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Stone Cold Steve Austin Shoots on Owen Hart Injuring Him and His Death in 1999

Stone Cold Steve Austin Shoots on Owen Hart Injuring Him and His Death in 199920 May. 2020
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Stone Cold Steve Austin in

Stone Cold Steve Austin in his audio book "The Stone Cold Truth" talking about the piledriver from Owen Hart that broke his neck and Owen's accidental death in 1999.

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I kept expecting to hear, "You got'nee french fried taters in nare? uh huh."

joe mengele jr

Owens "accident" is suspicious as fuck lol

Dave Atkin

always to the knees. not the ass...thats what she said

koos koos

Hes was acting like a real selfish SOB to not call stone cold steve austin at home. If i did that to any guy i wudve been going there every day and wiping his ass if he asked me too. That was not cool. Rip Owen.... but then again to Owen's defense i can relate to genuinely feeling so guilty u cannot even talk about it. But it did need to be done regardless.

Anthony Barnes

I thought razor ramon’s “razor’s edge,” was gonna kill somebody when I was younger.

Michael Ferrari

“I have connections.” Hahaha


I remember that Owen harts rip But Stone my Favorite stunner

Alex Mangual

Used to feel bad for Austin but I don’t considering you didn’t protect Mashiro Chono. You could have ended his career. You cost that man MULTIPLE IWGP title reigns. Good job Steve!

C Viasco

I feel like he could’ve done this on purpose, who jumps like that delivering a pile driver

Brandon Johnson

Doctor youngblood tho ??


Jim Ross knew the match routine and thats why he said "Tombstone piledriver". Owen Hart didn't follow the script


JR's audio book voice is better than Stephen Fry's lol


Did Stone cold day that Owen said he’d “drop to his ass” 2x but for some reason Steve thought he wasn’t being serious?

Jefferson Manchild

I remember that match.

Leonard Q. Realname

I wish Owen was still here. Everyone expects to live past 34, but if you have a loose end in your life, tie it up. You just never know what tomorrow brings. He was surely embarrassed that the botch was attached to the Hart name.

Of course Austin had every right to feel the way he did as well. Just an unfortunate 18 month span no matter what.

Burt Macklin

In 1992 Stone Cold did the same piledriver to Chono in Japan.......

kenwei Vele

Growing up as a kid I am always a fan of WWf or Wwe in the later years. But it was really sad that this happened Owen was so consumed by his guilt that he did not found courage to say sorry to Steve. I guess asking for an apology really takes a lot of courage to do.

Debater of Everything Presenter of Nothing

That's what you get for putting your life in a blonde's hands


This must be from an audio book of the stone cold truth book

Jackie Pierce

I've got a triple fusion in my neck, it helps not a cure, next is my lower back, I wrestled with sheetrock for about 35 years

Colin Ryan

I honestly feel like they should’ve just said what they felt about the moments they were speaking on. Rather than reading off a piece of paper that someone else wrote

Soul Of A Christian

Poor stone cold

Eric Correa

Sounds like Austin had Owen put away via Vince


Thank you. RIP Owen

Dianna Shotwell

I was there for that match we all knew something was wrong.

Gaygle McGoogle

I never liked the nugget. Nobody did.


I haven't watched wrestling since the 2000s when the rock and stone cold started fading out. I missed the whole John Cena Era. Yesterday I turned the channel on wrestling and I couldn't name a single wrestler it honestly looked corny as hell most of these wrestlers didn't even seem like they had the star power to carry the organization. I wanted to get back into watching WWE again can anyone here tell me anything good about the organization now?

Ban V

Sometimes someone else really needs to just bring two together to hash it out and move on with life.

O.D. Red Pill


nicholas adkins

This is fake. The surgery was done at the Cleveland Clinic


Total respect for what these athletes did for fans. I was a kid back then and watching WWF was my only joy at the time.


Owen did that same piledriver on Dan Severn, some time in early 1998 i think. It shocked me that Owen would ever do that move again.

