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Spider-Man: Far From Home / Tom Holland Shirtless Scene

Spider-Man: Far From Home / Tom Holland Shirtless Scene13 Sep. 2020
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Tom Holland

Tom Holland Shirtless.

Scene From Movie: "Spider-Man: Far From Home" (2019).

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• Original title: "Spider-Man: Far From Home"

• Release date: June 28, 2019

• Country: United States

• Director: Jon Watts

• Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

• Budget: $160 million

• IMDb: 7.5/10

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.


▶ Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man:

A teenager and Avenger who received spider-like abilities after being bitten by a genetically-modified spider.

▶ Jake Gyllenhaal as Quentin Beck / Mysterio:

A former Stark Industries employee and holographic-illusions specialist who masquerades as a superhero from Earth-833 in the Multiverse. He is recruited by Nick Fury to help Spider-Man stop the Elementals.

▶ Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury:

The former director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

▶ Zendaya as MJ:

Parker's classmate and love interest whose real name is Michelle but is mostly known as MJ.

▶ Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill:

A former high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who works closely with Nick Fury.

▶ Jon Favreau as Harold "Happy" Hogan:

The head of security for Stark Industries and former driver and bodyguard of Tony Stark who looks after Parker.

▶ J. B. Smoove as Julius Dell:

Parker's teacher and a chaperone on his school trip to Europe.

▶ Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds:

Parker's best friend.

▶ Martin Starr as Roger Harrington:

Parker's academic decathlon teacher and a chaperone on his school trip to Europe.

▶ Marisa Tomei as May Parker:

Parker's aunt who is aware of his secret identity and wants him to be Spider-Man more so he can help with charitable causes.

Comments (100)

Mj after the scene: can I look at your glizzy??

Oğuzhan Turhan

Film name ?

Anaqi Vlogs

She just wanted to see them spider tangle

Valbona Halili EL7A 364ELGR

ITs-its Zendaya :O cool

Mía Toscano Zambrano


samantha menard

not mj turning around ASXGBKNKBGFFWEV

Logan Kyllonen

okay but i fucking love this suit


Ned is like real buddy helping out his friend

AAron Thom

oh my ?

Ninjaboygaming hq


Gaming Minecraft


Marla Espinoza Bedoy

This video is disgusting, it sexualizes Tom

Marco Lanzoni

I don't remember this scene

example 2844

This scene shows how adorable zendaya was in this movie

Ruthie Lucero

simple. i see tom holland abs i click

anais chelouah

well let's watch the movie again

Eve h

MJ trying to get a lil peek: ??
Me: "DO IT FOR ALL OF US MJ!!! ??"

Connor Vang

U already no that all the girls came just to look


The camera work in this scene is phenomenal


Just f*** already

Ramsés F.

Ngl this scene was really cringe

Ryan Roberts

so apparently me and Tom Holland have the same chest... like, our pectoral muscles aren't symmetrical...

Adriana Campos


George Kensington

Everyone says this scene is so cute and everything, but I would like to see what the public says if the genders were reversed. (ie. Dude trying to look at a female changing)

Esa chica es pervertida


fun fact every time tom holland is shirtless you can hear all the fangirls swoon

Jhossimar Riano

How so looked xD



Mex 2010



Boys trying to be bros about it while watching. ???

heghine noel

Zendaya is so pretty ?❤️❤️❤️

Kristi Hoohuli

Hi yes o

Laith Ayesh

who thinks that M.JEY is ugly in this season tap that like button..... hehe

epifaniaontiveros lora


bluefox 11

wat is this hhhhhhhhh


He. Did. A. Good. Job. Showing. His. ABs.

Lida Gotico K

where can i watch this movie ???

