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Doug McGuff, MD on The Best Routine, Frequency of Training and Recovery for the Over-40s | HITuni

Doug McGuff, MD on The Best Routine, Frequency of Training and Recovery for the Over-40s | HITuni21 May. 2018
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Doug notes that his suggested routine (the Big Five +One) is so effective because you will be able to challenge and fatigue the main muscle groups of your body in a short amount of time. In terms of frequency, the best option is once per week.

Watch the in-depth interview with Doug and read our commentary: https://www.hituni.com/health-and-fitness/doug-mcguff-md-talks-fitness-hit-40s/

Doug McGuff is the owner of Ultimate Exercise (since 1997), a personal training facility specializing in High Intensity Training, and co-author of the best-selling book "Body by Science". He is also an Emergency Physician based in South Carolina.

Learn more about Doug at http://www.drmcguff.com/

HITuni specializes in delivering online certification courses in High Intensity Training and Resistance Exercise.

Learn more about HITuni at https://www.hituni.com/

Comments (25)
tean tan

I start off with once a week and I am enjoying it so much now I am doing 3 times a week.

Matt Sanford

What if you have a physical job sometimes? Like construction? Some light days at work and some heavy days? And how do you measure lean mass each week?

Brian Fletcher

Been teaching that approach since the 80s in my own gyms. Still doing it myself in my 70s. Instead of this style growing, there are so many " opinions" of what works, the opposite is the case.

One reason it has become over complicated, is the commercial personal trainer organisations make it so, so they can justify high fees.

John Boy

Im 61 and have started HIT last week. Completed 3 work outs. last one lasted 35 minutes and i was spent. I have never achieved such muscle and cardio reaction in just one half an hour. I think i might have found something i can find some great value in.

Dick Tracy

You need a better mic for your videos

Stephan Savage

Isn’t this basically CrossFit?


I am trying out HIt and liking it though its painful. I am wondering though if it is possible to overtrain so long as you give yourself a good revovery. Week or so.

I will do a HIT routine, train to failure on all major muscle groups, but I am putting on top of that some follow up exercise because I worry that maybe I didn't really train to failure. I will usually try another round or two of hit later in the day, either with fewer reps top failure or with a lower weight. The maybe some isolation exercises like dumbel curls to failure. Also some negatives

The next day i am feeling pretty wiped out an my scale usually says my muscle is a bit lower an my fat is a bit higher, I figure this may be from cortisol release. Nevertheless i still seem to recover well and am ready for another round in a week.

I also do light exercise through out the week, 2 30 minute round of interval training a week, and usually a short fats late in the week.

My diet is paleo and I have been losing body fat overall quite well while maintaining my muscle mass. About 30 lbs of fat loss in 5 months, with slight muscle gains. I am age 52 and used to be obese, now only fat.

Edward Ingram

I couldn't afford a consultation. You answered my question here.

George Garner

So what are the big 5 exercises

Jim H

Standing press
Bench press
Bent over row.
1 time a week alternate the workouts. I Follow this routine for 1 year and got to 220lbs squatting 365x5, deadlift 405x5, bench press 225x8.

Clive Lindley

Is there a video where you actually demonstrate the exercise routine?

David Smith

Here’s a question , I’m a cyclist ,time trials 10miles and 25 miles ,so 23mins and 1hour efforts at near maximum effort .ive trained super slow for 21 years . When it comes to time specific training is there a minimum time for a particular intensity ,ie training at race pace for 10miles isn’t that much harder than 25miles ,what would the minimum time be for such a race pace to initiate the adaptation , BMX was mentioned in previous examples bu that’s almost anaerobic in comparison. Ps I’m 60 years old train once every 10 days 2 exercises squat ,chin - deadlift press . All contributions gratefully received ,based in the UK

SPURZO - The Spiral Space Wolf

What type of program would you recommend for a natural bodybuilder who wanted to gain as much muscle to compete?