Written Mirror

The Texas Rattlesnake Bedtime stories


That Owen hart piledriver was serious lol

Tim Henley

"...Because I'm Stone Cold Steve Austin." Best line ever.

Sun Tzu

Austin 3:16 says "I just cut your rope".

ajoy a

WWE: Hart ends balded goateed man's wrestling career.
WCW: Balded Goated man ends Hart's wrestling career.

Phil Lawrence

Maybe Owen felt ashamed. Very sad.

Jthrillz 728

Owen didn't want to give up that belt. Giving up that belt would've brought back up more guilt of his insecurity of living in the shadow of Bret and never fully making name of his own. Something he probably struggled with his entire career.


6:35 Is that dave ramsey talking?

Terence Johunkin

1. It really was an accident.
2. Owen did it on purpose to hinder Austin's career.
3. Owen did it on purpose to ruin the WWF product as a whole.

If 2 or 3 then I can see why he had an accident at his last ppv.


Why is JR talking like the pile driver to the ass wasn’t done by so many ppl other than the undertaker, he was just the one doing it to the knees as a finisher... am I wrong? Owen didn’t just “steal” takers finisher, it wasn’t even the finish of the match, it was forced to be when he got injured... Piledrivers to the ass with head tucked like powerbomb been done forever

DJ Statyk

He talks about dealing with the injury for the rest of his life then goes on to talk about the "Freak accident" ??? If any of you believe the dide really had a freak accident, you're fucking delusional.

Corbin Badrian

Hearing Jim Ross fill in the blanks is just something magical

Aceyfer X

Meadowlands was my first Major League Gaming (MLG) Event that I ever competed in for the First Halo 3 event that was sponsored by NBAs Pro Gilbert Arenas.. I flew all the way from southern Florida at the age of 16.. instead of focusing on getting a driver's license I followed my dreams of being a professional gamer. Unfortunately I didn't make it at that age at Meadowlands and eventually joined the Marine Corps in 2009 and was stationed with the Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC) in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.. Steve was always my hero deep down in my heart and wish I had an opportunity to shake his hand.. especially during my own experience with the music industry connected with Don Henley.. thank you for producing this content and hope this team prospers


Does anybody else hear hints of Billy Bob Thornton's character in Sling Blade when listening to just audio of the Texas Rattlesnake?


It sounds like Austin is reading a book to a room full of children.

George Munro

Owen Heart was awesome he was such an amazing technical wrestler better than Bret but you can't blame Steve Austin for having animosity towards Owen during that time he broke the man's neck and didn't call Steve but Owen Heart was so good he could've surpassed Bret RIP Owen an amazing technical wrestler

JOHN Ramos

Real life Badassssssssszz

It doesn’t matter What your name is

Austin didn’t sound sincere when he said that Owen didn’t deserve to die.

Hooper Mixtapes

Dr. Youngblood


Holy shit I remember that match live.

You were amazing, Austin. Injuries like the one you potentially could've had are the reason we don't tend to see the similar Emerald Fusion slam move. Rough stuff, man.

Kashmere spencer

Karma at its finest

Lewis Clinton

Blatant disregard for Austin’s safety. Stupid move on Owen’s part.

Weston Stevens

I've been dealing with neck problems. A C5-C6 herniated disc and bone spurring and stenosis all the way from C3-C7 that has made my life suck a lot more and still this is nothing compared to what Steve Austin deals with.


Owen didn’t care - he yelled that “ I broke your neck “ crap for a long time while Steve had to and luckily recovered.


I can’t believe Owen never reached out to Steve to apologize and instead had a shirt that said “Owen 316 I just broke your neck” — I had respect for Owen until I heard this, what a scumbag move

chip hilton

cant mess with the neck.


Well... Karma's a bitch

Jet Jaguar

Always go to the knees not the ass

Fernando Cantu

"You would've thought elvis was at the hospital"
Stone Cold: Get me some ice cream you sorry son of a bitch before I open up a can of whoop ass all over this hospital, and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!!

