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Dmitry Klokov - "high pull & wear pants - same movement"

Dmitry Klokov - "high pull & wear pants - same movement"19 Aug. 2014
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Comments (53)

Nice cameltoe Kloky

Александр Назаров

Дима, книгу напиши!
Зачетный видос!

Jorge Borbolla

Nice tip and awesome english!

Ed Ch

ahaha awesome

Rob Taggart

Agree with all comments..... Even the Russian one..?


Is that Jon North he's teaching? :-P

Felipe Bastos


Lalji Valani


Signed Red

That was a great cue xD. Made a fool out of everyone in the world having problems with the movement haha.

S. Han

This is brilliant coaching ever haha


I supposed to be easy....great analogy mr.klokov @dimitry klokov


When Klokov has a big blue stick, you better listen.

Aquele Que Não Deve Ser Mencionado

thanks to klokov, now i know how to put on my pants.

Blue Berry


Alfonso Verdugo

Con ese movimiento el pantalón m quedó claro como es el pull


Excellent. :)

Pavel Guzei

Дим, вот просто от души! Красавчик!!!!

A Elsisy


Don Kim

Very intelligent.



Jeorge Valdes

Only Klokov can give a teaching cue as pulling your pants up and apply it on the high pull. Fucking genius!

Jolly Roger

oh! thanks



Stannis The Mantis

dude , if you go with that hat at a Klokov's seminar... you failed at life


ajajaajaj me acaba de salir high pull gracias a esto ajajaja


Neat teaching cues. Also, you probably might hear this quite a bit but your English has come very far since I started following a year or two ago. Awesome stuff!

Fede Ferrer

no entedí naaaaaa el weoon


This makes so much sense. I love. Simple and gets the point across.


Очень доходчиво и наглядно доносит до каждого,нет слов,одно уважение!

Lalji Valani



Everybody gangsta till Klokov takes off his pants.

Курс на себя


Umit Hayim


Denis Vasin

ахахахах, ОТЛИЧНО! теперь я понял как это делать!




The coaching brilliance.

Vasiliy Ig

that was very nice and positive fun training!!!


Трюк со штанами грандиозен!))))))))))))


actually this is teh advice that changed my view on the clean

Matt Williams

Dmitry has a unique first pull that probably wouldn't work for most people, unless your name is John North. He seems to recognize that and is able to coach people in a way that doesn't force them to be square pegs trying to fit into round holes.


Next up, how to put on your pants on in the morning with Dmitry Klokov.


I was maxing out on my cleans & jerk yesterday & I was doing the forward motion the way he was showing. My coached Showed me this video & I PR by 20lbs from 205 to 225lb. Simple technique


great advice!

Andrew Ng A Tham

Dem split peas though...

Grumpy Cat

Lucky people learning from the Master Klokov.

alvaro maldonado

cuando estuvo en chile este genio??


probably one of the best coaches

Kevin Deegan

Came here looking for the "Came here from PewDiePie comments"

Maverick M

At least the guy learnt how to wear pants.....:D :D!!!

Music Account

Came here from Pewdiepie video.

That Dude

This video is so important to me, I wish I had seem it 3 months ago. Great concept.


Great cue

Bruceolini and his big weenie

Klokov is the king of the slav squat.

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Comments (4)
Live Free

What a waste of time! She wore pants all that time. /s

Drey Galon


Fun guy no emotion

Olympic lifting should just be thanking cf for giving them competitors

Joshua Gibson

Great video! Class editing and content.

Reporter is VOMITED on *LIVE ON TV*

Reporter is VOMITED on *LIVE ON TV*4 Jul. 2017
1 840 439

Wendy Burch reporting on

Wendy Burch reporting on Hermosa Beach Ironman run and someone vomits on her.

** UPDATE** -- Wendy talks more about it here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/595c3954e4b0f078efd98d1b

Hermosa Beach Ironman: http://hermosabeachironman.com

Comments (100)
Smug Smugly

If your parents force you to eat broccoli show them this video.

Aspie Otaku

Money puke shot.

tez james

I piss 6 cans of beer

chad davis

The gal in the studio is sitting like she's got a bad case of hemorrhoids.

Artemis Dreemurr

She probably got sick because of the sweat and the heat. I feel so bad for her


0:50 Look at the guy holding his belly. He probably vomited as well.

Marlon Stamati ms

Those guys must stink really bad

Strother Martin

Now that's television! 0:57

Md noman Md noman



Am I the only one trina make myself be sick

Joshua Lowe

0:57 Puke!


I can’t tell who puked. It looks totally fake.

Michael Jordan

It was actually beer splashed on by a a another person

#1 Raiders fan


Elizabeth Lugo


Delisa Allen

that was just horrible;quit wasting space on you tube idots.

Constantin Denis

This is some exorcist type puke.

Brian Rivas

The bald guy took most of the hit she just got lightly sprinkled

Laney Loves

I’m embarrassed to live here

Vic Vega

That's gross. ??

