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36 Min HIIT Workout for Fat Loss | Birthday Workout | High Intensity Interval Training

36 Min HIIT Workout for Fat Loss | Birthday Workout | High Intensity Interval Training19 Mar. 2018
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It's My Birthday!

It's My Birthday! Celebrate With Me With A Workout!

This Is A 36 Minute Workout. It Contains 6 Circuits And We Will Repeat Each Exercise 3 Times!

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Maria Ramirez

@Puzzle fit. Hi Cristal ijust did your 36 mnt bithday workout and it was a killer workout! I just wanted to tell u happy bithday even though it just passed and God Bless u and your family.I had a question howmany times do u recommend doing this workout aweek for weightloss.Iam not new to working out with weights neighther on workouts .ihave been working out for a few years but in the beginning I did loose alot of weight and then gained .becouse I focused on only weights and and did not harley do cardio at that time. And here iam trying to loose weight but it seems very difficult like my body plateu.I want to thank you for taking your time and for replying.☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Ronke Ajadi

Happy Birthday Crystal! Have a fab day and thanks for giving a great workout on your special day:-)

Mitchell Parker


Sue Penn

Your video just popped up on my YouTube channel...so wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday!
And...since I just discovered your channel, I am going to do this workout tomorrow.
Wish I discovered you before now, you look fun to workout with.

Joana Sousa

Happy birthday!
Wow! I'm 45 and did all workout with you. Great!


Happy Birthday!

Mothernature 247

?Happy Birthday?

Casey Wasey

Happy Birthday Crystal! You go girl!


Happy (belated) birthday!


Happy Born day ???

cool kid mad

Do It Lady! Happy happy Birthday to You!!

Cristine Mackenzie

Your my new favorite

Chana Duncan

Happy Birthday!! You are hilariously funny!! Did you have a hard time getting back into shape after the birth of your baby? Especially your abs?

Alexius Scott

Can I borrow your birthday suit, it looks better than mine ?

Arimita Bose

phenomenal! dripping in a bath of my own sweat! your workouts are always effective ! :)

tracy roney

Happy Birthday and thanks for the great workout!!!! Have a wonderful day

Ro Fa

so ??


❤️ your bday workout

Yvette Bachman

Love it girl!

Steph S

Thank you so much for posting this video! I completed this on my 32nd birthday today, yaaay! You look absolutely fabulous for 36! Keep doing what you're doing! This was my first of your workout videos but I look forward to trying some others. Great challenge, worked up a super sweat. My 8-month-old baby girl was watching and smiling. :) Cheers to you!

Kat Fox

Thank you so much for this awesome workout. Have just finished this on my birthday also ? you are fabulous!! X

Megan Te

May you have a wonderful birthday full of God's blessings! Jesus is coming soon!! Be ready, stay focused, and continue to stay positive, healthy, and the great motivator that you are!

Renata Veloso


Soleiny Gomez Vidal

You are the best! ?

fitMarilynn Di Milano

Happy birthday...great workout..love it???

diego lopez

Happy belated birthday i hope that you had a blessed day.

Anna Teittinen

Happy Birthday Crystal! ❤

Teresa Booker

Happy Birthday Crystal ????


This was such a fun and tiring workout!!
I'm so happy to have found your channel.
I think you are a sister in Christ ? The joy and sweetness about you makes me think of our Lord Jesus !

Raven Patterson-Moore



Happy belated birthday! I’m just seeing this video, don’t know how I missed it.


Happy birthday Crystal. Have a fantastic year ahead!!

Mary Fallon

Happy Easter Crystal! This is an excellent workout; and now I can get ready for church :)

Shauna Lea

Appy Birfday!!!

Rhonda Loftis

Happy Birthday Crystal! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!


Lol, as you were chatting through the exercises I was talking back to you ? I'm limited on time so skipped the third set on some of these.... Still sweating though ?????

shylo malcolm

Loved this workout. I hope to look as good as you when I turn 36!

Digz the Swag King

Happy birthday ??


You’re only 36....well maybe 37 now.

tamara shengelidze

Happy BDay!!! ?I’m turning 36 tomorrow so I defiantly need this workout ;-)

Joanne N S

Thyroid and hormonal imbalances are making this journey very hard

Samar Taher




Roberta Borg

happy birthday beautiful

Jamie Lowe

Happy Birthday ?

kim drew

Hope you had a great day! Thanks for the great workouts. You kept saying you were old...lol...I will be 50 in Oct. I am still going strong after 4 kids who are all grown, 3 grandbabies, 26 years of marriage, exercising everyday unless really sick. Everyone keep up the good work. Make exercise part of your daily life. Take care of you. I also appreciate you being modest. Too many trainers out there willing to show it all as if we want to see it. Out of all the ones I follow on YouTube you have one of the best builds and yet you don't feel the need to show every nook and cranny.