Bryan Owens

I love how hearing these old wrestlers talk about their glory days. They can always, ALWAYS remember exactly where they were.

Irwin Vasquez


Tony Rodriguez

What an asshole

Eric Herstedt

Whoever goes around disliking youtube videos is a slut

Demitryus Martinez

Whats he reading from?? Hes not talking like that 4real


It’s was the dropping to his ass part for me???


Just imagine if this didn't happen. We got robbed of maybe 5-10 more years of prime Rattlesnake. Smh.

Lil Cyko

Dr. Young Blood

Prestigo Wize

Stonecold was clearly uncomfortable with the pile-driver, Owen didn't even allow the maneuver any accomodation. Owen took the priority of looking good in the ring and making more money over safety, Owen should have been fired and sued on the spot for every single penny he had. On top of that he was uncomfortable to be around backstage. I now understand why vince refuses to induct him into the hall of fame.

DJ Statyk

Owen was killed. That's that.

Mike Cozzi

? Stone Cold Steve Austin Doesn't Like Anyone Who Doesn't Like Him!
OR Your Going to Need Dr David Schultz! ?Lol! ?


Owen paid for it 2 yrs later. Just imagined they fired him and he joins WcW...he would still be alive!


The match that ended Stone Colds career as a legitimate competitor

Usman Salim

Owen Hart just sounds dumb as hell! His death may be his own fault considering how stupid he was!

koos koos

Thanks for video bro

JOHN Ramos

Austin will forever be a legend ? and one the most lethal wrestlers to ever have wrestled in WWE

Johnny banacin

Owen should've listened to Steve & drop to your knees. He said that twice & Owen said no.


What everyone else said.

Bloody Tr

Had to look that up. Yikes!

Noel Threet

this is my kind of audio book. could listen to these stories all damn day. texas rattlesnake forever

Wrath Decay

I think Vince and Stone Cold had something to do with his death. Vince almost slipped up on tv.

Fba Guy

Stone cold Tampered with Owens cable chords for revenge for him breaking his neck ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Tom Gilligan

Was just watching this very match and had to look it up cause ya that looked awful. Thank God Austin wasn't seriously hurt, we could of been deprived of the greatest character is wrestling history that night

Chad Binette

Wrestling may be "scripted" but it is in no way fake. Injuries are real, and don't happen when things are fake. Look back at how many of these guys had real neck or head injuries that effect their life forever.

bLaCjAcK Daniels

These guys are on another level of tough.

OG Bean

Laying here on my stomach hands holding my head, feet just a kicking!!

Shaun Christenson

Pretty clear this is all being read from a previously written out statement


Steve broke this down in great detail, Lov it also Steve Austin is a cool dude I met him in person back in the day :) glad I got the opportunity to meet him :)

Kaleb Tourist

Is this a book ???

Givey 1916

I wonder if Steve tampered with Owen's zip line.

Weld therapy

I had no idea about Steve Austin injury he was my favorite wrestler. The hardy boys and mankind did some crazy stuff they were cool also

Bryce Smith

Dr YungBlood? ???

Melissa Wright

He didn't fall 40 feet, he fell over 70 feet


That makes Owen an even bigger asshole. If the only thing he cared about was embarrassing the family's name by botching a wrestling move, instead of the fact that he almost killed a co-worker.


It’s not a color thing not a rascal thing it’s me whooping your ass things and I’ll take on all you candy asses when ever where ever cause stone cold said so all man I whoop so many asses during elementary and middle high school he help me 4sure ?

ian paddey

Or a sixties private detective

Jo Shider

2 years later Owen got his Karma

Emerson Herndon

Ohhhh no


No one and I mean fucking no one cuts a promo like Stone Cold. Incredible.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart - Survivor Series 1997 (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart - Survivor Series 1997 (Intercontinental Championship Match)19 Feb. 2015
460 622

Austin & Owen in

Austin & Owen in Montreal.