Kervinio Lily

hhoooo la coquine

Kamal Sharma

awkward moment

"the costume looks great"
"for the costume party"

bored kid

Be honest:

You searched for this

It’sHadi blogs


Musical Fan

I just watched a video that had jump scares and it almost gave my a mini heart attack so this is great to watch right after lol




انا حار ابغ حرمه

Lucinda Koel

Title: Tom Holland shirtless scene
868k people: iNtErEsTiNg


Fun fact:
This is where all the girls and gay guys reunite to see some Holland abs


0:16 Peter Drip

Thiago Montania

Que película es porfa dija me

Kevin castro

Peter estas mamadisimo

Olivia Brodarick

Thanks YouTube algorithm

Bace valio

Земдая ща изям

You matter

I just read through all 195 comments. ? I am not wasting my life.


Mj i know u looking

Gulo Ostapchuki

Background song please end song

LXC Hecta

Just be honest

This wasn’t in your recommended.

You damn well searched for this

fouad algafri


Young woong Cho

If your a guy and you like girls, well now you don't. Spiderman turned you gay

ClashBaas Jesse




Berfin bilgili Ozturj

I dont understand why she changed her diaper

JayDontPlay RN

Dat girl mj a lil FREAK she tryna sneak a peak

Funny how she looked when he dropped the pants?

Eduardo Gutierrez

That does not look like an MJ.

abbie fenty

I love mj so much. I love it when she gets a bit nervous like the kiss scene

Ish Suri

Tom Holland Shirtless scene

Over 2 MILLION people clicked

Odin Ofasgard




Blake Shaffer

may i ask why u had to make this a scene Lmao

Olivia Brodarick

Hear me out and just close your eyes

Raptortex Gamer435


Gerardo Barrera Gonzalez

0:17 when a girl who has a crush on you tries to resist and hide it

Daniela Quiñones

The girl is crazy turning the little pasty is crazy


Zendaya is so freakin beautiful! ?

The TBS.

"Just a peek"

Lotus Risen

İf you listen hard enough, you can hear fan girls squealing all around the world.

تعذيب قيمر

في احد سععددب

Dereck Marquez

Fun fact: half of these likes on this video Are Fan Girls

José Manuel de la Cruz Flores

Me encanta ??

Blake Rohleder

I watch Spiderman for the plot

The cringe Channel

She’s a pirve

mad druss

bruh the eyes when MJ tries to see that XD


omfg last year i remember watching this with my whole year group at the cinemas (it was a movie day for our grade) and when he was shirtless,, GIRLS SCREAMING-- INSTANTLY.

Maria Christa

If i were Mj I’ll do the same ;’v

r B

Looking for the comment : “ every time I see Tom Holland shirtless I click” ??

João Wagner Moreira


Lucas Espinoza

I think Ned saw his parts

Masagung Ghesta

i bet 70% viewer of this video is female

Unicorn 25

Zandaya my girl

Jasmine Lawrence

You can tell MJ wants to look so bad

Camryn Bennett14

This scene was improved for a bit

Rocka Ban

I love nipples men

syte gamer27

Haha mj looked

Ash Ketchum

She was turning to see the size of it and if it would fit ?

sofia Dicanosa

seriously I wanted to touch

Marcos Junior

Alguém br

Abubakr Ismoilov


Elijah Rahim470

Haha hahaha

Vr Boy

The way she turns and the face of the kid is like tha hell

Odin Ofasgard


abdulhafeez nawwab

This is the weirdest scene ever this is a 15 year old kid Peter now is 15 or 16!!!!

Hermine Zarqaryan


Julio Ramos

Andrés Navy like this

Avengers Age of Ultron || QuickSilver Scenes || HD

Avengers Age of Ultron || QuickSilver Scenes || HD17 Mar. 2017
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Avengers Age of Ultron.||

Avengers Age of Ultron.|| full hd ||

movie cut scene of Quicksilver

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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.

Comments (100)
Nick Reynolds

Still blows my mind that’s the same guy who played kickass.

June's ASMR

It’s funny that Evan Peters was the “imposter” Kick-Ass but now Aaron Taylor Johnson is the “imposter” Quicksilver.

Abriam Contreras

This quicksilver is so much better.

