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UF RecSports Overview

UF RecSports Overview29 May. 2014
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Welcome to the Department of Recreational Sports (RecSports) at the University of Florida. This video highlights our exciting offerings to the UF student community, including Aquatics, Fitness, Intramural Sports, Lake Wauburg, Sport Clubs and more!

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Aquatics (1:50)

Fitness (2:55)

Intramural Sports (5:22)

Lake Wauburg (7:42)

Sport Clubs (6:23)

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This Is... The Swamp - Episode 1: Earn It

This Is... The Swamp - Episode 1: Earn It22 Feb. 2020
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#GatorsFootball #ThisIsTheSwamp

Welcome to our new series This Is... The Swamp

Coming off of a second straight New Years Six Bowl win, the Gators are back to work. In this episode, we; meet up with Head Strength Coach Nick Savage, get a look behind the scenes of a Gator Life session, and join the team for some offseason workouts.

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Richmond Gentry

Why do all this strength coaches sound the same!! I hate there voice lord.


Who’s here after Marco threw the shoe

AB 56

I am transferring to this program after my sophomore season and I want to be a gator for life!!

jd carmona

What did the strength coach do to have his voice sound like that lol

J Tiger

Extremely good content! Go gators ?

Emir Soerakoesoemah

4:04 ready to hit a wall

S.O.L.O 97

Florida came a long way since the Will Muschamp and Jim Macelwain era and it’s a great refreshing 2018 10-2,2019 11-2, 2020 sec champions? We’ll see ?


Love it! This is the time when we find success!! Keep working, men!

Leek gaming

Coach savage is really a savage ?

John Nevin

I want to walk through that locker room. Looks amazing!

Matthew Johnson

Alabama 2021. O line. 4 of them.


As a Michigan fan, this is what I want our program to look like. You Gators had a good season last year and a play away from being in that final four. I think this team can go 15-0 like LSU did. Good Luck in 2020!

Zach Moore

Awesome series! Love it ?

NSG Boys

go noles

Ethan Reuther

great content.

Carlo Bubb

Good series, but the music is always too loud unfortunately.

Jeff Davis

Imagine a conversation with Savage and Orgeron lol


Scott Cochran >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


the coach voice sounds like he has a pack of newports for breakfast

Dan Gloeckner

Y'all need an assistant director for this series next season after winning our 4th natty? I'm a pro ad for narrative but would much rather a gig with the Greatest University. For real. GO GATORS!!!

Fred Fire Dat Ass Up 904

If that didn't make you hyped up for Gators future then I don't know what will get you hyped. This was awsome video cant wait for more to come #GatorNation

Ryan Flanagan

Go New Orleans Saints


This is amazing !

King Zoe

Sooooooo This Series Was Just a One Hit Wonder ?? ?

John Burley

Outstanding content. Gator Nation is life.

Big Cat

They building monsters down in the swamp. Go Gata ?

BigTimeClips Washington


Kassan Johnson


Corey Arrington

Keep making these. Love it.


That was amazing. GO GATORS!!! ?????

Fighting Gator

Macho Man Randy Savage


We winning the natty in 2020.


This is the kind of content I need to make it through the offseason. Thank you guys and gals for this series.

Also, as hard as these boys go in this video is how hard the fans gotta go in the stadium on Saturdays. Let's make EVERY game like the Auburn game. These boys are out here earning it. Let's give em what they're working for.

Go Gators.

Mike J

Why does all strength and conditioning coaches have the same rough accent. Just like alabama football's Scott Cochran who I believe is no longer there, but anyways they all sound alike.


Each and every one of you are destined to be great WORK GATOR NATION !!!!


Shout out to my boy Shep

White Mike Music & Gaming

Seen my house in this video lol. Go Gators!

Matthew Johnson

you are graduating 4. that's the difference. Beat Em right now then.

Eric S

War eagle! Auburn but i respect Florida unlike the Georgia frauds

nikki combs



This is awesome. We actually did very similar mat drills when I was in high school. Takes me back....

Sierra Landry

Keep the videos coming??

EJ 13

anybody know any of the college football programs who do episodes during the season? i know about ole miss and texas a&m have series but can’t get enough of content like this


GATOR MODE...??????

Thomas Vorm

Great content. Not a gators fan but theres something so cool about their brand.

Cant wait to watch them play michigan in a bowl game again (kidding...)

Trandy Barnes Jr.

Dam I wanna play for Coach Mullen and workout with Coach Savage

Brandon Mitchell

Video team is stepping up. Great job all around. I expect weekly videos when the season comes. Brush up on those fast edits.