Comments (100)
Caleb Gwaltney

Anyone here after Dark Side of The Ring?


Owen hart desrved to die...he ruined austins neck nd cut short the attitude era

Mike Youngblood

That was an Epic match. A tad rushed, but the psychology was tremendous

Bobby Worrest

it's weird watching this now, knowing austin STILL has heat to this day for owen breaking his neck/not once calling or asking how he was, or apologizing for it. I can't even imagine how pissed he must have felt during this match



Felipe Perez


Steven Cook

What a great match between the King of Harts & The Texas Rattlesnake!

Vinny L

Ephesians 5:15-16

"Be very careful, then, how you live — not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil."

Raymond Jünger

After seeing this type of Austin right here..

Poor Debra?

Jordan Bledsoe

Moment of silence for Owen hart

Dick Wolf

“Break His Neck!” Ya know, Canada isn’t that bad after all.

Libo sen

Canadians cheer Stone Cold when he goes against a canadian dang

bronx boy

Owen meant to break rattlesnake neck

sofaking onmynuts

i haven't watched wrestling in years and im hooked right from the start


Was that finish botched?

ash unknown

Wwe sucks now with sjw.. Feminist .. Those days with normal way was great.. I love watch wrestling when men's was main attraction.. Cause they are best go business n charismatic n strong that's suit wrestling ... Women are that good as men period

Pat Fenis732

Corona quarantine 2020??

Carlo Winston

Owen deserved to DIE POS BASTARD.


That was a sad night for Montreal. 2 of the most beloved canadian wrestlers lost both the title and one of them left the company later that night, after a controversy with the match

Jordan Montgomery

They were literally showing owen doing the same move on the titontron before the match.


Austin always wanted to be a bad guy but he was too cool and even though he embraced the top face role because he still got to act like a heel in some respects (today’s wwe should take notes) but you could tell for this night he had fun going back to heel even if fans still cheered a bit

Peter Garcia

More fun than a barrel of fun. Owen was a GREAT heel, shades of Gino Hernandez with the constant roll out of the ring and then a kick to the nuts. Lol, Greatest Wrestler in the History of Wrestling. Owen Hart a.k.a. (The Black Hart) was a wrestling entertainment genius. Steve Austin was a bum and he was GIVEN the "rub". Why Vince had him murdered I just can't fathom.

ronald boreland

That was stunning!?

Glory Mosby

LMAO @ Jerry Lawler say that Owen is opening a can of Haul Ass!!! Hilarious


Both Owen and Bret lost their titles that night. In Canada. To Texans.

Ryan White

if Brett hadn't left Austin would not have been such a huge success




Not a good night for the Hart's this night

Roman SRK

0:19 tone old


1997 was a crazy fucking year

Addison Youngg

He was buzzin’ through the whole thing. ??

Olivia17 dxwwf Button 17

olivia17 is a member who is the best of you but you are not alone in that the world of life and you are the only one to you and you are

Boss Hogg

The shirt that says I broke your neck?. Talking about irony

Tony Sage

3:39 are we just gonna ignore dudes shirt?? All the signs were there


"Owen Hart is opening a can of haul ass!"

Tony Belf

8:09 Vagina 3:16


7:20 listen to king fuck with JR, king was trying to tell jr that he should kayfabe hate him because he stunned him. Times were different back then for only fans of today, they actually cared about kayfabe which I miss

pooli ramesh

what a stunner, super Austin

The Notorious YouTube

there’s nothing like that glass breaking !

RIP Owen Hart.

Michael Thomas

Damn this makes me feel old, anyone else remember playing 64 waiting on this to air?

Buffalo Mind

Any enjoyability/believability as far as the intensity brought by Austin ended after the attitude era, and Austin was by far the most believable. The way he laid into those strikes and maneuvering of opponents was second to none, and of course his whole mindset/character goes without saying.

