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5 Exercises To Improve Shoulder Mobility And Stability And Get You Out Of Shoulder Pain

5 Exercises To Improve Shoulder Mobility And Stability And Get You Out Of Shoulder Pain16 Mar. 2019
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Smitty takes me through a shoulder protocol that first works on some SMR techniques to release the pec, lat and surrounding areas, to battle the posture most people hold all day.

After that we go through 4 different exercises that reinforce shoulder position and stability and help you get to a better posture and take you out of shoulder pain.

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Great job! Love these guys

Yisrael Dubin

Hey Luka or Smitty, can you please explain the importance of using the thumbs around grip while hanging? Thank you for the great video!

17 Mobility And Stability Exercises You MUST Try - Vigor Ground Fitness

17 Mobility And Stability Exercises You MUST Try - Vigor Ground Fitness27 Jun. 2016
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Quality movement is a pre-requisite for anything we want to do regardless of your goals. Creating relative stiffness in the right areas and mobility in others is crucial for longevity, healthy joints, quality movement (less injuries and nagging pains, and a host of other benefits. Go through some of the exercises and work them either:

a). As part of your daily ritual to improve movement

b). As new exercises for your warm ups

c). As fillers in between exercises to get extra reps of what you need

Even if you just ad 5-10 minutes of some of these exercises on a daily basis (with proper coaching cues) you'll see improvements with your hips, thoracic spine, neck, shoulders, etc.

The key is consistency and adding enough to where it is not overwhelming. This is far far from the end all be all when it comes to mobility and stability, but they are some exercises that many people aren't doing right now and can bring novelty to training and improve your results.

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mayad Jazzy

Luca Hocevar you must be a greatest coach ever!!! I really like all your VID. its helpful. Thank you so much

Alex Sierra

great workout!but having actual sets w/ reps included into the videos would drastically increase your views.

H Xen

Great routines!

Ezequiel Algaze

Instantly subscribed... i wish to have a coach and a gym of this level avaliable in my town... at least i have your vids!! Congrats VIGORATRONG

Ирина Шипунова

Молодец!!!! Спасибо!!!

Carlos Chitty

Nice... Thanks ??

Hemo Alwa

I want learn more about mobility but in Arabic would you help me please

Ranjith A.S

Hi Luca nice stability exercise & can these exercises it's suitable for hip surgery.. The person more active now..

Aaron Crosby

its pitbull

They Live We See

you deserve more subs, your content is great

UHD collections

Ur really awesome

Marko Pusonja

Found this video as very demanding..
Should i proceed with this as my sitting bones are not on the ground as i do the exercises?


Which ones are for stability and which ones are for mobility? Or are they all kinda combined with each other? Amazing video by the way and very informative! I totally will follow you from now on!

Hassania Azar

Thank u great video



The Riolux 17


Hector Sanchez

Great video and great content! thanks

Matt Robillard

I echo what a lot of others have said already: really great content here. Awesome to see how you reiterate taking your time and muscular control, really important for keeping people safe in the movements. I've been incorporating a lot of these functional mobility tactics into my Yoga classes because I've been seeing a lot of students rely on momentum to make their movements rather than engagement of the muscles. Also loving your choice of language with "actively reaching" and "pushing the shoelaces down"...really important to feel that contact with the surface we're working on!

Michał Krawczyk

Very beneficial video


I'm using several of these for warm-ups/mobility already, but the additions to the basic movements Luka showed here are great.

Thanks for the demonstration.

Pazz Zyzz

I wish that you would shut up and get on with it. I am trying to screenshot the pictures but you keep chatting

Lazerg Blahsen


Anthony Bertuzzi

there is a fine line between stability exercises and dynamic stretching true stability needs a 421 tempo


Sir, I am watching many videos on exercise on YouTube and Instagram.But you have got such a wealth of variety of exercises,which nobody has.You are unparalleled in the contents of the videos.Namaste.

Stephen Faherty

That’s some good 1080p right there!

The Anatomy of Therapy

These are great. Wish more coaches thought this way


Really good stuff man. You're my go-to guy when I need ideas for mobility sessions with my clients. Also you seem like a super nice dude. Keep it up!

Gabriel Velez


Proyecto Fitness By Isidro Gonzalez

Thanks Luka for such great videos! what about a video with some sort of workout that you do.

Michal Frančiak

Awesome! Thank you for your content!

15 min of stability & mobility training with Richard from Virgin Active | Vitality at Home

15 min of stability & mobility training with Richard from Virgin Active | Vitality at Home29 Mar. 2020
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benjamin suarez


Falcons Crest

Love this. Glad I stumbled across it.