David Humphries

N in my opinion he is the worst quicksilver

Mia Berdan

... im in love with a dead avenger with four minutes of screen time


The reason why they killed him is because Quicksilver is absolutely so powerful for any other movies


why didn't he just change the trajectory of the bullets like he always does

Esteban Aguirre

X-men quick silver was way better

Brandon Nguyen

I actually love this version of Quicksilver. His costume, speed vfx, and his personality are cool. Plus, I find that he isn’t super overpowered like his Fox version which would’ve made for easier storytelling.

Not Thom Huntley

3:01 foreshadowing

Maisha Quadir Maliha

isn't this character just a copy of flash?

Adam Danial

I have a feeling that so called “luke skywalker level appearance” in wandavision would be this guy right here idk maybe

Shahabas M.S.

In Wandavision episode 5. "You didn't see that coming" ???


only reason they didn’t bring him back in Wandavision is because that dump truck extra juicy ass would’ve take up most of the screen time

Antonio Nieto

That face when he knocks captain America 1:33 lol


So he pushed Clint away and then just stopped? I still don't understand.

Travis Radovan

I’m just letting everyone know that I’m here first from seeing Pietro from WandaVision


i feel sad about you


“She recast Pietro”


Who's here after watching "Wandavision" Ep 5?!

Tanat Pruett

"Long lost bro here to squeeze his stinkin sister to death or what??"
"She recast Pietro?"
"Who's the popsicle?"

OD_ Xflash


Leo P

Why the fck did they change the actor :)) the other one was perfect but yeah... brands and sh*t

Xavier Brown

Why does everyone love this Quicksilver better? Can someone explain please

Ben Leckey

How can they replace him? He was perfect! Marvel defo made wrong choice if we don’t get the real one back

Em Jay

Who came here after WandaVision?

Vignesh Baskar

underated hero

Soufyan khan

Who's here after the quick silver cameo in Wanda vision?


Why did they kill him off bruh shit is so dumb

Saud Aj

Who needs QS when we have the Flash, Fastest Man Alive !

Smart Alek

evan peters was better as quick silver

Amey Agarwal

Who is here after watching vision. Pierto comes back

First Name Last Name

I bought three different types of his gray-blue final Battle OUTFIT online, from shopee philippines. ??

The Informist

WandaVision gang?

Aiden Harvey

Arron Taylor Johnson better come back if they bring back the actual Pietro in Wanda Vision sometime

angello cuadra

Who’s here after seeing Wanda/Vision episode 5?


quicksilver definitely never should have died

Abhishek Tiwari

Now he is back in Wanda vision

Trey Kennedy

Its actually a shame i really liked him but i will always take evan peters quicksilver any day

Leo P

Do you seriously compare the special effects of this crap with the xmen quicksilver???


Still hate how much of an asspull his death was, we literally see bullets from his POV multiple times showing they move at a snail's pace, and they have the gall to kill him off by getting shot, despite the fact that he could have easily moved hawkeye and the kid from what we've seen.


I need this Quicksilver back asap

Shelby Teutrine

I wish they didn't recast him in different movies like they did. I also wish he didn't die because he's legit my favorite. But yeah I way preferred this actor than the other/others they recasted

James DeDonato


Garry Jones

And now his sister replaced him.

Steven Crighton

Anyone else here wishing for ATJs return in wandavision


#WandaVision.. Im here to See his MCU Bro Once Again

Razor Edge 13

now he is bavk in vanda-vision

Nathaniel Jones

God I'm so glad that they kept the sound effects from the 90's X-Men cartoon series, when he runs out of building in the beginning of show ????????

Aglownickel9 Egg roll

Such wasted potential


I want the FOX pietro to meet the MCU pietro

General Hawkins

who's here after wandavision episode 5?


Quicksilver from X-men is speeder than this guy, both are good, but... ?