Tommy Ribs

Owen Hart was as good as any of his contemporaries, truly.

justin fleming

Canada was cheering for Austin just like in Rocky 4 when Rocky was in Russia facing Drago and they were cheering for Rocky there

Caleb Sorrell

What a fitting shirt

Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

Seems like the WWE loves bringing people's real life tragedies to the TV screen smh way to capitalize

Jay Zeal

3:00 Owen is badass ??? and that mugging look He gave ??


dude...rip owen hart but how fing ironic his shirt says i just broke your neck on the back of it...wooooooow

New Anomaly Productions

I wonder if Owen Hart was only meant to be crippled by a planned fall for injuring Stone Cold.

Keith Ratliff

If your glad Stone Cold Steve Austin stunned that wreckless stupid sorry ass some BITCH for the 1-2-3 give S.C.T.Austin a HELLLL YEAHHHH!!!!!!!????????

Bart Simpson

0:06 South Park 3 : 16 sign


6:27 that scream?


이기이기 목뼈 부서진 스톤콜드 스티븐 오스틴

Aron Maslan

OMG it's the 90s and he's giving the finger. He's so bad ass! What a talent!

You Tube

Owen lost but Bret couldn't

Carl Hudson

awful match

pro wrestling smart talk

So Owen lost the belt to Austin and Bret have to lose it to Shawn


Those early stunners were stiff asf lol

Leon Jack

The intro vid for Owen sure foreshadowed the Austin injury.


Owen could've been the one of the best in the early 2000's. Sad he's gone.

Marc Ryan

Good match. Stone Cold’s stunner is one of the best moves EVER!

Jaynese Mcfarland

Austin was just a star from the jump once he started working for wwf he took off


The atmosphere at this arena is absolutely febrile before the infamous main event even occurs. Those fans are ringside are spilling over.

Stephen KinQ

Rest In Power O. Hart ; BullDog ; Anvil ; Doug Funas ...

Brian Ticas

Looking back Austin was pretty popular despite being a heel.

Verona Gomez

He looks mad as fuck


Lol. That shirt!

Keanu Kea-Kamehameha

When wrestling was relevant ???

Peter Parker

Take a Look at what's printed on owens T-shirt

Andrew Flood


Paul V

Literally every other t-shirt was an Austin 3:16 shirt.

Okay Bro

When Intercontinental title meant something

Denesh Bhaskar


rasa petronyte

Stone cold is a champ and his simble is a skull

Jaynese Mcfarland

I miss the camera angles from back then everything was so awesome


so was this before or after he broke his neck? lol

Final Minute

Opening a can of haul was Lol


So when did he get piledrived and broke his neck?

Steve Sherlock

I found DB cooper 9:10

Denesh Bhaskar

Thats the greatest austin entrance. They made a special entrance for him lol


And this was just for the Intercontinental Championship.

Nathan Blackwell

Damn at least 3 from team Canada that walked out are all dead

Mathew Aconley

Owen Hart was just brilliant. He could’ve been given a run as the WWF/E champ and ran with it no problems.

Knowledge Untamed

Support my new music video https://youtu.be/uMejYoy3dEQ


Owen's titantron is hilarious

pooli ramesh

Stone cold Steve Austin icon WWE king

Randy Orton's Dick Bulge

When he gets hut with panties on his way out.

LUIS 1391

steve austin is a shit xD

Curt Nasty

Who were the guys in blue with Owen??

Chici Get The Yayo

Funny how Owen was wearing a shirt that said “I just broke your neck” and that’s exactly what he ended up doing. It’s also incredible that this was the same night the Montreal Screwjob took place ?

Verona Gomez

Steve Austin was badass fuckin awesome

lee harrell

Im here from the Austin talkin about owen and that pile driver really injuring him. He couldn't move and lost the feeling in his limbs . He told the ref to tell owen etc


Montreal Canada ...MC ...love that ...because Montreal belongs to Canada not Quebec...no offence ... It's true..it's damn true

Savanah Marks

Does anyone else realize that Steve left half of the skull that's I love it.

