Squatting barefoot vs shoes

The Benefits of Squatting Barefoot

The Benefits of Squatting Barefoot18 Nov. 2016
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Coach John Shaw discusses

Coach John Shaw discusses and shows why squatting barefoot can improve squat mechanics, positioning, and mitigate injury.

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Emilios Powerballer

that was real helpful, great video great tips

Amr Yasin

that buzzing is cancerous -_- x(

Why I Squat & Deadlift Without Shoes

Why I Squat & Deadlift Without Shoes3 Jun. 2020
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Alan Hill

I bought my ex-gf these sexy legwarmers to wear in bed, maybe I'll wear them to deadlift: best of both worlds.

Rangerfan 2019

I don’t train in anything, step up your game coach

Israel Abaga

Maybe you need to high reps your chest so that it would look good like Larry Wheels

Stephen Hughes

I wish I knew this before I bought a pair of lifting shoes for £100 a year ago. Then again, I'm not sure if squatting in socks is ideal on a smooth wooden platform.

West Coast ALL Natural Wolverine

Totally Right.

Darren Whittaker

Sloping floors Deadlift : until I get the assistance from my friends to fix - Which is better a barbell that wants to run away or one that is hard up against the shin.

George Argyropoulos

So you're not allowed to wear your knee sleeves over your shins in a meet? They have to be socks?

zach cannuli

Are there any federations that allow you to squat/dead without shoes? I prefer without shoes too - I feel I can dig my foot in better for the squat especially and I feel I can get more of the small muscles of my feet and ankle into it

Michael Warren

Although I agree in the context of barefoot squatting being better for strength and hypertrophy gains, there is so much nuance I'd like to get into with shoes and displayed strength, torso angles of the top squatters in the world, peripheral nervous system shit, mechanics, and joint health.

Colin Phillips

gr8 vid

Bhris Cannan

Engagement and algorithm