Marcos Bastos

Poor Pietro, did suffer some recast


I thought pietro was coming back in wanda vision i was getting so hyped than xmen quicksilver showed up i like him but ultrons version was better in my opinion

sebastian maldonado

I love how they show his power of velocity in this movie than the X-Men movies. He leaves a silver blue trail, he isn't OP like in the X-Men but fast and strong enough to keep the fight, he is sarcastic but he isn't afraid to tell the true and get mad. In the X-Men movies he is so fast than he literally stop time and for some reason he knows exactly what happen in the mansion when he didn't even hear the explosion and also know where is the secret base for some reason? and he don't take the stuff seriously, he just take his time to rescue everyone and in the other scene literally is sad because he couldn't save cyclops brother. Yeah, he have the best scenes in the X-Men movies but he always is use like a deux ex machina.

Alex Marcelino

“They recast Pietro?”


Its not like your dead husband can die twice......

sangwon kim

They nerfed him so hard
In 'days of future past' he can literally see the bullets
In 'apocalypse' he runs while carrying others to save them from explosion

So Os 2

Nigga got nerfed

SyndiCAT Live

Who’s the popsicle?

King Komodo

Everyone was saying how slow this Pietro was compared to X-men quicksilver because he couldn’t dodge bullets but when you think about it, a Gatling gun like the one attached to the quinjet fires a lot faster and larger bullets than a pistol in like 1985

Timothy Russell

Evan Peter's as Quicksilver in XMen was a better QS (by far!). Trying to have their own poor man's QS for the Avengers is just making them look worse. Pretty soon, everyone is just gonna feel sorry for The Avengers. I mean, I do!

Jason Hart

What really happened: in kick ass 3 he gets struck by lighting and turns into quick silver


Listen, The X-men universe quicksilver is awesome it's true, but that doesn't mean I can't like this version too. I really hope he comes back

Chad D.

Had the potential to be the coolest avenger

Brooks Gasser

came here expecting ALOT more "YoU dIdN't SeE tHaT cOmInG?" comments in the past week since he got "rEcAsTeD" on WandaVision

Dimitris Koutelidas

Unfortunately he didn't have enough time to develop his powers like his sister had.

Jhedshane Villas

me after watching WandaVision Episode 5: i didn't see that coming

Mango Juice

Me, casually here after episode 5 of WandaVision...


This Quicksilver was so much better than the X-Men's cartoony slo-mo version...

Rahmat Avianto

If you look closely at the first scene of wandavision when quicksilver is revealed from behind, the hairstyle is from ATJ, white hair with black shading at the bottom, But when the camera reveal his face it is Evan Peters, and I think Disney trying to mess with us

James Paz

Who is here after seeing Quicksilver on Wanda Vision?

Marcus Smart

Lol quicksilver making the quality of this video faster

Super Abhay

Who's here because of Wandavision?

Marco Cassano

Who’s here after wandavision?

Chayenne Oosterveld

Man, I miss Pietro. I know he's back in WandaVision and, even though I like that Pietro too, I still miss the original MCU actor. Not sure why. His accent too. It's just so good. I know why both he and Wanda don't have a Sokovian accent in Wanda's version of reality and it makes sense but I still miss it.

Adam Burke

He deserved better


biggest nerf of all time. if u know what i mean.

Dzit XD

OH MY GOD.... this quicksilver SUCKS!!! he's very slow, how can the fast quicksilver get shots? quicksilver play with bullets.


Anyone here after his “recast”


Just to see if it's the same Pietro


Who’s else is here cause of when he showed up in wandavision ?


i still prefer this pietro over evan.
for mcu that is.

Ben McDonald

Unpopular Opinion

I liked this Quicksilver and would’ve liked to have seen them keep him around

Tony Stark

And later does Wanda know that she has an encounter with an alternate brother

I love 1776

I wish he had more scenes!

Mickey Loudry

Everyone is a comedian


Whos here after watching wanda vision episode 5


This is probably gonna get me heat but i like this quicksilver more them the fox one

Irene Palladini

I’m watching this video (again) the day wandavision’s episode 1x05 has coming out. Spoiler, Pietro comes back in wandavision and I’M CRYING

Faran Butt

Okay, I finally saw it after years, we were all complaining about how he could have moved them from that place.... Guess what, he did, if you play at 0.25x speed you'll clearly see that the background changes at 3:19 , that leads to only one conclusion that he got hurt while moving them..........