Jahzell Selmon

It’s crazy how they laughed at the idea of him breaking his neck

Roland Mendoza

that's a long ass ramp

Dan Henry

Damn it it's a pain to see only half of that skull glass break instead of the whole thing when he enters

Rahul Mehta

Stone cold is best☺️?


May 7, 1965 - May 23, 1999
Died 19 years ago today

This One

Angle and Owen could've had a good I Just Broke Your Freakin Neck feud.

Michael Bennett

This is the match that shortened austins career cause of a severe neck injury from a tombstone piledriver sit out

Stone Cold Steve Austin Tributes To Owen Hart @ RAW is WAR

Stone Cold Steve Austin Tributes To Owen Hart @ RAW is WAR18 Dec. 2010
890 769
WrestlinghistorySubscribe 438 721

WWF RAW is WAR#313 - Owen

WWF RAW is WAR#313 - Owen Hart Tribute Show, May 24th 1999

Comments (100)
Nite Driv3r

Pusscs Mad!

Jen Garcia

Jerry is a fake person he talked shit about Owen Hart and His Family

Mega Raichu

Rest in paradise Owen Heart 5/7/65 5/23/99

Austin Dickerson

In memory of Owen Hart

1965 — 1999

tristan Garcia

Rip ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Raziah Sakhi

Rest in peace owen Hart


Sad I never knew him

WWE Jackson Parker

I was 8 years old watching the ppv not really understanding what was going on because I was kid but man rewatching this now brings tears to my eyes and is now known as the saddest day in wrestling history R.I.P Owen Hart we still have not forgot about you.

Desiree Johnson

Awwww JR ,


Wow I never tear up or get a chill in my spine, but hearing JR broken up really got to me.

Johnathan Scherger

Owen should be in the WWE Hall of Fame

Mega Man

Woof that was a rough first 30 seconds. damn guys

Sidney Harris

I'm tearing up right now. I know this is like 20+ years but I have so much passion for wrestling. I'm always crying when have tributes passings of wrestling announcers, wrestlers, etc.

Desiree Johnson


ari russell

The thing I hated most about this episode was even though that happened the night before the announcers were still trying to get that fucking ppv over

G33k Culture

"I hope that I am as good a man as him, so that I can see him again some day."

Elie Delorme

I remember when this aired that I debuted as a wrestler myself the night Owen died plus I share the same birthday as him may 7..

Vincent Verona

Does anybody know what stone cold said? I don't listen to his podcast as much as I should, and maybe he answered that before.


I watched him fall to his death. I stopped watching wrestling for awhile after that.

Greta Thanos

Lawler can’t fucking believe they are continuing.

Wade Pool80

one of the saddest moments in professional wrestling

Nite Driv3r


Mikey Gray

I can't believe stone cold didn't even go to Owens funeral.

ryan Murphy

On her would have made a great world champion it's a shame that he was never a world champion rest in peace to one of the best wrestlers in the world

Tiago Pinto

On that day, Austin put all the "heat" aside between them and Austin 3:16 said:: "Rest In Peace, brother."

Just a toast. Zero words. That's a real sign of respect and recognition. Epic!

RIP Owen, the guy who was the WWF Champion, even without needing to win it. We'll never forget you!

karell t


Berlona Mberi


Joshua Pabon

Monday Night, May 24th 1999 Was 1 Unforgettable Night In Sports Entertainment History That Many Do And Will Remember Forevermore

Neil Mclaughlin

i remember these too nights like they were yesterday this episode of raw was so powerful and real

Smooth Bro

Maybe Bret can convince Owen s widow

Trinidad Valdez

Damn they cried the whole night

Jordan Team 64

This was the reason why wwf didn’t want people to see the over the edge vhs

Grant Davis

Owen I wish I had known you when you were on this earth, I can’t wait to meet and get to know you when i hopefully get to Heaven. RIP 1965-1999.