Dan Eck

I'm addicted to arthur jones one set to failure 3 times per week since 1980... I'm 63 , seems to work

Juan Carlos Da Silva

Can this be combined with other sports like tennis?

Danny Hardesty

Thanks for the insight. At age 65 I tried the ambitious 5x5 program of my youth and about killed my shoulder joints. Will back off some and give this program a try.

Keith Barbaro

I am 47 and love the tempo or cadence of the reps. Not only is it effective at building muscle, it jacks up metabolism and greatly reduce risk of injury.


Currently reading through “Body by Science”. Although generally good, I find some of it a bit strange and some points contradictory to what I have heard McGuff say in some of his on line lectures. Also it only seems (so far) to cater for the complete beginner. What about those of us who have been using resistance training for years?

Paige Schultz

I bought Body by Science and have equipment... in reading I’m learning stretching may not be as beneficial as I’d once thought, so what about warm ups? No specifics in book. How much warm up and what kind before starting big 5 session? I’m 50. Thanks

Kate Daniel

I'm a 67 y/o woman, have been sedentary for many years. Every time I've started to get active I've injured myself. Then I started this HIT program two months ago and proceeded exactly the way Dr. McGuff recommends, going from 3X/wk to 2X/wk. (My 'textbook' has been The Power of 10, btw.) I've been doing this 1X/week for the last 3 weeks. Every time I work out, I need to increase the weights - sometimes by 5 lbs, sometimes 10. I'm amazed at the progress I'm experiencing. I refuse to be a frail elderly person who got that way by neglecting her body. Life may have other plans, but if I do become incapacitated it won't be because I passively let it happen. This is an amazing process that is working for me better than I could have hoped!

herman harper

Does Wednesday and Thursday then rest for 5 days benefit you

Chris O'Rourke

What other workouts is he doing besides Big 5?? I can’t find anything anywhere on cardio recommendations. Is he walking? Jogging?

Zen Cat Now

Great book, the importance of compound exercises is evident, but would it be unnecessary to add an isolation move, like the tricep extension?

Edward Ingram

I began trying to overcome sarcopenia at 75. I'm 77 now and have plateaued for the last 3 months.

harry craft

Where can I see the actual exercise modeled

FitBeast Resistance Bands Unboxing & Review

FitBeast Resistance Bands Unboxing & Review14 Jul. 2020
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Hadyn WisemanSubscribe 438 721

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Fitbeast sent me a set of their new resistance bands to unbox and review. These are good for home workouts and can be used in a variety of ways for powerlifting, stretching and bodyweight exercises. In this video we tested them out and they were surprisingly very good.

Comments (17)
Overcoming Adversity

Thanks for the vid

Денис Краб

Resistance Bands are freaking good if you are a begginer or for recovery training, and sure for a mix with a heavy weights in a gym. Cheers from russia=)


You've got some thicc wrists mate

Luke Sherran

Great to see a good durability test! Impressed with how far they stretched before snapping. Having had a tube band snap on me in the past (it hurt like hell) I've always been cautious of using them... thanks for sharing!


Haha ? that was a great vid! And great explanation about the bench press I always wondered why people used those



Илья Чернов

Congratulations with 20k subs)

Simranjit Singh

Do you have a Patreon?

Estevan Garcia

Clicked for the powerful tank in the thumbnail.

Procreate Digital Art

I’ve just bought these. They’re actually £41.99. Still a bargain. ?

Martin L

crocodile dundee would have been proud of that knife!


yo is this Norwich? Maybe Hethersett? So random to find someone local on YouTube lol. Hope i'm right!

blair simpson

so i guess these are good for not breaking,,,, how long was that before brakeing

Noor Khan

Underrated channel the man is extremely hard working

Scott Essery

5:00 would be cool to see you and Clarence doing one arm chins and callisthenics

Tim Wolk

Наконец то видос)

Phil O'Malley