Ace Q

Things I love about this Quicksilver:
1. Hot. Like very incredibly attractive
2. That ACCENT dayum
3. I love that he actually wears exercise clothes cuz it makes sense
4. I love that he gets tired, it’s literally like he’s running
5. His sarcastic sense of humor is golden
6. He’s such a badass
7. Best brother boi

C.W.Simpson Productions

This version wasn’t bad, it was just that the X-Men version blew this one out of the water.


Noooo w

BIG SEXy goat

Well than

Greg AP

It feels like a tv thing. Damn I really dislike Joss Whedons work

Lil Shake

if this quicksilver appears in wandavision too it would blow my mind


2:05 and to think that Wanda at first try to kill her husband

SanJi The PerV

N my opinion he is the best quicksilver..

Superhero Prank with Connor Murphy 2

Superhero Prank with Connor Murphy 227 Jan. 2019
260 014
Patrick LyonsSubscribe 438 721


SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/PatrickLyonsYouTube

FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/patricklyons/

SUBSCRIBE TO CONNOR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwNPPl_oX8oUtKVMLxL13jg

Itro & Kontinuum – Alive


In this video, Patrick Lyons, YouTube prankster, fitness personality, and bodybuilder, goes to 6th street in downtown Austin with Connor Murphy, disguised as normal, nerdy, superhero-loving dudes. They tell girls that they have superhero-related YouTube channels and that they want girls' opinions on who is better: Batman or Captain America. Then they ask if girls would talk to Batman/Captain America and if they would give either of them their number if they were real. Then Patrick and Connor rip off their shirts, revealing that they actually are Batman/Captain America. When they both reveal their true identities, the reactions are priceless.

Comments (91)
Shanna Flonta

Look in the back and you will see Kevin and Aria XD

Mohanraj Suresh

Yeah iam also big fan of iron man that girl was right


Is connor getting smaller? :(

Mateusz Kodym

get yourself a better mic bro

Zerg Cerebrates

Imagine if this was the other way around with guys touching a girl dressed up as wonderwoman and touching her boobies

ImMsGoat YT

Random girl: what does captain America do
Me: he is the only avenger to pick up thors hammer

The Glass Wearer Channel

Amazing physique, u natural?

brute bear

Taking off the shirt to reveal a shirt

Sourav Sarkar

Conor Murphy is the type of guy to make a girl smile.

Jamie Mason

Is conner murphy balding?? His hair looks a little thin

minyoongiegenuis jjangjjangmanbbongbbong

Hey hey, Batman ftw
Also I do like captain America more than Batman but 2 words.... womanizing Connor.
And I like your personality much better.

Raaz Singh

Would anyone give the shopping link for the black batman t-shirt??

One Track Mind


Melbin Sabillon

Capitan america is better than batman


im that 1 dislike

Velly JATT

Very low budget captain America and batman

AmirPouya KHosravi

Reduce the voice noise with adube audition man!

frank medrano

omg these girls' reactions are incredible guess i need to become a superhero

Angel Hxze

"Black looks good on a person...so black man" ?????????

Justin G

SUBSCRIBED!!! Well done man! Btw a fan of connor here.


Good Old days with cmphy

Sank London

The shit they do just to get girls I swear guys all might aswel do it lol

O d d e s y


Enrique Ramirez



"but there are 3 americas" actually there are 5 americas!

Brandon Ndagijimana

I want those shirts

Captain America

Wow you finally made a video about me im honored

jai jain

At 3:10

dj moonlight

Old creepy fuck! Now the steriods wearing off! Hair and face looking like shit, sure ure small balls work now that ure off!

bob miller

"Iron Man"


As you asked for that model of batman shirt Patrick I do not find it and by the way?
good video friend.

