day. He also mentioned constantly thinking that no one wanted him. I wonder if he didn't get picked 199th, would he still have had the drive to be as good as he is??

Foxina Nesbitt

Can you handle the pressure


He won his 7th like 20 minutes ago!

Daniel Montenegro

Top 10 rules for Patrick Mohomes

Daniel Mendes

And, in just 4 years, his history got even BETTER! Without any doubt, one of my big examples.
"Will always finds a Way" (TB12)! Tks Brady and Thanks for the video.

carlos Giraldo

I laugh at all the scouts and managers who overlooked him. Thanks for coming and staying in NE and making this franchise the best in history GOAT

Sims Mitsubishi

Fantastic video!  Amazing how much winners prepare for the game!

Neena Nohria

Stay hungry Stay humble
And he did that to this day

bridget wilcox

Brady is the best!!!!!!!!!!

Julian Hicks

"I don't have to become an insurance salesman."

The Light Of The Body Is Pineal

I love Tom Brady!

Enslaved by No Media


Hilary Haines

Stay hungry, stay humble. Wow!


This guy makes winning football games (especially super bowls) look really easy....oh yea and this video is 4 yrs old I'm here in 2021 and he just won his 7th Superbowl fyi

Jimolee's YT


Dmitry Ratmansky

Stay hungry stay humble

Jet Rawlings

People were considering him the best in the NFL in 2016, it's now 2021 and he won his 7th ring. As a chiefs fan, there's no debate.

Dániel Kovács

Hey! I like your videos! Can you make one about a soccer goalkeeper ? Thanks!

pelon7 Cortez

The true mindset of a champion!

Diabolique Dia

I wonder if someone else wrote that UCLA interception story cause that was comedic gold!

James Vaughn

Thanks for video

Ivo Rubio

The way he said “quarterbacks” 0:55 lol ??



The ignorance Of wisdom


Christian Borja

Fuck he made me cry when he cried .


Please do Bill Russell (NBA Hall of Famer, 11 time NBA champion)


Brady is the GOAT.

Jerry west

"i dont have to be a insurance salesman ya know?" god dam.

JR Pagdanganan


Erick Andrade

Just got a T-Mobile as with Tom Brady in it

mark demell

His wife is a wicken!

Skeletons Horror

GOAT ???????


LOL @ "My mom STILL thinks I'm the fastest one out there."

Magnum Brahms

Family is #1 Football is 1A. Damn

Nathan Orona

This is guy is my idol, it’s 2020 I’m still watching this video.

Tarik Bey

The title of this vid should b how shady brady, became the greatest puppet scripted goat of them all!! In the wwe/ wwf/ NFL!!!!

John Doe

He remained humble worked his tail off and god blessed him with the fortune . Mad respect

Best Primal

Whos here after watching Brady and the buccaneers win Super Bowl LV?!

Robert Spies

Tom Brady owes his career to linebacker Mo Lewis from the New York Jets.

Jeff Trinkle

idk man when he started cryin it was a bit much lol. you're grown tom brady cmon man.

Joy Division

He isn’t one of the greatest, he is THE greatest

Eddie McQuade

Derek Jeters 10 rules please

Barushh Daghinian

great video!!!

Tyler Belcher

The goat ?

Jeff Trinkle

Aaron Rodgers would never cry like that

Jose Molina

some one here after brady won his 6th superbowl



Chris Gonzales

Haha 10:50

Carter Mc

At 4:15 *Insurance salesman steps into traffic

USA Roxx


The Campaign Of Peerless Kent

I am a Bear's fan, but without any hesitation, I'll admit that T. Brady is the best ever.

L. Ron Gardner

C'mon, Tom Brady's success is due to his white privilege. The only reason he was a 6th-round draft pick and not an 7th round pick was because he's white

bridget wilcox

Roger that

Money Green

Hey, to all you people, who think Tom is the G.O.A.T. in football. Let me remind you of who the real G.O.A.T is in football. Jim Brown is the greatest player to ever touch the football. Don't ever get this fucked up!!! Check his stats for his 9 season career!!!

Fer Mande

To be honest, when I saw Tom Brady played after Bledsoe got hurt. For some reason I saw something Great from this guy and I started watching Patriots game. And I'm right just watched him from the beginning I predicted a G.O.A.T. whohoo

Timi G

Can you please make a Top 10 Rules compilation of Gisele Bündchen too? :)

Sean Felder

TB will be in HOF once he wins another SB,

Loosing Sleep

Brady will always think of himself as the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft n that’s what really makes him great

Brahmini Ravi

I was voting for the patriots

Sam Garretson

Evan I would love to see you profile KVD: the GOAT of Professional BASS Fishing.

Bee Cares

4:00 Felt his love and passion. He never gave up! Stay humble and hungry.