What a tribute, we miss you owen?

Rhiannon Lindsey

What did Austin say during the tribute? I couldn't read it well.

Mario Maroo

JR's words " I hope i can be as good of a man as Owen ... so that i see him again some day "

That touch me ...... that was beautiful and fitting of a sentence as any to describe what a beautiful human being Owen Hart was.

Ernest Ross Wyatt

JR is being sad - Stone Cold's music pops up me expecting JR: "AW HELL YEAH!" sorry you know Owen would have laughed

Wise Choppa

I was just 10 years old at the time. Me and my brother were watching TV and I switched it to the ppv channels that were all blurry u couldn't see what was going on but right at that moment I switched JR announced his death. My brother who is older heard it too and jus said what?? Like he was kinda annoyed like upset about what he just heard. I knew it was a tragedy and all but now that I'm older it hits me in the feels so much more jus knowing everyone loved this guy. I'll never be as good as u Owen but u still inspire me ur life and death is not in vain or forgotten. RIP

bloody knuckles

Dam man just reliving this moment I was in 6th grade when this happen but as a man now watching it gives me a warm and hurtful feelin almost want to cry

Andre Jefferson

I seen this live when i was a kid and i was in tears because i knew death was real. Hold on 2 your love ones


That video was two parts; the first being a great send off by JR and Lawler to Owen. The second was Steve Austin self indulging, actually taking the focus off from Owen onto himself. I mean the guy didn't even break character at all, very strange and given the history a little disingenuous.

Doug Eaton

Almost 20 years ago. Amazing and sad. ?

juicewrldfan999 1

Today may 24?

Nite Driv3r

Dam Stone Cold Pops were HUGE AF!

zaharia ionut-claudiu

2021 2022

Jack Gignac

i’ll never get over hearing a stone cold steve austin pop

Cyrus Croslin

Who ever disliked this video is. Hater of Owen Hart

Heaven Hancock

54 seconds stone cold


20 years ago tonight we lost one of wrestlings all time greats and an all time great family man and a man that was too good for the wrestling business owen hart thank you for everything you did just to entertain us and give us an escapism from our lives R.I.P Owen James Hart May 7 1965 - May 23 1999


Triple H and Kevin owens are still paying tribute to Owen hart after his death.

Jade Pixie

The audience members seating behind Jim & Jerry come off as so disrespectful to me.

The Shame Game

I can't wait till the day that fucker Vince McMoron burns in hell for costing this legend his life, because of his shit negligence.

Owen wanted out, so Vince forced him to do the Blue Blazer gimmick he didn't like, which ended up costing him his life.

zachc- 9030

My fav wrestler of all time Owen Hart R.I.P. ☝☝


“We loved Owen Hart, & we love his family & we’ll always miss him” JR.

Joshua Pabon

It's Been 20 Long Years Since This Great Man was lost, He's Forevermore a Legend and an Icon

moe dog

2020 and still can’t believe this happen .

Tino Tse

Favorite Owen Hart moment was WM X. Against brother Bret


"I know the one's who love us will miss us"


Kayfabe died that night, too. It was impossible after this to believe that the wrestlers didn't like each other in real life.

Nite Driv3r

Bitch Ass Inferior Pussc!

sparrow madein88


Vince Barry

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler couldn't keep it together, and honestly, you can't blame them either.

pumpkin head

i remember my dad told me about this or i found out about it on my own i don’t know which it was but i remember looking it up and realizing it was true


To this day, loudest pop I have ever heard

RIP Owen. He honestly was my all time favorite. Since 1994. Not just saying it

White Wolf

Jim Ross couldn’t stop farting not even on this night

David Jason Milligan

Well that was lame


Aww, JR's voice breaking. :(

Denise Boldea

WWE probably should have canceled that event. It was the day after the tragic death of Owen, the performers were all still in shock and grieving. All of them were just barely going through the motions. They really could have used a few days to come to terms with what had happened.