Tiffany a

Did it, loved it, I'm dying, and I can't wait to do it again next week! :D

Joy Valentine

I’m almost a year late to this party...but this party still rocked! New subbie here!

Antonio Ratliff

Great workout. I'll have to do it again for my 36th this yr. Happy birthday may God continue to bless you and yours!


Once again happy birthday and thanks for another great workout!

Dr Kouma

Happy birthday Crystal! Keep rockin. Love your workout.

Hanan Khalil

Happy belated birthday Crystal! You look stunning! Keep up your great work ! You are greatly appreciated! I have seen awesome results from your workouts,love and blessings to you♥️??


Just stumbled upon your page, just what I need. Thank you Christa for sharing such good workouts.

15 Min Hip Hop Cardio Birthday Dance Workout | Birthday themed dance fitness Songs| At Home Workout

15 Min Hip Hop Cardio Birthday Dance Workout | Birthday themed dance fitness Songs| At Home Workout31 Aug. 2020
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Try my 15 min Hip Hop

Try my 15 min Hip Hop Cardio Birthday Dance Workout. It’s the end of my Birthday month so I wanted to create a Birthday themed Cardio Dance Workout that’s perfect for beginner to intermediate levels. I hope you enjoy dancing with me for my Birthday!

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Choreography: Tasha B Fitness

Workout Type: Dance Fitness



Instagram: http://instagram.com/TashaB.Fitness

Twitter: TashaBFitness

Website: TashaB.Fitness or https://tashabfit.com

Facebook: Tasha B Fitness



EXERCISE MAT: Gorilla Mat https://amzn.to/2W1PI5m

YOGA MAT: Gorilla Yoga Mat https://amzn.to/3f5ARjo

CAMERA: Panasonic G85 https://amzn.to/36HdPLK

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TRIPOD: Jobe Gorillapod https://amzn.to/2KHZ8hh

MIC: Samson Micro https://amzn.to/2SfjjHp

MIXER: ZOOM H6 BLACK https://amzn.to/3cT3gXG

#HipHopCardio #CardioDance #FitnessMotivation

Comments (2)
Martrese Taylor

Happy Birthday Tash!?????❤?

Deirdre Burriss

Hey Tasha! Missed your birthday :-( but so love the Cardio Birthday Dance Workout!! Happy belated birthday month :-)!! I see your class in the trailer -- looks like so much fun there! I'll see you in the next video!!

Birthday Cake - The Fitness Marshall - Dance Workout

Birthday Cake - The Fitness Marshall - Dance Workout8 Apr. 2015
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Want more videos like

Want more videos like this!? Join the Booty Army!

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The Fitness Marshall: Caleb Marshall

Dancers: Bria McCarty/Jaclyn Hadfield

Choreography: Caleb Marshall



The Fitness Marshall strongly recommend’s that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise.

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge The Fitness Marshall and all employees and/or successors. from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of The Fitness Marshall’s negligence.

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Pamela Medina

this one my favorite of them all

K Static

Love it!!!


i did like 12 and im still doing more

Lachae Tallent

be a boy

April Salinas

for some reason the girl on the right kinda makes me feel irky .... i feel lik shes trying too hard to fit in or something

marshae Towns



Love at 2:26-2:27 omgggg ?? definitely sharing this with our Zumba Class. Great job.



anitra w

love these videos!!! keep making more



This will get a bit faster

Turns into Beyonce and goes 100x faster

me: okay

Cecilia Monet

Make the choreography harder and longer..and sexier with it ❤️

raylie ann

can you do the song Birthday by Katy Perry on April 14 2017

Dorothy Wright-Bethea

she can,t bace

Erick Martins


Kayleigh Stutzman

Love them and easy!!! don't feel like I'm working out and sweating like crazy!!!

Gabriela Marleni Portillo

ya llevo 6 meces con ustedes me encantan sus rutinas hasta mis pequeñitas ya se saben algunas jajaja bendiciones <3

Rolando Gutierrez

His scream gives me life

Emily Naz


Abigail Lacy

I love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much please give me a shoutout because ur my fav so much love ????????????????????????????

Crystal Banda

Love your videos! Is there any possibility of you doing a dvd or digital download for on the go! I would really be interested in buying.

Charita Jones


Healthy Shay

Love this one!

Raleighwood DriftwoodManor

hit it harder, Caleb !! (but can you do it on a skate board!?) heh heh heh

Colette Mallory

Wow. That looked incredibly hard.

alba camacho

gay or not the ultimate in dance the n1

leonardo Sotelo

You are good at dranceing

Chris Sanders

I Love When You Sweat Because It Makes Me Pumped Up To Do Your Dance?

Coockiie Me

could you do jump by riri too :D

Magicall Mona

oh man. I love the way this burns. I feel so sexy. Slay!!