Taehyuk Chae

Blackman instead of batman

Reaction Bhai

We pick Batman?

ismael gonzalez

Batman is better..

MAR2H Draven

u deserve so much more subscribers bro, keep it up, ur video are sick af

Hulk danley Danley

This dude shot a bird at you going by

Sean Murray

4:13 love how he tenses ???

Anas Idrissi

We are from the Army of connor murphy ??

AmirPouya KHosravi

Reduce the voice noise with adube audition man!

علي الخزاعي

حبيت لفكره

Ali Ouf

i think chines ppl worship batman lol

James Hecter

Better than the real heroes.

Batman Wayne

i dont understand why anyone would choose captain america over batman smh

Patrick Lyons

Who do you like better, Batman or Captain America?

Amira Zazi


Marthony Maciel

2:22 kkkk him speaking portuguese I AM BRASILIAN

Mr Sexy

4:04 who tf was that?


I love how she said iron man at 4:01



kelvin Joe

you two guys are total dick tks just boosting ego with that ripped body. only bitches wants that though hahahahaha

Benja Pereira

Cuando el video empieza una persona pasa detras de ustedes y ase?

AmirPouya KHosravi

Reduce the voice noise with adube audition man!


i have this feeling they only do this to get girls numbers

Misheck Chifita

4:17 clench those abs buddy ???

Meu Paraná

Com um corpo desses as minas piram , come qualquer uma até mulher casada kkkkkkkkkkkk

Regicide KAVLC

Did anyone else see that guy flip them off at the start of the video like what a toe eater

Dominics life

Omg at the start of the vid this guy behind you stuck the middle finger

Harley Quinn McGrath

Fuck Marvel

DC for life!❤


That was slick!haha! Captain cut and abman!


Poor batman didn't get as much attention

Abhash Shrestha

Coooonnnnnnooorrrr muuuuurrrppphhhyyy

Lifeofthe Improv

Dope Vid brah

Dominics life


Emir Lara

Capitan América es la verga

Enow Asam

Connor Murphy the type of guy to shower with a shirt on

James Keys

At 3:57 if your a real marvel fan you will get what I'm tryna say.... ???

If you don't then watch the first captain America movie and you'll find out !!

It's when captain America turns into a bulky dude

max tillerson

Patrick Lyons the type of guy to finally upload part 2 of the best video on the internet (THANK YOU!!!)

User Name

can't hear shit

bona petit

Girls who says iron man over captian A..are ..g..d...??

Rajesh Waran

No one knows captain america? Is that a joke?


Nice video man but could u please fix the audio.Therr is no mic attached to the camera

Fredy Rodriguez

Make Real life Mario kart 2 please

Suraj Sharma

Why girls press connor chest??

Niakwa Bolic

Go watch more plate more date last vidéo he made on you

Vqx Smay


Sofea Azmi

0:02 Why is nobody talking about the guy behind? ???


4:14 - the moment you realize she's about you feel your abs and you weren't tensing yet haha


0:02 this guy is not like you man

muhammad faisal

Black man she means black .com?

Aniruddh Sharma みゆきしば

And that cameraman is thanos

Chris Aleman

Have you been standing there with a Batman shirt for a few years or is this a late upload? Also wasn't connor on a cruise ship? Big ship

One Track Mind

3:27 was priceless.

James Polk

Cheeky Supes


Bro where are your muscels

Kalla mig T G

Connor has definitely grown as a person since this video. He is like a whole different man. His personality is so much more humble today

29 -Yasir Khan

Connor Murphy look like a superman man of steel villain

Vishal Thakur

Go you were so awesome

billy wood

anyone else realize the girl at 4:05 literally changed her mind about captain america hahaha


Ay man tell Connor to start new cycle and shave his head. I know will be hard but it's better than to try to hide that receding hairline

One Track Mind

3:48 I just relived what he was doing.

Chad Goliath

Of course you guys made a video together, video pair made in heaven