Niranjan Vishnubhatla

RIP Owen n Bulldog..... U both will be in our hearts n souls forever......

Joey GotThatHeat.804

0:54 Stone Cold


Man j remember this like it was yesterday...he died on my birthday... uhhhh to this day I still miss him man,such a great athlete,and wrestler all together!!! Love you Owen ,R.I.P BROTHER!!!


Holy fuck what an ovation for Stone Cold, remember this episode like it was yesterday, still 11 and tearing up thinking Austin's toast was the coolest thing ever. Lol and to be honest thinking "man i cant wait to drink beer like him" ?

Jesse Perez

I watched this episode when it aired back then, and I was teary eyed the whole time, but it was real deep at the end hearing Jim Ross say "we'll never forget you, Owen." Still gets to me.

Funnybones buck Newton

Wrestlings 2 worst moments: owen and Chris benoit deaths

randumbvideoz 524

i turned 14 years old that day!!

Josue Arreola

Although Stone Cold and Owen had a huge rivalry stone cold showed how much of a true sportsman he is by giving owen his respect

ryan Murphy

Owen would have made a great world champion it's a shame that he wasn't a world champion cuz he would have made a great one rest in peace to one of the best technical wrestlers in the world Owen Hart


anyone here ever met Owen? I can't imagine him being nice as I was so used to him being a heel.

Walter Phoenix

but owen dont die, it was blue blazer, not owen. owen is ike Elvis, he pretend his own death

Michael rimz

Poor owen

David Davidson

Truly class act! One of the more memorable moments in professional wrestling history. Right their, to my mind, with The Undertaker's salute/sendoff to Ric Flair on RAW. WOW.

Chris Cabcabin

Still surprised they did this the very next day......

Michael Bennett

I love how much respect Austin gave to Owen hart

Juan Spears

Bret originally hated this cuz Owen didn't drink...but he understands now that this was Steve's way


Still makes me cry fuck why did Owen have to die..


Dark side of the ring brought this back...rip owen.

Wolfey P17

I remember that night in Kansas city... Crazy night :(

lori Duchemin

Owen hart gone 21 years ago this comeing Saturday

Mr. California

I can't believe that it's been 20 years since Owen Hart died. ??????


To think king almost died on tv

Gunner Anders

You can see that steve was trying so hard to hold back his tears he kept jerking his head side to side to keep from letting the cameras see the teuth come out...

Trinidad Valdez

Rip owen

Mike Engels

20 years later I still cant watch this episode, its too hard......when Owen died I had only been watching Wrestling since the previous June, so I only knew him as part of NOD and then with Jarrett....but it still broke me like I had been watching him his whole career, just as when Eddie died it broke me.

Arron P.

Funny thing, Owen rarely drank...he was a compassionate man who loved his wife and 2 kids. They had to grow up without a father oje was 7 and Athena was 3.....they probably have little memories of him., That's the sad part, he was taken too soon and never got to grow old with his kids and his wife! His daughter is on twitter she looks like Owen alot his son oje looks more like Bret to me. But anyhow, the beer thing, I get it, stone colds way of saying goodbye but if u knew Owens different ring profiles he would of just not drank like that....he cared about what his family and fans would think... It's sad to hear jr and king ringside crying and just in total shock ..I think cause the previous. Night they were in disbelief over what just happened that they didn't show alot of emotions cause they were in disbelief and confusion no doubt... the next day emotions are high...


I still cant believe he’s dead.. its been 21 years ? RIP Owen Hart


Fun fact, for anyone who didn't know this. Owen Hart was going to get repackaged as The Game, the moniker Triple H wound up using in his honor. So no matter how much of a heel Triple H is, if you respect The Game, know that Owen lives on to this day

Arron P.

.5% beer ha

Stone Cold

124 downvotes for a wrestler death's tribute? 124 death sentences for them.