I like this keep them coming


There is no BETTER feeling in the world than waking up very early in the morning at Gator Nation. Done it for 6 years!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


I wish UofF had a streaming service so I could watch every Florida Sports game. ⚾️ ? ?

#Bass Network

Best video I’ve ever watched ??


Great content ??? Love the access and willingness to show the true #GatorStandard ?

Steven Falcon

The second the video began and we heard that truck engine start I knew it was a Tundra. A Tundra is what I expected a #Savage to drive. A real man's truck. Go Gators!

Matthew Johnson

Georgia Tech head coach. what's his name? Andrew Thacker DC. yeah I went to school with him. he's too nice.

Chester Crowder Jr.

I love this series already , keep it coming

John Douglas

Did Florida higher baker mayfield as a S&C coach cmon y’all know that one guy looks like a jacked baker


SeatbeltLESS Savage ! Please wear your seatbelt... As a firefighter, I've seen too many people that could have simply walked away instead of being rolled away... You mean The World to many people !

Bo Robertson

Goo dawgs!!!


This is really good content thanks!


This might be the fan in me talking to all you recruits come to Florida grand education grand life skills

R&N Prod.

Go dawgsl

OJ Sports Talk CFB, NFL, NBA, MLB

I love this content great stuff

Kyaire Howe

so no one gonna get dat coach some water smh


It’s Great to Be a Florida Gator ???

Donavon Keiser

The one dislike is a Georgia fan...

Ethan P Smith

No one gives a shit about the weak ass Florida gators come on man

Markus G.

Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rojelio Cuevas

Im a USC fan but I see Florida coming up for sure


Holy shit I'd run through a brick wall for coach Savage!!

King Zoe

That Dislike Came From a CrimiNOLE Fan ?

Ryan Flanagan

I am big New Orleans Saints fan

Justin Aycock


Maurice Harley

Thank You! Go Gators!

David Tall

"tough times don't last, tough people do" Great advice

Ron Pinnell


Brad Bettin

Nick has a normal voice .... who knew????

Wig Splitter

Oh my God my personal request has been acknowledged.

Charles Pascual

Evrry fan should watch this. So, next time we're in the stands and tempted to say, "he's "doggin' it" - remember the video - he might have been beaten by the other guy on that play - but guys that get up at 5:00 am to work like this don't "dog it".

Matthew Johnson

Jordan Brand. Your a Nightmare.


Gainesville BORN AN RAISED

JJ Jones

This great to see all the practices and strength conditioning they go thru.. plus the other seminars to help them in life. Gator Standard is definitely getting stronger!

cracka fantastic

Okay gators I see youuu ? ?


Let’s get this undefeated season fellas!


I love this channel!!!

Richard Gleason

Undergrad school-UGA. Grad school-UF. GO GATORS. Nuff said!


Aye go check out my new YouTube video TREVON GRIMES IS IN IT

Austin Agee


Joe Fulford

I thought coaches weren't allowed to be part of the workouts?

doran olguin

Copied the Clemson vlog smh

Durag Dash

Don’t know if these episodes are gonna be better then ole miss but it definitely has potential

Matthew Johnson

Pete Golding. Terrible Hire. How Does Defense work. If you don't know then you don't know.

Gerald kope

Gee....I wonder if beards are in!


Damn...I got to hit the gym now

Eric Sigersmith

Emory jones needs to play

Matthew Johnson

ok i don't lift weights

Nick Hobbs

We definitely need more of these videos. With all of the seniors leaving, I don't feel like I know anybody! There's a lot of new faces we need to learn. With that having been said though, I see you...

3:53 Trey Dean
4:21 Kyle Pitts
5:37 Brett Heggie
5:42 Kyle Trask
6:30 Lol, is that Kyree Campbell or Lamical Perine???
7:45 His Excellency, Mr. Emory Jones
11:30 Grime Time
12:19 Daddy
16:16 Gervon Dexter
19:07 Jonathan Greenard
19:08 Lamical Perine
19:10 Tyree Cleveland
19:12 Van Jefferson
19:14 Freddie Swain
19:15 Tommy Townsend
19:17 Jabari Zuniga
19:19 C.J. Henderson

Sherri ferguson

It’s great to be a Florida Gator ? uh huh it’s great to be a Florida Gator ? uh huh say it’s great to be a Florida Gator ? let’s go gators if you ain’t a gator ? then you must be ? gator bait


Make wish I was a gator!!! Still got one more year to get there

Beginner Stadium Workout - Gainesville Health & Fitness

Beginner Stadium Workout - Gainesville Health & Fitness27 May. 2014
2 876

If you enjoy being

If you enjoy being outdoors, a stadium workout may be just what you need. http://www.ghfc.com

This video has tips to help you get started!

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