Jessica Harper

Ok on my 3 it easy to follow love music

Mone Moore

"FASTER!" Lol I love it

Katie Roach

Still one of my favorite FM workouts of all time!!!!

Ayunna Farley

I love that song??????

Carol Navarro

I lost it at "FASTERRR!"

Hanna Ward

do "Its My Birthday" :D

Karen Restrepo

thats good daxing but stop acting like u all cool

Mybdy Beautiful

Love it!! I have to work up to that physical energy :-)

Jacqueline Hasting

my best friend Mandy and I do ten or so of your videos everyday! this one is one of my favorites!

Amera Crump

you find

Asia Coleman

gosh I fucking love this ,the dude was hella into this shit ?

Tiffany Withers

Make more videos


I lost 59 pounds just watching this

Samantha Gamache

omg I love this so much you are awesome I do a lot of your videos ilysm

Stef with an F

I just want him to be my friend tbh


he is killing it the 2 in the back is " okay" but the black girl u slay love itttttt!!!!

Eras JT

2:48 I stopped because I died of laughter... I'm so sorry I shall continue.

Rosie Clark

Dessert fitness Marshall

Heather Long

White girl is distracting in a bad way..

Please Don't Feed The

I am not participating in the actual workouts but am thoroughly entertained by whatever it is I am watching and will continue to watch the rest of the night.

Sessions with Nola

work it out!

Elias Kayal

just Found Out about your Channel , That's Really Cool man !!

Solan Tina

this had me sweating


The whole time I'm asking myself damn why is that white girl's thighs so red?...& then he yells FASTER!!! Lmao

Melissa Ireland

This dude is my spirit animal

Shannon Lange

So good....Caleb is a S t a r..........

Goddess Look

dat white girl n da bck though lol


This man be twerking better than the ladies????

Bridget Alexis

love these man! adding these to my workout routine.

Patrice Booth

I loveeeee these videos. I have a lot of fun dancing along that it doesn't even feel like a workout

laraine blything

How sweaty is this guy tho lol

Emily Naz

I AM DYIIINGGGGG u are so fucking funny & slaying the shit out of these workouts



Tomasz Medrek

i like the birthday cake - the fitness marshall - cardio hip - hop and i like the black girl she is very good .

sadok amouri

love it
best soo far

Roxanne Rosa

You are so awesome. The dances are good cardio and a lot of fun to work out to. Now to learn how to splice them together ?

Magicall Mona

oh man. I love the way this burns. I feel so sexy.


Heather Long

I cant stop watching these.. it has me up at 1:45am ready to do a workout

Mercedez Thompson

I love him!!!?????? my sis and I dance to all of his videos and are way better than the other YouTube dancers on here!!!!

Tiffany Hickman


Maheen A

I feel like I've seen the black girl before. Does she have a youtube?

Kendra Wise


Besmatch Real Estate

He is amazing!

Zoe Helen Solomon



How do you get this clean version of the song?

Kelcey Helmick

I love your videos so much!!!

Aaliyah Austin

compare Matt steffanina and him

marshae Towns


Kristine Kepano-Estremera


Lesther Banegas

I liked...


Love it, hope you don't mind if I learn it and post to my channel

Macky Suson

? ? ?
I am hoping to show my transformation soon!

lisa hall

I am 49 years old... single & kids grown & gone...Thank you for getting me of my couch...I am having so much fun with your videos .... MMmmmuah, PEACE

Josh Abernathy

0:55 to 1:00 how do you do that?!

Tatii’s Channel

Damn he do it better than the girls he gay

Bitchmetoo DaFuq

his hips just took a polygraph and passed. One might say they don't lie.

Tonye Hayes

yooo he is so liit

Caroline Bryce

I think my legs are not working anymore.


which is full of Swiss dance but mega cute

Iliana Guerra

have you ever done competitive dancing? you're like a dance teachers dream! haha youre my dance inspiration

Cheyanne Hopkins

You make working out not only worth it but fun. I go to do one video and end up doing at least 4 because I have fun with it! thank you so much.

Adrianne Collins

OMG!!! You're the s**t! Definitely my fave!!!

M Shah

do Good for you by Selina Gomez

Jordan Che

the more i watch this the more it looks like your legs arent connected to your body

Sabrina Perez

can u do wall to wall by Chris Brown

aaaubryy y

I love ur facial expressions


this guys face is legend

jimmy uvalle

do more and more

Halia Rose

I love this, I love the way he explains the moves. I can totally do this, and I actually get into the hip hop in a different way now. Keep those vids coming..I'm gonna share with all my friends!!

Nia Gamboa

Those girls lack enthusiasm!


Why am I just now finding you?! In bed, binge watching. I love these!! Gonna try this one!