Vastus medialis isolation exercises

VMO Activation Exercises - How to Train your Vastus Medialis Oblique or tear drop

VMO Activation Exercises - How to Train your Vastus Medialis Oblique or tear drop28 Dec. 2016
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VMO Activation Exercises - How to Train your Vastus Medialis Oblique or tear drop muscle....

Check out some of these leg exercises that activate your VMO short for vastus medialis oblique or tear drop. Use these activation exercises before your leg workouts or even during to better build leg strength.

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No picture.

Tim O

I feel like you need to explain more about why these 2 movements activate your VMO more than it activates rectus femoris, lateralis, vastus intermedius. If you can't, you might as well call this video quad activation exercises.

Andy A

there is no reason you needed that have your shirt off :-P


Hello, can I go into the machines and work this muscles after these rehab stretches?

Islam Mujahidul

The function of vastus medialis is knee extension... I dont see any knee extension in your first exercise... And in your second exercise just by including the band in an awkward fashion how does it involve Vastus medialis more...


this video is garbage... squats where you push your knees out against a resistance band are not especially good for activating VMO, they're better for activating the glutes and vastus lateralis.
(if you don't believe me, think of rippetoe's coaching cues for low bar (hamstring and glute dominant) squats - one of the key things he always tells trainees to do is "shove your knees out" -- and he isn't trying to get them to do squats to "develop the teardrop" (teardrop = VMO) or whatever and he thinks that kind of training is dumb.)
the type of squat you want to do to get good VMO activation is one with a relatively narrow stance and your toes pointed more forward (feet parallel to each other or close to that), rather than a wider stance with the toes pointed out.


You have pecs


This video is hot garbage

Mark Vargas

that's how you train obliques

Knut The Great

I'm not sure about synaptic activation of the vastus mediali (if that's a thing, not that this guy said it :-)), but I've read that targeting the muscle for 'separate' strength work is impossible, due to the knee joint moving in a single plane. This is despite no matter how a movement feels or looks on a leg extension with your toes pointed out... and I believe it. The only way to isolate the vastus medialis is with a tens machine (electrical stimulation). I've got one and it works. Other than that, as a lot people know, the plan along with toning the vmo is to loosen the lateral chain (vastus lateralis, TFL, glutes, etc) which all gets overworked in many activities, such as cycling, which is what I do.... and has stuffed up my body by doing it for so long at high intensity without stretching or balancing out the "loading under flexion" that happens on a bike with you're bent over and hammering for hours and hours. :-)

travis masters

keep your knees in line with your second toe - too much knee flexion. your next video will be (how to fix patellofemoral pain) haha


hi. The next week I will start prolotherapy for acl tear. Is problematic the first exercise during the acl's healing process? I need to grow left leg about 2 cm

Alexi Tselentis

Thanks for the video .. I've recently strained what I think is my Meniscus (inner middle/lower knee) no swelling though no pain either, have a sensation of it wanting to bend cave inwards, having said that it's been a 4-5 days when do you think I would be able to do such stretches ? I'm someone who never excercises their legs and as we age it's time to begin :) Thanks for the vid

Thomynator 600

The VMO does not exist ;)
The quadriceps femoris has only 4 muscles.
Look it up on pubmed, there have been a lot of studies done on this.

Winter Weigandt

Does any of this help with VMO phys therapy?

Sebastian Jaramillo Arevalo

Hata chondromalasia

Mike Meachem

Good job you are more of a beast than i thought

Marko Sterpin

people dont look at this guy. These excercises are shit and stress the knee, especially the first one.


Why are you presenting this half-naked? Your body needs to be banging for the shirt to come off. ?

Sexy Lord Freeza

why does that target your vmo? The band thing for sure does glute medius, but what does it have to do with the vmo?

Richard Davidson

Agree with others on here - these exercises do not especially target the VMO. Take a medium-sized ball and "grip" it between your knees with feet slightly less than shoulder width apart, toes pointing outwards slightly. With your back straight and looking forwards do a semi-squat (stop before your knees reach 90 degrees) and hold for 10 secs. Repeat 5-10 times or as much as you can. Do it daily.

eduardo faria

These exercises do not develop the VMO muscle.
These exercises develop a set of leg muscles ...
The VMO is important to support the patella, for those who have patellar problems.
The best way to develop VMO is using an electrostimulator and placing the electrodes in this muscle .
Do not trust in Youtube videos... ...

Duncan Thaw

All I see is a shirtless bloke with shitty squat technique thinking he can teach people because he was blessed with good knees by mother nature.

Nappy Neil

these are the complete opposite exercises.... i have patellar tracking issues and if i did this it would make it worse...