Antonio Reed

I’m pretty sure it was beer,if u see the video from the different angle

ItzScooterYT II

I saw the title as reporter is vomited bruh

Lucas Makla

I hate americans

Denise Spurlock

If that is what you have to do to have fun, I will pass.

Xx_lovely angel_xX

I remember watching these reporters-
to bad my mom changed the channel...

dolls and me

Who else just searched this cause there bored

Brian Lam

If this happened this year (2020) people will be screaming hysterically.

rubyfoxthings 101

I feel so bad for her

Corykisn fan

Did she throw up?????

William Platt

Look at how plastic the news anchors are. I think the old skeezer has more make up on than she does

Jens of Denmark

If you ever see a European throw up after drinking too much American beer, it's not because they are drunk but because there bellys are to full.
There is hardly any alcohol (or taste) in it.
Any US beer I've tasted was like a European light beer!

I recommend the Danish Carlsberg and Tuborg Gold, the Dutch Amstel and Heineken, the Irish Harp and Smithwicks, the Polish Pils and the Turkish Efes :-)

French, Italian, Russian and Swedish beer does not taste good, but at least they taste of something ;-)

northmountainfilms Official Account

But the picture froze when she got vomited on this is so annoying

King K. Rool

The way the picture was snapped at 0:57 ???

M Gordon

Just think; most of the people on that beach have the right to vote and have children.

Aaron Woodard

Cuse me, but do you have room up there for a pizza and a six pack of beer?



Lauris TV

0:44 she vomit?

Earthworm Chewer

SEEK Christ Jesus YHVH God the Almighty


I'd like to make the babe in the red vomit because of morning sickness. Shes HOT !!

Trend Setter


Jase Allen

GOD bless

AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6

Da guy behind the big guy has tried multiple times not to threw up

Aspie Otaku


Ian Miles Chungus

First she falls on the mall on live TV and then she gets vomited on


Ima vomit to

Henry Manzano

It's that Ipecac segment from "Family Guy" come to life! Poor reporter

Ar In

that guys blink at the end does not look real

Hunter rhodes


Monserrat Varela



LMAOOOO ?? the way it froze as well ??

Ramy Khalaf

It didn't happen once but twice

Bakersfield Crazy People


Gabe Good

live Brazilian porn!! epic

Thomas Thomas

U illiterate asf bruh


Thanks for a waste of time!...


I have emetophobia why am I here?

I'm trying to watch videos where people are getting sick. What m I doing?
1. Find a puking video.
2. Mute my phone
3. Cover up half of the screen because I'm too scared to look at it.


Is anyone noticing how completely fucked up the ticker news at the bottom is ?like shit ...

VEN - echo

Don’t care about the report i more feel bad for the other fella


Definitely not as glamorous as the movie...


Why is this shit recommended?

Jeffrey Padgett

I got news for you that was beer but it was beer someone puked up ?

L'sean Armatrading

Why is it always happening to Wendy?

Rhett Hamilton

Gets puked on and then opens her mouth for it... Wtf


I always though that was bird crap


It’s too bad that this video pauses during the good part.

BriceGum [rockman138]

The reporter vomited because she got COVID-19. What did the virus say to the reporter? You got infected.

Chief Inspector Clue-So

It looked like someone had premature evacuation.


Reporter is vomited yeah nice spelling

Eggs Benedict


Jenna C

Lmao.. Trump rally.. Fkn Hilarious??

rubyfoxthings 101


mike nicholls


rubyfoxthings 101


Juah Williams-Moore

0:58 smh ?‍♀️ haha

Bruce Westoby

Best news video...where else can you see fat guys guzzling and barfing ! Looked like a good projecting barf ! Easy in easy out !

Jenna C

Gavin Smith beaten and found in the desert?

Mr Instinct

0:55 iron man repulsor

Matthew Pieter Rice

Omg lol


Someone just jerked hard

Fillup 40



You seriously cannot randomly throw up on someone like that, whoever did that shit did it on purpose. ??‍♀️

Gaming Ki ZZ

Skip to the end look at his eyes just pause lmao

YouTube man Swagroy21


Ar In

ok shes reporting from fucking vomit land oh my god

Var Var

My left ear loved that

Emo Emu

Why did I watch this when I have emetophobia? Imma go have a breakdown now ?

Nintendorak Yamato



I have a fear of puke, If anyone near me pukes I cry..
I cried.. ?

Cee Why

Hahahahahahahahahahaha I wish they showed more


Did that go in her mouth hell nah I'm not opening my mouth when something like that happens. ??

Harrison Milstead

I love puking :0

Tesla Family Travels

It’s 909 indeed

rubyfoxthings 101

And him lol


The reporter in the red. Who is she?

Auto Correct

Is this a vomit party or what

Funkmaster Blaster


Owen Fitzgerald

Reporters gets vomited on? She only got a little of what was bounced off the guy who was stood beside her who most of it.

Neiso Mokwapa

some got in her mouth

Tactical Paul

I remember this from three years ago. Not because I was there, but because this is my local news channel. It gets interesting every now and then for sure.

Ronda Davis

You are

IAmNotSus BG

I don’t know why the f***ing hell i am watching this