Foxina Nesbitt

If you can do the pressure you will not make it

Tim Griffen

The best Tom Quote I've ever heard was his answer to a question asked during an interview. Question, "In the light of other successful duos between the coach and the quarterback where they both simply can't get along after 5 or 6 years, what is the main reason why you and Belichick still work well together after all these years and winning so many super bowls?" Tom said, "It's really very simple. He's the coach and I'm the player!" WOW! TEAMWORK mentality! It takes a whole team to be as good as New England! Winners always acknowledge they stand on the shoulders of giants, people who simply do their job with joy, clarity, and peace of mind.

Julia Vaoita Maeva Mareko

Incredible! TB is the epitome of perseverance & humility. He's all heart & natural born leader in one.

Bjorn Sorensen

I don’t care one way or the other about any Boston team, but I’m watching EVERY pats game this season, hopefully including the SB

bbc bbc

10:05 he missed the hi5 again ^^

Gilmer P Zuniga

They have to make a Tom Brady movie
Great story

Conner Finkelstein

7 Time champion and my childhood hero. Love you Tommy.

Rich Huynh

Should make a updated video since he won his 7th

Massive Success

I didn’t know that about Tom Brady


#7!!! The greatest to ever do it!

Francis Mausley

Such wonderful excellence! "...advance in all aspects of human endeavour, whether outward or inward, hidden or visible, material or spiritual,.." ~ Baha'i Faith

Kenneth Dias

Lots of great players come from the later rounds . It means the so called experts don’t know shit

Yuriy Didukh

You really gotta redo this, so much misinformation with wining 4 bowls !


Earn your position.

John Doe

Legend proved everyone wrong

Susan S.

Nothing was handed to him. That is why he is such a champion

Damein Vickers

Evolve,Live in the present excute calm under pressure believe in yourself Work hard embrace the journey earn success.set your priorities lead by example take advantage of your opportunities.Stay hungry and humble.Earn it period

Evan Carmichael

Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacX6JAo1EpmxT91r6VH53g?sub_confirmation=1


I didn't get into college straight out of high school , I know that feeling Brady talks about where you feel like whole world is crumbling and you can't breath and you think your life's over, of course its not and everything works out but when your that young that's what it feels like, that moement drove me for about 6 years, because I never wanted to feel that again.


Unbelievable! So good


The Tom Brady myth is an illusion. It's amazing how people never seem to question the myths that multi-billion dollars corporations create to get stupid people to consume their products...Tom Brady has been created into a god by the NFL and the media. He's not a god. He is a product used to make money, pure and simple.
These phony sports leagues create these stories and embellish them for one reason and one reason only...to increase profits.
I'm not saying Brady is not one of the best if not the best quarterback in NFL history. I'm only saying that his greatness has been partly manufactured and exploited to make money for the NFL and corporations who profit off his stardom.
This year is a perfect example of how the illusion is exploited. Brady leaves the Patriots, then goes to Tampa where the NFL sees the storyline, and manipulates Tampa's games to make sure Brady succeeds so they can profit off his reputation.
I saw multiple times where Buccaneers games were manipulated and rigged for them to succeed just because Brady was on their team.
All the great officiating calls the Patriots got when Brady played for them somehow disappeared when he left, and those great calls seemed to migrate with Brady to Tampa...this is not a coincidence.
The NFL has been manipulating games for years to push certain storylines. This means increased viewership, and increased revenue.
Most people are too stupid to see it, but it's there.
The NFL is nothing but entertainment.
That's the bottom line.

Tom Brady Workout Motivation

Tom Brady Workout Motivation23 Feb. 2020
6 312
HDQBSubscribe 438 721

A montage of Brady’s

A montage of Brady’s strong work ethic - inspired by Rocky IV.

Comments (11)
Ri Go

Nice work in here dude.... good job..!

J. M.

Most underpaid athlete in history!

v gb

That is what sums up the football side of tom brady..let 2020 be your new chapter..go to a team that will let you play..and not put a ceiling on your capabilities...that understands that age is truly a number..and WINNING IS ALL ABOUT MINDSET..lets go raider nation

Jason Fonseca

Mind peeping my recent https://youtu.be/BT4CVFr7k_Q

Jason Fonseca

Now a buc

Vulpor Vulp

He screams MAHOMES! at the end lol

Elias Beard

Tom Brady doesn’t just have a good arm and incredible accuracy. He also has a mind for the game.

Kevin lalo

Discipline is key

Dumisa Tony Johnson

6x SB Champion ?
3x League MVP ? 2010 Unanimous MVP ( 36 touchdowns and 2 interceptions- most consecutive passes without an interception in history)
4x SB MVP ?
Top five all time in career passing yards and touchdowns
Most passing yards passing touchdowns & victories for a QB in playoffs history
3x led the league in passing yards
4x led the league in touchdowns
50 touchdowns in 2007/08 season
500 passing yards in SBLII vs Philadelphia (single game SB championship record)
Most career passing yards and touchdowns in the history of the Super Bowl ?
Won the 2000 Orange Bowl ? at Michigan
199th pick by the New England Patriots in 2000

Jason Fonseca

Work ethic that everyone should follow. ?

Dumisa Tony Johnson

One of the best players ever to play